The Accuracy of Ultrasounds

Now that the baby layette has been de-tagged, washed, folded and put away, I'm starting to wonder what the odds are of an inaccurate ultrasound. Because... uh...  This babe's wardrobe is hardly (not even close) unisex. 

Dear, Misha LuLu, I'm in love with your children's dresses. Please sponsor me so I don't go broke purchasing your entire line. 

I gush over dresses like the one above (a gift from my mom... thanks, mom!) and then lie awake asking myself... "What if she isn't... a she?"

Crazy, right, but judging from these comments, it isn't so uncommon. 



-A | 9:57 PM

Um, that Misha Lulu dress is adorable. And so is the whale one that I found on one of the websites they link to so that you can shop online. And it's on sale. I may just have to buy it.

And every kid I know has turned out to be what the ultrasound said, if that's any comfort to you!

kittenpie | 10:51 PM

Well, for what it's worth, mine were both right. With pumpkinpie, I had a few late ones to see if she was head up or down, and every time, I made them check again. They must have thought I was bonkers. Are you getting another ultrasound before she's due?

And can I just say how beyond awesome that dress is?! SO cute! Without being, you know, TOO cute. Not cuteSY, is what I mean. Gorgeous.

Anonymous | 3:55 AM

ummmmmmmmm I had 7 ultrasounds due to complications during my second pregnancy. They told me over and over the babies sex was girl. The baby was born a very healthy boy. Thank goodness I never got rid of the baby stuff from my older son. Getting rid of the girl stuff was hard. It was like giving up a dream because there were going to be no more babies in my future.

I hope your experience is not like mine....................

L D | 5:43 AM

Oh, I hope that they're more correct than not! We have a pink nursery, coordinating crib bumpers and curtains, and enough pink, frilly clothing to maintain Peanut until she's walking. I think we're due at about the same time, and that fear has washed over me countless times in the last few weeks. I'm with you!

Amanda | 5:59 AM

I was the same way. Right after my baby shower, as I sat there with everything pink as far as the eye could see, I started doubting the ultrasound that said I had a girl. And, of course, everyone who I mentioned this concern to had a story about someone who was told they were having a girl who ended up having a boy...BUT I am happy to report that I DID end up having a girl! Whew! | 7:10 AM

First, those clothes are so sweet!!

I was freaking when I had a girl u/s. I was so SURE that I was going to be that weird story of "Nope! it's a BOY!" on delivery day.

She was still a She and I got to use the cute stuff after all. But I totally understand the freaking out about it before she's born!

Rhea | 7:28 AM

Well, if you do end up with a boy, he'll have one adorable, girly wardrobe. hehe We all open-minded in America, right? Boys in girls' clothes, no problem.

Maybe not.

graham's mom | 7:31 AM

I actually have a friend (female) who has the reverse story about herself - apparently the penis in question that her parents were shown on the ultrasound? Was her THUMB.

My friend, hitchhiking her vagina. Fantastic!

Anonymous | 7:41 AM

When my husband and I were attending those child birth classes, the instructor talked about the chances of the gender being mis-identified. I still have our little notebook in which my husband wrote "comes out a boy. could that really happen?" Ha!
Love the clothes!

Anonymous | 9:17 AM

We're one of those horror stories. All I know is, on Thursday, the Dr. said "oh, 2 weeks to go, baby girl's about 8 pounds now" and on Saturday afternoon, the Dr. at the delivery said "It's a boy. And he's almost 10 pounds!" I'm sure the ultrasounds were extremely accurate; alas, our ultrasound techs and crack medical team, on the other hand....not so much. But I'm sure your doctors/caregivers are much better than ours were.

pamela | 10:18 AM

towards the end of my pregnancy i started to freak out about whether or not i was having a girl... i think it had to do with the fact that i had so many ultrasounds at first and then none! i could never tell by looking at the ultrasound, but the dr. said he was 100% sure... i did have a girl and am certainly glad i did.

ps... i love all of her clothes and zoe has a bunch of things in that drawer! and you are definitely making my shopping habit worse!

Erin | 2:31 PM

Well then he's going to be the prettiest dressed boy in all of LA (because those clothes are too cute not to wear!). Seriously-keeping my fingers crossed for a girl!!!

This Must be the Place . . . | 4:08 PM


I don't have any ultrasound tales, but you should check out Coco Bonbons . . . you HAVE to see this DRESS!

Some of their stuff seems like it would be right up your alley . . . and anyone with good taste's alley.
A bit pricey, too, I'm afraid . . .

Maybe we should take up a collection and do an online shower . . . any takers?

Wendy | 7:13 PM

I worried about that too, all three times, but they were all accurate for us. If it looked like a humburger (bun, burger, bun) then it's got to be a girl. That's what the doctor told me, anyway.

ANGELA | 7:54 PM

My ultrasounds (1 regular, 1 3d/4d) said I was having a girl and guess what? I had a GIRL! Don't fret! You are having a girl!

Anonymous | 7:29 AM

Any thoughts on the old-wives' thing about how you're carrying? When I was pregnant with my daughter, she was very up-and-down. I barely looked pregnant even in my 8th month. When I was pregnant with my son, I totally looked like I had a beach ball under my shirt.

I know this is TOTALLY unscientific, but if you're carrying differently than you were with Archer, then that might reassure you. I agree with Angela and others that the multiple ultrasounds are more than likely right.

Maremone | 10:20 AM

crap! Now I have a new shopping temptation.

Maremone | 10:23 AM

Oh and there are FOUR stores here by me that carry her line. My budget is doomed. DOOMED