Project Crawlway: Episodes Two, Three and Four

While in San Diego for the week, mama did some (more) sewing. Except unlike my first dress (shown here) I actually was able to take off my training wheels and give the ol' sewing machine a spin all by myself!

Episode Two: "Design a baby look that you yourself would wear!"

Sweet little A-line top!..

... with bloomers! (Front) 


Episode Three: "Sew a two-piece inspired by your bedding!" 

This baby was made c/o the same pattern as the above get-up, except this sucka needed some pockets. (Bloomers and interfacing made with the left-overs from the first design.) 

little CU on the deets: nautical buttons = finishing touch!

I sewed these bloomers all by myself! Hooray!

Episode Four: "Create a dress inspired by 1950's Seaside chic"

Striped A-line with vintage inspired pocket. 

I cut this pocket out of this great 50's era fabric I fell in love with. (I'm planning on making a two-piece jumper set with the rest of it.) 

Each of these outfits cost aprox $10.00 to make (including buttons which are more expensive than the fabrics if you can believe) which means I'm saving big-bucks on my kooky baby-clothes shopping habit. Plus, it's way more fun to say "I made this!" even if my seams are funky and shits a little lopsided and my mom totally helped me. 

Plus, it's satisfying my need to nest on days when it's too hot to cook and scrub toilets. 


And in other news, Archer falls in love with "ouder space" specifically Saturn and "its big rings." 


motherbumper | 9:44 AM

I would wear every single one of those and I just love the totally unexpected/unique highlight on that pocket on the third. Your little lady is gonna be a rock star just like her momma.

Petunia Face | 9:53 AM

Dude. Get thee over to Etsy and set yourself up a shop and make some bucks (you know, in your spare time)--those are the cutest effing baby clothes I have ever seen (this coming from a mother who perused every single baby store for my daughter Zoey, a total sucker for the wee girlie wear). Seriously. I am muy impressed!

Anonymous | 9:53 AM

I second the first comment: these are so adorable! With a pattern and a little practice I bet these don't take too, too long to create do they? Estimate? I love them! Some vacationer, sewing away right and left! :)

Wood | 10:13 AM

You are inspiring me. Your dresses are absolutely adorable. I can't wait to see her in them.

I'm currently making a quilt for Juniper out of her old baby clothes, and it's giving me new confidence with the sewing machine. Maybe I'll make her some dresses. . . . where are you getting your fabric?


I found the fabric at a local fabric store in Encinitas (called Yardage Town) which is great because the fabrics are super cheap and most of them are awful so one really has to dig to find the goods! (I do better with less selection.)

Although, my dear friend sells fabric at her Etsy shop and her stuff is ADORABLE:

Another great place for fabric is:

Although their stuff is more pricey. I think shopping local is a great way to start because you can actually hand pick and then mix and match the different fabrics that excite you!

Also, I was having a hard time finding simple beginner's patterns online... Local fabric stores have dozens of great "simple" patterns to choose from and you can just sit their with your piles of fabric and figure out what pattern would work best! It's a lot of fun.

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Anonymous | 10:30 AM

Holy crap you're good! I wish I could even thread the bobbin!

Prasti | 10:36 AM

omg! these are too cute! you did a fantastic job. if only i had a sewing machine...and maybe some sewing skills.

Anonymous | 10:57 AM

LOVE. Especially the bloomers. I have been obsessing over bloomers lately.

Emery Jo | 11:14 AM

my head just exploded. Is there anything you can't do amazingly well???


Jennifer | 11:17 AM

OMG--I love them all! You are quite handy w/ the sewing machine!

CaraBee | 11:23 AM

Those are adorable. Makes me want to drag my sewing machine out and give it another go.

Trysha | 11:23 AM

Too cute!
I need to have a baby girl stat...I mean after I'm done being pregnant this time.

Anonymous | 11:24 AM

Wow! Those are awesome! So many people are buying expensive designer baby clothes these days, it is good to see that someone out there still has a sense of praticality. Besides, why would you spend $70 for a shirt your baby is just going to puke on anyway!

Anonymous | 12:36 PM

I'm so jealous - I wish I could sew!! Even with my mom helping me, I tend to be hopeless (I will blame that on her not being great at sewing, either, instead of putting it all squarely on myself). I want to make my own clothes, because a) I have so many ideas and b) fat girl clothes are expensive and c) fat girl clothes are hardly ever cute enough and d) I just think it would be fun.

Someday I'm taking sewing classes, which I can't find any of around me but will eventually discover, someplace.

Anonymous | 12:44 PM

Rebecca. Love love love it! I see a baby line Girls Gone Child: Project Crawlway hitting boutiques soon.

kittenpie | 1:08 PM

OMG so cute! I totally adore that last nautical one. But - my only question - would you really wear bloomies? ;^)


Ha! If I could pull them off then HELL yes. With a pair of ankle boots and some knee highs? I mean...


Oh and I don't have a sewing machine either! (There is one at my parent's house which is what I've been using.) Hopefully someday when we have the space for one I'll have a machine of my own. Also, I'm planning on taking some sewing lessons as well. My mom is an awesome teacher but I def need a proper class so I can sew more advanced things. :)

And thank you all! I'm so flattered that you like!

Cat | 1:46 PM

*dies from the cuteness of those clothes*

look, if I ever have a baby girl I'll hire you as her stylist

really, love them all

Anonymous | 2:16 PM

This is probably the biggest thing I regret about not having a girl--dresses are so much easier to make than pants! I'm going to take a spin at some jumpers soon, though. Wish me luck...

(Also, my mom said that a great place to find fabric is in your closet. Have old stuff that doesn't fit, has holes/stains, or just needs a new life as something else? Cut it up for baby!)


True that. I have some old tees/sweatshirts I want to turn into little skirts. Wheeee!

Anonymous | 3:13 PM

I love your little dresses and bloomers! I'm working on a heck-a tough pattern right now for a 3year old sized princess fairy costume. Send some sewing skills vibes my way, pretty please?

Sarah | 3:46 PM

So darling! Seriously adorable

Mom101 | 4:03 PM

Look at you, all crafty and shit!

You're amazing Bec. Wow, totally impressed.

Amanda | 4:44 PM

I know you are dying to sell me some. They are amazing and my sister would look so cute in them.

Anonymous | 5:22 PM

i am really jealous that i can't make that!!!!! i don't have a sewing machine :( or a little girl anymore- they are 13 and 5 and won't wear those things anymore. whaaaaaa!~jjlibra

Mirinda | 6:52 PM

LOVE them ALL. You will be so glad you did this. I bought my first sewing machine when my daughter was born to make cute, sweet clothes. It still sits in my closet, unused. She's about to be seven. I still want to kick myself for not doing it!

Wendy | 6:55 PM

"even if my seams are funky and shits a little lopsided and my mom totally helped me. "

With the new baby shitting every where I think you could do without shitting clothes. lmao.

They're so cute!!! I wish I could sew.


So, so cute! She is going to be one well-dressed girl.

Also, if "more space" isn't in the immediate future, a mini sewing machine might be the answer. Kenmore makes the "Mini Ultra," and I'm sure there are others.

Unknown | 8:51 PM

My mother made all of my clothes and I'm talking Chanel suits with hand stitched linings. I made my daughters dresses until...the dreaded double knit and blue jeans to school ... I'm old obviously. I miss having little girls to dress up. You're doing great...I'm jealous.

Anonymous | 9:01 PM

oh god, these are so cute I can't even take it. nice job!!!

Julie Marsh | 9:04 PM

Totally impressed. Sewing machines scare me.

Anonymous | 11:00 PM

i am deeply impressed, but not at all surprised. even those ridiculous bloomers are cute.

jesus, bec. do i have a sewing machine for you. you just have to come get it. you can design next season's tres fabulou line of infantwear alongside me while i pull my hair out strand by strand.

or you could open a boutique in my cafe. nine birds. one stone.


Amanda | 5:05 AM

Those outfits are freaking adorable! I would totally buy those - I see a side business in your future....

Anonymous | 6:09 AM

Inspired. Original. Fun. I'm a guy and I'm all a twitter. Your designs are excellent.

Julia | 12:36 PM

those are gorgeous. this entire blog is gorgeous. love your work!!!

Anonymous | 2:29 PM

This is almost inspiring me to go to my parents' house and get my sewing machine...if I get it, will you come over and sew for me? Ha.

How to Party with an Infant | 3:47 PM

So cute!! You are super talented, hot damn.

How to Party with an Infant | 4:07 PM

Gave you an award on my blog. Yey!

Sarah Myers | 7:58 AM

Quite possibly the best baby dresses ever! You make me want to head down to San Diego and dig up my Grandma's sewing machine and start making things for my friends soon-to-be daughter! Can you take orders? I'm a size 8, I'd love to be seaside chic ;)

Oh, I saw this today and though of you ( Although you may already be a Daily Candy girl, their emails are great.

angie | 8:43 AM

Looove the clothes! So adorable!
And handmade? That's the best!

Anonymous | 9:30 AM

Those are ADORABLE! And I love the vintage prints. My mom does a lot with vintage prints from the 30s and 40s, and she made me a whole quilt once.

Your little additions and the retro feel make the dresses so chic!

caramama | 11:12 AM

I am so impressed! Those are fantastic! Do you make them in my size? And when are you going to start an etsy store?

Anonymous | 2:15 PM

I love them! Totally inspires me to sew something up. I'm going to make some little dresses and hope that my sister in law is having a girl, so that they don't go to waste.

Sugar Jones | 5:00 PM

Seriously cute stuff! And I'm saying YEAH to the earlier Etsy idea... or at least a Mabel's a'la Girls Gone Child.

Anonymous | 9:38 AM

Delurking to! unbelievably gorgeous clothes! What's the pattern you used? Just beautiful, can't wait to see your lil' one in them.


Unknown | 9:30 PM

OMFG! Too cute. Seriously gorgeous and so prete-a-sell-ay on itsy or wherever (hey, you can't pronounce Wii!). And project crawlway? GENIUS. I think it's a new-show-waiting-to-happen on the Family Channel or TLC (they do A Baby Story and whatnot, right?).

PS: I have a sewing machine (did you expect anything less when I become a onesie-rolling Nazi during play-dates?!). You can totally use my machine whenever you want. Come over, sew, and I'll splash around with the boys, yo.


Tanya | 8:31 PM

LOVE THEM!!! I ust wish i had a girl! you should join craftster and share these cute outfits with us crafty folk! it's addicting though .....