54/100, 55/100

I double dog dare you to watch this and not smile/sway/dance in your chair/clap your hands/want to get on an airplane and fly to San Francisco immediately. Oh, Blogotheque, you ray of sunshine and singalongs, you:

54, 55. "Home" & "40 Day Dream" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.



Anonymous | 12:04 PM

Two of my favorites! Thanks for sharing.

Carly | 12:12 PM

Gah, I love Blogothèque so much. And living in Paris, I get my music blog plus get to practice my French. I've never really gotten into Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, but I could listen to "Home" over and over again.

zan | 12:46 PM

Going to see ES & TAZ at the end of this month, and I Can't. Flipping. Wait. Warning: I will be waving my arms like a hippie.

LissaCris | 1:04 PM

Gahhhh! I hugely heart them!

JessCowgirl | 1:14 PM

Yay! Ever since hearing a dj talk about her experience at an Edward Sharpe concert- including the entire audience holding hands- it has been my mission to see them live. Next Thursday in Asheville I'll get to dance and sing and smile to these very two songs!

ERIN | 1:29 PM

my favorite, love that band everyone must see them live!

leel | 1:38 PM

o! good one!

i remember seeing them perform Home on letterman last year and watched it on youtube 100 times afterward. I love that particular performance, you can see the love in their eyes. they are so on my list to see.

we are in a similar music groove you and i. if you put up an esthero song next i might pee my pants. a little.


Kristin | 1:39 PM

Yay! I was hoping you'd put "Home" on your mix tape! Thanks!

Anonymous | 2:00 PM

My favorite band!!
Love you, sweetie. --Aunt Nancy

Doggerina | 2:18 PM

That totally made my day!

Unknown | 3:18 PM

Adore this joyous music! "Home" has been on rotation for a few months now and recently added "40 Days"-- love.

Beth | 4:03 PM

This is the first time I already knew and really liked a song you put up. I feel cool now :)

Anonymous | 5:41 PM

they are my absolute fav! ill be seeing them in nyc this month, where i plan on clapping and dancing along.

Nikki | 4:04 AM


Amy E. | 5:53 AM

So timely! Just heard them on a local radio show and have been listening to "Home" on repeat for the last week.

Amanda R. | 6:09 AM

This is such a great song! Seems like I've been hearing it often lately. The other day I watched 'The Viscious Kind' and it was played in there and also you should check out this video from a wedding that someone put together that used this song. So Sweet! :)


Thanks for sharing!

Jenn | 7:46 AM

My brother just introduced me to "Home" this weekend while out camping together for the first time in 9 years. Can't help but think of him and smile now when I hear it...

Mara Z | 11:27 AM

these are my two favorite songs of the moment. <3

Mammy P | 12:38 PM

My husband just watched this over my shoulder and said, "Those are some fucking GREAT beards." ;-)

@leel - my claim to fame? The man who I wasted an obscene amount of years crushing on before we both realized he was gay was Esthero's first grade school boyfriend. My solitary, sad-ass claim to fame. Hehehe.

Love you all!

Hariharan | 9:44 PM

best bets


dani | 8:13 AM

I absolutely love this...my best friend and my coworker sang "Home" for me at my wedding a month ago since they know how obsessed I am! My friend gave out instruments to a bunch of the guests (tambourines, bells, etc), and everyone just went nuts, it was incredible!

Jenn | 8:45 AM

I saw these guys last month in Indianapolis, and for the encore, he got the entire audience (read: 1,000 capacity sold-out venue) to sit on the floor with him.


Deb and Mike | 10:05 PM
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Deb and Mike | 10:06 PM

Who is WWW (for Fable's dresses)? They are adorable.

Roxanne | 4:49 PM

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros were my absolute favorite at this year's Coachella. When they did "Home," it was like the quintessential Coachella moment for me -- just happiness and dancing in the grass. I listen to that song in particular many, many days on the way to work. It's one of my favorite ways to deal with traffic. Thanks for sharing this video!!