The (Bloody) Show Must Go On!

Something I was not aware of, the "bloody show" and/or "disengagement of mucous plug" seldom happens with first pregnancies. Something I am now well aware of? It absolutely happens the second time around, which, ew

38 weeks pregnant (41 lbs gained) and counting down...


Also, does anyone know if three-year-olds can smell the arrival of new babies? Because mine certainly has been acting uh..  "unique" lately. 


Steph(anie) | 8:38 AM

I've had two scheduled c-sections and have zero experience with the whole labor thing, so the whole "bloody show" thing scares the bejeebus out of me. Among other aspects of labor.

Rhea | 8:39 AM

My second child came out a lot faster than the so fast the nurse had to deliver him.

Watch out!

Petunia Face | 8:51 AM

Oh I had "bloody show" and lost my mucuous plug with my first (and so far only) pregnancy. At work, no less! What fun! The beauty of pregnancy! As seen through the eyes of your coworkers!

The next day I had my daughter.

I'd say pack your bag. Your daughter is coming!

Good luck and Congratulations!

Anonymous | 8:54 AM

ahhh, you are so close! i am so excited for you!

Amelia Sprout | 9:40 AM

Dang, I better get my vote in fast, it is going to be soon.

Anonymous | 9:52 AM

a) I LOVE that dress!! Is it maternity? If not, where did you get it?
b) I have no experience with bloody show but doesn't that mean the bambina will be here SOON!?
c) You look AMAZING!!


The dress is not maternity, no. It's SAMPLELINE by Aimee Grubel... I LOVE her stuff... all handmade and wacko, made from recycled materials... You can't really tell but towards the bottom of the dress its all netted with fishnet. Couldn't find any online stores... She mainly sells in small boutiques. I bought this on sale at Beige on Beverly (and Poinsettia)... It has been a perfect maternity dress though -- super comf. And re: Bloody Show... I've heard conflicting reports that labor is imminent within days and heard stories from people who went a week or more before they went into labor so we'll see!

Buby + Bleu | 10:16 AM

I've had 2 now and don't remember the bloody show part. Maybe I blocked it out. When my boy was 2.5 I think he absolutely could smell the arrival of his baby sister. Maybe her hormones seeping out. He regressed back to baby for a while.. wanting to be carried up stairs and crying at the drop of a hat. So unlike him. Luckily, by the 8 week mark he was back to his normal self. Phew. Good luck!! I'm happy I found your blog and will await photos of the little one.

Anonymous | 10:17 AM

Um... I had the BS (hee hee hee) with my first and went into labor that night!!!

I think she'll make her way into the world very soon!! Sooner than my guess of 10/2... dang...

Good Luck!

Chef's Widow | 10:25 AM


I hate to be the bearer of bad news (and I hope it is not the case for you) however I had my bloody show almost three weeks before I gave birth and I was in labor for two out of those three weeks. I was 3 cm d'd and finally my doc chose to induce me b/c I couldn't handle the constant contractions for two weeks. On a happier note, the relationship that Archer will have with baby girl will make you fall in love with him all over again in a way you could never imagine. Cheers & Beers.

CaraBee | 10:38 AM

I'm with Chef's Widow, I had bloody show with my one and only about two weeks before she arrived. I didn't realize that it was uncommon among firsts.

kittenpie | 11:07 AM

Pumpkinpie is 4, and yeah, she was a clingy little thing for a good 4-6 weks before the Bun arrived. And difficult, too, but that may have been as much about her new room at daycare (with new kids and their new behaviours to try out... grrr) and the start of school. Hard to know.

Nut Nut | 11:17 AM

I vagually remember a bloody show. I think I did have something. With my first. It wasn't that bad though, which is why I probably can't remember it.

My cats new I was going in labor before I did. Maybe cats and three year olds have the same 6th sense. My cats wouldn't have a thing to do with me and they are usually stuck to me like glue.

I think you look beautiful! : )

Anonymous | 11:35 AM

I'm due Oct. 14 and I spoke with my doctor about this the other day. He said there is not a direct link between loosing the plug and labor starting - other factors influence the start of labor.

lala | 2:02 PM

That dress is adorable. I'm headed down to Beige soon!
You look beautiful.


Thirty-eight weeks already? Pregnancy goes really quickly when it's someone else!

Anonymous | 2:46 PM

Mucus plug popped out right after my water broke w/ my first one. What a pleasant sight. I didn't know it is rare the first time around, but boy I would have preferred not to have seen that one.

Anonymous | 3:26 PM

You look great! Ignore the weight gain. Who cares? You look beautiful!

Wendy | 3:58 PM

Really? I had an obvious "show" with my first, nothing with the second, and just a little with the third. I guess I'm contrary with *everything!* Damn!

Mirinda | 4:41 PM

I had it with all three of mine and yes, it's gross. Good news: I delivered within a couple of days!

Anonymous | 5:02 PM

No bloody show with my first. But definitely with the second and started labor within a week of it happening. The day I went into labor with the second, my oldest (2 at the time) closed himself in his room and cried for an hour. Each time I tried to open the door he would close it on me and tell me to go away. He is usually very laid back and not prone to tantrums. That night I went into labor and the baby was born the next morning. Good news, no more tantrums until just now 9 months later. He loves his sister and was worried we would leave her behind anytime we went out.

Good Luck!!


April | 6:47 PM

uhg, so gross when your vagina gets a cold. i remember thinking it looked like my girl parts hocked(sp???) a big fat (3 day long) loogey in my pants. Mmmmm. :-/

Anonymous | 6:58 PM

I know you are getting this lots, but seriously, you look great! This from an almost 40 weeks and 45 pounds heavier expectant mom - you are rockin your pregnancy grrl! My 2.5 year old is also being weird - she is still excited for baby to come but has been more clingly lately and this past week woke in the middle of the night every damn night...uggghhh. Oh, and Thursday is 'show & share' at her daycare too.

sweetmelissa818 | 7:08 PM

Both of my girls were late and breech, so I had 2 c-sections. My sister had issues with that though.

cargon | 8:59 PM

Ewww, didn't have to deal with the BS with my first one, either.I feel for ya...

And how weird is it that I stumbled across Babble earlier today for the first time then come here to see a link to an article you wrote about Archer's "behaviors" on Babble. Strange coincidence, both very cool websites ;)

Amy | 7:38 AM

The bloody show is how labor started with my first. She was just born on Sept. 10. No mucous plug although I had been kind of looking forward to seeing it. Is that weird?
Anyway, you'll probably be in active labor very soon.

Anonymous | 9:34 AM

Speaking of all things icky...

Just an FYI for you: Baby girls can have a pseudo period right after they're born, especially if they're nursing, just from the weird surge of mom's own hormones. I had heard about this in my prenatal class and thought, "Yeah, right. Never going to happen." And sure enough, it did with my daughter. Very freaky.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 9:39 AM

I always had my "show" hours before my babies were born, but with this last one, my water broke first and I never had the show. Still not sure how it all works and I've had four children!

You look fantastic, by the way!


Anonymous | 10:12 AM

I'm pregnant for the first time and I've lost 2 mucus plugs so far...and still have 6 weeks to go.

It's really disgusting to see snot in your toilet tissue.

Creative-Type Dad | 11:26 AM

I think 3-year olds start barking too.
And screaming...

LazyCrazyMama | 12:09 PM

Ewww. I had that with my first and second. Way early too. But that didn't mean they were born any earlier than their due date!
Just try looking online for info :) you'll find tons of women going into labor hours after mucus plug loss... and then tons that were a week or longer...

Anonymous | 8:52 PM

I had it with my first (who is now five weeks old). I was delighted to see its grossness because I wanted to meet my daughter and was sick of being pregnant.

Mom101 | 5:25 AM

I keep checking back in - where's that baby? I want to see your baby!

Hang in there Bec.

Anonymous | 7:25 PM

Nothing profound to say, just that I read you from time to time, have taken note of your lack of enthusiasm to gain the same kind of weight you did with Archer, and have to note here from this latest look all belly. I don't know if a swelling thing happens to you that last week or so, or even post partum (does to me, especially with fluids pumped for sections), but so far, compared to your at/immediately after birth pics prior? Yoooou looook maaaahvelous, daaahling. Really. A gorgeous pic of late pregnancy. Here's hoping you're feeling as well as possible...cheers.

Prasti | 5:54 AM

i had a bloody show for my 1st, but i was already in caught me off guard...and freaked me out before i realized what it was. definitely gross.

best wishes on your labor and delivery!

ANGELA | 7:45 AM

Lost my plug on a Saturday morning and my water broke that evening. Crazy how it all works! Good luck, hopefully your daughter arrives sooner than later!

ANGELA | 7:47 AM

Oh, and I don't know about 3 year olds but dogs definitely know. My dogs were completely whacked out a week before I delivered. Strange.

Anonymous | 9:28 AM

Most women I know had their babies soon after having bloody show. My daughter was born 12hrs after I lost my plug. So it could be anytime for you. Do lots of walking if you want it sooner than later!
Good luck! You look awesome and can't wait to meet the little one :D

worldmomma | 10:48 AM

It happened for me with my first (and only) and it was a very short time later that labor began. I'm guessing you'll be there soon if not already. Good luck!

Anonymous | 5:20 PM

Man I have been walking and walking and still no baby... I am 9 months and I don't ever want to get pregnant again b/c I sowanted my wine with strawberries and not just that I was miserable the whole pregnancy... I just want this baby out and out now.. I've had my bloody show on Monday and it is Tuesday and still no baby..What the hell!!!Lol Never again,,,,

Anonymous | 5:30 PM

I am 9 months pregnant pregnant and I am due July 30,2010.I had a bloody show on Monday 7/26/10, no baby and today tuesday 7/27/10 and still no baby.I am so tired ladies and I am having pain but not back to back.My va jj is hurting and I am so restless.I am 39 weeks and I am so miserable.Why me? I so need a glass of wine with strawberries asap.Man I know one thing I waited a long time for this baby and I'm ready to be not pregnant any longer.Anyone who is thinking of getting pregnant, don't do it!!!! I was sick like a dog eating grass,lol.Some women are lucky like my best friend and have no symptoms at all,no fun.This is my second baby and with my first I did not experience a bloody show, my water just broke with my son(my first baby). Well good luck anyway,,LOL