Sunday, 7:38pm, Hollywood Bowl

Sunday night we took Archer to The Hollywood Bowl to see Bizet's Carmen, conducted by LA Phil's rockstar conductor Gustavo Dudamel. "Carmen" has been Archer's favorite "song" for the last few years and we've been dying to take him to a live performance.

Unfortunately the Hollywood Bowl shows don't start until 7:30, so within thirty minutes of the performace, Archer was passed out across our laps. He DID manage to stay awake long enough to see the Habanera. During which he stood, mouth agape, eyes wide, hands together.

As soon as it ended, Hal and I turned to him.

"What did you think?" Hal asked.

"Pretty spectacular, right?" I said.

Archer paused to think, his eyes still fixated on the stage, hands quietly clapping. Hal and I winked at each other, patiently waiting for Archer to translate the inner-workings of his inspired soul.

Archer looked at Hal, then at me, then at Hal again.

"Know what?" Archer said. "My friend, Finn is REALLY good at basketball because he's older than I am and has been playing longer."

Annnnnnnnnnd scene.