Gone Style: Summer Beauty for Face and Head

*ED: Updated with winner, below*

Ugh. The heat. Am I right? Am I right? What's a girl to do with her sanity when it's 673893 degrees outside. Hair? Makeup? What the fuck, sun! What. The. Fuck. Sometimes the best way to fight fire? Is with fire, baby! Bomp-chicka-wow-wow...

...So let's talk summer must-haves and quick tips for staying hot hot (in-the) heat.

First. Bangs. Ugh, you guys. As someone who has had bangs for most of her twenty-nine years, I must tell you, bangs and summer? Not a great mix. Sticky bangs are not cute and it's sort of impossible to avoid their cement-sweat-yuck when it's 102 degrees. Or even 89.

So? Unless you plan on carrying dry shampoo on your person all day long...

Which brings me to summer must have #1: Dry Shampoo! I've written about dry shampoo before complete with before and after photos. I use Klorane, which came recommended via the lovely Liz and has since changed my life. I wash my hair, at most, twice a week but work out at least three times a week so dry shampoo is mas importante. Helps me control the grease monkeys that live in my locks.

I digress. Back to bangs. (That's what she said.)

I have bangs.
Hello, bangs.

But in the summer, they disappear:
Goodbye, bangs.

Bobby pins are my friend and I take advantage of their loyalty to my scalp by utilizing them on the daily. Headbands, too. Which brings me to my next summer must-have: #2. Bobby Pins. A three-dollar pack will last you all summer. Just pull bangs back and pin voila.
But not before you... #3. Flat Iron!

I was never a huge flat iron fan until I was recently introduced via Nancy O'Dell/Momversation who offered to send me the Rusk w8less flat iron + blow dryer a few months back. I am now obsessed and the flat iron (I blow dry my hair once in a blue never. Don't have the patience for it.) and have ordered everyone I know to snag themselves one. To be fair, before giving the Rusk a whirl I had only ever used to same straightener since high school, which could very well have been expired/broken. Regardless, this babe is solid. I totally recommend. (See above pics for post flat-ironed awesome.)
(For reference, this is what my hair looks like when I wake up after sleeping on it wet. Pardon my early-am, pre-coffee man-face.)

And speaking of faces that look less mannish with a bit of makeup...

Makeup in the summer is a subtle art. Waterproof mascara is disasterville - will break your eyelashes off within a week and for what? No one's looking at your eyes in the pool, anyway. They're looking at your boobs. In my case they're looking at my boobs and then promptly looking away. Two breast reductions and two babies have fucked my shit clear up but it doesn't really matter anyway because I'm married. April fools, Hal! Forever April fools!

Seriously, though. If I'm going anywhere near a pool or body of water, I stay away from eye-makeup completely and wear chap stick, tinted-SPF and bronzer. Mainly, for day to day, I go for light, barely-there makeup so people don't think I'm a dude.

For summer, besides #4 - A Good Facial SPF. I carry Neutrogena's oil-free sunblock stick on me at all times. I use it on the kids, too.

The following are my summer everyday makeup must-haves:

#5. Concealer - for pimples, under-eyes et al. My two favorities are this one by MAC and this by Josie Maran Cosmetics.
#6. Bronzer - been obsessed with the "10" bronzer from Benefit for years now. It's pricey but will last you two years. (Apply with lighter shade up to define cheekbones.)
#7. Neapolitan (shades of) Eyeshadow - (ED: think strawberry, vanilla, chocolate when choosing your three summer shades and then applying them to your eyelids one shade after the other.) In the below photos I'm wearing Josie Maran's "pinkalicious" on inner corner, followed by "sand" and "pewter" on the ends.
#8. A good, light mascara: I'm currently experimenting with Maybelline's Lash Stiletto.
#9. Burts Bees lip shimmer in Watermelon. For pale complexions such as mine, this shade is tops but all Burts shades are awesome and will flatter any skin-tone. Fine one that works for you and buy ten of them. (If you're anything like me, you will lose one every few days.)

Yeah right. Like anyone can comfortably wear their hair down in the summer. Not me, anyway. My hair sticks to my neck and my skin starts itching and ew. Hair up, por favor.

Enter #9: The messy bun.

This is how I typically wear my hair in the summer. Unless I know I'm going to be spending the day in an air-conditioned space. Here also is a better view of eye-makeup in three shades.
Oh and sorry about the pimples. I don't know how to airbrush.

I wasn't thinking very far ahead when I took these pictures this morning. If there's any confusion with the makeup application, please let me know and I'll do a summer-makeup tutorial vid re-cap type situation.

In the meantime, here's a birds-eye view of the messy bun. An ideal nest for birds to rest their weary wings/comfortable and casual way to wear long hair in the summer.

Annnnnnnnnnd... now that you survived all that...

This week I have two majorly exciting giveaways:

1. Rusk W8les str8-iron + blow-dryer c/o Rusk (thanks, Rusk!)
2. Josie Maran Cosmetics summer makeup basket c/o Josie Maran Cosmetics (thanks Josie and Polly!) which includes tinted moisturizer w/ SPF, cream blush in "sunkissed," pressed powder, lipstick in Dyani + black mascara. (ED: Get 25% off at JM check-out using the code "dailycandy.")

To win? Tell me your summer beauty must-haves. Winner to be picked next Tuesday PM via random.org. Good luck!


*I'm super excited to announce that my friend Christopher Collins (you may remember him from this giveaway last year!) will be appearing on the new season of Project Runway, debuting next THURSDAY (July 29th) which is very exciting round these parts. (My cousin Erica is Christopher's business partner + my mom's entire wardrobe is CC. Exhibit A: my mom's white coat pictured at the bottom of this post.) Check him out here and here and follow Christopher Collins Collection on twitter! The dude is one of the nicest, most ambitious/talented/interesting humans in existence and I'm so SO proud of him (and Erica). So sososososo proud.

** Congratulations to #284 Edensky for your new Rusk hair products and #36, LC for your Josie Maran makeup basket! And thank you everyone for participating in the giveaway! Will be doing more amazing giveaways soon! You're awesome!


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Tammy | 7:15 AM

Mine is my flat iron too! Although I would love a new one from Rusk, because I've had mine since forever as well, it's loosing it's "umph" and I paid about 19.99 for it, so it probably wasn't all that great to begin with. :)

Love your natural looking makeup!

Kristen | 7:15 AM

My summer must haves? A ponytail holder (or two) for my version of the messy bun or to keep my braid under wraps; korres mascara (LOVE), and korres lipgloss.

I hope I win! That would be EXCITING.

Jamie | 7:15 AM

my summer must haves are pretty similar to yours: bronzer with a big ol' fluffy brush, burts bees chappin stick, bobby pins. i keep it pretty simple. i also love philosophy's airbursh powder foundation. it's so quick to apply and go. that flat iron looks killer though.

kelli(q) | 7:16 AM

Summer beauty must-haves: rice paper for blotting awesome extra-oily-in-the-humidity skin, and I'll just go ahead and second the bobby pins... I use them for bangs and for all types of summery, messy up-dos.

racquelwyn oceana | 7:17 AM

hair elastics, lip gloss, bare minerals! :)

Anonymous | 7:18 AM

bobby pins are a girls best friend! A wish a pack last me all summer. I can never seem to find the ones I have taken out... And I am so with you on the WP mascara thing. No way!

I'm 35 now and years of living in phoenix and not wearing sunscreen as a teen has left me with major hyper-pigmentation, so O rarely leave the house with out my Colorstay foundation. But in the summer, like you say it is just too hot and sweaty! So I found a really great bronzer that works well with my light skin. It's VS Makeup in Wild Thing. Another great tip for summer make up is a great foundation primer. I like MAC. It gives a nice glow and hides fine wrinkles.

Thanks for the tips! You look fab lady!

kim {the non-mom blogger} | 7:19 AM

An elastic pony tail holder and a cute flower in my hair! The flower hogs all the attention just like boobs at a pool!

cassie | 7:20 AM

I thought I was the only one sporting the messy bun every.single.day.

I also wear dresses everyday. Which for some reason upsets every woman that surrounds me. (I don't get it) and flip flops.

And anytime I can get away with not wearing a bra (which isn't often) is a double win-win

Pam | 7:22 AM

Either a hair band or large clip to put my hair up. It gets so darn hot and sweaty. Also lately I've been using Suave's Healthy Curls mousse and letting my hair air dry. My wavy hair tends not to be as frizzy when using that.

SusanS | 7:23 AM

Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment with SPF! So light and so pretty.

Kristi | 7:24 AM

Chapstick, headbands + translucent powder!

mel | 7:24 AM

I live in a messy bun throughout the summer. Partially because I could use a new straightener.
The product I use daily in the summer is The Body Shop Glow Enhancer. It's a tinted moisturizer that evens out your skin tones. I have pale skin and have blotchy cheeks and even with a bit of a tan on my face I still use the lightest shade. Love it. Couldn't live without. http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com/illuminator-primer/prod4320019

beyond | 7:29 AM

a hair band, burts bees tingling lip care and sunscreen.

Ashley Nicole | 7:30 AM

Mousse. Lots of mousse to make the curls somewhat manageable. This, paired with the messy bun and bobby pins, are my only hope.

Rachel | 7:30 AM

yes PLEASE on the video for eye makeup application!

Blair | 7:30 AM

In Summer I pretty much stick to moisterizer with spf, "golden" bronzer by MAC, and "Butterscotch Drop" Lip Gloss by Loreal.

I love the messy bun look! I am going to try that today!

Tawny | 7:31 AM

Bert's Bees Chapstick, Neutrogena Oil Free SPF Moisturizer, and lots of hats.

lonek8 | 7:31 AM

currently I am definitely utilizing the bobby pins and messy bun, although mine is messier than most since my hair is still fairly short. To secure it I use:
#1- Goody spin pins; best. Bobby pins. Ever. get some!

#2- bare Minerals loose powder: I usually only use the translucent mineral veil to soften flaws and get rid of shine, but the foundation is great when I want to look a little more polished.

#3- sunblock: I used neutrogena for years, but it started making me break out (the new liquid sheer being the exception I use it on my face) so i switched to Alba Botanicals for my body. It absorbs in SO WELL. I love it!

#4 mascara - I never leave home without mascara, but my favorite formula (Loreal le grande curl)has apparently been discontinued so I have to find a new one. Maybe I'll check out the lash stiletto.

#5 giant sunglasses - really an all year staple - cover up the fine skin around the eyes and help stave off crow's feet as well as looking super swank.

#6 Burts bees lip in radiance - I used to use the watermelon too, but I am drinking water constantly and i hate when it gets all gunked up with pink around the mouth. Gross. So I switched to the clear radiance color, which gives kind of a frosted look to lips that I think is pretty, and still has that gorgeous peppermint scent!

Creativechaos | 7:32 AM

Honestly, I rarely wear make up in the summer. My must have is a hair tie because my hair becomes a greasy, frizzy, hot mess in the summer. Humidity will always be my enemy!


Sarah | 7:35 AM

My summer must-have is an oil mattifier (Mary Kay). And then just crossing my fingers that the humidity doesn't completely ruin my hair before the train shows up!

Kim | 7:40 AM

Sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen. And concealer.

Desiree | 7:40 AM

Hmm, summer must-haves definitely include my little hair elastics, one of those clampy clips that I can shove all my hair into a twist with AND a good pair of sunglass -- which hide the tired baggy eyes and, in my humble opinion, make you look put together even when you're not!

Amanda | 7:42 AM

I just bought those Goody spin pins and they revolutionized my hair life! Seriously one of the best inventions ever (well, at least in the beauty department). I can make a cute, messy bun in about 5 seconds with them.

Aside from those little miracles, the summer must haves for me are Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer (actually bought due to your recommendation quite some time ago) in watermelon and rhubarb (if you wanna be a bit fancier).
70+ UVA/UVB helioplex-get-the-effing-sun-off-me sunscreen. Because Arizona summers blow.
Primer to keep stuff in place. Smashbox probably has the best but since I've been on a budget I just swiped up some of Revlon's.
Oil fighting mineral foundation.
Eyelash curler (it really does make all the difference once those suckers are perky).

Ice water and popsicles.

And I'm the same with the bangs. My hair is 80% what is pictured in your last hair pictures. It just makes sense.

OH! And Alba Sea Algae Enzyme Facial scrub at the end of the day. It rocks my face off and it's cruelty-free. Shwing!

Jessi | 7:43 AM

Awesome sunglasses (for the pulling back of the hair hairband style as well as the shading of the eyes) and bandanas. I have weird medium length hair that can't quite do an updo but is too long for just wearing down, so a bandana keeps the hair out of my face and up off my neck.

ana-maria | 7:46 AM

blow dryer!

Katie Lee | 7:47 AM

My summer must haves are sunscreen, under eye concealer and bronzer. When I'm at the lake I want to look pretty, but not done up so I stick with those basics. I would love, love,love to win the prize. I have been looking for great make-up for the summer. But I am so inexperienced in that department. :) Thanks for the tips!

Mary | 7:48 AM

Definitely a flat iron, though I think mine is on its way out. I have POOFY hair! And when I'm too lazy to flat iron, I've rediscovered my love of the braid. I would love to know how you do your messy bun though. So cute! And definitely light eyeshadow shades and chapstick! I love your makeup look! Mine never seems to turn out so well.

Bonnie | 7:48 AM

First time commenter LONG time reader! Love you Rebecca and your family and I really want that flat iron!

My summer must haves are definitly:
Cheap flip flops

clean and clear oil absorbing sheets

And Herbal Essences tousle me softly spray for those too hot days to blow dry and flat iron you just spray that in wet hair let it air dry and you have an awesome just from the beach look!

Now pick me!! oh! me!

Carrie | 7:48 AM

Definitely my flat iron and two "ouchless" rubber bands from Goodies. My hair is a little longer than chin length and I wear my hair in low pigtails if I'm going to be in the heat. bareminerals powder foundation and Cover Girl LashBlash Luxe mascara. I really need to get some dry shampoo!

GirlsandBoise | 7:51 AM

A ponytail holder, chapstick and my daily moisturizer by Eucerine with SPF 30 (light and non-greasy - Love it!!)

Anonymous | 7:53 AM

Must haves-Kiss My Face Face Factor for Face & Neck, SPF 30. Love it!

Unknown | 7:54 AM

My summer must-haves are bobby pins, bronzer, and Bed Heads Curls Rock Amplifier. It makes it so much easier on days when the humidity attacks my naturally wavy hair!

Daisy | 7:54 AM

Sunscreen, leave-in conditioner, Lancome mascara & Bobbi Brown bronzer and blush.

Daisy | 7:54 AM
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Unknown | 7:56 AM

My summer beauty must have is Air Conditioning! Seriously though, light tinted moisturizer, bronzer, mascara and something to corral my hair (bobby pins, fancy hair clips, etc.)

tali | 7:56 AM

For the scorching Texas summers, giant sunglasses are a must. Those Evian cool misters are awesome too, and flat-irons definitely help with the humidity-frizz (although I usually just stick with a messy bun or ponytail).

LC | 7:56 AM

#1 Water, water and more water.
#2 Morocan Hair Oil - a must for humidity.
#3 Philosophy Supernatural Air Brushed Canvas Powder (SPF #15)
#4 Flat Iron
#5 Bend Hair Clips to tame the bangs.
#6 Cherry Chapstick
#7 Clean Warm Cotton Perfume - smells like laundry sheets and I love it.

I love your makeup lessons!

erin-bird | 7:56 AM

my summer must have is a couple of barrettes for the hair that tickles and itches my face all during hot sticky allergy season for me. If my hair even touches my face, I am prone to becoming a mad woman!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Rochelle | 7:57 AM

I love body lotion with spf. The affordable stuff comes only in 15, but still, better than nothing. And then if I forget to put on sunscreen, I'm not totally unprotected!

Leslie @ Body Won't Break | 7:58 AM

My flat iron. And my hair bands. I am all about the messy buns when it is summer time. My hair is shorter, though, so the bun is not exactly large enough for a bird.

Oh, and my glasses. I am allergic to Oklahoma summer air so it is a rare day I am able to wear my contacts without crying off all my makeup within the first five minutes of leaving the house.

MissMolly | 7:59 AM

Headbands, ponytails, dry shampoo and sunscreen!

Linley | 8:01 AM

My summer beauty must haves? Showers, pony tail holders and my cowgirl hat! Our house is unairconditioned so the craving to apply any amount of effort to my face is just not there. Anyways, I always end up outside with the horses, rubbing sunscreen all over and promptly melting it off. And I swear the hat brings out my eyes to distract from the sweat and mess that is myself! :)

Unknown | 8:01 AM

Tinted moisturizer and lip gloss! Ponytails, too :)

Julie | 8:02 AM

My summer must haves are air conditioning at all times! :). Ha! But seriously, if I have to leave my house it's barrettes and some tinted chapstick. I sometimes use a little powder but am usually so sweaty that the powder clumps and it's just not a good luck. :). Love the website...you crack my shit up!

erica | 8:02 AM

must have stick sunscreen for me & my baby girl, chapstick & a hair-tie for my side braid. lots of side braids.

Kristie | 8:02 AM

Living in Houston, I know exactly what you mean by WTF sun!?

My summer must-haves include:
- a ponytail holder on my wrist at all times
- leave-in conditioner (Garnier makes a good one)
- moisturizer mixed with a sunscreen
- posietint by benefit for day or twilight venom by duwop for night. Lipstain is where it's at, ladies!

Shannon | 8:03 AM

Gotta have mascara (every day rain or shine), a good moisterizer with spf, and bobby pins for my bangs that I am growing out.

You look a-mazing with your sunkissed makeup. perfection!

Abigail | 8:05 AM

I have just rediscovered the braid--and it's perfect for summer. Love this giveaway.

stephanie | 8:06 AM

OMG, BANGS! For real. I just had mine cut, which was not wise, because summer in Alabama is hellacious. So, bobby pins are my new recent best friend, and I'm all WHY DID I DO THIS TO MY HEAD.

And Burt's Bee's! Love.

Amy | 8:06 AM

My flat iron, but it is just a cheapy from Target and mascara.

keight dukes | 8:06 AM

hmmmm. summer beauty translates to more of a "summer-attempt-to-not-repulse-those-in-you-general-vicinity" type of routine for me here in atlanta. old spice at least twice daily, baby powder so soak up the swampass before it gets loose, sunglasses to hide the sweat-smeared mascara, and a body language that says, "i can look MUCH better, so i am alright with *all this*"

Betsy Hite Reddoch | 8:06 AM

My summer beauty must-have is a tie between sun block and a short haircut!

Thanks for the makeup tips!

Miss M | 8:07 AM

I LOVE LOVE LOVE powder sunblock for your face. You can reapply it to your face after you have makeup on to make sure you don't get a sunburn, and it won't leave you looking streaky and fug!

Birdie | 8:08 AM

My latest addiction for summer is a good exfoliant in the morning. Keeps the sunscreen and dry skin from clogging pores and makes me silky smooth! I've been using Olay Regenerist, but any gentle exfoliant will do!! Then moisturize/sunscreen/makeup whatever suites you :)

Also, love the eye makeup lesson with the neopolitan - so trying that this weekend!!!

rebecca | 8:10 AM

My must-have for summer: SPF powder. I hate sunscreen; it just makes my already-greasy skin an oil slick. I grabbed a colorescience mineral powder SPF 50 stick from my dermatologist's office and now I never leave the house w/o it. And it travels well.

Erin O. | 8:11 AM

I feel like makeup just slides off my face in the summer heat, with the exception of Benefit's Benetint cheek/lip stain. Gives the perfect rosy glow and lasts all day long. That, with some mascara (Cover Girl Lash Blast) and Dr. Hauschka lip balm and I'm good to go.

Unknown | 8:11 AM

Summer beauty must haves - a light brown eyeliner, Gold-flecked mascara, and moisturizer with SPF.

Mymsie | 8:12 AM

My face is oily so I always have toner nearby. I've tried lots of different brands but am currently using inexpensive, generic witch hazel and it always refreshes my face.

My hair is naturally curly and summer = frizzies so I use Aveda Phomollient, which tames my tresses without weighing them down.

I'm a big fan of the messy bun too. :)

Linsey | 8:14 AM

1. Flat Iron...def. My hair is super thick & wavy.
2. Burts Bees chapstick.
3. Eyeliner/mascara so I look alive.
4. Cetaphil SPF15 facial moisturizer.
5. Yummy-smelling lotion... right now I am loving "Exotic Coconut" from B&BW.
6. A margarita. On the rocks. With Salt. Pronto.

Lou Lou Belle | 8:17 AM

My summer must haves are simple, a burts bees lip something and SPF WHITE! for everywhere eeelllsseeee (I am painfully pale complected - so I tend towards the spf 50+ - rather, I SHOULD tend towards it...)
oh, and a hair elastic to keep the hair off my neck (hooray MESSY BUN!)!

The letter writer | 8:17 AM

My must haves for summer are painted toe nails, because I always find a reason to slip my shoes off, and a ginormous bottle of water to keep my skin from drying out in the Tennessee heat. Oh, also, I usually let the curls rip in this humidity. A flat iron is more of a suggestion to my hair.

Kara | 8:17 AM

I burn, so sunscreen is my major must-have. I use Neutrogena SPF 50. For makeup, I've been using Full 'n Soft mascara (think it is Maybelline)and then the rest is typically Bare Minerals (foundation, warmth, eyeliner). Oh, and Burt's Bees pink shimmer lip gloss.

I don't wear a lot of eyeshadow but I love your Neopolitan trick! Looks lovely. May have to try.

Martha | 8:19 AM

I like my Biosilk Serum for soft summer hair!

Laura | 8:19 AM

It is sweltering where I live (AR) which means the moment you walk out the door, the sweat starts bubbling to the surface. I'd totally be fine with it if I could stay home with my son all day but I have to work, which means I have to look somewhat presentable...so my three summer must-haves are Bumble and Bumble Defriz, Smith's rosebud salve, and cool showers!

Courtney | 8:19 AM

My summer must haves are goody spin pins and Bare Escentuals Buxom lip gloss. I love a shiny juicy lip and a messy bun.

Isaida | 8:21 AM

My must have for summer - lip gloss and a messy bun! I try to wear as little makeup as possible in summer - too HOT!

B&B | 8:22 AM

Summer must haves are Benefit "You Rebel" tinted SPF moisturizer, BB Lip Shimmer (Peony), and thin headbands since I have a pixie haircut. Voila!

Anonymous | 8:22 AM

I have to have a soft headband to sweep all hair off my face. Too short, unfortunately, after last cut to put in a pony tail or use hair sticks - but I'm growing it out. I love the idea of this flat iron! And I'd also love it if you'd do the whole makeup tutorial. Are you wearing liner in these pictures? You're absolutely gorgeous, makeup or no.


Val M | 8:23 AM

awesome post! i liv in florida... which means if ur summer is hot, mine is hotter!! and more humid.. and totally uncomfortable!
i must be the lamest chic here, but how do you do the bun?!?! i have no clue how to control my hair!!

Meagan | 8:23 AM

I live by my MAC tinted moisturizer in the summer. It's already got SPF in it, so I'm good to go. Also, Tarte has a really good cheek stain (I use the shade called Tickled) that's very lightweight and gives me a nice "fresh, dewy skin" look. I also use Josie Maran's mascara because I wear contacts and her products are gentle on my eyes.

Kari582 | 8:23 AM

Sunscreen, bobby pins and a head band for my short hair! I can't pull it up in a pony tail, but so many days I need it off my face, so I use a cute headband.

kim | 8:23 AM

My summer must have is sunscreen, Neutrogena powder make-up, ponytail holder and a big floppy white hat.

Jen manuele | 8:24 AM

My musts are cucumber slices in my water ( cools you down from the inside ) and a good oil free moisterizer for my face chest and scalp. I put it in my part to keep peely dandruff away.

Pat T | 8:25 AM

For me, allergy meds (essential!), moisturizer for my over 40 skin and cute sandals!

The Hojo Family | 8:28 AM

My summer must have is my hair straightner! I just love it - when I get a little sweaty, my hair frizzes and my hair straighter helps keep that under control. It also makes it look nicer if I do pull it up :-)

My second summer must have is sephora eyeliner! I always use it, but in summer its particularly nice because it doesnt run or dissapear halfway through the day. It costs about $4, super cheap but AMAZING!!

Beth | 8:28 AM

Good old fashion claw clip! My hair is finally long enough that I can do a twist and clip on the days I don't want to do anything to my hair. And I am also a huge bobby pin fan!

The Wh0le Story | 8:29 AM

Summer must-haves? A very light concealer, under eye makeup (always...I was blessed genetically with very dark under eyes), lip treatment (Neosporin works so well), and sunscreen - especially for my face!

If I'm feeling saucy, I will put on some mascara and a very light eyeshadow. Like you, my bangs are nonexistent in the summer, so lots of headbands for me.

P.S. How funny that you're constantly losing your Burt's Bees lip balm, because I happen to have the same problem. I'm constantly buying new tubes.

Unknown | 8:29 AM

I love when you do these!

The messy bun is my (summer - and all year) friend. I've been loving a little light lavender eyeshadow to make my blue eyes pop this summer, but I'm also a fan of the neopolitan. I love the ginger + vitamins tinted moisturizer by korres. and ... there's the baby. ciao!

Vicki May Thorne | 8:30 AM

My summer must have is a moisturizer + foundation combo (from Mary Kay actually). with a light dusting of powder over top, keeps me from getting clogged up.

Mara Z | 8:31 AM

i'm a blondie w/ light lashes and eyebrows so i do not leave the house without mascara. it doesn't matter how late i'm gonna be, its a must must must.

Kayla the iGirlfriend | 8:31 AM

I too am a HUGE fan of le bobby pin, but also, I LOVE me some baby sunscreen for my sensitive skin. Otherwise the combo of sweat and sunscreen gives me hives.

cyndurella | 8:32 AM

Ponytail holders and tinted chap stick (not just summer, EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE!)

Laura | 8:32 AM

Awesome giveaway! My summer must haves are bobby pins for the hair & blotting papers for the face.

Britt | 8:34 AM

The goody spin pins I love for hair. Must must have them.

Also love the new lip stains from Cover Girl I think. I hate the way gloss feels sticky but love the stain with chapstick on top.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} | 8:35 AM

I heart your summer must haves...mine? Huge fun sunglasses, elastic hairbands to hold up my own messy hair nest, and funky strawberry colored lipgloss....a little lip color always makes me feel better!

Jessica | 8:35 AM

In the summer I get my eyelashes dyed, i'm in the pool a lot - and without eyelashes I'm invisible. I am loooooving targets continuous spray sunscreen this year and my SunCloud shades made right here in my home state of Idaho! Those are my must-have! Thanks for sharing yours... and for making me laugh first thing in the morning :)

Sharon | 8:35 AM

Bare Minerals face powder with a big brush, just to keep the shine down and because I live in Arizona, drinking lots of water!

Linsley | 8:36 AM

I live in a ponytail and chapstick in the summer (as well as sunscreen). My curly hair would love that straightner!

Cat | 8:36 AM

Bare Minerals SPF 30 powder in a handy dandy compact brush! I do not leave home without this. Bonus: it acts as powder on my face, instead of greasing everything up when I'm already hot and sticky. LOVE THIS.


Unknown | 8:38 AM

I too am a big messy bun fan in the summer and my new favorite tools are the Spin Pins by Goody. Have you seen these? They come in two shades, one for dark hair, one for light hair. Oh they are so awesome! Also on my must haves is tinted moisturizer and mascara.

Jasmine | 8:38 AM

Definitely ponytail holders, moisturizer with spf, undereye concealer, and mascara. The rest i can do without!

Lara | 8:39 AM

Lip gloss, big sunglasses and dangly earrings. Insta-cuteness! I have a short pixie cut, which I find a is HUGE lifesaver for Summer! Wash, pin "bangs" to the side and GO! My Lipgloss-du-Jour is Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips in Dolly. It's lip plumping action makes my lips all minty and tingly, which at FIRST freaked me out, but now feels kind of refreshing in the heat!

Michelle Davis | 8:42 AM

My must haves are bobby pins, flip flops, sun screen & lip gloss ;)

What a delightful giveaway. I'm excited!

Mamacita | 8:43 AM

My summer must haves are sunscreen, a brush, and a ponytail holder. My hair gets SO tangly on boats and the beach. I have to brush often to not get an accidental dreadlock!

Kara | 8:43 AM

moisturizer with sunscreen and tinted lip balm. I'm growing my short hair out (again) so the bobby pins and headbands are also up there for me! I'd love to rock a similar makeup routine to what you show here, though.

Anonymous | 8:44 AM

Air conditioning, lipstick and a good night's sleep!

put a bow on it [kaitlyn] | 8:45 AM

Headbands!! With bows of course. And hydrating mineral veil by BE, evens out my face so i don't have to wear makeup :)

Sarah | 8:46 AM

My summer must haves are a great, light sunscreen, mascara and an eyelash curler.
That's the extent I can handle when it's this hot!

Debbie | 8:46 AM

I've been shoppin' for a flat iron, can't make up my mind which one to get...

In the way of Summer essentials, I almost always keep a can of hairspray in the car for preventive maintenance to avoid the greazy bangs that I'm so prone to, along with Sea Breeze to occasionally de-grease my face and forehead for the same reason. I always have lip balm/gloss in any random brand or flavor, and I love the aerosol spray sunscreen (usually Coppertone Sport).

Sandi | 8:47 AM

My summer must haves are my handknitted slouchy hats to cammoflauge the nest of craziness my short hair turns into after a day in the heat!

Anonymous | 8:48 AM

1) Flat iron to keep my bangs sweeping in the right direction, hiding my fivehead
2) White tank tops and sundresses!
3) Face moisturizer with SPF
4) Bronzer to keep my SPF-laden face the same color as the rest of my sun kissed bod

Nicki | 8:48 AM

bobby pins and burts bees. Pressed powder to kapow shine. Lots of water, and deoderant so I don't smell skanky.

LJ | 8:49 AM

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil moisturizer. It's incredibly non-greasy, so perfect for hot, humid days. Plus it smells amazing!

Sarah | 8:50 AM

I always chop off all of my hair in the summer. It's a must-do! ...and sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen.

Sarah | 8:51 AM

Clear Makeup from Philosophy, for sure! Lets me have smooth, airbrushed-looking skin without having to wipe orange off of my face all day as my sweat mixes with foundation. I'm a fan!

lepisosteidae | 8:52 AM

I'm with you on the Burt's Bees - I use their reguar chapstick type stuff and then a layer of gloss over it. My eye makeup is pretty consistent throughout the year, but let's face it... I'm nowhere near a pool!

Noodle | 8:52 AM

I love baby powder most of all. I previously used dry hairspray, (thanks for the tip!) but it got expensive, so my stylist told me baby powder works just as well. And what do you know.....

Sadie | 8:53 AM

Zero Oil moisturizer by Origins. I apply over sunscreen, It reduces that mid day shinny face. I don't wear foundation in the summer. So A little loose powder, bronzer, mascara and lip gloss and I'm good!

I'm going to have to dry this Dry shampoo. I have extremely dry hair and I only wash it ever other day. I would like to make that every two or 3 days.

Chloe | 8:54 AM

Whoa. I have been reading for about a year now? More? Who knows. I started right after you had Fable I believe. But um.. you're giving away a hair straightener? Way to make me a long time reader, first time commenter!

Summer beauty must haves? Um, mostly I agree with your headband comment, although honestly I love to live in those year long. Other than that.. I mostly just stop looking in the mirror! har har har..

PS: You are awesome.

gpinard | 8:54 AM

Summer beauty essentials? A spunky new short hair cut, some hair smoothing cream, and a little bit of gel to hold it all together.

And sunglasses.

Ashley | 8:55 AM

My summer must haves are a ponytail holder, bobby pins for the strays, burts bees and sunscreen.

I sport the messy bun a lot too. I don't understand how people can wear their hair down in the summer, ugh!

Jessie | 8:58 AM

big sexy hair volumizing dry shampoo

helenjane | 8:59 AM

Waterproof mascara and baby wipes. You are an inspiration!

Liz | 8:59 AM

Ah...the change in the weather means I need moisturizing toner up the big time... and light berry-colored/pinky-orangey lip glosses. Yay!

Erin B. | 8:59 AM

I found this kit from Stila (on Sephora.com) that has both waterproof eyeshadow and a wax pencil for your eyebrows. The eyeshadow is AMAZING and really does stay on through beach trips and sweating like a pig in the humidity! I don't know if it would make it through a swim meet or anything, but it's pretty amazing! It's also on sale now for $39! I don't really use the other items in the kit (cheek stain, etc) but the O-gloss shimmer is pretty great (supposed to turn your lips the flush of "post-O"...) The items seem to only be available in the kit right now, but hopefully they will be available for regular purchase soon!

Jess | 9:00 AM

Tarte Cheek Stain in Natural Beauty. A little goes a long way, and it gives me that "just blushed" look that's flattering. It's a little pricey at 30 bucks, but it lasts FOREVER. That and mascara and all I do most days.

racher | 9:00 AM

It's hard to think of a better summer must have than bobby pins on hangin' down, sweaty-scraggled bangs. I second and third and FOURTH that recommendation.

-Maria- | 9:00 AM

coconut oil- natural sun block

then coconut oil+vitamin E all over neck and face at night to negate any sun damage from the many beach days.

head bands+hair always up

Emily | 9:01 AM

Tinted chapstick with SPF. It really makes a difference when it's too hot to wear any other makeup!

Ed | 9:01 AM

Simple Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer and Burt's Bees lip balm. I also love Burt's Bee's sunscreen for the face.

kimberly | 9:02 AM

my summer must haves are sunscreen, bare minerals in fairly light and a swipe of black mascara. :) throw in a clip for my hair and i am good to go!

J | 9:03 AM

Haha, pre-coffee man face, thank you so much for that. I *nearly* cried a little bit the other day when I went to the mirror and saw a man stare back at me. I then went to the kitchen and came over all codependent and needy on my cheri by exclaiming that he never tells me he love me in the morning and now I know that it's because I look like Robert Plant. We quickly established I was roughly one week from my period and I was sent back to bed to sleep an extra hour.

(I have hair straighteners and too many cosmetics so I don't want to participate in the giveaway, but my summer fav is Urban Decay Lip Envy)

Rachel | 9:05 AM

hair elastics, water bottle, blotting papers, a skirt or sundress and, if all else fails, central air :-)

Unknown | 9:06 AM

face moisturizer with SPF, burt's bees on the lips, ponytail, mascara, bronzer.

Unknown | 9:06 AM

face moisturizer with SPF, burt's bees on the lips, ponytail, mascara, bronzer.

The Harris Family | 9:06 AM

My summer musts would have to be tinted moisturizer, because foundation + sweaty face = eeeeewwwww nastiness. Also? Very, extremely bright toenail polish. Like, hideous neon colors that I would never wear in the fall or winter. I may look like a soccer mom from the knees up, but the toes, they make me smile.

Birdie | 9:06 AM

My summer beauty must haves are: a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen (I really like the Hard Candy one), a nice brown/black mascara (I think black looks to harsh in bright sunlight), Burt's Bees Super Shiny Lip Gloss, and the ONE thing I can't live without: Focus Seaplasma Hair and Skin Moisturizer...just a spritz on my face and hair makes things look all dewy and gorge after hiking and it smells SO AWESOME.

Amber | 9:06 AM

Definitely bobby pins, dry shampoo (I like the Stila hair refresher powder), and Neutrogena face sunscreen.

Leslie | 9:07 AM

Love this post!

My summer beauty must-haves: a ponytail holder! sunscreen! and chap stick!

I would love to pin my bangs back but then my roots are realllllllly obvious. I'm thinking about no more highlights and letting my hair go natural.

Barb | 9:07 AM

I can't live without my Oil of Olay moisturizer with SPF. I wear it every day and don't feel normal without it!

Ms. K | 9:09 AM

I can't live without my powder foundation and bronzer. In the summer I use a gold shimmery eyeshadow that always makes my eyes POP and if I am getting ready for an evening event, I will make it more dramatic with eyeliner. Love your summer hair, my hair is so fine, I never think it looks cute when I try to do something like that.

Erin Thaz | 9:09 AM

YEAH!! I love the summer must have topic. Mine is "Living Proof No Frizz Styling Cream"... LOVE IT.

emily | 9:11 AM

blotting papers, hair serum or straightener (except mine is sadly on its way out of this world, so thanks for the recommendation!), and light hair scarves/bobby pins/hairbands. Only... my messy bun is rarely as cute as yours. I must have missed something in girl school. Hells, I missed a lot of things in girl school.

Michelle | 9:12 AM

Simple but effective: Tissues. My forehead and neck sweat so much that I carry a pack everywhere and blot as needed!

renée | 9:13 AM

baby wipes for all over! perfect after a ride on the a/c-less subway when i feel filthy and sweaty and sticky.

Tasha | 9:14 AM

Please come to brooklyn and do my make-up. PUH-LEASE. No matter what I do, it never looks right/flawless like yours.

Anyway, I pretty much can't do without Burt's Bees Pomegranate chapstick. I misplace them all the time so there are at least 3 in constant rotation scattered around the apartment.

Anonymous | 9:15 AM

My summer must have is my spf moisturizer for the day and my night time moisterizer for repairing all that dry summer skin! Oh, and mascara! :o)

Maria Louise | 9:16 AM

Moroccan oil for my dry, frizzy hair, Shu Uemura mascara, and Korres pomegranate lip balm.

Sara Laverty | 9:16 AM

For me, summer means lighter makeup too - so I use a tinted moisturizer from Target. LOVE IT!

Crys | 9:16 AM

Concealer (I look like a raccoon otherwise and found a good one that doesn't sweat off), powder (controls the shine!) and lip gloss. And a pony tail holder. I'm fancy, I know!

Anonymous | 9:18 AM

Two showers a day. (I live in New Orleans.)

Adrianne | 9:19 AM

Honestly, my summer beauty must-haves are pretty much the same as my year-round must-haves. Flat iron, mascara, chapstick, and a ponytail holder on my wrist EVERY.DAY. Just in case I need to pull the hair up.

Katie | 9:22 AM

My summer beauty must have is definitely my flat iron, I could not live without it. Also, sunscreen because I'm super pale.

Sammy | 9:22 AM

My summer must have right now: Goody Spin Pins. I bought them on a whim after seeing a commercial and boy do they work really well! They make my messy bun actually look nice messy and not, ya know, hair sticking up in all differnt places and people think you might be crazy messy.

Rhea | 9:23 AM

a travel pack of the body shop's tea tree oil makeup-removing wipes and a hair elastic! peace out, grime!

Anonymous | 9:23 AM

I have been experimenting with my summer look all summer. I have tried to relax my OCD on my bangs since they end up dripping with sweat anyways. I have totally dropped pressed powder these days and I'm loving it. I feel cleaner and it let's my freckles show through, which I like. I would love either of those giveaways! Wow!


Unknown | 9:24 AM

tinted moisturizer with spf of course (hello red-hair and freckles, sunscreen is a must all year!) a little blush, mascara and I am good to go! Also bobby pins and hair ties are all over my house, car, purse, and office for easy access.

Sarah Ry | 9:25 AM

Definitely little hair clips to pull my fine (thin, not fab) hair up and away from sweating and my 10 month old!
Moisturizer with sunscreen (Purpose makes a nice 30spf and I like Oil of Olay as well)and mascara (I currently use Lash Blast).
Winning would be fun! Love your bangs Rebecca--I am trying to work up the guts to cut my hair!

Lindsey | 9:26 AM

Ohhhh, summer! My favorite season -- and also always such a battle to look even marginally-presentable :) My summer beauty must-haves = cream blush, cream highlighter, black eyeliner/mascara (unless I'm going to be in water...!), concealer, bronzer, bobby pins, sunscree, Oil of Olay moisturizer with SPF 15, sunless tanner, and a flat iron -- verrrry similar to yours. (PS I can relate to the poodle-morning-hair so much it's scary! :) )

Celina | 9:28 AM

My must haves is a pony tail holder for my long, but I can't live without it hair. The second is the Smashbox's photofinish primer when I need to apply more concealer than usual to hide my pregnancy acne that won't clear up for the LOVE of GOD! And third, witch hazel that I use morning and night. It calms my skin and soaks up all that oiliness.

Emily | 9:29 AM

Definitely my tinted Mary Kay moisturizer with SPF 15. Great for when I don't feel like "doing my face" but still want some light coverage.

I soooooo want that makeup basket!

Jes | 9:31 AM

Summer Must Have's! Tinted SPF/moisturizer, chap stick, mascara and pony tail holders. I wear my hair in a "messy bun" but mine still looks like a high schooler's. I have not yet learned how to do the adult version of a messy bun.

I have been in the market for a great flat iron. I love love love my hair after going to my stylist, but I NEVER can reproduce the straight shiny goodness of it. I pout about this almost on a daily basis.

Single In NJ | 9:31 AM

The humidity here on the east coast is absolutely brutal. Having frizzy hair is awful.. so my best friend is my flat iron. I'm not at the beach/pool nearly enough.. so I still stick to my eye makeup at least.. and my favorite go-to item is my Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liner in Stash. (A green color.)

MB | 9:33 AM

I'm a curly girl so thick leave-in conditioner is a must. I like Curl Life by Matrix (now sold at Target along with Bumble & Bumble and some other greats, holy awesome!!!). Next, dark shades. This summer I've got some retro bad boys by Paul Frank. And last but not least, play shoes. For biking, hiking, beaching, brunching, and being all about active fun anytime. Toms make the perfect grown-up play shoe.

Thanks for sharing your style and the rad giveaways!

Mrs. Melberry | 9:33 AM

This is the first summer I've been using Bare Minerals makeup and I have to say this is the first time I've worn foundation in the summer, ever. I LOOOOOVE it, because it doesn't feel like you are wearing anything. Also, I'm old school and have been using cherry soft lips religiously this year and I have ridiculously curly, thick long hair, so I rock the messy bun with a side braid most days.

Happy Summer!!

Manda | 9:36 AM

I cannot LIVE without spray sunscreen. I have a wiggly 2-year-old ... have you ever tried to put regular sunscreen on a toddler? I still have it all over my couch and my car from the ONE TIME I tried.
My summer beauty must have? Cloth headbands and dry shampoo. Showering in the summer es for suckahs!! Right?

SJ | 9:37 AM

Sunscreen, ponytail holders, and my Fresh mascara. I love Josie Maran's stuff!

Anonymous | 9:38 AM

My only summer staple is the bang braid with two little buns at the nape of my neck. Im like you and can't stand hair on my neck on a hot day.

Sandra Pree | 9:39 AM

I can't live without some version of a ponytail!!!!!!! Also mascara and a light shade of a shimmery eyeshadow. Since I've been out in the sun a lot this summer, my tan is excellent leaving me no reason to use bronzer! Love it!

SKB in OKC | 9:45 AM

summer must-haves:

-- boots no. 7 tinted moisturizer with SPF 15
-- cream blush/bronzer
-- mascara
-- hair rubber band (or 50)
-- bobby pins
-- good quality silk headscarf

and sunscreen....lots and lots of sunscreen ;) ;)

-- skb

Ashleigh | 9:45 AM

Bobby pins. Clear pony tail holders. Original Burt's Bees lipgloss (although wish it had SPF). Neutrogena spray sunscreen. Tinted moisturizer with SPF. Sundress. Nail polish for toes. :)

Kim | 9:49 AM

Most of my summer beauty must haves are the same all-year round: chapstick and face moisturizer. Can't live without it.

Summer though means sweatiness, so I'm big on the hair elastics too.

And I also rock bronze eyeliner and black mascara. It gives me an edge without being caked down in makeup. Plus the bronze makes my blue eyes pop! I love it.

Celi | 9:50 AM

Ohhh I need a flat iron since mine went MIA after our last vacation. My summer must-haves are Biosilk silk therapy, ouchless hair elastics, bronzer, and lipgloss.

Celi ap43126 (at) gamil dot com

Unknown | 9:50 AM

My summer beauty must have is for sure Bare Minerals Matte Finish Powder Foundation, because my forehead sweats in December...

Courtney | 9:53 AM

* Bronzer
* Baby powder (I use instead of dry shampoo)
* Mascara
* Deoderant (hello stinky sweaty mess!)
* Hair band - for my messy bun, just like yours!

kerrie | 9:57 AM

Tend Skin from Sephora...must have it for all the shaving/pool days. It gets rid of any bumps and lets you go smooth down there!

Rebecca | 9:58 AM

Bobby pins and clip. My hair is very fine but there's a lot of it, so it tends to frizz out in the humidity. I have two flat irons but neither work that well, so I'd love to give the Rusk a whirl!

Miranda | 10:00 AM

Bobby pins and Goody secure fit ponytail holders are my absolute must haves! Also, since I have allergies and often don't want to wear eye makeup that I'll just end up rubbing all over the place: big awesome sunglasses to hide my makeup-less eyes and protect the eye area from the sun. MUST.

Kendra | 10:01 AM

I love this advice, especially the eyeshadow. I fee like I've never mastered the eyeshadow color choices or application. I have green eyes and love to highlight them when possible, and now I feel like I have some idea of how to do it!

My only summer must-haves: a decent blow dryer/haircut combo (my hair gets all weird and "bendy" in the humidity and must be wrestled to the ground) and deodorant/perfume. For years, I experimented with a whole ton of perfumes, but a couple of years ago I found one I love so much (Ralph Lauren Safari, for the record) and now I smell great all the time, even when I'm all sweaty and gross.

calgal03 | 10:02 AM

Summer (and, really, year-round) must have: Sunscreen. Moisturizer with sunscreen. Body lotion with sunscreen. I harass my friends and neighbors to wear sunscreen. Also, I am with you on the bobby pins and headbands. It's like yoga hair every day around here.

Mary O | 10:02 AM

Daily moisturizer with SPF!

Anonymous | 10:03 AM

Totally fun give away! My summer must haves are sunscreen for my face, and super duper Burts Bees foot creme because my feet get so dry they crack.

Andygirl | 10:04 AM

*carmex with spf
*a tinted sunscreen (I like Jergens) formulated for the face- I apply on my nose, forehead, and cheekbones
*an all-over sensitive sunscreen- I like coppertone
*loose powder
*rubber bands for buns and braids

Becki | 10:04 AM

My summer must have is sun block. Nothing is less attractive or less fun than being burnt to a crisp, but I can't stay away from the beautiful sunny weather.

Stephanie | 10:05 AM

My summer must have is my anti-humidity hair spray. It helps fight the frizz.

Stephanie E. | 10:06 AM

Burts Bee chapstick (regular flavor)
Hair bands
Pink polish on the toes
Lots of sundresses, skirts and flip flops

Anh Truong | 10:07 AM

I just discovered Goody's spiral pins which you use to hold your bun in place. I have long and thick hair and I usually put it in a bun with a pencil stuck through, but sometimes I want to look like something other than a poor college student, so these pins are fantastic!!! Plus I use them to put my hair into two buns that I sleep in, then voila! curly/wavy hair in the morning! Oh and chapstick... I'm in love with Burts Bees....

Amy | 10:08 AM

Shiseido SPF 55 for face - but it needs a good oil cleanser to remove.
L'Occitane Immortelle exfoliator
Kiehl's SPF 15 tinted lip balm
Urban Decay 24-7 eyeliner
Leave-in conditioner (I don't fight the waves in the summer and this cuts down on frizz)
Various sizes of hair clips and hair pins - easier on my hair than hair elastics (or as my friends have always called them, binders).

Dena | 10:09 AM

babywipes! i do not wear any sort of foundation so i constantly feel the need to wipe down my face and babywipes are the best way to do it.

BlossomingSoul | 10:11 AM

Summer must-haves? Ponytail holder, Burt's Bees lip balm, and a ball cap. Easy peasy.

Lisa @ Let's Talk Babies | 10:12 AM

I rarely wear makeup, but when I do in the summer I'm all about tinted moisturizer, a little bronzer and maybe some tinted lipbalm. My hair in the summer is almost constantly in a messy bun, so my summer hair must haves are a bunch of good hair elastics and some cute clips to add a little spice and keep the front of my hair out of my face.

Katiedidtoo | 10:14 AM

Aveeno SPF 70. This shit BLOCKS the sun.

chisparoja | 10:14 AM

My summer favorite must haves? I found these new clips by goody that are a cross between claw clips and contour clips. they have replaced my bobby pins since I have such thick hair!

Robyn, but call me Rob | 10:15 AM

Could you BE any cuter, seriously? No. You couldn't.

My summer must have is Nuetragena Spray Tan. LOL
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous | 10:15 AM

i'm kind of off the grid this summer so my "routine" has changed. my must haves are tinted sunblock for face. sunblock for body. bathing suit. if i'm really going all out, some mascara in the evening.

Lotus Moma | 10:17 AM

My summer must haves are a claw clip for a messy updo since sweaty frizzy curls are never cute. And once I get a little color on my face from the sun I wear a little eye shadow (shroom or retro-spect from mac) and mascara (lancome definicils)and some tinted chapstick.
hope I win!!!!

Unknown | 10:20 AM

My summer must-haves are definitely a big messy bun (though I've been experimenting with a French-braided side braid lately that's been rocking my world), a tiiiiiiny bit of foundation just to even things out, cream blush in a pretty pinky shade and mascara. And sunglasses. I NEVER leave the house without sunglasses.

Unknown | 10:22 AM

Tinted moisturizer w/ SPF! I only just discovered it this year, and it doesn't sweat off which is amazing. It also covers way better than the powder foundation I use to use. Love it.

Mrs. Q. | 10:23 AM

Sunscreen. Now that I hit 40, I'm noticing freckles on my nose and pigmentation on my cheeks from those days getting "a healthy glow"... And headbands, because my hair goes BOING in New England humidity! Oh, and a pedicure. Unkempt toenails gross me out.

Rina | 10:24 AM

My favorite summer trip is a anything easy to keep my hair up. Being from Florida the humidity is horriffic on my hair. I also wear very little make up because I tend to rub my eyes and face from sweating.

Kendra | 10:28 AM

I have to use my flat iron every day. My hair is wavy in some spots and stick straight in others...not a good combo on it's own. I may have to experiment more with lighter make up colors after seeing yours! Fabulous!

JessicaToday | 10:31 AM

I always need my flat iron. Definitely a fan of your messy bun, and love the way you wear it. I cant live without my snappy stretchy black headband that keeps random hairs out of my eyes when its up and needs to stay that way.
I need inspiration for new summer make up. The stuff I wear is a disappointment. I have spent several days at the pool this summer and each time its a disaster. I'm definitely going to check out your links.
Love burts bees, currently using good old chapstick in cherry flavor. Face blotter tissues are a must have for me for sure, and I love the neutrogena ones. Never want to be a greasy mess, not fun for anyone. I hope I win!!

mallory m | 10:31 AM

pretty similar.. messy bun? check. concealer? check. chapstick? check.... thats about it. and maybe some natural sun-in product to help my already blonde locks get that sun-kissed look (although right now in SD it's anything but sunny- argh!)

love the flat iron though.. i too have issues blow-drying my hair. i absolutely hate it!

SassyPants | 10:32 AM

Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunscreen. It doesn't leave you feeling slick and shiny, and protects you from the extra summer rays!

Shelley | 10:32 AM

I cannot make it through the summer (or anytime) without my flat iron and moisturizer with spf.

TexasBobbi | 10:33 AM

Since I have naturally flushed skin a good tinted moisturizer is a must. I have tried lots and the best I have found is Hard Candy's Sheer Envy ( I get it a wal-mart)

Unknown | 10:34 AM

My one splurgey summer must-have is Arbonne's oil-absorbing day lotion with SPF 20. No need to put anything else on my face as this keeps my skin looking slightly dewey but not oily. Then it's just a little mascara, lip balm, and usually a messy braid.

Carrie | 10:36 AM

light mascara, taupe eye shadow, shimmery lipstick, hair pins, bands, anything to keep my hair up and out of the way!

Anonymous | 10:39 AM

summer must haves: my Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener. it's perfect for my thick wavy/curly/wtf hair in humid weather. also, my Lancome mascara. it distracts the eye from baby spit up stains on my clothes...

AmyDanel | 10:41 AM

Summer Beauty must haves:
#1 - I am always optimistic and think I can go out and leave my hair down...WRONG!! I always have a handful of hair ties (no metal clasps) in my purse, in the car, in my pockets.
#2 - various CO Bigelow mentha lip tints in various shades (from Bath and Body works) - like your Berts Bees, I misplace them often.
#3 - Shades, black and brown, cheapies from those kiosks in the malls
and finally a new found love of mousse...really?? Who knew people still used mousse. For those days when I sleep in and don't have time to flat iron
#4 - Tousle me Softly or Totally Twisted Mousse by Herbal Essence.

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