And Then One of my Best Friends Goes On and Shows up at my House on a Motorcycle

A motorcycle she rode all the way down from Vancouver, where she currently resides.  That, my friends, doesn't suck at all. In fact, that? That is the opposite of suck. That is bad-ass-awesome and a sight for sore eyes:

Grace, I love you. Move back to Los Angeles. 

Also, thank you, dear readers for all of your well wishes for dear Cooper. We haven't set a date for the surgery. Still figuring out if we're going to stay with our current vet or shop elsewhere but we're optimistic and hoping that the docs will be able to remove the majority of the tumor. (Because of where its located, and its size, we're told it will be impossible to remove it all.) Thankfully, the dog's got lots of love in these here parts and being merely seven-years-old, he's nowhere near ready to hit the bucket. In fact, all buckets have been hereby confiscated from the premises. 

Again, thank you for your kindness. 


*Girl's Gone Child can now be accessed at I've had a url-squatter on, since I first started my blogspot blog back in 2005, which sucks and the dude won't fork it over so fine. I've gone dot net instead. 


Anonymous | 11:54 AM

I'm even more impressed by the fact that the clothes she packed fit into those two little bags on either side of the seat!


I know, right? And she's been camping all the way down here like the vagabond princess she is. Seriously, how can one not want to take her up in their arms and make-out with that?

Overanalyzer: | 2:31 PM

she's a BABE!

Anonymous | 2:55 PM

Love the title of your post and the 1st picture...Says a lot about your friendship that she would ride all the way down from Vancouver...!
Is her name Angelina?

jdg | 3:02 PM

I had a cybersquatter for three years at, and today the domain went up for auction.

I had a $25 bid in place until two minutes before the auction ended, when the price went up to $230. I did get it though. I figure it's a tax deduction.

but what is wrong with these domain name people? jerks.

I got .net for $10 though.


There is a special place reserved in Hell for URL squatters. Such cockblockers, those sons of bitches are. I got .net for $10, too... and $230 bucks is worth it. That's just the trouble. The squatters know they'll get us in the end. I actually heard its against the law and one could actually take so-called squatters to small-claims because it's copyright infringement in some kind of way? But again, more of a hassle, I imagine.

And Papa -- Grace didn't come all the way for me (although I love her just the same)... She's on a wicked road trip with her gentleman friend.

Anonymous | 3:43 PM

Re: Grace, can I kiss her and kiss her and kiss her? She is amazing!


Maria Melee | 5:14 PM

Dude your friend is super hot.

CaraBee | 6:29 PM

I can't imagine riding across town on a motorcycle let alone like a gajillion miles. She seriously rocks.

And, um, the front yard(?) looks a might parched.

Sugar Jones | 9:55 PM

Damn Squatters! I HATE that!

I can't even imagine riding that far on a motorcycle. Very cool friend.


Carabee -- That's what we call being "green"... We environmentally conscious-types prefer a more drought-resistant dirt over the environmentally cruel "lawns" so popular these days. ;)

Unknown | 10:22 PM

Damn, that Grace is hot. And so are you. And I'm so sorry to hear about Coop. That really does suck big hairy puppy balls. :( Poop. I totally understand the do-whatever-it-takes-for-your-dog thing. We've got a problem child of our own around here, and we'll never give up on her. XOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXO

Anonymous | 11:55 AM

For some insane reason I picked a .net address to start with when I started blogging recently. It wasn't even two days later I had a .com squatter contacting me to sell it to me for $866! How the hell does he come up with that? Yeesh. I didn't even have more than one post up yet...

Sweet Pea | 11:29 AM

Contact a local veterinary school if there is one around - they can do some amazing treatments - I work for one (Tufts) and we treat a DUCK with bone cancer! We are also a pilot for the canine cancer trials - so seriously - seek resources!

Anonymous | 2:00 AM

re: your domain name squatter, I'm not sure what the US laws are on this but it's my job to sell domain names in australia and if you have a copywrite, registered business or registered trademark on the name they legally have have to forfeit the domain name. I'd contact your domain hosts and ask what their policies are :)

btw I'm a new reader of your blog but I love it!