Gone Style: Summer Beauty for Face and Head

*ED: Updated with winner, below*

Ugh. The heat. Am I right? Am I right? What's a girl to do with her sanity when it's 673893 degrees outside. Hair? Makeup? What the fuck, sun! What. The. Fuck. Sometimes the best way to fight fire? Is with fire, baby! Bomp-chicka-wow-wow...

...So let's talk summer must-haves and quick tips for staying hot hot (in-the) heat.

First. Bangs. Ugh, you guys. As someone who has had bangs for most of her twenty-nine years, I must tell you, bangs and summer? Not a great mix. Sticky bangs are not cute and it's sort of impossible to avoid their cement-sweat-yuck when it's 102 degrees. Or even 89.

So? Unless you plan on carrying dry shampoo on your person all day long...

Which brings me to summer must have #1: Dry Shampoo! I've written about dry shampoo before complete with before and after photos. I use Klorane, which came recommended via the lovely Liz and has since changed my life. I wash my hair, at most, twice a week but work out at least three times a week so dry shampoo is mas importante. Helps me control the grease monkeys that live in my locks.

I digress. Back to bangs. (That's what she said.)

I have bangs.
Hello, bangs.

But in the summer, they disappear:
Goodbye, bangs.

Bobby pins are my friend and I take advantage of their loyalty to my scalp by utilizing them on the daily. Headbands, too. Which brings me to my next summer must-have: #2. Bobby Pins. A three-dollar pack will last you all summer. Just pull bangs back and pin voila.
But not before you... #3. Flat Iron!

I was never a huge flat iron fan until I was recently introduced via Nancy O'Dell/Momversation who offered to send me the Rusk w8less flat iron + blow dryer a few months back. I am now obsessed and the flat iron (I blow dry my hair once in a blue never. Don't have the patience for it.) and have ordered everyone I know to snag themselves one. To be fair, before giving the Rusk a whirl I had only ever used to same straightener since high school, which could very well have been expired/broken. Regardless, this babe is solid. I totally recommend. (See above pics for post flat-ironed awesome.)
(For reference, this is what my hair looks like when I wake up after sleeping on it wet. Pardon my early-am, pre-coffee man-face.)

And speaking of faces that look less mannish with a bit of makeup...

Makeup in the summer is a subtle art. Waterproof mascara is disasterville - will break your eyelashes off within a week and for what? No one's looking at your eyes in the pool, anyway. They're looking at your boobs. In my case they're looking at my boobs and then promptly looking away. Two breast reductions and two babies have fucked my shit clear up but it doesn't really matter anyway because I'm married. April fools, Hal! Forever April fools!

Seriously, though. If I'm going anywhere near a pool or body of water, I stay away from eye-makeup completely and wear chap stick, tinted-SPF and bronzer. Mainly, for day to day, I go for light, barely-there makeup so people don't think I'm a dude.

For summer, besides #4 - A Good Facial SPF. I carry Neutrogena's oil-free sunblock stick on me at all times. I use it on the kids, too.

The following are my summer everyday makeup must-haves:

#5. Concealer - for pimples, under-eyes et al. My two favorities are this one by MAC and this by Josie Maran Cosmetics.
#6. Bronzer - been obsessed with the "10" bronzer from Benefit for years now. It's pricey but will last you two years. (Apply with lighter shade up to define cheekbones.)
#7. Neapolitan (shades of) Eyeshadow - (ED: think strawberry, vanilla, chocolate when choosing your three summer shades and then applying them to your eyelids one shade after the other.) In the below photos I'm wearing Josie Maran's "pinkalicious" on inner corner, followed by "sand" and "pewter" on the ends.
#8. A good, light mascara: I'm currently experimenting with Maybelline's Lash Stiletto.
#9. Burts Bees lip shimmer in Watermelon. For pale complexions such as mine, this shade is tops but all Burts shades are awesome and will flatter any skin-tone. Fine one that works for you and buy ten of them. (If you're anything like me, you will lose one every few days.)

Yeah right. Like anyone can comfortably wear their hair down in the summer. Not me, anyway. My hair sticks to my neck and my skin starts itching and ew. Hair up, por favor.

Enter #9: The messy bun.

This is how I typically wear my hair in the summer. Unless I know I'm going to be spending the day in an air-conditioned space. Here also is a better view of eye-makeup in three shades.
Oh and sorry about the pimples. I don't know how to airbrush.

I wasn't thinking very far ahead when I took these pictures this morning. If there's any confusion with the makeup application, please let me know and I'll do a summer-makeup tutorial vid re-cap type situation.

In the meantime, here's a birds-eye view of the messy bun. An ideal nest for birds to rest their weary wings/comfortable and casual way to wear long hair in the summer.

Annnnnnnnnnd... now that you survived all that...

This week I have two majorly exciting giveaways:

1. Rusk W8les str8-iron + blow-dryer c/o Rusk (thanks, Rusk!)
2. Josie Maran Cosmetics summer makeup basket c/o Josie Maran Cosmetics (thanks Josie and Polly!) which includes tinted moisturizer w/ SPF, cream blush in "sunkissed," pressed powder, lipstick in Dyani + black mascara. (ED: Get 25% off at JM check-out using the code "dailycandy.")

To win? Tell me your summer beauty must-haves. Winner to be picked next Tuesday PM via random.org. Good luck!


*I'm super excited to announce that my friend Christopher Collins (you may remember him from this giveaway last year!) will be appearing on the new season of Project Runway, debuting next THURSDAY (July 29th) which is very exciting round these parts. (My cousin Erica is Christopher's business partner + my mom's entire wardrobe is CC. Exhibit A: my mom's white coat pictured at the bottom of this post.) Check him out here and here and follow Christopher Collins Collection on twitter! The dude is one of the nicest, most ambitious/talented/interesting humans in existence and I'm so SO proud of him (and Erica). So sososososo proud.

** Congratulations to #284 Edensky for your new Rusk hair products and #36, LC for your Josie Maran makeup basket! And thank you everyone for participating in the giveaway! Will be doing more amazing giveaways soon! You're awesome!


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cj | 6:16 AM

Shades, shades, shades! And hat? Though once the hat goes on, it's staying on. Like till bedtime.

Dina | 7:34 AM

Summer must have: witch hazel. It is great for mid-day clean ups/pick me up (I don't tend to wear anything more than a moisturizer w/ SPF). It's remarkably refreshing.

Ann Lienemann | 7:54 AM

I can't live without strawberry Chapstick and Covergirl mascara. Also, bobbypins are always attached to me somewhere in case I need them.

jen | 8:17 AM

bumble & bumble classic hairspray--nice light hold, aveda phomollient--also nice and light and lorac double feature concealer/highlighter--BOOM!


Nicole | 9:21 AM

Prescriptives False Eyelashes mascara! Because when its too hot to even consider putting anything but the barest minimum on (clothes, or otherwise), I can still have sexy eyelashes.

Debbie and Lane | 9:32 AM

Does an elastic count as a beauty must have. I'm with you - hot weather = hair up!

Debbie and Lane | 9:32 AM

Does an elastic count as a beauty must have. I'm with you - hot weather = hair up!

Decor Addict | 10:13 AM

thank you for the bobby pin tip! barrettes just don't cut it with my curls, but this works perfectly!

kelly | 10:24 AM

my super floppy sun hat!

Kate | 10:32 AM

Less is more during the summer. I live in the tropical climate of South Florida and keep it pretty basic for both day and night looks.

1.Twist & Pout Clip Gloss in Peace for my lips. SPF 20 with a hint of tint and a not-too-glossy finish.

2.Phyto Organics Sea Swell Ocean Air Texture Mist for my hair. Can be used on wet or dry hair to give that fresh from the beach look. Also gives enough hold to withstand an ocean breeze.

3.JASON Ester-C Creme Moisturizer for my face and neck. While it is a thick creme, it's light and leaves my dry, weather beaten skin quenched. No SPF, so it's a night creme.

Mary | 10:53 AM

buns, binders, braids, bobby pins.

D Lilly | 11:00 AM

I swear by MAC bronzer, Shu Uemera brown Basic mascara, and Ahava Mult-Vitamin Dry Oil - Mandarin & Cedarwood (so fresh and nice).

Laura K. | 11:38 AM

the Benefit IT stick - to hide those daaark bags under my eyes -- so I stop looking like lurch on the Addmas Family and.

Oregon503 | 11:54 AM

- Burts Bees lip balm (original)
- Benefit "get even" pressed powder
- Cover Girl "lash blast" volume mascara
- hair bands
- ice water!

alanna_migliacci | 12:01 PM

Sadly, my summer must haves are sunscreen, a giant hat, and lots of water. I'm not the most fetching catch in the summer (thank you NYC humidity), but hopefully my skin will thank me in 15 or 20 years.

Thanks! Alanna

Jenny | 12:08 PM

Living in Florida where it is 95 degrees with 110% humidity makes looking human almost impossible. But I try...can't live without:
Alba Terratints tinted lip balm with spf, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, and Goody latex elastics...the only ones that keep my ponytail in place.

AbraCat | 12:46 PM

My favorite is Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. I prefer a brighter color in winter, but Almost Lipstick is just the right sheer for summer.

Nicole | 1:36 PM

My summer must haves are hair clips (I have fine hair and elastic bands pulls it out) to "clip" my hair in a pony tail or a twist at the nape of my neck and Retriderm vitamin A serum

Nicole | 1:38 PM

My summer must haves are hair clips (I have fine hair and elastic bands pull it out) to clip my hair into a pony tail or twist at the nape of my neck and Retriderm vitamin A serum

cora d | 2:15 PM

My summer must-haves - sunscreen and a razor! I only shave my legs in the summer.

Lisa | 2:23 PM

My summer must haves are baby sunscreen SPF 60, light mascara (will try the stiletto - you like it so far?) and Benefit’s Boi-Ing Concealer (recommended by whoorl on Hair Thursday).

Kate | 3:19 PM

My latest thing is Garnier Wonder Waves spray. Faboo for anyone with curls.

marie | 3:35 PM

definitely bobby pins + hair elastics....and spf lip balm.
also, an ice pack to reduce heat flush!

Anonymous | 4:34 PM

Bronzer! Mascara! Chapstick! Sunscreen!

Abi | 5:25 PM

My summer must-haves are pony tail holders, headbands to keep my (as one stylist called it) Angry Asian Hair in place. I can definitely use a flat iron! I also use Burt's Bees Pom lip balm and Neutrogena face powder.

Tara | 5:30 PM

Ponytail holders are KEY. I'm also liking Olay Definity -- kind of a tinted moisturizer that also has SPF 15. And Neutrogena SPF 30 sunscreen for my neck and chest.

Tanya | 5:57 PM

my only summer must have is sunscreen...I'm transparent...'nuff said :) I love your natural makeup, looks great!

Anonymous | 7:34 PM

I recently had a little one - so my beauty routine has taken a serious nosedive. But my newest must have is benefits benetints. It is awesome. And those rosy checks almost distract from the dark circles next to them.


hah_1980 (@) hotmail (.) com

LizB | 7:55 PM

Rosebud Salve & bobby pins are my must haves.

OR | 8:21 PM

Love love love the makeup!!

Sarah | 8:30 PM

ooh, am I too late to enter this? no matter, this was a great post, and i am always in favor of tutorials!

Amber | 6:06 AM

I go for bobby pins, cute head bands, and Sexy Motherpucker lip plumper :) Oh, and adorable sun dresses with heels...

SweeT | 8:22 AM

Bobby pins and SPF chapstick!

kara | 9:16 AM

CO Bigelow mint gloss; Fresh Sugar Face Polish; Philosophy mineral powder.

Whitney | 2:43 PM

bobbypins bobbypins bobbypins! and like 20 million facial wipes.

Christine | 4:09 PM

Hair ties to keep my out-of-control hair out if my face - I usually have one in my hair and a few extras on my wrist. Oil-absorbing sheets for when I'm feeling really shiny. And sunscreen. I look like a beet in 20 minutes if I don't wear it.

TheGirlCan'tHelpIt! | 6:13 PM

Serious Q, GGC...would you please possibly rate the five top dry shampoos per your experience: Your fav contains oatmeal and is not safe for DJ suffers.
(DH a gluten related condition.)

Jae | 10:17 AM

My summer must-haves are fruity shower gel, Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid, and Neutrogena sensitive skin SPF 50. Love this! Thanks for the tips!

Anonymous | 8:18 PM

Hi GGC, could you please tell me what other dry shampoos you would recommend - the one you are currently using has oats and I'd have no hair or scalp left after itching it off!


mommymae | 9:45 PM

super-goop spf face moisturizer for me & the kiddios, philosophy purity face wash & my hemp mini-wahcloths, & philosophy hope in a jar for sensitive skin.

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