Eat Well: Quinoa(n)core = Bok + Wok + Teriyak

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Okay. So! Here ye, here ye: one more quinoa recipe aka "quinoa(n)core" for those who asked for more quinoan (I don't think that's a word) recipes. Quinoa deserves all the love and recognition it can get and I'm absolutely LOVING everyone's quinoa enthusiasm. Let's start a revolution! Quinonward!

This week I have another quinoa quickie, ideal for quick dinners for the whole fam. It's super simple, easy, fast and delish. I call it: The Bok-wok-teriyak.

Tempeh fans? Can I get a show of hands?

To Fu.

(That was supposed to sound like Fo Sho. Kind of a stretch, I kno.)

For this recipe you will need:

1. Fresh Greens: Whatever you're into stir fry wise. For me (this week) I went with Bok Choy, Baby Broccoli greens and green onions from the farmers market.
2. Teriyaki Sauce - I always cook stir-fries with (Veri Veri) Soy Vey, which you can find pretty much anywhere.
3. Olive Oil
4. Tofu (firm)
6. Quinoa of course! *which, if you're new here, please see here, here and here and DON'T FORGET TO RINSE/SOAK YOUR QUINOA before cooking. (In veggie broth or organic chicken broth if you eat meat.)
1. Chop onions and baby broccoli and throw them into a Wok with the Bok and heat on high.
2. Chop Tofu and Tempeh into even rectangles and place on (lightly) oiled pan. Cook over medium heat for ten-minutes or until brown.
3. Drizzle veggies lightly with teriyaki sauce and a pinch of olive oil as you stir. (Don't want to overdo with the teriyaki or else it will get soupy and weird.)

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veggies, including bok in the wok with teriyok

4. When tofu and tempeh look fully cooked (light brown) go ahead and drizzle a pinch more teriyaki over the tofu and tempeh.
5. Same goes for fully cooked veggies. (Drizzle a pinch more teriyaki over the cooked veggies in the Wok.)
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6. Serve Stir-fried veggies and teriyaki'd tempeh + tofu over fresh (steaming!) quinoa and serve to loved ones with a smile.
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What's awesome about this dish is its next-day-deliciousness. Refrigerate whatever you have left over and serve cold the next day. Or the day after. Or even the day after that.
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Quinoa note that has nothing to do with this recipe: You can deliciously substitute quinoa for any and all pastas, rices, etc. It's delicious topped with marinara sauce and veggies, curried tofu, etc. A great way to cut white-flour carbs and eliminate gluten.

(ED: There will be more Eat Well featuring both tofu and tempeh in the future. Stay tuned!)



Anonymous | 4:50 AM

Whenever I try to rinse the quinoa, it doesn't work because it's too small for the strainer. Do you put a plate over the pan? How do you rinse and drain the quinoa??

Kendra | 5:21 AM

This looks delicious. And I love all the quinoa ideas! I've never eaten it, but I love that you can use it in a lot of recipes I already love, plus these are some great ones for using as-is or replacing with some of my own favorite grains, like wild rice.

Looking forward to the tofu recipes. I love the idea of it, but mine always turns out lousy; as in, I didn't know you had to drain/squeeze firm tofu and made the grossest stir-fry ever. I would love some basic recipes/advice!

AbbieBabble | 5:56 AM

True story: I've always been a quinoa hater- my mom used to serve it when I was in high school and I would (like only a teenage girl can) get all sullen and talk about how gross it was.
That having been said, I've been inspired by all these posts and now I've jumped all the way onto the quinoa bandwagon. I'm loving it, and this looks like something I'm going to have to make asap!

Megan | 6:02 AM

Can't wait for more recipes with tofu & tempeh. We're still learning how to cook tofu!

Anonymous | 6:56 AM

I always read your blogs at work and they always make me feel so hungry!


I'm going to print this off, go shopping and try it during the week...

Elle Vee | 6:57 AM

ohmygod I love tempeh! My favorite way to cook it is when I'm craving something baaad and meaty (I'm vegetarian too). I cut the tempeh into finger sized strips and batter them, fry them until golden and then wrap them in big leaves of lettuce with homemade garlic aioli/sriacha sauce. They totally satisfy the craving for greasy food (but still okay for you!) that even vegetarians get from time to time.

Anonymous | 7:13 AM

I've been reading your and WWW's recipes and they really do sound delicious, but my big question is: Do your kids eat this stuff? My husband would eat it grudgingly but I know my son would say EWWWWW and run screaming out of the room. And if I tried to feed my husband quinoa several times a week he would probably go out for a gallon of milk and come back two hours later smelling like BBQ. I'm going to try quinoa on my baby once he starts eating real food. Maybe I'll get lucky with him and he'll be cool with eating something besides bread, yogurt and cheese.

Echo | 7:41 AM

Looks amazing! I made the kale chips last night and they were amazing! Thank you :) I heart GGC and WWW


Your "Eat Well" posts are fantastic. Keep 'em comin', por favor!

I adore tempeh. Much like washing quinoa, though, I find I have to steam tempeh before stir-frying/baking/broiling/whatevering it to make it less bitter.

You're absolutely right about quinoa: I use it, brown rice, and (brown rice) pasta pretty much interchangeably. Cooked quinoa also makes a great base for casseroles!

Alicia | 8:04 AM

Where do you find tempeh? In my area, I can only find "tempeh burgers" at grocery stores and nutrition stores. I really want to make a tempeh steak but first, I need to find the ingredients!

jenifer | 8:16 AM

yum! i make the same thing minus the soy- we are an anti soy family!

laboriousliving | 8:52 AM

Anon-you can buy a strainer that looks like mesh for rinsing.

This looks great. However minus the tofu, as it is WAY PROCESSED! Not healthy.

Can't wait for some more WWW middle eastern love. Loved the aubergine recipe. It was dead easy and delish!

Jos | 9:12 AM

You are making me LOVE quinoa. Thank you!!

Anonymous | 9:53 AM

My family just tried Quinoa for the first time yesterday! I can't believe how delish it is! I didn't even know that Quinoa existed before your site! I'm so thankful for your helpful eating tips! :)

Unknown | 10:20 AM

This might be good with seitan? I'm thinking?

Thomasin | 10:24 AM

Okay, I admit I skipped over the earlier quinoa recipes because I was feeling bratty those days, but this day I had some room for love in my heart and went back and read them. And you are BRILLIANT for cooking a whole box of the stuff each week. I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before (oh yeah. I'm culinarily challenged.) but I am going to do that this next week and try out your recipes. Thank you for the inspiration!

avb | 12:07 PM

Bok Choy is my FAVORITE. I've been looking for new ways to make it. Can't wait to try this!

Scarlett Whitney | 12:16 PM

That looks SCRUMPTIOUS! I just recently tried quinoa and I <3 it - I cannot wait to try out this recipe - thank you!! =D

K.S. | 3:00 PM

GGC- After reading all of the quinoa posts I made one of your recipes, it was delish except for the quinoa. :( I am so sad b/c I really wanted to like it, was quinoa an acquired taste for you? Any ideas from anyone out there on how to trick myself into liking it b/c I want to make everything you post.

Wendy Woolf | 3:57 PM

KS...try rinsing REALLY WELL (use a mesh wire strainer) and cooking it with half water, half veggie broth and a little salt. Then saute on medium high a chopped onion and two garlic cloves so they become really aromatic. Add to the almost cooked quinoa and let it stand, covered, while you cook the other veggies. You can also add cumin or liquid Braggs or herbs to make it more flavorful. I have turned quinoa haters into quinoa lovers by these simple steps. Good luck!

Holly | 4:37 PM

If this tastes half as good as it looks, I'm in big trouble tomorrow. :) Thanks for sharing!

AVB | 8:48 PM

I use a cheesecloth (or a few layers of paper towel) with my strainer. It works like a charm.

Unknown | 10:05 PM

This looks fantastic! But I have to admit, as I was at the grocery store today, scooping quinoa from the bulk bin, assessing whether I needed another scoop, all that I could think of was one of your previous posts describing the amount in your house as a "fuck ton."
With that as my guide, I went in for another scoop.
And then found myself focusing on that unit of measure for the remainder of my trip. :)
Thanks for making me laugh while shopping!

MollyStar | 10:51 PM


K.S | 11:47 AM

@WWW- thank you so much for the tips. I will have to try this with some of the quinoa I have left!

Anonymous | 9:43 AM

This was soooo good! Tried the recipe yesterday. yumm! even my "i never could eat tofu" hubby was amazed ;-)

LindaB | 4:43 PM

Awesome and perfect timing for me to read this (just making out the grocery list). I am so in love with quinoa and this sounds scrumptious! Cooking it tomorrow night and plan on making everyone at work jealous on Monday with my leftovers for lunch.
Goooooooooooo quinoa!!!!! (dork)

melbourne dreaming | 4:42 AM

Love your blog SO much! Your writing inspires me.

Could you post a link to Hal's website please?

Krista | 11:37 AM

After seeing all your quinoa recipes and reading all about how wonderful it is.... I thought about trying to sneak a little into my 3-year-old son's morning oatmeal.

He's eaten oatmeal with cinnamon & brown sugar every morning for about 2 years and I wanted to up the nutritional value if possible.

So I cooked up some quinoa and put it in a container in the fridge. Now in the morning when I make his oatmeal I just add a few scoops of quinoa too. He's never noticed.

Anonymous | 1:02 PM

Hi Wendy,

Love your site!

Beautiful to look at and delicious to eat!



Catherine Just | 2:16 PM

I just went vegan and gluten/sugar free a month ago and I ADORE quinoa and I am so glad you post your recipes. I ran out and got the ingredients for this one and plan to make it tonight! I cannot wait! I'm hungry looking at the recipe and photos!!

Syefa Amanina | 9:38 PM

I eat Tempeh almost everyday here in Malaysia..I laike!!!
Nice recipe..Will try it.