One of my favorite things about watching Archer grow up is seeing him make friends. Real friends. The kind of friends he will have always, even if time and place and circumstances separate them. The kind of friends he will grow nostalgic for when he thinks of his childhood...

I think back to my first friends and am amazed at how much I remember of them: the red ribbons Christina would wear in her hair. The My Little Pony stickers on Danielle's vanity. The mock-neck sweater (red and blue) Christopher was wearing when he kissed me under the slide.

I love watching Archer make memories -- his shadow flexing and turning and overlapping the silhouettes of best friends, his very first. Cherished always. Racing into the tide and beyond.



Not Your Regular Mini Van Mom | 5:53 PM

That was very eloquent. I feel the same way about my boys. I find that as I watch the boys grow I relive portions of my childhood.

caramama | 7:08 PM

I had not even thought of this aspect of raising my child(ren)! Thank you for pointing this out. Now I can't wait for my little girl to make these kind of memories!

Heza Hekele | 11:17 PM

I always call these friends/cousins/half sibs my son's "people." I had a surplus of "people" growing up in a large, extended family. I was so concerned that my son did not have this, being an only child and the oldest of all my friends' kids and siblings' kids. Worry has proved to be a waste of energy, as his net of people has become very rich and continues to grow with each year that passes...

I too, love watching my son create childhood memories with his peeps!

Anonymous | 5:20 AM

He is really lucky to have you as a Mom- I find your perspective thoroughly refreshing. I have told my bf: I want to be like this woman when I have a child!

Maria Melee | 6:24 AM

My son starts school for the first time on Tuesday. It's just baby-school two days a week but more than anything else I can't wait for him to start to make connections with other little people his age. His peers! With their own interests and two-year-old quirks. It's mind-boggling to me that these tiny little individuals will be the teenagers he goes to school with some day. Friends!

It's cool stuff.

Archer is ADORABLE.

Carlin | 12:36 PM

Rebecca, you give me goose-bumps! I love the way you describe the indescribable feelings of motherhood. Thank you.

Shannon Locker | 4:27 PM

This post is just wonderful.


Aw, Hilary. Thank you. That's really sweet. I'm all ablush over here. And thank you to all of you for your words. xo

Sugar Jones | 5:30 PM

So sweet! I have a group of friends that I used to spend weekends with drinking and dancing and drinking some more. Now, all of our kids get together for birthdays. All nine of them. It's great getting them together for photos... watching them reconnect and grow together from one party to the next. I wonder if they will end up on booze cruises together? Most likely...