And Speaking of Amazing Girlfriends... (Updated)

Rachel just sent me this: 

You're telling me, sister. 


I would also like to add that today I sneezed and peed my pants. In public. This has never happened to me before, but I'm told its quite common with a second pregnancy which is awesome news. Any incontinence cards, Rach? Perhaps a care-package of 


Updated: I should have known Rachel would come through:


Daddy Dan | 11:27 PM

I have a .net too. It's not so bad. =)

Zeynep | 6:51 AM

he heee.. but your label, "web-dork humour" is funnier than the cards imo :P

Steph(anie) | 9:34 AM

I'll second the sneeze=peed-in-pants during second pregnancies. Hold on, it's going to be a bumby ride, sister.

kittenpie | 10:36 AM

Aaaaand that's why I don't regret the c-section... Sorry, thoguh.

Anonymous | 11:06 AM

Those are hilarious! What's worse is that you don't realize you peed your pants, think your water broke and make your husband drive 2 hours to the closest hospital. To be sent home bc you peed yourself! And have to go to work the next day and tell everyone that saw you leave so quickly that there is no emergency, you just peed. Good times!

Anonymous | 6:19 PM

I freakin' love those cards. I send them to everyone I know for any and all occasions. There is yet to be an occasion where "You never pee on me" is the card to send. I HOPE it happens soon! In the meantime, keep that killer sense of humor...

Anonymous | 8:00 AM

So glad I'm not pregnant anymore.

Don't miss that at all. Always living in fear that I may piss my pants at any moment.

Just ordered your book today! SO excited.

Kmommy | 7:09 AM

I'm with fairytalesandmargaritas! I also peed my pants and thought my water broke... with a car full of kids and groceries... gotta love it!