I can't believe I've been doing this Track Tuesday thing for nineteen weeks. That's longer than 88% of my extramarital relationships!

Today's song is a good pumper-upper for all y'all with a case of the "tuesday-mondays" (or, in the case of me posting this video a little on the late side, the "wednesday-mondays"...)

And speaking of Harvard Square, Happy Birthday, David.*

19. Tapes n' Tapes: Insistor


*When my brother isn't busy getting his PHD in Applied Physics and writing papers about wtf = 8qyenuayxo272jyxyxyxyp0ri3uscience, he plays shows in and around Boston with his band, The Self Assembly. If you're local you should totally go see him play some night and buy him a drink after the show because one day? He will save the world with his brain and charisma. In the meantime, you can follow his band on twitter because there are only two other people following him and one is me which will NOT do.