Sunday Night Jam Sesh

Who needs The Wiltern when there's a live concert going on in the comfort of your own home? Now if I could only find my lighter. (It gets really cute at around 1:43, p.s.) 

A one, two, three AND!...


Anonymous | 12:12 AM

That was so precious! Hahaha! 1 2 3!
You've made my day and it's only 3am.

Bethany Bassett | 12:37 AM

Who knew Archer could rock like that? This is a fabulous video. :)

Brittany | 4:55 AM

1..2..3..That's adorable!

Wendy | 11:01 AM

All I can say is "Aaawwww!"

grandfather Norm | 1:58 PM

Two items - #1... you might mention to Hal that what he played sounded so much like "Goo Goo" I almost called a lawyer...
#2 - no meat is fine but tough... the real enemy will turn out to be bacon, since almost everyone (including rebellious orthodxers) develops a taste for newly cooked nitrated pig meat.
Otherwise - be tough!

CaraBee | 6:24 PM

That is so cute! His hair is so short that at first I was like, who's kid is that? Love how he's banging his head to the music!

MamaFeelgood | 6:33 PM

How adorable was that?

Mirinda | 11:42 AM

That is toooo cute!

Anonymous | 2:43 PM

Umm don't see you joining in! Next time it better be a full family jam!

Anonymous | 11:55 AM

Couch jam sessions are the best!!!

Maternal Mirth | 2:15 PM

Won. Too. Free!!!!!!

Love it. Being a spectator during "Daddy time" is one of motherhood great joys :-)