Project Crawlway: Episode One

I hereby present, my baby girl's first picnic-table grandma-chic a-line dress, handmade by... dun-dun-dun-duuuuuuuun: Me! and, in all honesty, my mother who sewed all the hard parts, which was most of it because I'm just learning and not quite steady on the sewing machine yet, but I will be! Oh, I will be!

Now, all it needs are some little orange bloomies. Aw. 

Also, we're talking about breastfeeding (or lack thereof) after breast-reduction surgery over here if you feel so inclined. TMI warning for the boys in the house, as in, read at your own risk. I'm pretty sure the episiotomy post scarred many of my dude-readers for life. (Sorry, guys.)


Also, for whatever reason my blog-banner died. Please standby while I see about getting myself a new one. 


Anonymous | 4:16 PM

You will have no trouble with a sewing machine... it is one of the greatest technological advances of the past and simple to use. I am waiting for a line of baby clothes that will blast the current market to smithereens... start envisioning !

Anonymous | 4:33 PM

It's adorable!!! Nice work.

dizzibloom | 5:20 PM

VERY cute!

I'd be happy to make you a new blog banner.....

minniemama68 | 5:24 PM

Very very very cute!!!

And I just thought the lack of banner was because my computer is a pos and wasn't bringing it up.

Anonymous | 5:26 PM

So cute! Nice job.
All I have to say is... glad I'm not having kids ANY time soon ; )

Windy | 6:40 PM

Great job! If you want some awesome ideas please I love the site I think they are also opening a store online soon.

Anonymous | 6:41 PM

It is so cute! We can get together and sew while the boys play. Aww.

Anonymous | 7:02 PM

very cute! awesome job!!! ~jjlibra

oh and as far as breastfeeding- don't know much about after breast reduction but just in general the best advice i can give is DRINK DRINK DRINK!! drinking water before, during, after and all day helped get the flow going for me the second and thrid time. the first was a horrible dry experience that had me pumping for hours just for an ounce and feeding non-stop all day. if only i had been hydrated!!

motherbumper | 8:08 PM

That is so impossibly adorable and awesome and cindy brady which is a total compliment in my eyes. Also the post title wins best post title ever.


Gabes Mom -- Please standby. I was thinking of doing a banner-making contest like I did at the very beginning of GGC and do a really cool prize-pack giveaway for the winner. Thank you for offering your designy-ness! Awesome!

Rachael | 10:04 PM

Oooh, so cute!

Anonymous | 12:47 AM

mmm, baby goodness! looks awesome, great job to GGC and GGCsMama!

daniella beattie | 5:29 AM

very cool and vintage looking, congrats for the time & dedication spent! You should pat yourself on the back for this, bigtime!

Anonymous | 6:38 AM

Oh my gosh! Sewing?! Really? Are you trying to make the rest of us look bad or something?

Go girl, you'll have to keep that dress forever.

Jennifer | 7:43 AM

Wow is that cute! I love the blue green w/ the orange lining--perfect!!

kittenpie | 10:33 AM

Wow, look at you, all ambitious and learning to sew! I tried once, i really did, and I was so frustrated, I just said to Misterpie, "Thank god it's 2003 and I'm a professional and no one can reasonably expect me to be able to do this!"

Wendy | 11:34 AM

Awww! That's so cute and chic! I wish I could even sew that much. I can't wait to see it on her.

Prasti | 11:58 AM

too cute. i love the colors!

do you want to make one for my daughter? (jk!)

Anonymous | 3:02 PM

Awwwwwww! Oh damnit, you made my ovaries start aching again. It's always triggered by cute girl stuff.

In a domestic capacity I'm a horrible sewer, but I DID make jam the other night. Homemade! I know, right?

Dawn | 10:33 AM

Oh my gosh. That's adorable. Can you make one in a 3T for my tot?
J/K. No, I'm not. I really want one.

Anonymous | 5:40 PM

Absolutely adorable! Love love it! Can't wait to see your Fall collection. =)

jennstew | 7:00 PM

love the dress!
on another note realted to your baby:vegetable/fruit ratiotics, i found this very helpful link on babycenter upon wondering how big my 7 week old lentil was.

angie | 9:07 PM

OMG! I want one!