In Rainbows

"Your face changes my sight.*"


*I heard this lyric in a song this morning on KCRW and have been unable to find the name of the song or band from which it came. But I thought it too beautiful, too "yes! exactly! that is SO how I feel when I look at my kids!" not to share.

Brilliant words, mystery band. Thank you for them.


Shelley Senai | 11:10 AM

I love this post. And this blog. That is all.

Anonymous | 11:24 AM

love these photos. the colors!

Pres. Kathy | 11:51 AM

Love it!

L.A. Stylist Mom | 12:34 PM

Beautiful! Do you have an iPhone? Get the Shazam app - you hold it up to the song and it identifies it in like 10 seconds!! xox


So true. They are all squeal worthy, but yellow kills me. KILLS me.

SpillingOutBeautiful | 2:42 PM

That's today's track list for KCRW.

Find approximately what time you heard the song and BAM! there it is.

jessica | 3:37 PM

so of course, like everyone else and you, im sure, i searched that lyric and found an equal yet less appropriate thing to say to children: "your face my cocaine" I probably shouldn't use that one huh?

Kat | 4:24 PM

Blue is my favorite. :)

Jennifer | 4:42 PM

I like the yellow one. :)

Marcella | 5:25 PM

Yellow and green are just too precious.

Baby in Broad | 7:33 PM

So sweet, so true.

Emsxiety | 8:46 PM

Is the last one the "HOLD STILL" stance?? Wiggle wiggle wiggle...

melani | 10:10 PM

are the images altered? or was the color in the room? Have you tried the hipstimatic on the iphone?

d mc | 11:25 PM

yellow. yellow is excellent.
seems like such an adult expression for wee fable.

Tracey | 2:21 AM

Lovely! x

Chelsea | 7:11 AM

i just got some major flash backs to my child hood, looking at those photos. it reminds me of willy wonka!

she's a doll!


I altered the images, yes. And I DO NOT have an iphone. Holding out for as long as I can. I'm an awful technophobe which is is hilarious considering what I do... you know... here.

Ray | 5:57 PM

Miss Fable is absolutely FABULOUS! <3 I love the fourth and fifth photos. And those are beautiful lyrics.

sariecat | 10:43 AM

Oh my gosh I want to eat her face! The yellow photo is pure cold-pressed brilliance...