Rounding Third

I have reached the 27-week mark, which means, I have but one trimester left. Thirteen more weeks, and if all goes according to plan, sixteen more pounds. I'm trying very hard to keep the weight gain under thirty-five pounds this go around. Losing twenty-five pounds postpartum sounds a whole hellofa lot easier than losing fifty so I am working out regularly, walking everywhere and staying away from sugar and processed foods, as well as reciting positive, low-calorie affirmations every night before bed. 

I've gained nineteen pounds so far. The bulk of that in my hips and thighs.  


(double gulp.) 

I've also invested in a pair of gladiator sandals (see above). After trying on multiple pairs and ordering a cheap, shitty-pair from Urban Outfitters only to send them back, annoyed, I settled on a beautiful and oh-so cankle-chic, pewter pair of Sam Edelman "Gilda" glads. Highly recommended for cankle control and comfort for any and all women this summer. I've been wearing mine 24/7 and will likely wear them all the way to the stirrups. Fuck. I might have to wear them IN the stirrups. (Wouldn't that be a great shoe commercial? Pregnant lady refuses to take off her super-cute shoes to give birth because her shoes are just WAY TOO cute to remove?) 

I also must mention, because it was entirely coincidental that this happened and I find it amusing and kind of sweet, but the shirt I'm wearing in the above photos happens to be the DVF blouse I wore when I married Hal at The Little White Chapel three plus years ago. AND!!!! Get this!!!??? The blue pinstriped vest I'm wearing over it was part of the three-piece suit my father wore when he married my mother thirty-years ago. 

I know, right? 

So, yes. A very matrimonial Wednesday to you all... 



Anonymous | 4:50 PM

You look fabulous! 19 pounds is definitely something to be proud of at the beginning of the third... Where's my self control when I needed it, 10 pounds ago? I'm 20 weeks and feeling good enough to take regular walks, so hopefully that'll keep the fatty at bay.

Mary | 4:58 PM

You look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda | 6:06 PM

You are so chic! 19lbs... that's awesome!

Anonymous | 6:11 PM

Love the clothing coincidence!

And because I've been meaning to tell you for MONTHS: I absolutely loved the book, and bought a copy for my best friend when she moved away!


Thank you!!! I very much appreciate your support and am so glad you loved the book. Hooray!

motherbumper | 8:01 PM

You look awesome. I think I gained 19lbs in the first two days.

Anonymous | 8:04 PM

you look utterly adorable in all that wedding gear.

i gained 70 lbs with my twins (with a sprinkle of pre-eclampsia for that ass) and 55 with my boy 2.5 years ago. i'm 35 weeks in and have only gained 30 lbs this time. if i gain a lb a week to the end, i'll have only added 35 lbs. soooooooo much better than before. i don't even count the girls' pregnancy since they were twins and i had the pre-e. here's to hoping it doesn't pop in on you again.

Jaelithe | 8:51 PM

You look amazingly skinny.

Fo realz.

sweetb | 9:15 PM

Love the SamE's. good choice. you look adorable and please don't talk about the thighs and ass, mine are bigger and I'm 10 months POST baby. so shut up. Can't wait to see you next week. xoxoxo

Anonymous | 9:20 PM

You do look fabulous.

Seriously, though, is there any problem Nordstrom can't solve?


Touche, Nancy. Nordstrom = <3

Anonymous | 4:56 AM

Pregnancy suits you! You look great. I am still (12 months later) trying to lose my 50 lbs I gained from my pregnancy. I know my next go around I will be paying a lot more attention to what I'm putting in my mouth. I will also have to remember gladiator sandals because I too had horrible cankles. It took me 3 weeks after the baby was born to un-cankle. Good Luck!!!

Anonymous | 6:35 AM

Hey you look fantastic! We are about the same pregnancy wise, I will be 28 weeks on Saturday and I've gained about 19 pounds. I've worked really hard at keeping the pounds down to a minimum but I just can't shake the cravings for root beer and french fries but hey I'm a vegan and really is there anything in a vegan diet that is too bad for you! I think I look much bigger than you so good job! BTW I just finished reading your book too, LOVED IT!



Anonymous | 6:36 AM

You are the CUTEST little hipster momma!

BTW - LOVED the book! I read it every morning while I rode the stationary bike.

Marie-Ève | 7:13 AM

I'm only repeating what everyone says but you look AMAZING, and you really did in person too when we met last week (I know it's not just on the pictures). Thanks again for that BTW, it was really fun! We're back in Montreal and still California dreamin'...

19 pounds is nothing, you should be really proud of yourself, especially given your, ahem, different experience in the last pregnancy.

I know how much you love the shoes but if I were you, I'd still take them off while giving birth because you wouldn't want to ruin the beautiful shoes with all that goo would you?...

Anonymous | 7:42 AM

My hubby and I just got back from Paris. We saw a pair of sandals very much like yours at the Musee National du Moyen-Age (Cluny.)
Actually, it was ONE sandal and it was estimated to be 1.000 years old. It was unearthed at the site of a Roman bath/temple beneath the museum's foundation.
The Unicorn tapestries were in the same building. they were beautiful but that sandal really got to me.
Paris was amazing. It was my third time there. Thanks to hubby's business connections we stayed at The Ritz and ate some heavenly dinners. Fortunately, we walked about seven miles a day so neither of us gained an ounce.
Enjoy the sandals!

Anonymous | 8:17 AM

love the shoes!

Meghan Elaine | 8:38 AM

I have the SAME gladiator' them. My husband hates them, but I wear them proudly. I know it's cliche to say 'pregnant women are SO CUTE,' but are beautiful!

Anonymous | 8:57 AM

Wow! ONly 19 lbs? That's great. I think you should definately wear the sandals in delivery.

Anonymous | 10:38 AM

love the sandals. totally buying me a pair.

to all the moms; is working out during pregnancy very difficult? it seems like it would be cumbersome and annoying.

Andie East | 11:07 AM

you are the cutest pregnant lady ever!!!!

kittenpie | 12:21 PM

I'm shooting for 35 this time, too, as I gained 50 last time. I lost it and all, but I am hoping if I managed to lose 50 last time, maybe I can lose 50 again... and go right past pre-preg weight? Maybe? Please? I think at last check, about 28 weeks, I was up to 22, and felt pretty decent about that - you are doing great! Plus, you totally look cute.

Anonymous | 12:45 PM

You are just so freakin stylish. I laughed at your last mention of the cankle shoes, but seeing them on you now really makes me like them!

Heza Hekele | 12:54 PM

Not everyone can wear two generations of wedding clothes while creeping up on their third trimester! Cankles or no Cankles!

Maria Melee | 5:12 PM

Congrats! Your baby bump is super cute.

I gained about 50 with my son and I'm at 22 weeks now trying to shoot foor something more like 35. So far I'm at 15. Eek.

I'm still a relative newbie to this whole mommyblogging thing. This is my first stop over here. I pretty much died all over your pube post. I'll definitely be sticking around.

Anonymous | 6:45 PM

A great commercial, indeed! I think you need to market your idea! Say, in the next 13 weeks... ;)

metalia | 1:43 PM

You look beautiful.

caramama | 6:03 PM

You? Look awesome!!

That is all.

Gemini Girl | 7:17 AM

Dont talk to me about weight gain. I gained 60 pounds with my twins. 60 pounds would be normal if they werent preemies. That's right 30 weekers. What's my excuse?

you look great!

Angie McCullagh | 9:47 PM

Dear dog. How do you still look so damn hip and cool? I looked like a poster child for Bad Maternity Wear by that point in both my pregnancies.

mo-wo | 10:10 PM

That would be a stupefying shoe ad. Perfect.

And it is a great shoe ad. I am so buying those right now.

Anonymous | 8:05 AM

Oh I did it, I gave in and bought a pair of gladiator sandals! I didn't think with my swollen feet that they would fit or be cute but man was I wrong. I love them thanks for the tip!