The following is far too beautiful to clutter with words. Thanks for the rec, Em.

62. Young Lions by: The Maccabees



aimee | 7:52 AM

LOVE! thank you!
My husband (our resident-music-finder) is slacking!

Amanda | 8:39 AM

Wow. Indeed. This is gorgeous.

Grumble Girl | 9:55 AM

The visuals are totally gorgeous... and I can't stop listening to it... love.

Anonymous | 12:03 PM

I'm a sucker for moths/butterflies/etc. etc. Beautiful song and aesthetic.
But listen here, I wish there were more narratives around the world of current literature, music videos, film, etc. etc. that showed a strong, loving father figure. I of course understand that there are dickweed dads out there (my grandfather when he drank was a belligerent abusive ass), but I also know that I would love to see some realistic images of strong, calm, sweet dads - because they're obviously out there. Dads who are heroes. Dads who hold babies and don't grimace too much. Our boys need strong role models, and I wish they could see more positive "dad" images. Maybe it would help create something right.
I know that's a weird rant, but this video, gorgeous song, gorgeous story, gorgeous visuals, just made me think of that. I know MY husband's not a meanie. My own father was a strong loving figure while I was growing up...wish I could see more of that instead of just the jerks.

Carly | 12:03 PM

Do you know anything about the video? I just got back from Iceland and the landscape, sweater, horse all look very Icelandic. Great song. Beautiful video.

Anonymous | 3:08 PM

Yes, Iceland: http://www.promonews.tv/2010/06/21/the-maccabees%E2%80%99-young-lions-by-peter-szewczyk/

Elizabeth | 4:26 PM

I lost track of how many times I got goose bumps during this. Thanks for sharing!

Ray | 6:46 PM

You should check this song out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLdp2OSFEys. Even though it makes me really sad, I love it. And this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7H47oQH1TW4. I know a lot of people don’t really care about Robert Pattinson because of, “Twilight” but this song is nothing short of amazing (at least to my ears, anyhow). Listen to them if you want.

GUGAW | 2:13 AM

love love love the maccabees! you'll probably like this acoustic version of first love by the maccabees, so beautiful