Formula Fed Up

Ah, the trials and tribulations of formula feeding... My head is spinning from the options and opinions and I'm pretty much sitting here stumped on the formula front. I'm seriously at the point where I'm researching wet nurses. (Are there any lactating Angeleno readers who want to breastfeed my daughter for me?) I'm only half kidding.

Seriously, though, and maybe it's just me but formula seems a lot scarier this time around. I think it has to do with the fact that I spend a great deal of my life on the Internet. I find Google to be the enemy in most cases, especially when it comes to researching something as political as baby formula.

I've decided to go Organic this go around which means Enfamil, the formula I fed to Archer (while I supplemented with breastmilk the first six weeks-- something I plan to do again this time until my milk gets all bloody and disgusting) is out. Even Similac (which now makes an organic formula) is out. Similac Organic formulas are high in the wrong kinds of sugar, for one, and for two, the smell makes me gag. So negative on that, ghostrider.

So! I have two options and I'm hoping that some of you might have some experience with either/or both to help me decide.

1. Earth's Best Organic (regular and soy)


2. Nature's One: Baby's Only Organic (regular, lactose free and soy)

Baby's Only Organic Formula seems to have the highest ratings, although many people are saying that its lack of DHA and ARA is an issue. Baby's Only Organic says it does not include DHA because and I quote the following from their DHA FAQ:

"The organic infant formulas, Similac Organic®, Parent’s Choice Organic®, Earth’s Best®, and Bright Beginnings Organic®, all use fatty acids treated with hexane solvent, acid, and bleach. Below is a description of the manufacturing process submitted to the FDA:

“The oil is then separated from the dried biomass by hexane extraction and centrifugation and/or filtration, followed by winterization. The hexane phase undergoes additional centrifugation/filtration to remove solids then the winterized oil is heated and treated with acid. Subsequently, the oil is treated with caustic, centrifuged, bleached and deodorized.” 2
Nature’s One® shares some of the same concerns addressed by the FDA when these oils were first submitted for approval. For that reason, the oils have been excluded from the formulation of Baby’s Only Organic® formulas."

Uh.... Okay. So... That means I don't want DHA? And this is when it gets REALLY confusing. Baby's Only Organic makes their own DHA supplement (derived from egg phospholipids) which is a natural derivative that works in the same way as chemical DHA. Although apparently, according to Baby's Only, a DHA supplement isn't necessarily recommended:
"The current medical literature is very conflicting when it comes to the necessity of adding DHA & ARA fatty acids in a formula fed infant’s diet. Unfortunately, there is no clear and concise answer. It is for this reason that many healthcare providers will recommend that formula fed babies receive a minimum of these preformed longer chain fatty acids in their diets."

It wasn't until reading all of that (and getting more and more confused) that I read that Baby's Only markets themselves as a "toddler formula" for political reasons:

"Baby’s Only Organic® is labeled a toddler formula because Nature’s One® believes breast milk is the best organic choice the first 12-months of life. After breastfeeding, parents can continue providing organic nutrition using Baby’s Only Organic® dairy formula."

Yes, breast is best. I know, I know. But what about those of us who can't breastfeed for twelve (or even two) months? HELLLLLOOOOO, are you trying to confuse us? Tell us NOT to buy your product? Ugh.

Earth's Best (pictured above) seems to be a favorite as well although I keep reading about their "bad customer service" and the fact that their formula keeps changing its ingredients (wtf?). It's also owned and operated by Horizon which apparently isn't all that organic.) Oh, yeah, and I've been told that it smells bad, too, so that's not a plus (Baby's Only is supposed to smell and taste best, according to parents.) Earth's Best does, however, contain DHA (although I don't know if I want DHA now that I read its made with bleach or whatever) with no need for supplemental packets and they seem to present themselves as an infant formula so that's nice of them to not make me feel like a complete and udder failure.

So basically, I'm like... Uh.... Uh.... Uh... I have no fucking clue.

Obviously I want the best for my babe which is why formula shopping is so frustrating. I know that most of my earth mamas are sole breastfeeders, but if any of you have any experience with either of these two formulas (or if there is another organic formula I don't know about) I'd love to hear your take.

That is, unless my brain explodes in the next hour, which is extremely possible.



Issa | 3:16 PM

I'm in the same boat you are...except about three weeks closer. So basically I'm not much of a help. ;)

I can't seem to get a straight answer out of anyone (although I had been leaning toward Earth's Best), so I'm going with Enfamil with DHA, which is what I used on both of my girls. We do a lot of organic, but I just can't see a reason to change the formula, not knowing if it makes a difference.


See? That's actually REALLY helpful to hear. My husband actually recommended the same thing but I think that was because of my formula panic attack yesterday. Archer did really well on the Enfamil and we never had any issues and yet... But BUT BUT, you know? Can't stop the buts.

Anonymous | 3:29 PM

I know NOTHING about formula and it kind of scares me (too complicated!), so the wet nurse idea doesn't sound that weird to me.

I might lose my Earth Mama street cred for this, but I can't really imagine what difference it makes if formula is organic. It is so processed that I doubt it makes much.

(P.S. I wound up being out of town for half of August and sick for the other half, so we never got our park playdate. Let me know if you're still up for it!)

Heather | 3:31 PM

When we were about to have my daughter I talked to a friend of mine who is a nutritionist in the neonatal unit at the local hospital. She said to stay away from organic, because they use table sugar. She said the best they use is Enfamil -- so we did. It worked great, happy healthy baby. We feed her organic food, but I didn't stress about the formula.

Anonymous | 3:36 PM

I can't speak to the formula (although I agree with the ladies that said they can't see it makes a difference being organic or not), but if you were in Houston, I'd pump for you.

As things stand now, you might as well hang a fucking bell around my neck and call be Bessie anyway.

bunnybea | 3:40 PM

I was lucky to be able to breast feed my son, but I couldn't pump for my life. So I resorted to formula while he was being cared for during the day. I used Similac or Enfamil (whatever was cheaper) and towards the end used the Kirkland brand from Costco (it was such a good buy). I was lucky that my son has no stomach issues so changing formula didn't affect him.

tricia | 4:06 PM

i want you to know that i mean this in the kindest of ways..."you think way too much"... my daughter used carnation and the twins were on enfamil soy. she is 6 they are 4 and i couldn't ask for healthier more well adjusted children. my mil fed my hubby corn syrup mixed with evaporated milk(that's what they did before formula) and he survived to be a strong and healthy man now in his 40's. i do use organic when i think it's necessary but it's not a must all the time. you may even have to try more than one formula because every baby is different and what works for one may not necessarily work for another. please don't drive yourself nuts by over thinking this issue. i think what ever you decide your daughter will do just fine because she has you and hal and archer to love her. which in the end is all that matters.

Anonymous | 4:14 PM

Just for the record, I buy organic whenever possible. But, for formula, I always used Wal Mart brand w/ DHA. I agree that it's just so processed anyway that I don't think it makes a big difference. One of the main reasons I buy organic foods and milk is bc of the hormones and pesticides and those things aren't in formula anyway.

There's only so much we can do. This world w/ all it's pollution and chemicals is crappy anyway.

JCF | 4:18 PM

Oh, I so feel for you in having to make this sounds so hard! Do you like a trust your current pediatrician (I remember there was some controversy awhile back, but I don't remember what)? If you do, I'd do whatever he/she says (because I'm indecisive...).

Question about the "toddler" formula: I'm weaning my son next month when he turns one, but am I now supposed to give him formula? Is that better than regular milk? I've never even heard of giving a baby formula much past a year.

Anonymous | 4:34 PM

Why can't you breastfeed? Just wondering, not being trollish.


Two breast reductions. I didn't mention it because I've written about it ad nauseam... You can read about it, here if you'd like:

Or my book. Or in the archives of GGC.

Laura | 4:42 PM

I have an almost-9 month old son. I breast fed and pumped exclusively for about 8 months. But now I can't take the pumping anymore and I work part time so when he is not in my care, he gets the Earth's Best. Someone explained to me that since it is a dairy product, the milk products it contains (I guess formula if it isn't soy it does come from milk products?) comes from cows that aren't treated with hormones and antibiotics. I think that's the only difference. And it is all so processed anyway, I am sure it doesn't matter to go organic or not. It is all confusing to me, I am trying to figure it out myself! I had no idea about the DHA stuff.

Anonymous | 5:50 PM

Oh the only "half kidding" on the breast milk front,

There are actually "breast milk banks" where women who just have WAY to much breast milk can donate milk like most people donate blood.

It sounds so strange I know. But Um I guess its an option? All be it an odd one?

Wendy | 5:53 PM

I used Enfamil Lipil with my first 2, but this time I'm having to use Similac Sensitive with DHA and ARA. I don't know about all the bleach and deodorants and hexane (whatever *that* is). All I know is my kids are very intelligent and very strong.

I think you are dealing with a little sensory overload. Maybe it's time to spend a little less time researching. Your baby will be beautiful and perfect and well-loved.

Try not to worry too much, please?


Okay so, I just realized that I'm turning into the kind of parent I hate. Ugh. Thank you all for telling me to chill the fuck out. I totally agree with you.

Windy | 6:55 PM

I breast fed for 10 months until my daughter weaned herself. Too busy to want to breastfeed! Then I started to use Good Start soy. It didn't reek or produce stinky poop! & that's what counts anyway : )

Anonymous | 6:59 PM

I breast fed for six weeks and my son was having such a bad reaction to it that we tried formula . . . it was even worse. The formula I tried was Earth's Best, but it turned out that he had a protein intolerance, so he would have reacted badly to anything.

If I had it to do over, I would use one of the major brands like Similac and just wait for organics when he goes to regular milk. I think the DHA is more important.

Anonymous | 7:20 PM

I have similar breastfeeding issues - low low supply, no matter what I do, so I have to supplement from the start, leading to my supply never increasing, blah blah blah, so I try my darndest and at some point the supply dies...I totally agree that formula seems much scarier this time (my first is three & second a few months). I scoured the internets also for info and didn't find enuf to convince me to go organic so I stuck with what I knew - enfamil - taking a little solace in the fact it's been around so long...i guess. Anyway, not to scare you more, and you may know, but the thing that makes me furious is that the lining of the freaking formula cans contains BPA!!!! Apparently all brands and even the top & bottom lids of the powder cardboard thingies. Anyway, I HATE formula, but what are ya gonna do.... (probably not read so much online!)

Reed!! | 8:10 PM

I just used Nestle's Good Start with DHA/ARAs. It's the best of the brand, but it isn't organic. I'm an organic mama overall, but I agree with everyone else here about the formula.

At first, I was going to, you know, "whip up" this homemade organic formula . . . until I realized it costs almost a hundred dollars and a buttload of time a batch. So, I just got off the train. I used what they gave me in the hospital (I had to supplement because he was in NICU), and it seemed fine -- so I kept using it.

You do what you can. You might consider, if you don't want to use the ones with DHA/ARA, eventually giving the baby fish oil. It has DHA in it (by Carlson), and is made for children though I don't know how the DHA is produced/mined, etc.

It sounds like you feed Archer really well, and in the end, I think that's what's most important, since your girl will be on formula for a year or so and on food for the rest of her life.

chantalart | 8:18 PM

I know , it is really confusing. If you're not giving breast milk you can be made to feel like you are without an option to feed your child anything that can be good enough. I went through a brief panic about the DHA thing being bad after months of using Earth's Best. I just tried to get my daughter to switch over to Baby's Only but she doesn't seem to like the taste. We made it this far happily and healthily with Earth's Best, so I feel good about sticking with it until we move over to cow's milk, which will be within the month. Good luck!!

Anonymous | 8:35 PM

er--all organic really means is that the grains and or proteins that the cows are fed have not been treated with pesticides/herbicides/etc. It doesn't mean that the cows are free-range and eating grass. Horizon is still organic.

Also, too much soy is not good for anyone, let alone infants (who aren't supposed to ingest it at all, supposedly).

Anonymous | 8:46 PM

I was a formula rep for 6 years before I quit to stay at home with Caleb. I would be happy to talk to you over the phone or via email if you want. I worked for the stinky one ;) but I can share some good info with you about what is really important. You have my email!

Anonymous | 9:48 PM

Aren't toddler formulas usually lower in protein and fat since toddlers aren't as fast-growing as infants? I'd make sure that the Baby's Only Organic have the correct fat/protein/carb ratio for infants under 12 months.

Anonymous | 10:37 PM

I currently pump for my daughter with a cleft palate and donate milk to an adoptive mom. I have donated ov er 500 oz so far. There are a lot of ways you can get donated milk for free from pumping moms if you contact a lactation consultant, doula, or look online, there is even a yahoogroup called milkshare. You want to take a few precautions, but it's a good alternative for some. Good luck!

Anonymous | 4:25 AM

I just read about milk banks and apparently they combine the milk from several mommies and it does go through a pasterization process. I know there aren't any out here in the sticks of PA but who knows you might be able to find one out your way. It seems like it might be an option to look into to supplement your milk until it goes all icky and to supplement the formula

Anonymous | 6:20 AM

Any formula on the market in the U.S. is fine. Wouldn't be able to be sold otherwise. UNLESS your child has an actual allergy, then soy may be needed etc etc.

The reason formula has been demonized in the U.S. is the prudishness regarding BFing - nursing has had to be 'justified' as better/the best/the only decent option because otherwise getting your boobs out must be slutty right? *cough* Elsewhere in the world people BF if they choose or use formula if they choose w/o being told either are anything less than fine!

sheSaidC2 | 6:42 AM

I would pump for you! When I pump around here the milk always gets wasted (my son is not real keen on the bottle and his dear father stopped trying... so now I have stopped pumping).

I would go organic if the price break makes sense. The milk is the concern, it has hormones in it.

Also soy.... has some of it's own issues. I know there is all of this yay soy is in everything it rocks... but there is also some research regarding how it mimics estrogen (esp. troublesome in baby boys who are developing...)

As far as the DHA you can just mix fish oil into the bottle yourself and you know then that its not um bleached?

The internet makes me crazy too.

Anonymous | 8:54 AM

I would be worried about milk banks. You can find out exactly what is going into formula - any formula - if you please, but you cannot find out exactly what is going into the women who pump and donate to a milk bank. Personally, I think "breast is best" only if the woman providing milk has a balanced and nutritious diet. When you're breastfeeding, you know what your family history is - ergo, what you could be passing down or what you could be deficient in - and you know what you've had to eat, but do you really know that about another woman?

Don't worry too much about the formula issue. And don't let all this decision-making get in the way of being flexible when the baby comes. Remember, her reaction to the formula is just as important as all this DHA stuff.

Anonymous | 10:46 AM

I say just go with the formula that worked for your son. Formula feeding sucks, but luckily after the first year you can switch to organic milk or soy milk. I formula fed my daughter from 4 months on, and I remember my hippie aunt comment as I was mixing up a bottle of formula that it was all "processed corn syrup crap." That made me feel really great, let me tell you. A lot of people feel embarrassed nursing in public, but I felt embarrassed formula feeding in public. People would walk by and I would just imagine them cluck clucking their tongues at me for feeding my baby a slurry of corn syrup and chemicals.

But seriously - this formula thing is ridiculous. It ISN'T POISON! Millions and millions of babies have thrived on all the major corporate formula brands and grown up to be perfectly healthy, intelligent, well adjusted, adults.

But I hear you... I totally wish there was a better, "crunchier" option than Similac/Enfamil.

Anonymous | 11:07 AM

Milk banks sound a little iffy from what the other comments say, but I do know that where we live, there are moms who donate pumped breast milk. I wasn't able to, but a friend of mine breast fed AND pumped daily for a baby whose mom was not able to breast feed. I also nannied for a baby whose mom wasn't able to produce enough milk to breast feed, so she accepted donated milk from two different women (one of whom was a doctor who donated!). Maybe that would be something to look into seriously, in addition to formula. It's like a wet nurse but in a bottle! :)

All that being said, you are doing great, and are an amazing thoughtful mom who only wants and does the best for your child (and child soon to come). Congratulations on being the type of person who is concerned enough to get worried and then also step back and breathe about it! Your baby is going to thrive no matter what you choose. All the best!


This will sound ridiculous, but one of the BIG reasons I stayed with breastfeeding (despite hating it) is that formula confused the fuck out of me. But there was never any question that I would physically be able to breastfeed, so I just let myself be confused.

If it were me, I'd go with what worked for Archer.

Unknown | 12:45 PM

seriously, i bought cheapest kind, usually costco. even the hoity toity ones are made by the same three or four compnaies

Domenica Cimarusti Pearl, EdD | 1:08 PM

Audrey loves the Earth's Best. You can buy it by the case with free shipping at She refused all other organic I assume it tasted the best to her!

kittenpie | 1:35 PM

From what I have been given to understand, DHA is a little iffy, but the jury is still out and there is really no way to know long term - which sucks, because either way, you can end of feeling terrible, the way I feel now about feeding my daughter from bottles that must have probably contained BPS, even though I was doing the best I could do for her with the pumping into them. Gah! A mutha just can't win, GGC.

Still, I kind of agree with what others have said about feeling that if Archer did well on one, why mess with that? I'm guessing even the organic formulas aren't exactly natural, you know?

If you lived here, hon, I'd pump extra for your babe, assuming I have the same ridiculous amount, but meanwhile, all I can really send are hugs and assurances that it will all work out okay in the end, really.

ZDub | 2:03 PM

Dude, my son was strictly breast until like a month ago and now I do a little supplementing with formula. (My milk stopped coming out when I was pumping.) He is almost 10 months old and he comes to work with me and I had to figure a way to get him to sleep with out flopping my boob out for 30 mintues.

Anywho, I use Earth's Best (not SOY...bad for your thyroid) and I have tried a few others (organic and non-organic) and it was the only one he would gobble down. I don't think any organic anything is truly organic in this day and age. I live in CO and Horizon is legit, trust.

Whatever you choose, it will be fine. Trust your instincts. I hope this helps!

angie | 3:40 PM

I'm no help in the formula dept, sorry... but I was wondering if you plan on sending out birth announcements, as I came across this site: and totally thought of you!

Maria Melee | 4:54 PM

I ended up with obscene amounts of surplus milk with my son. Like 100 ounces in my freezer at any given time. I pumped too much and it turned into this weird obsessive thing and it was just total shenanigans. Anyway, I looked into donating my milk but it was all just too freaking bizarre. And they didn't have any donor facilities in my state, which sucked. Not sure where I am going with this other than to say that wetnursing doesn't actually freak me out that much.

karengreeners | 7:04 PM

My babe is 9 months and I'm still a fucking geyser. I wish there was a milk bank I could send the liquid gold to for you and other mamas that need it.

As for the formula debacle - I'd stick with what worked the first time round.

tif | 7:04 PM

well, i used regular enfamil when carson was born bc wic wouldn't pay for the dha stuff. and he's fine. i used enfamil with ella, too, and she hasn't any problems. i'm a peds nuse and the only one of those formulas i have even heard of is the baby's choice one, and i have never heard anything bad about it. but we have some parents that go all organic by doing goats milk....but it smells like ass. hope that helps!

Anonymous | 7:37 PM

Bah, formula shormula. I have been giving my little hammy bone the cheapest of the cheap I can find (Parent's Choice "Gentle" formula) and he is the epitomy of a thriving baby. At 4 months he was a solid mass of muscle weighing in at 16 lbs 11 oz, and was 21 in tall. Now, the choosing organic never crossed my mind because as my mother put it "all you kids wound up just fine on the run of the mill formula I bought with my WIC vouchers." So, I opted to release myself from the stress of deciding what's "best" to feed my baby by other's standards (as no two opinions are ever exactly the same)and just went with the flow (and with what wouldn't cost me a fortune in the process). This has been my philosophy on parenting in general and thus far has produced a very happy, healthy, and intelligent little man (and a much happier, less stressed out mommy to boot). My best advice? Just relax, try standing in the formula aisle and use the age old form of decision making- Eenie Meeny Miney Mo. I'm sure she'll be just fine:)

Anonymous | 1:29 PM

I think that if I had to use a formula I would have chosen the Nestle Good Start Natural Cultures. I would probably be torn between organic versus not organic but I think the fact that the probiotics in the Natural Cultures product would probably win out for me.

I never really had to use formula but I supplemented my son with probiotics as well and I put a lot of stock in that to fortify the immune system. Sorry, just another thing to think about I suppose. :)

Anonymous | 3:11 PM

I would both talk to your pediatrician and consider sticking with what worked for Archer. You have to be just as careful with "organic" labels as any other food product out there. Remember, marketers write those labels (and FAQs) and they'll spin the info to put the product in the best possible light. For example, I noticed that it didn't say what kind of acid they used to treat the DHA. Did you know that aspirin is an acid? There are a lot of different types of acid and maybe the DHA process isn't as bad as they make it sound. We also consume much more bleach than people realize and we're all fine. And arsenic? Completely organic.

I'm not trying to be snarky (you know I love you) but I personally am just as cynical with "organic" and "all natural" labels as I am with anything else. Good luck my dear!

Anonymous | 3:58 PM

I used Baby's Only for two reasons - it was sweetened with brown rice syrup, not corn syrup; and it's organic. A bonus was the fact that it's HALF the cost of Earth's Best. And, I actually really appreciated that they market it for toddlers because of their support for breastfeeding as the first best choice ... it made me feel less "marketed" to, I guess. My daughter thrived on it. The one downside was that it was a pain in the ass to mix - it seems to have a coarser texture than some brands, so we really had to blend it vigorously. (Get one of those frothing wands!)

Oh also, the lining of the cans does have BPA, but it's apparently less of a concern with the powder forms - the pre-mixed liquid formulas have a lot more leaching.

Cate | 5:44 PM

Go ahead and take your pick. Most of our mothers bottle fed stuff to us that was one swipe away from being wallpaper paste. Organic is better...but wait, what are you going to put it in? Plastic bad, glass heavy, who knows. Just know that someone will always feel the need to tell you you are inferior for some reason.

Anonymous | 6:28 PM

Go with the Enfamil you used with Archer. There was a recent article in the NYT seriously questioning the organic formulas because of sugars added and really, the enfamil is tried and true and it is perfectly healthy. I use it to supplement currently. And formula is excellent - I breastfeed and I wouldn't go with a milk bank. Do what your gut tells you.

Amanda | 7:54 AM

Use what you used with Archer. He's healthy.

Anonymous | 1:49 PM

Formulas seem so... manufactured. If you can't breast feed, would La Leche league agree to supply you with breast milk in return for volunteer work or something?
I breast fed each of my three for 18 months. They're all frighteningly healthy and smart. There's something about the smell of rancid baby bottles that filled me with horror.

Unknown | 5:04 PM

I didn't even freakin' KNOW there was organic formula. Maybe we don't have it in Canada, since I have NEVER seen it among the 9 billion choices on the shelf. I bf'd my first son. My 4 month old was in ICU and therefore on formula from the start. The stigma attached to formula is horrible! I went middle of the road...Nestle, Enfamil are about $30/can, and generic is about $12, so I went with the generic+DHA/ARA and it's $20. So I don't feel like I'm being "cheap" (even though those in the know tell me the cheap stuff is just fine)...but now something new to worry about! Eeep! I hate the internets. 'Cause you know I am about to go google this shit and freak myself out.

I'm adopted so formula-fed from day 3...and I think I turned out okay, although I am now going to start blaming formula for all kinds of shit.

Anonymous | 5:44 AM

Anonymous 1.49 cracks me up. Volunteering for LLL while caring for a newborn. Right on! :)

Unknown | 11:49 AM

I find this interesting. I am sixty five years old and raised 3 healthy daughters and there was no "formula". We mixed equal amounts of Pet Milk and water and if I remember right 1 or 2 tablespoons of Karo syrup. If they were constipated you increased the syrup and if runny decreased. Millions upon millions of the adults around you were successfully raised this way. I really have a distrust of all these different formulas when all that is required is so very basic....and cheap....and easy. And I certainly don't remember autism being a national tragidy... and on this subject, while some suspect inocualtions, which all our children had, I question these chemical formulas

Anonymous | 12:31 PM

We use the Baby's Only and the only thing that bothered me was the "Toddler's Formula" print. WE ALL KNOW breast is best. I just thought it was a bit offensive if not confusing. I exclusively breastfed for 5 montths until working/ stress drained the well dry.

The boy is very healthy and a chubby (which I love).

Anonymous | 1:49 PM

Axel's been drinking Earth's Best the last month. We, too, buy it from That shit is expensive. Now I'm reading this and wondering why I'm shelling out the cash on the organic stuff what with the bleach, etc... I feel like every time I turn around I find out about something new that's poisoning us.

For what it's worth, Axel likes Earth's Best

Anonymous | 8:13 PM

Best piece of advice my pediatrician ever gave me is as follows: DO NOT GET ONLINE AND RESEARCH EVERY LITTLE THING ABOUT THIS BABY, IT WILL SCARE YOU TO DEATH AND YOUR HEAD WILL SPIN. She said "make informed decisions by talking to doctors and family and close friends, and leave google alone." Follow your instincts here, don't let all the hoopla and junk on the net scare you or influence you.

Anonymous | 1:42 PM

As a tip...Soy contains protien compounds that can mess with a girls hormone levels. If you don't need to use it due to a milk allergy or digestion issues many peadiatricians recommend not to(in fact I know several doctors who feed their kids goat's milk as opposed to soy due to this vey issue). EnfamilA+ with DHA/OHA was recommended to me by my peadiatrician as the best formula option when I had to supplement with my twins. It's not "organic", but when it comes to formulas, they are all really really processed, and "organic" is probably just a tagline used to boost sales.

pearmama | 7:44 PM

I feel your pain. After having six kids, I discovered I suffered from insufficient glandular tissue, which kept me from producing enough milk. It was heartbreaking, knowing my body was incapable. I used to torture myself with LLL articles and books. I still had some milk, just not enough. After my second baby, the real eye-opener was when he lost a full two pounds at less than six weeks. He was the first baby that I realized I had breast issues with, and the rest of my babies followed. So I researched homemade formulas and found several good ones. If you don't mind playing a mad scientist in your kitchen. I read somewhere that fresh, raw goat's milk was good and has been used for centuries. But it also had to be diluted and supplemented with a few minerals. I made a formula out of raw goat's milk, folic acid, blackstrap molasses, distilled water and a couple of other things I don't really remember. It was with my fourth kid so details are a little foggy. It was insane, driving to some farm to buy raw goat's milk at freakin' $6.99 a gallon!! But I did it, in an effort to give my baby what I could not. It would seriously keep me up at night. The bad thing about the goat milk....when he spit up it smelled like ten kinds of stinky ass. UGH. Freakin' nasty. With my last two I tried to regain my sanity and I went back to Enfamil. All the while, continuing with my breastfeeding. I supplemented formula and bfing for eighteen months. I deserve a freakin' medal for that--seriously!! I hope you find something that works for you and your family. It's a stressful time as it is.

Peace & blessings.

Anonymous | 12:46 AM

I realize that this comment is like 3 weeks late, but I came back to this post because I've had an on going debate (in my own head) about what formula is best. We were using the Similac Advance, and it was okay but I really wanted to go Organic. His little body is so pure, so if I can keep a few more antibiotics or pesticides out of it, I will. Even if there is tons of other crap in there, lessening those chemicals by any amount is great. But have you seen the price of the organic stuff. We were going through about 1 1/2 cans a week, and at 30 bucks a can, that's a lot of moola. So recently I switched to Parent's Choice Organic. I hate shopping at Walmart, but I read enough about their formula to know that it's good stuff, actually I read that the same people who make Earth's Best make the Walmart brand, and I just compared their nutrition facts, and yup, they're indentical. So I now feel guilt free about giving my baby the store brand, which by the way costs 15.00 a can.
So, there's my 2 cents in the whole formula debate. Good luck!

Anonymous | 6:05 PM

Find out if there is a breastmilk bank in your area- I imagine there would be in LA. I have done just a little research as I was thinking of donating, but I don't have one close to me. Otherwise, are you taking a fatty acid supplement during pregnancy? That will get her off to a good start. I like the Earth's Best products, but have not used the formula. I'm sorry you can't BF- any chance things will be different this time?

Anonymous | 2:06 PM

This comment is like 3 months late, but was researching online for formula that didn't contain any melamine or cyuranic acid ever since the AP released FDA findings of these chemicals in infant formulas - Enfamil, Nestle Good Start and Similac. My son has been on Enfamil Lipil with Iron for 4 months and I'm dumbfounded at the findings. Earth's Best is the best sounding formula out there right now to me, because they claim there is no melamine or cyuranic acid in their formula. Just curious as to what formula you picked, and how that has changed now with these new revelations.

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 2:21 PM

I'm so glad I remembered your post--because, guess what: C-section, and my boobs are apparently not working (yet, I hope)! The hospital gave us Similac Organic, and, after reading your article, I'm going to either stick with that or with the Earth's Best (or, as one commenter above said, the same product sold under the Walmart label). As long as everything has DHA/ ARA and Iron.

There are days when I'm so grateful for the internet ... because it contains blogs like yours!

Dana Miller | 1:05 PM

yeah, formula-based feeding can overload a mom with so much to keep in mind. That's one of the reasons I pushed for an organic diet for my baby. The same is true with cleaning the things she comes in contact with the most. I use organic products that are guaranteed toxin-free.

Dana Miller | 1:09 PM

This is one of the reasons why i switched to organic food and organic household cleaning solutions. It spares me from all those formulas. With natural stuff, at least we know our kids are safe.

Unknown | 11:18 PM

That's why we should stick to organic stuff and avoid chemicals - it messes up our bodies. Maybe you'd like to consider going organic on your cleaning products as well. I'll tip you in: try babyganics. The fumes that go out of the chemical-based containers of your cleaning products may affect your breastfeeding. So just to be sure - change everything to organic. Afterall, you can't really "pay" for your health

Unknown | 2:33 PM
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magnus | 8:37 PM

Hi there - I know this post was from 2008, but am wondering what you chose to use after all this - I am finding myself in the same situation and am also struggling to navigate the formula debate - it's mighty confusing for sure. Great blog, by the way!