Itty Bitty City Committee

You know your child is "city" when...

Look at all trees, Archer! So many big, beautiful trees!

No trees, Mommy! I only want (to) look at buildings!

Chasing buildings through lampposts at LACMA



Heza Hekele | 11:38 AM

Very cute. City boy indeed!

Amanda | 12:36 PM

Perhaps he wants to be an architect?

Anonymous | 1:05 PM

Those pillars are the only forest he knows. Lucky kid.

Maternal Mirth | 1:28 PM

I do a lot of work with LACMA ... when I 1st saw those posts I didn't know it was "art". Go figure.

Great photo, BTW :)


Architect indeed. Building "a big building" out of Lincoln Logs as I type this, actually. Very interested in all things urban which is funny because one would think he would be bored of buildings and want at nature. Apparently not so much.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy | 3:14 PM

Love the photo! Awesome shadows.

And also, Tag! I am tagging you for a "6 unspectacular quirks about me" meme. Check out my page and keep it going!

kittenpie | 4:09 PM

Well, the built environment has appeal, too, for the right kid. Me, I love parks, but then, I was the child of two architects and constantly having building details pointed out to me!

Meg | 7:45 PM

I'm a frequent lurker around here and I've just given you an award! All the details are on my blog!

Anonymous | 6:58 PM

ha! my little girl is so city that we go to the suburbs and she says "we are in the country, right mom," because she can actually see grass in the yards.

Anonymous | 1:34 PM

Good for Archer! He uses pronouns. Some kids on the so-called spectrum never do.