Random. So random. Random town.

Okay. So. Remember back in January when I threw a fit because my Mirena was making my hair fall out? Okay so it wasn't just my hair. I was also dealing with a dead libido. (Non related: I still confuse the words "libido" and "lipid. It's been a source of embarrassment since my 9th grade Foods class. Non related #2: Until I was twenty-one years old I thought "quitting cold turkey" meant quitting with the aid of cold turkey. As in, years ago, an ex-boyfriend said he was going to "quit smoking, cold turkey" so I went to the Supermarket and bought him a shitload of cold turkey meat to help him... uh... quit?) There was also a yeast infection issue that was disgusting and totally not my style (ED: "Yeast infection" is the second most unattractive word-coupling after "making love").

Anyway. Sorry about all of the parentheses. And everything else you're about to read. It was a long day/week and it's late. And I'm writing this post in a shower cap because eventually I'd like to take a shower if that's cool.

Anyway. Regrouping to announce that contrary to earlier assumptions, I'm now convinced that Mirena had little to do with my hair falling out in clumps. And that's because, nine months after having my Mirena removed, my hair is STILL falling out of my head. In clumps. The messy bun? Is to cover my scalp which reveals way more TMI than I'd like.

... Meaning, I'm afraid I blamed Mirena for something that might have been my body's fault all along and because I'm fair, I felt the need to let everyone know that my hair loss may be my own issue. For instance: I've been very stressed out lately c/o much work + little time, family + career = what happens when writing about your family is your career + my life is a series of events I am more concerned with recording than experiencing + what am I doing and why am I doing it + my DVR is piling up with Mad Men episodes I'd really like to watch someday + it's summer and I'd like to take a few days off, maybe even a week but I can't STOP because I'm a crazy person + etc + etc + more etc = AHHHHHH!

In the last year my hair has started going grey so it only makes sense that the shit would want to fall out, too. So, sorry Mirena. I may hate you but the truth is? No one but ME deserves to be blamed for my recent hair loss.

According to my doctor, my hair's recent thinning could also have something to do with post-pregnancy hormones as well...