Fifteen Weeks

After twenty-four hours of grueling travel delays/getting stranded at Midway/sleeping zero/missing Easter in Nana's garden (boo!) we made it home, in four one-piece pieces. Relief, yes, but also, mild depression. You know what I mean? It's like a fog of discombobulation spiked with frustration, stress and sadness that every day can't be Vacationville. (I could seriously live out of a suitcase my entire life, join the gypsies and hit the road in a converted school bus so long as there was room for my entire extended family. In another life, perhaps.)

Minus of the biting reality of being home and still having to grocery shop, I feel great. Exhausted, sick with the usual airplane-cold c/o inhaling recycled farts air, but great. We had an amazing time in New York and I didn't once feel the need to break, sit, collapse or throw up, which is pretty incredible considering how active we were vs how inactive I've been in the last few months. I feel similarly sized as last week and am still able to sleep on my belly with some pillow propping, which means = I'm sleeping through the night. (Side-sleep means insomnia for this girl so I'm milking the belly sleep for as long as I can tolerate it.)

The babies are the size(s) of apples this week, which means I get to say, "how do you like these apples?" to people and watch them not laugh.

Awesome = I felt movement this week for the first time! I think so, anyway. (!!!). I was sixteen weeks when I felt first movement with Fable so I'm pretty sure this was legit. High five!

Not awesome = Braxton Hicks contractions. Already! Ahhh! At first I thought I was feeling two baby heads, but then I looked at a diagram and saw that baby heads are nowhere near where I could feel them, duh. So. Braxton Hicks party central. (For those who haven't experienced them, Braxton Hicks contractions feel a little like getting a Charlie Horse in your belly, except eating bananas doesn't make them go away.)

A few of you asked what the difference has been, size-wise, this time vs. my last pregnanc(ies). Aha! I will show you.

Here's a shot of me at sixteen weeks with Fable:
16 weeks
Unfortunately, I couldn't find a belly shot photo of fifteen weeks, but, here's a shot of me twenty-two weeks pregnant (Fable), which is a lot closer to what (I think) I look like now:
22 Weeks, Left
22 weeks w/one = 15 weeks w/two
Friday, if the babes are cooperative with their genitals, we'll get to find out their sex(es). In the meantime, I am shitting my unitard in anticipation/excitement/because I'm wearing a unitard and have no other choice.




My Bottle's Up! | 1:42 PM

lovely lady, could you puhlease pimp out that unitard? i can't tell if i'm more in love with your precious bump or the unitard... so hows abouts a lil post of fun ways you are wearing your unitard 24/7???


Ellie | 1:43 PM

You look great and I'm happy to hear that your feel better!

sarah doow | 1:44 PM

My only "up close" experience of a baby bump has been that of my sister-in-law's twin bump (the babies are now 2.5 weeks old), so I have no idea how big bumps are for one baby. Either way though, they are fabulous things.

mom2nji | 1:44 PM

I love your posts since I am 15 weeks today too! I am hella jealous you get to see the sexes this week! I have to wait til 18 weeks.
I am digging the unitard, There is no way my tubby butt will be rocking one anytime soon though.

loodles | 1:46 PM

you look beautiful. so happy. alive with possibilities.

Maggie | 1:56 PM

My twins are about to turn 1 year. Let me tell you, 37 weeks with twins is like 4 years with one...good luck. You look beautiful!

Sarah | 1:59 PM

If I had known you were at Midway I totally would have driven up and visited and entertained your kids and talked to the babies.

So next time, call me!

Mrs. Flinger | 2:02 PM

Awe, you rock the belly.

Woman on the Verge | 2:04 PM

I think third pregnancies bring the belly blossom a lot sooner as it even with one bean in the bun it would be bigger, sooner. At last with me, on my third pregnancy and 18 weeks along, that has been the case.
You look absolutely beautiful by the way and I now realize I might DIE without a unitard (and half chaps but that's besides the point).

Rebecca | 2:07 PM

I actually know someone whose parents raised him and his sister on a converted schoolbus, traveling around the country. It's doable. Just saying.

PS, you look all glowy. =)

Andrea | 2:20 PM

you look beautiful! I'm enjoying following your pregnancy. how exciting. :)

Glenda | 2:26 PM

You look great! x2

And so excited for Friday!

I'm thinking it's one boy/one girl!

michelle | 2:30 PM

you look amazing. so exciting, we find out friday what we are having as well! we are going to let our kids do the revealing and they can't wait.

Unknown | 2:34 PM

Fun (and funny) post! You look awesome and about as big as I look now with 1 baby at 20 weeks. But my first time around I know I was smaller at this point. So excited for you to find out the sexes of your apples! (Just found out we're having a girl and am beyond happy.)

Alyssa | 3:32 PM

I'm LOVING that unitard! I'm 14 weeks pregnant (with just one baby!) and I'm twice the size I was with my first. I've been in maternity clothes since 6 weeks, and that bodysuit looks uber-comfy! By the way, you look *fabulous* and more energetic than I feel! ;)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 4:43 PM

You look amazing. So hope that your week revives and makes up for past delays!


Unknown | 5:06 PM

Congrats. I am so excited for you. I was laughing so much about the Braxton Hicks comment. I am 33 weeks now and they still make me go "hey, what's up". Every time they happen I sing either out loud or to myself (depending on where I am) Bbbbb-rrrr--aaaa--xxx-tttt-ooooo-nnnnnn HICKS!

emily | 5:12 PM

I never thought about that... how DO you go to the bathroom with a unitard? also, yay babies!

13 double u's | 7:09 PM

You look absolutely radiant! Congratulations on your news!

13 double u's | 7:11 PM

You look absolutely RADIANT (so much so I thought it needed all caps!)!! Congratulations to you and your family!

Rebekah | 7:13 PM

Very cute! Love the belly pics -- are you going to share the news when you find out the gender(s)?

Katherine | 8:50 PM

Hi! I just found your blog after doing a search for hip tattoos. It lead me to a great post from 2008 that actually helped me out a lot. Love your blog! So glad that I found it.

Ray | 8:53 PM

Look at your belly! I'm loving it! Can't believe they're already the size of apples. Crazy! I hope the Braxton Hicks goes away. And I'm still betting that the twins are boy/girl.

We shall see on Friday. Hopefully they're cooperative! =D


You are looking lovely, lady. The wombmates give you a nice glow. I can't wait to hear what there genitals have to say. That kind of came out wrong.

Alyssa | 12:28 AM

Hahaha! PLEASE do not shit the unitard. You'll just regret it. I mean, just imagine the clean up.

That being said {because obviously it was necessary}, I always love reading your posts. You're a pretty classy, hysterical gal and you're looking WAY gorgeous with that 15/22 week belly :-)

Dory | 5:07 AM

I wonder if someone can sew a zipper or a velcro panel in your unitard? hmmm. Because it really is genius maternity wear. or maybe an emergency release of some sort for 25 weeks+. double hmmmm. I only wish I could've worn that with my twins.

shades_of_red | 7:15 AM

Congrats congrats!! You look amazing! Are you going to try to find out the sexes before hand or keep it a surprise?

Kathleen | 7:24 AM

Braxton Hicks are the worst! The unitard is awesome btw! I'll tune in to see what flavor(s) you are having. Cheers!

Cam - Bibs and Baubles | 10:44 AM

nice apples!! you look great!

Abi | 12:19 PM

You look great! I think we're about the same size. I'm at 19 weeks tomorrow. We found out yesterday that we're having a girl. YAY! I hope you get to find out what gender the babies are.

Rusti | 1:06 PM

you look FANTASTIC.

Sorry about the travel issues :(

Hope you have a wonderful week!

oh, jenny mae | 2:21 PM

ooooo!! i cant wait for friday, tooooo!

sorry you had a horrible delay last weekend. at least you all were together, right?


Mia | 7:24 PM

Ummm, how gorgeous do you look? I always thought "pregnancy glow" was such a silly concept but I don't know how else to describe your loveliness!

Erin | 7:51 PM

lol. I laughed really hard at your unitard joke. You look beautiful.

Lauren Knight | 9:58 AM

Yipppeeeee! Can't wait to find out what those two apples are packin' downstairs!

Katy | 2:19 PM

...At least if you gain a lot of weight and your butt gets really big, no one will notice!

Love from Katy, 40+ weeks pregnant and no baby in sight.

jessica | 11:04 AM

i had twins. you are probably not feeling braxton hix contractions but your muscles stretching at a faster rate. it gets more painful as the weeks go on. you do get about twice the size you normally do with twins. also be prepared for your ribs to feel like they are breaking, punches and kicks into your bladder a lot (for some reason they like doing that!), restless leg syndrome, lots of sharp pains in your belly, and numbness in your arms. being pregnant with twins is SUPER uncomfortable once you hit 20 or so weeks. also prepare for the olympics going on in your stomach (try to get it on tape of them moving!) good luck. eat a lot. take lots of naps. drink lots and lots of water. rest when you need to. don't try to do too much when you get further along.

all in all, it will go by fast and it will be worth it in the end!