Gone Style: Summer Beauty for Face and Head

*ED: Updated with winner, below*

Ugh. The heat. Am I right? Am I right? What's a girl to do with her sanity when it's 673893 degrees outside. Hair? Makeup? What the fuck, sun! What. The. Fuck. Sometimes the best way to fight fire? Is with fire, baby! Bomp-chicka-wow-wow...

...So let's talk summer must-haves and quick tips for staying hot hot (in-the) heat.

First. Bangs. Ugh, you guys. As someone who has had bangs for most of her twenty-nine years, I must tell you, bangs and summer? Not a great mix. Sticky bangs are not cute and it's sort of impossible to avoid their cement-sweat-yuck when it's 102 degrees. Or even 89.

So? Unless you plan on carrying dry shampoo on your person all day long...

Which brings me to summer must have #1: Dry Shampoo! I've written about dry shampoo before complete with before and after photos. I use Klorane, which came recommended via the lovely Liz and has since changed my life. I wash my hair, at most, twice a week but work out at least three times a week so dry shampoo is mas importante. Helps me control the grease monkeys that live in my locks.

I digress. Back to bangs. (That's what she said.)

I have bangs.
Hello, bangs.

But in the summer, they disappear:
Goodbye, bangs.

Bobby pins are my friend and I take advantage of their loyalty to my scalp by utilizing them on the daily. Headbands, too. Which brings me to my next summer must-have: #2. Bobby Pins. A three-dollar pack will last you all summer. Just pull bangs back and pin voila.
But not before you... #3. Flat Iron!

I was never a huge flat iron fan until I was recently introduced via Nancy O'Dell/Momversation who offered to send me the Rusk w8less flat iron + blow dryer a few months back. I am now obsessed and the flat iron (I blow dry my hair once in a blue never. Don't have the patience for it.) and have ordered everyone I know to snag themselves one. To be fair, before giving the Rusk a whirl I had only ever used to same straightener since high school, which could very well have been expired/broken. Regardless, this babe is solid. I totally recommend. (See above pics for post flat-ironed awesome.)
(For reference, this is what my hair looks like when I wake up after sleeping on it wet. Pardon my early-am, pre-coffee man-face.)

And speaking of faces that look less mannish with a bit of makeup...

Makeup in the summer is a subtle art. Waterproof mascara is disasterville - will break your eyelashes off within a week and for what? No one's looking at your eyes in the pool, anyway. They're looking at your boobs. In my case they're looking at my boobs and then promptly looking away. Two breast reductions and two babies have fucked my shit clear up but it doesn't really matter anyway because I'm married. April fools, Hal! Forever April fools!

Seriously, though. If I'm going anywhere near a pool or body of water, I stay away from eye-makeup completely and wear chap stick, tinted-SPF and bronzer. Mainly, for day to day, I go for light, barely-there makeup so people don't think I'm a dude.

For summer, besides #4 - A Good Facial SPF. I carry Neutrogena's oil-free sunblock stick on me at all times. I use it on the kids, too.

The following are my summer everyday makeup must-haves:

#5. Concealer - for pimples, under-eyes et al. My two favorities are this one by MAC and this by Josie Maran Cosmetics.
#6. Bronzer - been obsessed with the "10" bronzer from Benefit for years now. It's pricey but will last you two years. (Apply with lighter shade up to define cheekbones.)
#7. Neapolitan (shades of) Eyeshadow - (ED: think strawberry, vanilla, chocolate when choosing your three summer shades and then applying them to your eyelids one shade after the other.) In the below photos I'm wearing Josie Maran's "pinkalicious" on inner corner, followed by "sand" and "pewter" on the ends.
#8. A good, light mascara: I'm currently experimenting with Maybelline's Lash Stiletto.
#9. Burts Bees lip shimmer in Watermelon. For pale complexions such as mine, this shade is tops but all Burts shades are awesome and will flatter any skin-tone. Fine one that works for you and buy ten of them. (If you're anything like me, you will lose one every few days.)

Yeah right. Like anyone can comfortably wear their hair down in the summer. Not me, anyway. My hair sticks to my neck and my skin starts itching and ew. Hair up, por favor.

Enter #9: The messy bun.

This is how I typically wear my hair in the summer. Unless I know I'm going to be spending the day in an air-conditioned space. Here also is a better view of eye-makeup in three shades.
Oh and sorry about the pimples. I don't know how to airbrush.

I wasn't thinking very far ahead when I took these pictures this morning. If there's any confusion with the makeup application, please let me know and I'll do a summer-makeup tutorial vid re-cap type situation.

In the meantime, here's a birds-eye view of the messy bun. An ideal nest for birds to rest their weary wings/comfortable and casual way to wear long hair in the summer.

Annnnnnnnnnd... now that you survived all that...

This week I have two majorly exciting giveaways:

1. Rusk W8les str8-iron + blow-dryer c/o Rusk (thanks, Rusk!)
2. Josie Maran Cosmetics summer makeup basket c/o Josie Maran Cosmetics (thanks Josie and Polly!) which includes tinted moisturizer w/ SPF, cream blush in "sunkissed," pressed powder, lipstick in Dyani + black mascara. (ED: Get 25% off at JM check-out using the code "dailycandy.")

To win? Tell me your summer beauty must-haves. Winner to be picked next Tuesday PM via random.org. Good luck!


*I'm super excited to announce that my friend Christopher Collins (you may remember him from this giveaway last year!) will be appearing on the new season of Project Runway, debuting next THURSDAY (July 29th) which is very exciting round these parts. (My cousin Erica is Christopher's business partner + my mom's entire wardrobe is CC. Exhibit A: my mom's white coat pictured at the bottom of this post.) Check him out here and here and follow Christopher Collins Collection on twitter! The dude is one of the nicest, most ambitious/talented/interesting humans in existence and I'm so SO proud of him (and Erica). So sososososo proud.

** Congratulations to #284 Edensky for your new Rusk hair products and #36, LC for your Josie Maran makeup basket! And thank you everyone for participating in the giveaway! Will be doing more amazing giveaways soon! You're awesome!


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AmyDanel | 10:41 AM

Summer Beauty must haves:
#1 - I am always optimistic and think I can go out and leave my hair down...WRONG!! I always have a handful of hair ties (no metal clasps) in my purse, in the car, in my pockets.
#2 - various CO Bigelow mentha lip tints in various shades (from Bath and Body works) - like your Berts Bees, I misplace them often.
#3 - Shades, black and brown, cheapies from those kiosks in the malls
and finally a new found love of mousse...really?? Who knew people still used mousse. For those days when I sleep in and don't have time to flat iron
#4 - Tousle me Softly or Totally Twisted Mousse by Herbal Essence.

Sam and Ben's Mom | 10:42 AM

Chapstick. I swear I need it more in the summer than in the winter!

Would love to have the Rusk flat iron.

Hating how gorgeous you are without makeup!


El | 10:42 AM

My summer must haves are Neutrogena Baby sunblock ( I am ultra pale and burn easily ) and mineral makeup. It works the best for me - mainly I just use a light layer of mineral foundation with a little blush :)

Kim | 10:42 AM

Ponytail holders, bare minerals, and chap stick are my got to haves for the summer!

Angela | 10:43 AM

Bobby pins!

rachel | 10:44 AM

1. burts bee's spf lip stuff with a touch of burts bee's lip stuff in shimmer.
2. neutrogena bronzer
4. mascara
hair elastics

Jaime | 10:44 AM

Spray-on sunscreen, bobby pins, and toenail polish. Maybe mascara. I've become increasingly low-maintenance as I've gotten older.

Leball | 10:45 AM

Summer must haves, Josie Maran's Argan oil Primer mist and bobbi pins. Of course I wear makeup but I must say, these are a MUST!

Julie Livermore | 10:46 AM

Not sure what I want to win more, but the flat iron sound great--my hair gets curly on the bottom and straight on top--not pretty--so #1 summer must have, pony tail holder:) I also love a good lip gloss (Clinique Air Kiss), tinted moisturizer with spf (using a Mac one now), and mineral powerder with spf. Have been dying to try Josie's stuff for awhile though!

Catherine | 10:46 AM

My trick is to always cut my hair short before summer comes. In the last few years I've embraced the curliness of my hair (rather than constantly battling it with a hair dryer) which helps save on the frizz-factor.

Amy T | 10:54 AM

straightening cream (I have yet to form a loyalty to one brand), light moisturizer (still using Grandma's recommended OIl of Olay because of the SPF!), hair clip. ermsmails [at] yahoo [dot] com if I win!

Anonymous | 10:55 AM

I just had my first baby so the ponytail is my new best friend...who has time to blow dry and flat iron with a newborn.

Kitty Conner | 10:56 AM

Gross, but totally necessary? Monistat Powder Anti-Chafing gel. I use it all the time. Under my boobelahs, under my arms when you've got a dress/tank that is just cut too close, thighs, even on my feet for less slippage/rubbing.

MollyStar | 10:57 AM

Prescriptives loose beige powder (that they don't make anymore--bastards!) to relieve shiny face.

Badger lavender orange lip balm to relieve dry lips and add some shine.

Clear mascara to tame eyebrows and random, loose bang-hairs around my face (I just sweep the brush around my hairline, slightly away from my face, and brush it down on any other renegade head-hairs on top.)

One bobby pin for my bangs and a black hair rubber band always on my wrist for a quick hair sweep into a messy bun-thing when I'm dying of heat.

And the biggest bottle of water ever.

Amy | 11:00 AM

Messy buns, colorful polish on my toenails and Rachel Perry Lip Lover get me through the summer.

amelia | 11:03 AM

Moisturizer - a must in Utah's dry summers. Also: oil blotting sheets. Dry, then oily - gotta love my skin.

Robyn | 11:05 AM

No7 sheer tinted moisturizer. Not oily, has SPF and is the only tinted/bronzer beauty item I have found that doesn't make my pasty skin look straight up dirty.

JenAHM | 11:05 AM

Because I am very fair skinned (if I'm being honest, I'm quite translucent), my must have is anything with SPF in it. Also, tinted lotions (see above), ponytail holders, mascara, and a good mojito.

JenAHM | 11:05 AM

Because I am very fair skinned (if I'm being honest, I'm quite translucent), my must have is anything with SPF in it. Also, tinted lotions (see above), ponytail holders, mascara, and a good mojito.

Jessie Leigh | 11:06 AM

Summer beauty must have is Aveeno's Ultra Calming Moisturizer with SPF. Not only do I live in the middle of Texas, but I also walk absolutely everywhere. The thing about the moisturizer? I cover myself in it. Head to toe. It may be a little pricey now, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than medical bills from skin cancer or the dermatologist when I'm covered in brown patches. Also? No sunscreen smell or stickiness. It's kind of amazing.

Amanda | 11:08 AM

My summer must-haves?

1. Hair bands. I must have as much of my hair off my neck as possible at all times. I buy them in the enormous multipacks since I lose them like mad.

2. My Bare Escentuals mineral makeup. It does a fantastic job of absorbing moisture, so I don't get all sweaty and shiny by noon. And just for extra awesomeness, it gives me fabulous move-star skin without covering up my freckles!

courtney | 11:10 AM

Totally agree with sunscreen and bobby pins. I like those oil blotting sheets for when my face feels greasy. Hand cream, really good hand cream. I spend quite a bit of time in the pool and sandals that my feet and hands dry out really badly. A good pumice foot shaver thing.

Donna | 11:11 AM

Jurlique Citrus Mist. I use it as a toner, a makeup setting spray and pretty much anytime I want to feel refreshed. The citrus also keeps the oil at bay which tends to happen to my face during the summer. Another one is Tarte's Smooth Operator... but then that's a year-round must have for me.

Sarah | 11:13 AM

Good loose powder and shiny chapstick! Also sunscreen, ponytail holders and a head band!

saraspunza | 11:13 AM

Summer must haves... Well, as a teacher with the "summer off," one must have is catching up on my favourite blogs. Yes. Guilty pleasure, but reading nonetheless....

Also, sunblock, a bikini, a pool boy who brings me mojitos, and warm breezes.

Jessi | 11:14 AM

Summer must haves: sunscreen, tinted chapstick, light eye color. I'm fair with freckles, so don't need a base, just a little pinch of color here and there. Oh and don't forget the ponytail holder in a pocket at all times so I can throw up my hair when I can't stand it touching me anymore.

js | 11:14 AM

My makeup routine in the summer when it is melt-your-face-off-hot (also, INSANE humidity here in Michigan) is to color in my eyebrows (I'm blond and they don't exist without help), put some concealer under my eyes, add some bronzer and MAYBE some brightener on my lids.

My hair? Messy bun EVERY day. A) Blow drying when your house is 87 is WRONG and B) my hair is naturally curly/wavy, so attempting to do ANYTHING to it in summer is pointless.

Laurel | 11:15 AM

Summer must-haves: sunglasses, sunscreen, bobby pins, lip gloss!

Cait | 11:16 AM

Summer must haves!

Hair and bangs: wig pins!
Giant bobby pins for keeping wigs on your head, or long hair off your neck! Pompedour those bangs, make a ponytail, whirl it into a bun and use just one of those suckers and you are DONE and CUTE.

Skin: Aveno cleanser, Neutragena sunblock, and splurged on Pangea Organics balencing oil to keep my skin in check. I went from oily to shine free in 24 hours people, and I am always on the go.

Makeup: Sephora has a makeup kit from the gods. You need to get your own brushes, but in the case there are FIVE color pallets with everything you need. They each pop out and fit into a carrying case that is easy to fit into a purse or carry on. Best part? $30! Go get one.

Sarah | 11:19 AM

Summer beauty must have: hat & cute sunglasses for sun protection and mystery!

F | 11:21 AM

Clinique sunkissed bronzer. Simply fab!

S | 11:22 AM

My summer must haves (all cheap-o stuff): Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner & Johnson & Johnson No More Tangles spray (leave-in conditioner that I totally swiped from my daughter and have come to love). I'm too lazy to flat iron even though I have one, and I can honestly say, I have super straight hair when I combine these two products with little to no frizz. Also, I'm loving Olay Facial Moisturizer (basic kind, for sensitive skin, with SPF 15).

And now I think I'm going to have to try your bobby pin/messy bun ideas.

SquishyKnees | 11:24 AM

I discovered that foundation just makes my face look oilier in the summer, so...

Elizabeth Arden lip liner in Mocha, with her lig gloss in Honey Glaze on top. I sweep a little blush/bronzer on and done!

For hair, I buy a big package of plain black hair elastics. They do the job for any look and since I have black hair, they always match.

benbidder | 11:27 AM

I always have to use my flat iron...Even though I live in AZ, we have monsoon season and humidity and my hair don't get along. That being said, the heat means that some sort of 'lip stuff' is a necessity. Chapstick, burts bees...sweat. Gag. But yeah...lol.

Meghan | 11:27 AM

Bobby Pins! I don't think I could get through the summer without them. I let my naturally wavy hair air-dry with some product. Then, while my hair is still damp, I put it up in a messy up-do with only bobby pins. It is great because the messier and wavier my hair is, the better the 'do. Bring on the humidity! However, you have me intrigued by this hair dryer/flat iron contraption.

samantha | 11:30 AM

SUmmer must-have for me is:

1). Baby wipes. They freshen and clean in a jiffy (me or my toddler!)

2). Blistex lip gloss with SPF. I realize I should wear this year-round but the sun is much more evil in the summer and I don't want to bake my lips at the pool.

samanthajocampen at gmail

Scott Family | 11:30 AM

I live in Texas so summer is pretty much all year long. I totally second the bobby pins...seriously at this point i'm not even sure why i have bangs since they are ALWAYS pulled back in bobby pins

Celeste & Scott | 11:31 AM

Stila lip glaze in peach is my favorite gloss for summer. A lightweight scarf is indispensible for summer. And for my sensitive feet, a soothing foot cream (which I realize sounds gross but my feet would be even more gross without it!).

Anonymous | 11:31 AM

I'm also rockin' the messy bun! ...and chapstick, always sunscreen, and occasional mascara. Fabulous give-away! Thanks!

Tress | 11:33 AM

My summer must haves: Most definitely my flat iron, and lots and lots of chapstick with SPF.

Amanda | 11:40 AM

1. My diffuser (Because my hair never stays straight in all this humidity)
2. Eye shadow in various shades of pink (I'm pale and blonde ... these shades make me look fresh, clean and cool).
3. Bobby pin for a side-swept bang thing (and to avoid sweaty bangs).

DMc | 11:46 AM

Aveda's Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother - helps keep my hair under control in humid summers.

And Aveda's Glossing Straightener, a must have when I want to wear my wavy hair straight.

I love your make up in this post!

theopenletterlady | 11:46 AM

omg I will simply die if I win that hair straightener. I have long, thick, curly/wavy hair and I have been needing a good straightener my whole life.

My summer beauty must haves: Loreal Definity 15+ tinted moisturizer, a bun with a flower in it, and regular, cheapo, store-brand baby oil on my legs instead of cream moisturizer.

Kristin | 11:47 AM

Bare Escentuals mineral powder baby! I don't know how, but my face looks great aaaall day long...and I live in Chicago. Hot & humid as a mo' fo'. Also- burts bees chapstick.

Ashley | 11:47 AM

My summer favorites are pretty similar :] My number one essential has got to be a black liquid liner to define the eyes. Number two has got to be a curl amplifying gel.When the humidity isn't too terrible the gel helps me have an effortless wave. Right now I use So Sexy by Victoria's Secret. It smells great I have really similar hair to yours Rebecca, bangs and all, so this post was really helpful for me!! The messy bun is my go to style when the humidity destroys my style. Especially since my straightener decided to completely break after $200 and three months. But oh well. Fingers crossed

cait | 11:50 AM

My summer must haves:

-Pixi Lip Blush in 'love'. Stays one, bright color, and no gunky lips.

-Mac mineralize concealer and bronzer


-Goody Ouchless Elastics hair bands for my go-to summer ponytail and also bobby pins to pull my bangs out of my face.

-Sigg bottle full of water.

Chicago is hot and gross and I can't wait til Autumn!

Morgan | 11:51 AM

Summer must haves: hair elastics, mascara, water. I'm a low maintenance girl.. (read: lazy).

Great content, as always.

Jess and Marie | 11:51 AM

Summer beauty must-haves:
1. Blinc mascara (tube them!)
2. NARS cream blush in Orgasm (don't need the bronzer because I gots me loads of summer freckles)
4. Eucerin daily moisturizer with SPF 30
5. The Body Shop's Lip Care
6. I'm with you on the bobby pins.

Looking through others' recommendations now.

Anonymous | 11:56 AM

Blistex mint SPF 15 with a little hint of lipstick over it + a little bronzer/blush for my cheeks. Also if I'm feeling lazy but want to give my hair some oomph, I sleep on it wet, then take my straightener, wrap some random chunks around the outside of the straightener, and create some random beachy waves. it works like a charm and is quick and easy!

sara lou. | 12:00 PM

Clinque CityBlock= spf, tinted moisturiser goodness that controls sweat! A god send!

erniebufflo | 12:00 PM

I'm a delicate flower who wilts in her native humid Southern summertime. I have a very specific summer beauty regimen:
- Give up on fighting my hair's natural wave. Don't even bother blow-drying. Pat hair dry post-shower with a towel, comb with a wide-toothed comb, and smoosh in some Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme. Later, when hair is about half dry, I spray on some Bumble and Bumble surf spray and smoosh a little more.
-Embrace the dewy look for face, give up on trying to mattify, as you will fail. I use Clinique Moisture Sheer Tint SPF 15, which is a gel-cream, so it absorbs well into the face and doesn't look oily. I use a cheek stain on cheeks and lips (Body Shop, Cover Girl, or Tarte), a cream eyeshadow that won't creep into creases when my effing eyelids sweat (Clinique), and some long-wearing but not totally waterproof mascara (Clinique Lash Power or Estee Lauder Double Wear). Dust with translucent powder to set, and shabam.

lauren | 12:00 PM

my summer beauty must haves are body spray (a very light scent) and the large elastics to keep stray hair inside my ponytail and off my face!! :) easy breezy!
my blow dryer is about the shit the bed and i think it's time for a new flat iron, so this giveaway would be perfection...if i win!! ;)

Christine | 12:01 PM

Hmmmm......summer products?
I swear by the store Lush. I'm especially fond of their facial moisturizers. I happen to use Vanishing Cream, which is made for oily-ish skin, but disappears beautifully onto your face! Win.

Home Sweet Sarah | 12:03 PM

Oh, a side braid FOR SURE.

Other than that, I don't really do anything differently, which might be why I'm so friggin hot and miserable all summer long!

LindaB | 12:06 PM

OK, summer must haves are:

-Good moisturizing conditioner to keep frizzies away.
-tinted SPF moisturizer. I'm likin the organic Physician's Formula from the drugstore. :-)
-Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner.
-Duwop lip venom primer w/whatever lippy is in my bag that day.

I really like your eyeshadow and am going to try it tomorrow.
Please enter me in the drawing...thanks!

Anonymous | 12:07 PM

oh my word... i haven't even read the entire post, so u may have touched on this. but, i read the first paragraph re you working out 3 x's a week, and i was all, i have to ask her right this second what she does for a workout. i remember the post of u in the bikini and all the post of how healthy you eat and now i must :) know what kind of work out you're doing. walking, running, weights? please do like you do and give us all the deets. we all love u u know and we all want to look like u!

Sarah J. | 12:08 PM

Ooo! Mine is Aquage Sea Salt Spray. I spritzed some on my damp hair and scrunch it a bit and let it air dry to some nice ocean-y texture.

Jen | 12:10 PM

The #1 summer beauty must have - water! The more you keep hydrated, the better you look!

SJ | 12:15 PM

My two summer must-haves are: ponytail holder for unruly/crazy curly humidity hair and Banana Boat chapstick with SPF. I need a new flat iron like you wouldn't believe. And the same goes for pretty make-up. My fingers are crossed for a win!

Emily | 12:16 PM

I keep it pretty simple. Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Sunscreen, Bare Minerals Mascara, and Burt's Bees Lip Balm. On occasion some Bare Minerals Powder Foundation. And I tame my hair with bobby pins as well, but that's a year round thing!

C | 12:17 PM

Summer must haves: Moisturizer with SPF, toner (I use clinique #3), an awesome cream cleanser with salycilic acid (CVS brand generic of neutrogena acne cream cleanser). Waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliner in purple or green or something else fun, bronzer. Face-blotting sheets are in my purse at all times, just in case. And I use bobbypins to pull my bangs back from my face too, but I do it in the dinosaur poof manner. I also use Neutrogena spf 80 face sunscreen on my neck and decolletage (I wear a lot of vnecks, and necklace-tans are not attractive)

Lauren | 12:27 PM

1) Lemon scented deoderant by Dove. It's fresh and clean and doesn't get the heavy smell that other body scents can give you
2) those blue grease dabbers. So when my face gets all shiny from sunscreen usage or just humidity in general I can dabdabdab away!

Judit | 12:30 PM

We live in Washington, DC and I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 1 1/2 year old who I'm home with. We go to the pool nearly every day so our summer must-haves are:
sunblock (Badger)
sunhats (high SPF for all of us)
sunglasses (the kids won't wear them)
hairclips for the girl because she has super long hair
an endless supply of towels
an endless supply of bathing suits
flip flops for me
crocs for the kids
swim diapers
butt cream because the little one gets a diaper rash easily
OFF (from the Family care line-only 5% DEET safe for the family) the mosquitos here are vicious
snack bag
tons of water

My maintenance is pretty low-key, but I must have La Roche SPF 15 daily face moisturizer cream on every day
I just got a short haircut so I only need Kerastase Ole Curl and Kerastase hair oil to smooth the monkey hairs down
Dove original scent deodorant-not much else works for me but this stuff smells pleasant
Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely perfume-very feminine and fresh. I get tons of compliments on it.
Razor and Mango shaving creme from Trader Joe's
Smooze fruit ice-totally addictive

Laurie | 12:30 PM

Blotting papers. I never leave the house without these little guys. Take all the shine away without having to pile on the powder!

Michelle | 12:34 PM

Must have....bobby pins! Fosho. It would have been my Chi flat iron until recently on a weekend trip with the fam, tucked safely away in my suitcase, it was broken by my 5 year old when he used said suitcase as a trampoline. Sadness. So now bobby pins hold the mess together. I could really use that rusk w8less.

Bliss | 12:36 PM

Summer Must Have- A chi chi headband. I am notorious for using my ponytail as a crutch. So to dress it up a bit I have tons of headbands, most from JCrew. Ribbons, Flowers, Jewels the list goes on. Second would be any Lip Glass from MAC, even when I'm not wearing make-up the Lip Glass makes it look like I am.

Luca | 12:43 PM

I always love your beauty posts. My must haves are hairclips, red and pink lipsticks, lipbalm and tubey mascara (definitely the best).

Courtney | 12:44 PM

My summer must have - Aveda Be Curly. In the summer with this humidity, there is no reason to fight the crazy curls. I just have to embrace them.

jackie | 12:44 PM

my summer beauty secret? keeping my long hair tied up in a messy bun with a headband, burts bees chap stick, and those oil blotting tissues. living close to the ocean means i get frizzy hair to the max, i could realllllly use a flat iron!

Ethel | 12:50 PM

My summer must haves? Wavy beach hair and a great tan! I rarely wear face makeup in the summer because I feel like it melts off my face. But I never leave the house without some brown eyeliner and mascara. Mascara is seriously my lover, I think it can open a face right up. I hope I win! EEEP!

bek77 | 12:54 PM

Summer beauty must have is my Chi flat iron, dry shampoo and bronzer! I am very pale, but I pretend to have some color in the summer (at least on my face).

How do you keep from washing your hair after every workout...I have very curly hair and not having to straighten it after every workout would be awesome! any tips?

Abigail | 12:55 PM

Must haves: hair clips, spf for face, lips and body, deodorant (sorry, I smell!), make-up removing face wipes that I store in the fridge and use to cool off instantly when I get home. I'm also going to include water, because it makes all the difference with my skin in the summer.

Rosalie | 12:58 PM

I love using the flatiron, but I really need a better one than the pharmacy purchased one that I have. I also use sunscreen on my face like there's no tomorrow. I figure that I might not look so great with no makeup on, but at least I'll look great and wrinkle-free (or less wrinkled?) 20 years from now by using sunscreen now.

Katie | 1:08 PM

I mirror your exact feelings on the bobby pins--they are essential! I also pull my hair up into ponytails a lot in the summer. I'm trying to break that habbit though because I'm getting a lot of hair breakage around my face. I need to work on my messy bun technique!!!

Jen | 1:08 PM

I am obsessed with C. O. Bigelow Rose Salve from Bath and Body Works - that is a year round must have. NARS bronzer in Laguna is also a must have for me. Along with a little Bare Minerals, it helps me go from looking sickly white to having a healthy glow. It is a miracle worker for sure.

E | 1:11 PM

Apple cider vinegar as toner. Tha bombbbbb.

Anonymous | 1:12 PM

For my hair - Flat iron is a MUST! I travel brush and hair clips!

For my face - Neutrogena tinted moisturizer with and SPF and Burt's Bee's Chapstick

Alli Poirier | 1:17 PM

My summer must have is a big fat brush to apply bronzer on my cheeks. (I use it as blush)

Julie | 1:18 PM

Burt's Bees lip balm pomegranate and a ponytail holder are necessary

Kerry | 1:18 PM

Summer beauty must haves = blistex lipbalm and massive sunglasses. Covers a multitude of sins...

Melissa | 1:31 PM

My summer must have is an all year must have here in Texas: a good cotten skirt. I love the fact that you can throw it on with a tank and flip flops or dress it up with heals.

Amber | 1:34 PM

My must have is Honey Dust by Karma Sutra. I dust it on sweaty parts (like under the boobs and behind the knee-cap) and it keeps me dry and sweet smelling.

Katie | 1:37 PM

In the summer I constantly carry hair clips with me so I can put it up in a cute knot when it gets too frizzy.

Also John Frieda's Secret Weapon truly is a secret weapon for curly hair that goes wonky after it has already dried. It has saved me so many times!

EdenSky | 1:38 PM

My only summer must have is loose mineral powder for absorbing the oily grossness that takes over by 10am otherwise.

megan | 1:42 PM

Mascara and lipstick, my beauty must-haves for every season!

Maria | 1:45 PM

Pony holder, bobby pins, eyeliner, and lip gloss. :)

Brandi S. | 1:46 PM

I love bare minerals foundation and mineral veil. I love what you do with your eye shadow in this post! I really need to check out those colors and try them myself. A very refreshing combination!!

Stephanie | 1:52 PM

my summer must have: a lightweight scarf - use it as a headband to keep my hair up and keeps me warm in the chilly airconditioning

Christiana | 1:55 PM

chap-stick and a pony tail holder!

Amanda Leigh | 1:55 PM

John Frieda used to make a super-awesome-cool summertime shampoo for blondes, it smelled like mint and ocean. I'm oh so sad since it's been discontinued. However, my summer beauty must haves, pig tails, braids, messy buns and pretty much anything that keeps my hair off my neck. Cute headbands with feathers and felt. Bobby pins up the wahzoo! Make-up wise we roll about that same, concealer, eyeshadow, light mascara, but I *love maybelline mineral powder in sandy beige, it helps me to match my somewhat pale face to the rest of my body. Light, and no need for blush or bronzer without looking all orange-y!

Anna | 1:59 PM

SUNBLOCK. I cannot stress this enough. My skin has two shades: pale and lobster. I would rather not hurt all summer long!

bloggirl | 2:07 PM

Since I live in North Carolina and there's no hope for good hair with all the dastardly humidity my must-haves are ouchless ponytail holders and anti-frizz hairspray (to tame all the babyhairs that poke out when wearing the messy bun/upside down pony tail on a daily basis) Man...I miss California. I had good hair in California.sa

Gabi | 2:10 PM

Urban Decay's "Baked" bronzer + Almay (hooray for sensitive eyes!) mascara + Burt's Bees lip balm = ready for summer. Love the post, Rebecca!

Justine | 2:12 PM

Tinted moisturizer is fantastic for summer! A light cover and you can buy them with sunscreen in them too. Fantastic.

Meaghan | 2:12 PM

hair elastics! moisturizer with spf, nivea hydro care lip balm and shimmery eye shadow. And please do your make-up vid!! love those.

happy summer!!

Christina | 2:17 PM

Kiehl's tinted moisturizer - I don't even use foundation anymore. Plus the SPF is built in. Bonus! TreSemme Frizz Shield Finishing Spray. And a to-go cup of ice water because I like to secretly slip the ice cubes into my heels while I'm waiting for the train to cool my poor, overheated feet.

ERM | 2:21 PM

mine is wonder waves by garnier. I live in Georgia where it is super hot and humid, and can't stand blowing dry in the summer. I wash my hair at night, scrunch some of this product in, and then put it up into two little buns. Wake up in the mornin' with lovely waves!

Laura | 2:35 PM

bobby pins, for sure!

Shirley | 2:42 PM

My summer must haves are MAC's Springsheen blush, I great flat iron for my kinky curly hair, Burt's Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm and hair elastics... I loose this all the time. Love the natural look you have going. You are gorgeous!

Maria Baker | 2:51 PM

My summer must haves are my flips flops and my Birkies...no shoes for me unless absolutely mandatory. Also, a pony tail holder, a few thin Gap v-neck tee shirts and my Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue perfume. This summer I am currently 35 weeks pregnant, so I must also include The Body Shops peppermint foot spray, lots of Smart Water and a good deodorant!

Love the blog!

Misty @ The DoanGang | 2:52 PM

My must haves.. A pony holder and bobbys for my messy bun. Mine is always lower on my head but now that I see how cute yours looks I think I'll attempt a real 'up' do.

Other than that, I need my korres tinted moisturizer with spf, a dab of peach blush on my cheeks and mascara. Also, I'm in love with Bath & Body Work's organic lip gloss, so thats on me year round.

Anonymous | 2:54 PM

This whole humidity thing is really getting annoying. I too have bangs so I keep an arsenal of bobby pins at my disposal, I straighten them first so I have a step up on nature, and I just clip up everything in the back. Shamefully I only have a mini straightener that is in bad condition because my brother abuses it.

Keeping my face clean is also VERY important to me in the summer. I use St. Ives apricot scrub or I make my own scrub with olive oil, vitamin e oil, a little salt, sugar, green tea leaves, and fresh mint leaves. Sometimes I rub a mint leave on my face and wrists on my way out the door just to have the fresh scent. Might seem petty, but I work part time at a grocery and occasionally I have to do cart duty in 90 degree weather. Every bit helps.

Good times.

Lacey Jane | 2:56 PM

my summer beauty must haves include 3-4 summer dresses (the same 4 have lasted me for about 5 years now), lipgloss, light powder, and a ponytail for when I can't handle the 120 degree heat index. I don't wear bras or underwear during the summer and absolutely refuse to blowdry my hair. Torturous. :) love your blog!

Rachel | 2:57 PM

Mine is Chanel liquid eyeshadow. Very light and sweatproof.

Rachel | 2:58 PM

Chanel liquid eyeshadow... last forever, not as expensive as you might think, and sweatproof!

Alyson | 3:05 PM

My must haves: ponytail holder, headbands, and sunscreen. I used to have lots more but then I had a baby :)

I hope I win!

Anonymous | 3:12 PM

Must have of all time: MAC Fix+ spray. It has calming properties like chamomile and green tea and can either freshen make up or just BE refreshing. I've already gone through one bottle but I'm clearly addicted. Also a bandanna. Works great to pin my hear back and add some flavor/style to my outfit.

Tiffany | 3:13 PM

Bobby pins are one of my must haves. And a good body scrub! I love Lush body scrub, its called Ocean I think, and their lip balm. Just the plain kind.

Kathryn | 3:18 PM

My summer must haves are bobby pins and plenty of hair elastics. Forget cute, fun hair over the summer! I pull it all up and let it there all day!

Janice | 3:30 PM

Bare Minerals powder - it's got 15 spf, lip balm, bronzer (I like Too Faced's Sun Bunny), and flip flops.

Chelsea | 3:35 PM

Awesome! My summer must-haves include Tarte cheekstains (I have around 5 different shades), Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, and MAC's fluidliner in Blacktrack. Keepin' even the sweaty girls chic.

Sam | 3:45 PM

You do not have a manface! I think you're so stunning, with and without makeup.

My summer must-haves are: a good de-frizz leave-in conditioner; flat iron when I can be bothered; non-greasy SPF moisturiser; bit of nudey/beigey/pinky eye shadow; bronzer for SURE; mascara; and SPF chapstick and some lipgloss.

robin | 3:47 PM

If you like project runway, you may be as excited as me when I saw the winner of the last season at this carnival place (technically an amusement park, but feels like a carnival) in Portland (OR) a couple weeks ago. I totally didn't say anything to him, just stared from a distance.

Must haves in the summer = sunscreen stick and sunscreen spray. I recently chopped all my hair off so it's nice and cool, but can't really get away with pinning back the bangs. Darn.

Anonymous | 3:48 PM

Umm, HOW do you get such a perfect messy bun!? Tutorial on that please!

My must-haves include:
- sunscreen (Neutrogena SPF40)
- SPF15 moisturizer (Olay)
- tinted body lotion (Garnier)
- blowdryer to blow it straight because I haven't mastered the messy bun!!

Amanda C | 3:48 PM

My must-have is probably some leave in conditioner. I pretty much don't brush my hair at all in the summer because it's TOO EFFING HOT to use the hairdryer so I let it go wavy. The conditioner helps keep my hair from becoming a rat's nest :)

Sheila | 3:51 PM

lip balm, sunscreen and a bottle of water~

Anna C. | 4:04 PM

Summer beauty must-haves: Baby wipes for underarms (!), travel-size deodorant, a large hairband/ scarf, as I have black hair which absorbs the heat and boils my head, so it needs to be covered.

Abbe | 4:12 PM

Summer must haves? Shower! And a bun for my heavy hair. Oh, and a pinky-purply lip gloss.

But really, summer in California is the best time for me to straighten my terminally curly hair...but a round brush and old hairdryer make it no fun. I would LOVE a flat iron, oh yes. Fingers and toes crossed.

Deanna | 4:17 PM

If you like messy buns, you will LOVE Goody's Spin Pins. I usually have a HORRIBLE time keeping my fine, thin hair back in a bun, but these really work!

Amy | 4:17 PM

Hmmm....beauty must haves for summer. I'm with you on the Burt's Bees. I've also recently fallen in love with Yes to Carrots lip balm. Yummy and organic! As for hair, I have the wavy straight, but non-straight hair like yours where if I sleep on it wet it does strange things but can be straight as a stick when I blow dry. So I go for the messy and easy, but still cute beachy hair look (curtesy of the lovely Whirl at Hair Thursday). I just throw some mousse in it and a few bobby pins and sometimes a little pomade for the fly-aways and we're good to go. Love that 'do. It works so well for casual Southern Cali.

Melissa | 4:19 PM

My flat iron is shit, but I choose it over blow drying. It takes 1.7 million years to blow dry my hair. Also, hair bands for when I opt for the summer bun deal. Also, I like that salt spray stuff for messy, beachy days.

caitlin | 4:27 PM

my summer must haves are nearly the same as yours- minus the bobby pins and plus extra dry shampoo/powder. the bangs are staying DOWN with this forehead!

wornandwent at gmail

Alison aka Baby B | 4:29 PM

Hair ties and clips, to keep my hair up. Plus, my friend all year long, Carmex.

theparakeet | 4:30 PM

For the Summer - concealer and mascara, maybe lipgloss - and I'm done! I sell arbonne, so that's what I love. The Concealer can NOT be beat. check it out: www.hoyerrussell.myarbonne.com

Baby in Broad | 4:55 PM

Yay, Gone Style! I was JUST wishing for a new installment (instylement?) last night.

I'm sorry you're melting in the heat, but I LOVE this hair and make-up. And the nail polish! That orangey-red (reddy-orange?) is perfect for summer! Exclamation points!!!

Summer beauty must-haves:
- tinted lip balm (Burt's Bees rules)
- shimmery eyeshadow
- these, for ponytails, braids, what-have-you.

Jennifer | 5:00 PM

My flat iron, though that Rusk flat iron would be a delightful addition, Aveeno moisturizer with 30 SPF, and lip gloss!

Long live bangs!

CarolSue | 5:02 PM

Barrettes, SPF moisturizer and Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers. I know. :)

Rebekah Wolf | 5:05 PM

Summer beauty must haves: Bobby pins, pHisoderm anti-blemish gel face wash, lip balm, mascara, light pink nail polish.

Autumn Smith | 5:09 PM

Your eye make-up looks so awesome! A tutorial is definitely necessary. Eye shadow application is a huge weakness of mine.
Anyway, I always wrap a silk scarf around my hair before bed in the summer... it seems to suck the frizz right out somehow! Lately, I've been tying them around my head in the day too, sort of like the girl in this picture: http://i46.tinypic.com/2u76p8n.jpg.

Happy Summer :)

Shay | 5:15 PM

A giant pack of hair ties paired with a giant pack of bobby pins! Unfortunately, my cats like to play with them and hide them all around the house so I can never find them when I need one :( I don't even want to think of the sheer number of either of these objects I have lost over the years. Yikes!!!

boozeler | 5:15 PM

I would have to say my Must Have(s) for summer would be old-school cherry chapstick, old-school covergirl powder and visene. All together, I feel a bit more ready to tackle the world.

The Hendersons | 5:24 PM

Bobby Pins for sure. Big sunglasses. Steel Water bottle (does that count?).Bare minerals cover up. I don't flat iron my hair right now. My chi broke, and i'm too cheapo to buy another.

jessicaj75@aol.com | 5:29 PM

beauty must have for summer- sunscreen (sunburn is NOT pretty, nor is skin cancer) and contacts. I don't wear my glasses in the summer because i'm afraid they may work as magnifying glass and set my eyes on fire. that and i need to wear my awesome five dollar sunglasses :)

Francesca Abernathy | 5:32 PM

Summer beauty must-have: ew, mine stay the same year 'round. Is that bad???

Laurie | 5:33 PM

Hey pretty! My summer face consists of Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, MAC Studio Fix and a bit of pressed powder to combat shine. I have my brows and lashes tinted, but swipe on Maybelline's Lash Stiletto so I look somewhat alive. For lips I love gloss -- Buxom Lips in Dolly or sometimes just plain Carmax. I also love to wear Coppertone sunscreen because the fragrance reminds me of my beautiful and much-missed hometown, San Diego.

glo.riah | 5:37 PM

i'd have to say singularly: any bath and body works spray. its lighter than perfume and smells delish in honeysuckle especially!!

Ashley | 5:39 PM

Bronzer and a hair tie - and chapstick!

Liv Pierce | 5:41 PM

In the summer I have to have the mini-claw clips that make it easy to pull your hair back even in the least ideal situations (say at a red light...because I'd never attempt to pull my hair back while actually driving, ha). As far as makeup goes, I keep it minimal, Neutrogena chap stick, face powder, and mascara.

Jo | 5:43 PM

I’ve been wearing Fallene Cotz (SPF 58) sunscreen and love it. It’s tinted, so I don’t need other makeup over it, and it really protects my fair skin from the unrelenting Florida sunshine. I’ve never used a flat iron, but would love to give it a try. I would need lessons if I were so lucky to win one!

Elizabeth | 5:47 PM

Flat iron is definitely a must, for the bangs at least.. and then I let the rest fly free (curly). Too hot to straighten the whole head.
I'm a HUGE fan of bare minerals. Especially in the summer time.. it's so light and tends to stick right to your skin. I use "warmth" bronzer to give myself some believable color for my pale-even-in-the-summer irish complexion : )

Ginny | 5:52 PM

Bronzer .. that's it! It's hot as Hades where I live in Aus and nothing else will do. Mind you, by the end of summer I've spent so much time out in the sun with no sunscreen (tsk, tsk!) that I don't need the bronzer anymore. Also my hair is a stringy, thin mess so in summer I tend to just wear it tied in headscarfs or hidden in giant cheesecloth headbands.
Oh, and aloe in the fridge for end-of-the-day moiturising.

Ginny | 5:53 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
ruth | 5:56 PM

living in florida my summer must have are oil blotting strips, a ponytail and chap stick.

Margie | 6:18 PM

Please do post a summer eye makeup how-to video! My new summer makeup adventure involves Badger tinted lip balm, and so far I'm a fan. I also have the lovely zits, and kind of love that you didn't airbrush - gives me another positive role model: )

tlh | 6:18 PM

burt bees
pony for hair
bobby pins (i'm growing out your bangs.. whn i first found ur blog, i fell inlove w ur bangs.. went and did it! loved them, but growing them out).
baby powder for my huur
no underwear (this is such a time saver and suprisingly so comfortable)
iced coffee
wld love to hear what your workout is you do 3 days a week.


danyelle | 6:19 PM

My must haves are ponytail holders, bobby pins, sunscreen moisturizer, and lush honey trap lip gloss.

jesse k | 6:19 PM

I use a ton of zit cream in the summer b/c of my bangs and a lot of running in the humidity!

Katie D | 6:23 PM

As of recently, it's a keratin hair treatment. It's AMAZING. That and bronzer.

k5brown | 6:24 PM

summer must-have...Evian Facial Spray. Feels soooooo good!

Sarah | 6:38 PM

I am obsessed with the light dresses that make you look professional and hot at work! So comfy, lightweight, and sexy too.

I also use vaseline lotion that has spf in it. It is aloe in it, so it makes you feel cool in the summer, and it protects you from the sun too.

Primer is so important for summer, so your makeup doesn't melt.

red | 6:42 PM

Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel.

You haven't used it??
Game changer for summer dresses and shorter than short shorts.

Liz Lazer | 6:56 PM

dry shampoo, the new Goody spin pins, neutrogena spray sunscreen & rosebud salve

Allyson | 7:10 PM

My hair is all one length, so all summer it stays back in a pony low on my neck. I buy packs of no-break thick elastics in brown to match my hair. Make up is bare minimum in the summer up here in Maine. I use Avon's version of Bare Minerals and love it. Just a quick dust with a poofy brush and a coat of L'Oriel (sp?) darkest brown mascara, Bonnie Bell (don't laugh at me, I'm poor)tinted lip gloss. I LURVE the shower curtain in your bathroom!

Erin | 7:11 PM

water, sunscreen, flat iron and spf lipgloss.

LeeAnn | 7:15 PM

Homemade face/lip/body brown sugar scru and my old school hanky I use everyday!

Laura | 7:18 PM

I love California Baby's moisturizing spf lotion. I first bought it for my son but then started buying it for me! Pretty much that and a bobbi brown bronzing shimmer brick do it for me all summer long. I definitely concur on the hairbands and bobby pins. I think you've inspired me to try to use a flat iron after reading this. This excites me.

the chelle box | 7:23 PM

I have blonde eyebrows... I must have eyebrow powder applied + mascara (because, duh, eyelashes are sadly blonde and invisible as well).

Also... Pale skin demands 2 things: BLUSH! SPF! (Estee Lauder blush and Aveeno face SPF)

nicole | 7:30 PM

I have curly hair and rarely ever straighten it, but your post inspires me to try again! Summer must haves: hair ties, mascara, and bronzer. Oh! And burt's bees shimmer stick things, too. They are the best!

andrea.d | 7:31 PM

SPF of course.
Wash makeup brushes more frequently.
And a tip from my mom; take a lightweight cotton or linen scarf and dip it in water. Wring it out really well then drape it around your neck as usual. Keeps you cool as a cucumber and looks stylish to boot!

Chloe | 7:32 PM

my son is my beauty must have.

he's so cute that no one even looks at me anymore! i barely wear any makeup nowadays and i still feel great because i created such a good looking little person.

oh and big sunnies. i love to wear them on my head and well on my eyes when need be.

Anonymous | 7:37 PM

must haves: spf moisturizer - use aveeno, lip balm - whole foods mint, hair clippy or rubber band to pull long hair up into messy bun, and a fan to keep me cool in the heat! the last isn't a beauty item but sure helps keep the makeup on instead of it melting off in the heat!

Margaret | 7:38 PM

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Must. Have. It takes care of any sunburned skin. Aside from that I go minimal as well.

Amy K | 7:39 PM

tinted moisturizer, flat iron for bangs (rest is in ponytail), mascara

Maggie | 7:44 PM

When I need to go super light in the heat, the only thing I will apply is Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer by STILA. The tint is just enough to take the edge off any blochey-ness, it is VERY light, has a nice glow to it (note, NOT shimmer) and of course, is SPF 15.

Jill Smyth | 7:57 PM

This summer? My must have is sleep. No kidding. It's been a bazillion degrees and I'm learning how to get my ten month old to sleep and mama needs some alone time. The five hours tops (and not in a row) is not cutting it.

Erin | 7:59 PM

Oh, yeah, Bobby pins!!

MK | 8:08 PM

Warning about 10 from Benefit! The guy who does my eyebrows there told me they're discontinuing it. WHY WHY WHY...he didn't know. But said to start watching for it on the "buh-buys" section of the web site to stock up on it at a sale price before they stop making it. I LOVE that stuff--it's like instant cheekbones.

My summer gotta-haves: facial lotion w/SPF included and a flat iron (and do I ever need a replacement!)

Thanks for another great post!

Jackeliene | 8:08 PM

Tinted moisturizer with an SPF, mascara, hair ties (or "hair ups" as my 3 year old daughter calls them), lots and lots of sunblock, and deodorant!

Carla | 8:15 PM

This year it's been the side braid! I can do it with my hair wet early in the morning and it stays put all day. It can go both casual and dressy but keeps me cool. And, according to fashion mags, it's actually fashionable these days =)

Brianna | 8:19 PM

Hmm. Ponytail holder, mascara (small eyes, MUST curl and mascara), under eye concealer,tarte cheek stain, it's the only blush that stays on my skin. ever. : ) and chapstick. I like the natural shea butter ones.

Anonymous | 8:20 PM

I live in Hawaii, so face cream with SPF, waterproof mascara and eyeliner, good chapstick, and of course a ton of hair ties are on the must-have list. I have blonde hair, so a eyebrow pencil helps, too =). ~Caitlin

Heather | 8:29 PM

I am all about the new twisty bobby pins! Love them! My other summer beauty goods include VS bronzer, Almay naturals blush, and I've been trying out LashBlast which smells like poop but extends like whoa.

Anonymous | 8:31 PM

Tinted moisturizer with SPF!

Anonymous | 8:32 PM

Lemons! Love them in ice water and as a natural astringent.


Chrissy | 8:33 PM

Smudgy eye liner (sexier when it's smudgy from sweat and heat and stuff) and witch hazel to cool this brazen Southern lady's cleavage down and stuff.

Pam | 8:47 PM

Summer must haves include hair bands, hair clips, foot files and my super wide brim hat. For my 1 and 4 year old, wide brim hats,,,yea!

Txgrrl | 9:05 PM

My must haves are SPF 1000 - I'm lucky that my face is extra dry and our climate is even dryer so I suck up all the oil. Others are concealer and mascara.

I am on the hunt for a good summer foundation - without it my pale skin (ahem, SPF) gets me tons of "are you all right" questions. Could use any tips for something sheer but with decent coverage.

Joanna | 9:24 PM

My summer must haves:
-Lip balm
-Sun block
-Hair ties
-GGC style tips

Here's hoping!

Jenn | 9:24 PM

Okay this might be TMI but baby powder for under the boobage. Cause yeah, I sweat there and it is gross and I hate how it feels.

kerrie | 9:25 PM

to have...cutical oil (aveda)& Heels of approval(foot lotion) To have not...crappy nails and crappy feet.

Chrissy | 9:33 PM

My summer must haves- my Clarisonic, vitamin C serum, hair ties, a good razor for all the leg and arm pit shaving & California Baby sunscreen!

Jessica + Chuck | 9:48 PM

Lip gloss: Nivea A kiss of SHINE because I sweat and dehydrate my lips need help to catch with my shiny skin. Speaking of sweat i use Arm & Hammer Essentials natural deodorant because I stink and having to breast feed I prefer a natural choice product so close to my tatas. My backup lip care is Alba Coconut cream lip balm because it smells so yummy! Lastly - but most importantly a camera to capture my son being adorable having summer fun.

katiepaisley | 9:52 PM

#1 must have is city block by Clinique. I have had 0 facial sunburns this summer!

EB | 9:53 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
EB | 9:54 PM

Summer beauty must-haves for a Californian turned Midwesterner are all about figuring out how not to look terrible in 102% humidity:
- Root-lifter spray
- Ponytail holders
- Chapstick
- Waterproof, long-lasting eyeliner
- Waterproof, long-lasting mascara

cissyrene | 10:24 PM

Sunscreen is my number 1, 2, 3 and 4 must haves. If you looked at me, I'm white, but I'm not ghostly pale. However..... I will get a bad sunburn in 10 minutes. I'm peeling now, as a matter of fact. :)

ecjbailey | 10:26 PM

Summer Uniform: Ponytail, lip balm(was Burt's, now Say Yes to Carrots with spf), tinted moisturizer, a little mascara. Bam.

cissyrene | 10:27 PM

@Jenny... I'll see your TMI, and raise you that I out deodorant under my boobs. It's helps so so much. Oh man. Better by far than baby powder. :)

GingerB | 10:48 PM

I could seriuosly use a straightener . . . mostly I go curly because I am too lazy and not very good a straightening, then I tell myself people still pay for perms and to try to be grateful. MaryKay's yellow concealer hide my permer redspot and I love my lancome Bientaift, year round actually. Love my messy buns too.

leeshka | 10:52 PM

Blistex (Renew?) lip balm with some form of Q-10 enzyme craziness. It keeps my lips soft, and tastes kind of orangey - like baby aspirin. That, and a simple brown eyeliner. Oh, and my jawed hair clippy thing (I'm sure they have a real name, but it's lost on me)

Sophie Stid | 10:52 PM

In the summer, I am never without my obnoxiously big sunglasses, Neutrogena SPF 70, Burt's Bees shimmer stick and aloe vera. I wear minimal make-up but dresses almost every day.

Restless Mama | 11:50 PM

Love this tutorial. My summer must have are bobby pins and lip gloss. I too, am not a fan of the heat and cannot stand having my hair down. I feel like the lip gloss makes me look younger and spunky.

Piper | 12:12 AM

La Roche Posay SPF 60 (i know, probably excessive but it has Mexoryl which apparently is supposed to be the best defense against the evil rays, not the nice ones) + Derma e Organic Day Lotion (mmm smells delish, and say, i just discovered this line of skincare and highly recommend!) smooshed together with a sample of Primer I got from Sephora over top to quell that inevitable summer shine and those ghastly pot holes. Add to that some Maybelline Mascara (you know, the one that's been around for ages in the pink tube), some sixties looking gel MAC liner, and Burts Bee's chapstick! Hair gets soakers when it's humid and then promptly stuck up in a bun. Can i just say how much i am looking forward to autumn?
PS. Love your blog. You write really, really well.

Nicole | 12:57 AM

Shit I suck. Umm...SPF 70? Oh and I'm rocking a short pixie cut which is oh so easy get out of the shower and do nothing but still cute.

Jamilisa | 2:21 AM

My summer must haves...2 big, no metal ponytail holders, the messy bun is my go-to almost everyday. Otherwise, it's a messy twisty-thing that's stuck up in a pile with a pen or pencil. I love LOVE the plain CO Bigelow shea butter lip balm from Bath and Body works. I've been using a LashBlast mascara and some pink shimery eye shadow if it's an occasion that requires makeup (rare!)

tlr | 3:16 AM

Sunscreen, mascara and elastics. Have no idea how my hair looks down or if I need a haircut from May to October.

This Must be the Place . . . | 3:41 AM

Too lazy for flat irons, generally, but the one I have was like three bucks. Maybe a good one will actually do something.

Must haves:

Benefit Dr. Feelgood primer/mattifier to deslick my slicky face.
Benefit stay don't stray concealer/eyelid primer
Benefit Benetint
Clinique bronzer
Mac matte lipstick for when I want something more than gloss.
And yes, bobby pins for the bangs and random stuff for the messy buns. Have not worn my hair down once this summer.

Yoonmee | 4:35 AM

My summer beauty must-haves: tinted moisturizer (I use Josie Maran's but would love another tube!), lip balm with spf (lately I've been using Aveda's Lip Saver), a natural looking lip gloss, and lately I've been experimenting with cream blushes. I also never ever leave the house without sunblock on my face. Oh! And I really like Make Up Forever's HD Powder over my makeup to keep it looking as fresh as possible on these sweltering summer days.

Kathy | 5:14 AM

Along with the messy bun, I steal my 18M daughter's Copertone SPF 50 for outside time and then fake it with Nivea's Sun Kissed legs lotion. My face fakes a tan with Jergens Natural glow moisturizer and then BareMinerals to mask the shine. Here in Florida though, our summer must have in AC...that way the flat ironing efforts of the morning, are worth it. ;)

My Bottle's Up! | 5:32 AM

FANTASTIC tips. so glad you posted this... however, i have ENTIRELY different hair than you as mine is short, quirky, curly and with a mind of its own.

bonus to short hair in this heat... DUH, it's off my neck. i wouldn't be able to survive without "BEDHEAD manipulator" (it's the blue gunk in a jar and is miraculous.) using this allows me to get through 2, even 3 days still being able to scrunch, spike, etc without getting that oily "WTF, wash your hair woman" look. highly, HIGHLY recommend it for short haired ladies. it's a bit pricey at almost $20 for a jar, but lasts for a really long time.

makeup-wise... i'm minimal and stick with tinted moisturizer. even powder on me serves no purpose as i am suffer from uber-sweat and it just melts.

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