The Snail

I still remember that feeling. Of finding a snail on the wall, or behind a leaf, holding it in my hands, watching it come out, slowly at first until BAM... away it went down the sidewalk.
Those were some of my favorite afternoons as a child, like treasure hunting for life and then following, protecting, making sure the creatures were safe, surrounded by leaves at the finish line...
Multiply that joy by four zillion trillion and that's how I feel watching my children in the same kinds of moments, twenty-three and twenty-seven years later.
Snails haven't changed and I like to think that in certain ways, neither will they.


*Fable's dress: I picked the fabric, my mom sewed. Pattern linked here.


Nanette | 8:53 AM

Love this!

Also, your mom needs to open her own Etsy shop. I'd be all over that!

Anonymous | 9:01 AM

beautiful child and darling dress!

verdemama | 9:12 AM

Too cute! My son has been enjoying the company of a snail lately, too: and

And, yes, your mom could definitely open up an Etsy shop. I've got a little girl on the way in T-minus six weeks and would love to doll her up in one of your mother's gorgeous creations.

Jilly | 9:22 AM

LOVE Fable's dress! She's really starting to look like you!

Unknown | 9:28 AM

I just wanted to tell you that if I ever have a daughter (I have two boys) I would want her to be just like Fable. She is the most beautiful little girl and I love your stories about her!

Pretzel Thief | 9:29 AM

I, too, am totally over the "Have Wendy open an Etsy shop!" bandwagon.

Also: ARCHER! Awww...they're both so sweet and adorable. And, as always, love the allegory in your writing; always evokes a feeling of warmth.

RJStewart | 9:30 AM

The photos are fantastic. They really tell the story, and you have wonderful, different perspectives in each.

Chrissy | 9:47 AM

Go Playmobil!!! Which set is it ;)? My six year old boy is totally obsessed with those little German round-headed dudes. Coincidentally, we followed/stewarded a snail to safety yesterday. Xander is all about worms and snails and butterflies...I love this age!

Unknown | 10:24 AM

What cuties! :-) Lovely pictures!

Unknown | 10:26 AM

So beautiful. There's something so magical about watching kids discover the natural world. I love that you encourage it in your kids. And I love snails.

Rachel | 10:43 AM

SNAIL MAIL. I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself.

Glenda | 11:22 AM

Beautiful...and soon you'll be watching 2 xs 2 more! love it!

wonderchris | 11:37 AM

Fable just gets the best looks! Love those kids!

Sara AKA Maternal Mirth | 11:43 AM

These shots are so GORGE!

Meagan | 11:51 AM

They are such beautiful children, Rebecca. You can just see the wonder in their eyes and it's making me smile!

Unknown | 11:53 AM

Love the looks on their faces! I remember those snail days in my childhood fondly, too. Now I can't wait for Q to find his first snail.

Totally agree about Wendy having her own Etsy shop. I die for all of the dresses she makes for Fable.

Grace | 12:06 PM

Amazing photos! I don't think I can touch a snail but I like escargot. I do see a lot of snails around our garden and I am always careful not to step on them. I love how they look so out of this world. Like little aliens.

Bar-b | 12:13 PM

I REALLY enjoyed this simple post. Your kids, camera and guest snail are awesome!

Becca | 12:17 PM

I miss snails! Treasured the same things as a kid. But alas, we do not have them in Arizona. (Nor do we have sidewalks in our town, but that's a different story.) I have to stick with feigning excitement when my 5 year old finds praying mantis's or baby spiders.


Snails have always been my favorite animal. I used to keep them as pets when I was little, before my parents let me have an "actual" pet...

They look so friendly, don't they? They're so vulnerable and interesting, gentle (even in their destruction.) Snails. Oh, snails.

johnmayersquare | 12:27 PM

That dress is adorable! LOVE it! What a good grandma to do all of those pretty dresses for her ;) They are both beautiful kids!

Chelsea | 12:30 PM

omg, those pictures of the two of them are adorable!!!!!!

Anonymous | 12:52 PM

I'm 55 and was almost late to work the other day because I opened the door and found a snail sitting on the steps and I had to watch it for a while - it was a great start to the day!

Ali | 1:48 PM

GAH. I want Fable's dress for MEEEEEE!

Serendipity is Sweet | 2:16 PM

So sweet! And so true. I feel the same way ;)

Your family is beautiful (amazing photos) and that dress! Gorgeous!!

Have a wonderful day ;)

Cave Momma | 4:08 PM

Love those pictures! My kids have been obsessed with snails lately. They must point out But this week I introduced them to roly polly's. And oh how they have fallen in love. As have I all over again.

Shannon Colleary | 4:51 PM

You have a poet's heart. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous | 5:29 PM

Your kids are absolute, adorable cute-sters!!!!

Anonymous | 7:32 PM

Yep, we love the snails here (or at least the kids do). I am kinda creeped out by them, mainly by how many can live in one plant! But, we have loads of them here, and we have to reunite snail families all day! :-)

Amanda | 8:47 PM

Your children are so sweet with the snail!

Anonymous | 10:07 PM

Their expressions are priceless.

Anonymous | 6:23 AM

Of all your pictures, I love these the best. The expressions on their faces? Precious. How great that you had a camera at the ready to always remember the experience.

Lindsey Fyfe | 6:26 AM

Such pure wonder on their faces.

My parents have a video of me and my sister (aged 4&6) building a shelter for a worm with scraps from my dad's woodshop. Backyard playing is the absolute best - safe, endlessly changing, and makes us use our creativity in a way unlike anywhere else.

teaching resources sale | 7:07 AM

Amazing pics and love the website.

Keep on posting :)

kath | 9:58 AM

I love the photo with the mailbox ... "snail mail".

Amy | 10:16 AM

pure joy.

Anonymous | 11:03 AM

I truly love your writing - but these photos are just perfection.

Desiree | 11:48 AM

Awe, so sweet!

how do you get pregnant | 9:31 AM

Adorable! I LOVE snails!!! They're so innocent, just sludging around and chillin'.

It's great to see kids learn to respect and treasure nature. It instills such great values to mankind.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 2:15 AM

That snail rocks. I will never forget hunting for slugs and roly polies. I feel the same way with my kids- I've been saving jars like crazy in prep for warmer weather. And one of the neatest thIngs isnt the catching and observing thru the glass, but rather watching them release it back into the grass again.


Loukia | 7:55 PM

It's posts like this that me smile so hard, and remind me that you remain my favorite blogger ever. Your stories and words are magical.