Shower the People You Love... With Memories and Mega Rad Prizes!

Holy smokes, I'm having a baby shower! But not just any shower. A fancy-pants online blogtastic baby shower with none other than friend and partner in dot com crime, Kristen Chase of Motherhood Uncensored, who like me is closing in on D-day with a baby girl as well. Congratulations, Kristen!

If you want to participate in the GGC/Motherhood Uncensored Shower of Awesome, go here for details and while you're at it check out the five incredible OMG gift baskets that could be yours if you join in the festivities! I kinda wish I could participate if only to be included in the oh-so-chic prizes. Perhaps I will start a new blog and get in on them that way. God, I'm smart. 

A great big wet kiss to these lovely and amazing ladies for hosting such a grand event and including me in the festivities. I really am one lucky lady. 

(Not to mention a very pregnant one.)


P.S. I'll give you a thousand trillion dollars if you can tell me how to get my kid to poop on the potty. I've been trying with no success for six-months now and am desperate for advice from parents who've been there. Because me? I'm totally failing