Thirty Four And Whaddaya Know?

For all my bitching and crying and Oh my God! I'm going to be as big as I was last pregnancy! S.O.S.! I've just been to the doctor and found that much to my shock and amusement, I have gained one pound since my last doctor's appointment two weeks ago. Ha Ha Ha! Oh, life... Classic. Classic. Classic. Typical. Classic. 

Apparently it's common for women to put on the bulk of their third-trimester weight in the first few weeks before slowing down, gaining slowly until the baby's born. (I think some of you actually wrote of this in the comments of one of my weighty posts.) My experience with Archer was so different because of my hypertension and my 40 lb gain within three-weeks. (Not joking. How scary is that?) so I really had no idea how a normal, healthy pregnancy would/should progress for me. 

Although, I must say. I'm very comfortable with where I am, now. Thirty-four pounds at thirty-four weeks seems manageable. Not too overwhelming. Healthy. Fabulous. Nothing to cry about. 


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Anonymous | 12:02 PM

and look at those adorable dresses in the back there! cah- ute!

Anonymous | 12:06 PM

Congratulations on not gaining too much. During both of my pregnancies, I lost weight or didn't gain in the last trimester until the week before I delivered then I put on 5 pounds in one week. Good luck to you!!

Anonymous | 12:32 PM

You look fabulous! Seriously, you are one of the best dressed pregnant people I've ever seen. Where did you get that tie-dyed dress? Love!

Caleal | 12:36 PM

You look like one of those girls where I wonder... is she REALLY pregnant, or did she just stuff a huge beach ball under the front of her shirt?

No weight anywhere but the tummy. I can only dream this happens to me if I get pregnant.


The tie-dye dress is an oldie but a much beloved goodie. (It's that super soft cotton that feels like pajamas.) I got it at Mimi Maternity back in 2005 (on sale for 20 bones!) and wore it through my pregnancy with Archer and this one as well. It's also been worn by every one of my pregnant friends. I WISH I could find it to link to but alas... It's years old. You can borrow it when I'm finished! Ha!


Oh and re: the little dresses in the background> They're hanging all around Archer's room because there isn't a kid's closet in our house. I'm going to have to make room in mine which... uh... help. The dresses are also like, 2T, which, yeah... see you in 2010.

Anonymous | 2:39 PM

You look great! And yeah, I gained most of my weight in the end of the second trimester/beginning of third. But I remember several weeks there thinking, "Man, this better slow down soon or I'm going to go over 200!"

Anonymous | 5:05 PM

Any plans to post all the belly shots in a row? It'd be fun to see the bump grow. Or, if you have no desire to see that almost in flip-book-movie detail, save it for after the baby is here and the weight is on its way off.

kittenpie | 8:29 PM

You're doing great, Bec! I'm figuring I'm going to come in somewhere between 35 and 40 lbs., too, as it sounds like you likely will.

Zip n Tizzy | 8:44 PM

You look fantastic!
I gained 60# with each of mine, so yeah, I know how you feel/felt but it came off.
It's pretty remarkable isn't it?

Anonymous | 10:41 PM

You look fabulous. We should all be so lucky!

pamela | 6:37 AM

yay! i'm so excited you are getting closer to your due date. it's fun to watch and listen to you go through your pregnancy. i finally went out and bought your book and had a great time reading it! i would even read it aloud to mike... getting a little choked up during the parts where you wrote letters to archer.

can't wait to see your little girl. she'll be the best dressed on the block i'm sure!

ChefSara | 7:01 AM

i gained a grand total of 2 lbs the last 8 weeks of my actually kinda worried me...but since the doc wasn't worried i tried not to. good look great!!


Nancy -- I'm absolutely going to do a full flip-styled belly post at the VERY end! ;) My 65 came off with Archer, too, but it was HARD work, man. I'd rather not have to work *as* hard.

Sarah Myers | 8:31 AM

You look marvelous! You have ankles and a skinny nose. I love it :)

Mirinda | 12:00 PM

You look gorgeous! I'm so jealous of you, having that new life growing and getting ready to meet the world soon! I miss having babies *sniff sniff*

Lindsay | 3:53 PM

You look great! Love the dress, I read where you got it. Good work. I hope, if I ever have a second, I can practice the restraint you have had the second time around.

Unknown | 6:01 PM

Looking good as always. I guess there's room for some of Nigella's chocolate loaf:

Anonymous | 6:40 PM

you look really wonderful. i'm totally not buying that you were a size 8 before pregnancy. you look like you're rockin' a size 8 now!

Anonymous | 7:56 AM

did dutch and juniper tie-die you that shmata? hot, as always.

and since when do i have a parenting blog? jeez.

Maternal Mirth | 2:36 PM

Aside from the fabulous belly, love ... YOUR BEDSPREAD!!! I want it!