Fourteen (Weeks) to Go

...and just like that, a dress becomes a shirt. 



In lieu of Independence day and American flag-print tee-shirts, I'd like to direct all interested parties to read a very powerful post written by my Great Uncle John, who just last month started a blog of his own at the ripe old age of eighty-something.  Happy 4th. 


Trysha | 1:59 PM

Oh shit. That would be me calling your dress a "cute top" on flickr. Open mouth, insert cankle.

It is really cute though! :)


Oh my gosh! No inserting of cankles AT ALL! It's totally a top, now! It barely comes up to my crotch! Ha!

Lauren | 7:47 PM

ummm... adorable. You're so cute!

CaraBee | 8:25 PM

Man, I wish I had looked that great at 6 months preggo. Sadly, as early as 5 months I had people asking me if I was carrying twins (no lie - and I was NOT). How fucked up is that? Because you're not sensitive enough about your appearance when you're pregnant. Love the shirt/dress.

Anonymous | 8:36 PM

SOOOO CUTE! Also, I'm finally getting around to ordering and reading your book. YAY!

Anonymous | 9:25 PM

You are one of those petite gorgeous women that I absolutely hated when I was pregnant! I was so wishing you were having a girl and was filled with glee when you announced that you were.

Your Great Uncle John's post was very touching ... and heartbreaking. I know many vets and most won't speak of the horrors that they faced in war. I am always awed by the bravery of those who do. We need more to speak up and let their voices be heard.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 6:51 AM

You look soooo great. I'm going to be the big and pregnant gal at Blogher hiding from you so that no one compares me to you! : )


This Must be the Place . . . | 5:06 PM

You're always looking so cute. I'm betting all your readers are wanting to clone your preggo bod. I love me some stripes,too, Bob -- looks great!

I wore a recycled dress as a shirt/top/smock/mumu for my shower and it worked out well. So many maternity clothes are blech and expensive.


PETITE? HAHAHAHAHAha. Not so much even close at all.... And yes! Dresses are great as shirts over leggings for pregnancy. Maternity clothes are typically hideous things and besides, most clothes can be worn while pregnant these days. Shirts are long and smocky so it's tre perfection.

Re: Blogher, (Adventures in Babywearing) I am sad to say I will not be attending this year. My friend's getting married that weekend!!! Will miss you and bumping bellies with you... Sigh...

Brooke - Little Miss Moi | 9:35 AM

Nice top/dress, whichever way. You look great - I do like the dress over leggings combo, but I've gone more with long singlets over skirts and lotsa layers. I don't have the body to pull off the leggings!

Unknown | 12:15 PM

It's when a dress becomes a cut-off top you've really got to worry . . .
And that's a look many many teen mums adopt in some major cities in England - without the slightest embarrassment

kittenpie | 7:04 PM

that could be the cutest shirt-dress ever. I am starting to wonder - now that all the maternity shirts are getting really tight around the tum and fully shrink-wrapping my not-so-lovely ass by being too long and pulling all the fabric to the front, what do I wear for the last ten weeks? I recall this problem last time, too - by about 7 months, some maternity clothes seem to think I wasn't supposed to get THAT pregnant. WTF? Okay, it's a huge belly, but I haven't really gained elsewhere.


I KNOW!!! I'm having the same issues with my so-so-cute maternity jeans! They do NOT fit my belly and waist! When I sit down to drive I'm being constricted by jeans that HELLO! Should fit into the third trimester!

A woman's wardrobe must get increasingly creative the more pregnant she gets. I, for one, am currently spending WAY too much time staring into my closet for something respectable that, uh, fits...

Windy | 9:52 PM

you look beautiful! what a cute idea. Give us prego's some more prego style advice with a little runway photo fashion show. (and yes, I am being serious!)

Ali | 10:16 AM

how very frugal of you!!
love it :)

Trysha | 4:16 PM

It's totally a top, now! It barely comes up to my crotch! Ha!

I could think of a few starlets who could disagree with you. LOL.