(yeah, you know me)

I love me some belly! (this picture's old, p.s.)

...Everyone I know is pregnant. Which makes me very overly-attentive and interested in everyone. In a way that is probably annoying. Because I'm stalking every pregnant woman I know with baby names and unsolicited boxes of maternity clothes and "Hey? Were you sleeping? Just... checking in to see if you have morning sickness!"

"Actually, Bec? It's 6am. I was sleeping."

"Not for looooooooong... When that baby arrives you will be up at all hou...."



Part of it has to do with excitement. I waited a long time and spent a lot of energy trying to brainwash my single friends into joining "the cult of parenthood" and now that everyone's joining I feel like I have to force-feed them kool-aid. But also? (And here's the kicker.) I miss being pregnant...

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