Room Service (& Giveaway)

**updated with winner below!**
Back in November, a lovely woman named Christina contacted me via The Four Seasons and asked if I was interested in staycationing at their Beverly Hills location, in exchange for a contribution to their website. Hell yes, I was interested! There is nothing I love more than spooning in comfortable beds with my fam followed by hour long baths with Bvlgari products.

Unfortunately, as it so happens during the holiday season, we were unable to find a weekend that worked for all of us. I asked if Christina would be willing to raincheck for April/New York -- a trip we had had in the works since last summer. She kindly agreed to comp us for one night and discount our rate for the remainder of our stay (this way we were able to afford to stay all three nights here at the hotel). So far it's been worth every penny and in the words of Archer, "I'd be open-minded to the possibility of moving here."
...Says the child, who is welcomed to his new hotel room with fresh fruit, milk and cookies, and sponges spelling his name in the bathroom.
Archer being Archer
...Not to mention a bed covered with board games, stuffed animals for Fable and quite possibly the most comfortable bed of all time.
bear kiss
For the record, I concur.
So does Fable.
Fable being Fable
I love this one
And Hal.
dance DANCE!
And the womb-mates, who are nodding in unison as I type this in my a robe and slippers, while my children sleep soundly giggle under their covers beside me.

"Go to bed, kids. It's a zillion o'clock!"

Oh, whatever. It's vacation. (Until we leave tomorrow! Sob!)
kids' room
P.S. Tiny robe.
robe & slippers
P.P.S. Eggs Florentine in bed.
Thanks Christina, Tiffani & Four Seasons, New York. You rock our world(s).
... Annnnd they rock your world, too. Becaaaaaause they've offered to give one of you a $500 voucher to experience The Four Seasons (any location) with your fam. Or friends, lover(s), self, etc... To win? Tell me about a memorable trip you've taken in your life, or one you'd like to take someday. I'll pick one winner via next Friday and announced Monday, May 2nd. (You can browse The Four Seasons' family travel blog, Have Family, Will Travel, here, which I'll be contributing to in the upcoming weeks.) Good luck and thanks again to The Four Seasons for your generosity, kindness and welcome. We love you, goodnight!

Congratulations to winner, #479 Erin!

Enjoy your voucher, lady and thanks to everyone for participating, including The Four Seasons hotel(s)! Lets do one of these again soon, yeah?



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Mrs.Doezie | 10:04 PM

I would say my most memorable getaway was our honeymoon. Nothing special, just a couple nights in Vegas but it was the beginning of spending my life with the man I love more than anything

emily bilbrey | 10:05 PM

looks amazing! my favorite trip ever was our maui honeymoon. we stayed in a beachside condo, and drank ourselves silly for a week. completely amazing. although now that our little has come along, future vacations will definitely include less rum. probably. (-;

happy vacationing, dears! xo!

Nanette | 10:09 PM

Our 10-day trip through Italy was my most memorable trip, although our recent trip to Hawaii with our little gal was a close second.

JmeP | 10:10 PM

I would love to have a honeymoon one day with my hubby, when we got married, ( Aug of '07 ) he was still in University, we had a 14 month old, and no money. Since then we have had two more babies ( '08 & '10 ) so one day when they're older & we can trick someone into watching them, I'd love a honeymoon!

Creativechaos | 10:12 PM

My mom memorable was going to Australia/ NZ with my high school during my senior year. I'll never forget it.

I'd love to be able to jet home to Boston for a weekend. After 4 years of living in IL, I'm really getting home sick (funny how it is happening now and not freshman year). I haven't been home since Christmas and I won't see my family till my graduation June so it'd be a final push to get through this next month. Or, I could wait and take a great vacation with my after my college graduation, just the two of us. Aw, that would be so great. We could go to Montana because I've always wanted to go there.

Kate | 10:14 PM

I was born in the Netherlands but left when I was too young to remember. I look forward to going back someday!

Christina | 10:14 PM

Most memorable trip? Most def my road trip in 2002 with my best friend in the whole wide world. We were new friends that summer, but Long Beach, CA to Pittsburgh, PA and back in 6 days solidified our bond fo' life. We share custody of our AAA road map to this day (no GPS back then...and even if there had been we wouldn't have been able to afford it).

Unknown | 10:15 PM

I have always wanted to go to New York! Looks like an amazing trip.

Glenda | 10:15 PM

How cute is Archer "I'd be open-minded to the possibility of moving here."

And I love Fable's mini robe and slippers. Adorable!

I can't believe you can still lay on your tummy with the baby bump x2;)

My most memorable vacation was when we went to Australia. We stayed in a rental home. Three stories 3 bedrooms 3 baths.

Safe travels back home!

Liz @ Law Mama | 10:18 PM

My most memorable trip was my honeymoon to Europe, the highlight of which was beer & mussels in Brussels. So tasty, so fun. Our next trip (in a few weeks) is to New Zealand & Australia with our toddler. I'm so nervous about the flight!

Spring | 10:20 PM

The last time I saw a beach, two years ago, a week in a beach house in Florida with my entire family. I was severely depressed at the time, and the antidepressants hadn't kicked in yet. It was exactly what I needed to get me through that rough time.

Katy F-H | 10:22 PM

this looks amazing!

Most memorable trip. Across the country in the car with my brother. We were teens/preteens but had so much fun and still talk about it. For my wedding present he gave me a plate from each place that we went.
Worlds largest cinnamon roll, hell yeah!

Jaime | 10:22 PM

Road trip between Philadelphia and New Orleans, with many stops along the way.

Katy F-H | 10:22 PM

this looks amazing!

Most memorable trip. Across the country in the car with my brother. We were teens/preteens but had so much fun and still talk about it. For my wedding present he gave me a plate from each place that we went.
Worlds largest cinnamon roll, hell yeah!

Amie | 10:23 PM

Two years ago my mom, sister and I went to NYC. It my mom and my first time and I fell in love with the city. Hotel prices are the only thing keeping me away right now!!

Stacy | 10:24 PM

Minneapolis. We did trashy tourist shopping at the MOA, got lost trying to find prince's pad, went to my brother in law's art show opening and ate some amazing food with amazing people. Also, this was 6 years ago and there is still a running joke about our friend margo's new house with the big deck facing the woods. You totally had to be there five bottles of wine, 2am with the rest of us to get it. Memorable is exactly the right word for that vacation.

Anonymous | 10:25 PM

Best trip ever was taking our then 18 month old to Disneyland, he loved every second and I loved seeing it through his eyes.

Heather | 10:25 PM

We drove to Reno for a wedding last January. In a snowstorm, winding along I-80 without chains on our tires. We barely made it up the mountain to see our friends got married. We stayed at the nicest hotel in Reno, which uh, was surprisingly nice (but smoky, blargh). My daughter was 16 months old and she ate dinner with us at the wedding and then crashed in her stroller. I had to pee on the way home and did so in a pile of snow; the line was too long at the gas station. Glamorous. But definitely memorable.

KatBouska | 10:26 PM

What an amazing time! Love all your pictures and so glad Archer has found a nice comfortable place for himself. ;)

My most favorite vacation memory was taking our girls to Disneyland...I would go back this weekend if we could swing it! It was just SO much fun!!

Jess | 10:30 PM

my most memorable vacation took place in new york city, during a BLACK OUT! it was insane!

i was 13 years old during the summer before i started high school when my parents decided to take us all (me and my 2 younger sisters, then 7 and 8) on our first trip to new york. i HATE being labeled as a tourist, so you can imagine how mortified i was when my dad decided to load us all on one of those red sightseeing buses (might as well throw on a fanny pack and flip flops with socks!).

just when i thought it couldn't get any worse, everyone in the entire city started flooding out of the buildings into the streets, a result of what we would later call the northeast blackout of 2003. i shrank into my seat as new yorkers started screaming "WELCOME TO NEW YORK! YOU PICKED A HELL OF A DAY TO TOUR THE CITY!"

at the time i thought i was going to die of embarrassment, but now i think it's pretty sweet that i got to witness a sea of people pour into the streets of one of the greatest cities in the world. it makes for a great story!

Lizz | 10:32 PM

Love the pictures, and would love to win this! My most memorable trip, no question, is our honeymoon; 15 days in Europe, and we just kind of went and winged it; bought plane and train tickets as we need them, just went with the flow and had an AMAZING time!

Unknown | 10:34 PM

I didn't know the true meaning of vacation until I was 21. My parents each lived far away from their parents and many, many siblings (Catholics, am I right?) and so any time off was devoted to Aunt X in Texas or Uncle Y in North Carolina or Cousin Z in Colorado. When I began an ill-advised secret office romance with a coworker (now husband, 7 years later) his mom offered us a time share in Mexico. We had to ask for time off at the same time from our boss which was tricky since we were basically doing the same job in the company and were supposed to rotate vacation time. Asking for the time off meant exposing our secret office romance, which was SUPER awkward. But we bucked up and did it and we went to Mexico and the time share was lame and the food was awful but we had the BEST time doing absolutely nothing but vacating. And when we came back everyone in our office sang "Secret Lovers" every time we walked by.

Anonymous | 10:35 PM

Our honeymoon in Buenos Aires - tango, coffee, wine, perfect weather, sprawled-out novel-reading in random parks. It was heaven.

Lindsay | 10:36 PM

When I was ten until I was fourteen, I traveled to New York City every summer for a two week Youth Piano Pedagogy Program at Juilliard University. I went with my maternal grandfather, who was my piano teacher. I stayed on campus; he stayed in the cheapest hotel he could find.

The trip I go back to the most is the one right before he died when I was fourteen. He had just quit smoking, and chewed a pack of Freedent gum every hour.

I miss him, miss New York City. I'm so glad you are enjoying it and showing your children the wonder of that city.

Anonymous | 10:46 PM

The most memorable trip I've taken in my life was when I returned to Viet Nam, 27 years after I fled as a war refugee.

For decades I had dreamt about the day I'd return to the Motherland. Would I be sad? Would I be happy? Would I be overcome with emotion? I was all of the above.

Family was there to greet me. And I had an opportunity to finally eat fruits I'd only heard about, kiss relatives who seemed like folk heroes from another world, and walk the earth I so desperately wanted to be a part of. Memorable, indeed!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Holly | 10:47 PM

i had a great trip to folly beach last summer with my husband. stayed in an awesome surfing b and b and spent all of our days out on the sand, only coming in for fish tacos and to buy more sunscreen. cheap and so so fun.

Unknown | 10:48 PM

My most memorable trip was a fantastic nerdcation with my soon-to-be-husband. We went up to Silicon valley for four days. Toured 1 Infinite Loop, the Winchester Mystery House, the Computer History Museum, the Googleplex. We ate at a bunch of little pubs in Mountain View, and one amazing place on the Bay in Monterey on the way back to the hotel after cruising the aquarium- where we pointed out land marks from the Star Trek movie. We got back to the room every night to watch movies and snuggle and...other stuff...heh. It was amazing. It sounds like we had as much fun as you guys have had on your trip!

Loukia | 10:48 PM

Oh my goodness! What an amazing opportunity! What great pictures! How FUN! Hmm. I'd love to take my boys to New York. I think they'd LOVE it. A memorable trip for me? The time my children expirenced the ocean for the first time. To see them in such awe was greater than Chridtmas for me! :)

Sara | 10:54 PM

I'm getting married in September and we're sneaking away to NYC for a two and a half day honeymoon. A stay in the Four Seasons would be the icing on our marital cake!!

Anonymous | 10:57 PM

I am most looking forward to spending a month in Singapore this summer - I can hardly wait :) Loving that baby robe, just adorable!

Amy K | 10:57 PM

I would love to visit Florence with my husband and daughter. She's two and we've never taken her on a real family vacation, so it's time!

stacymichelle | 10:59 PM

Oh I CANNOT even handle the name sponges!! SO cute. I took a trip to Kenya this Jan, as a part of a team that was helping to build a well in a village. We stayed at an orphanage with no running water, and the toilet was a hole... Um, yeah. I have never ever ever been so thankful for indoor plumbing upon my return!!!!!!!!! :O)

Katie | 10:59 PM

When we were living in Chicago a couple of years ago, we took a midwinter trip to Hawaii to visit some friends. It was an a-mazing, sunshine-packed, rejuvenating experience that I hope to repeat for our honeymoon later this year!

Andrea | 11:04 PM

Edinburgh in 2004 with a group of my best friends, hands down. That city is magic.

Though I'm thinking my honeymoon this fall to little ol' Traverse City, MI will beat everything else. ;-)

colleen | 11:04 PM

I would love to visit NYC with my husband and 15 month old daughter!

Unknown | 11:07 PM

Our honeymoon was in France, and while we stayed at places that were a far cry from the four seasons, it was an adventure. Our first one as a married couple!

Anonymous | 11:21 PM

The most memorable trip ever was the short trip to the hospital to give birth. Memorable trips that involved crossing more significant physical spaces included a month-long stay in Italy with my then-boyfriend, now-husband. We rented an apartment in the Old Jewish quarter in Bologna, and bought a live basil plant for the windowsill. Three days later, the plant fell out the window and the downstairs neighbor handed it off to us with much Italian gesticulating. Other stuff happened too, but way too much for this little comment.

Unknown | 11:23 PM

A last minute poorly planned trip to the coast of Uruguay was amazing. So relaxed and fun- I'd love to go back.

lauren | 11:25 PM

My most memorable vacation was touring Italy with a raging sinus infection. I feverishly searched pharmacies for medicine in my broken Italian, but! I didn't let it stop me from having an amazing time with a dear friend.

Amber | 11:26 PM

My week long stay in new York with my husband for our first wedding anniversary will always be one of my favorite vacations.

KK | 11:53 PM

For me it was a 10 day trip eating our way through Italy!

Miranda | 11:58 PM

A memorable trip was six Good Fridays ago when my now husband and I were in Dublin, Ireland and he asked me to marry him. A future trip I'm looking forward to is this summer- we're taking our first vacation ever with our 2 year old daughter. Don't know where yet, but it doesn't matter- I can't wait!

Anonymous | 12:00 AM

If I had the option, I would go to Disney World. My parents were never able to take me as a child. As soon as I graduate from college, I plan on a Disney World trip being my first big "purchase." :)

Lynsey | 12:13 AM

My most memorable trip so far was to the Pemberton music festival a few years ago. It was horribly disorganized, the shower truck flooded, someone stole our lawn chairs and we got stranded in a field watching our taxi drive away... but the music was amazing.

Unknown | 12:15 AM

Hiking the Tiger Leaping Gorge Canyon on the Yangtze river in China. Amazing scenery, complete with near-death experiences, Zen-like accommodations, and amazing people.

Can't wait to do it with my kids when they are old enough to have the stamina! :)

Bjam | 12:20 AM

I was born and raised in the UK, and the first time I visited the US, I came to NYC when I was seven with my parents and older brother just before Christmas. We woke up jet-lagged at 3am and walked around Central Park and got hot coffee and fresh donuts and that's when I knew that one day I'd move to America. Walking around all of the Christmas lights and the snow and the drug dealers... I didn't even like coffee(I was seven after all), but gosh darn it was the best fucking coffee I've ever had in my life. I'm so thankful that now my whole family lives over here because it's given us so much more opportunity than we ever could have imagined. So yeah, NYC's pretty damn magically memorable.

Unknown | 12:21 AM

My most memorable trip was to Mardi Gras for the first time this year. There's such an amazing sense of community there, and the culture is amazing. I was especially surprised to find that, apart from the French Quarter, the celebration is incredibly family friendly. Plus you can't beat southern food!

katie | 12:31 AM

oooh i would love to just get away anywhere with my boyfriend right now :)

and fable in her little robe is adorable!!!

Lara | 12:34 AM

looks like you're having a blast! my fave vacation of recent years was traveling the canadian rockies with my honey. such incredible sights!

Borderless Imaginings | 12:41 AM

My most memorable trip.In 2007 travelling to Morocco and Spain with backpacks and 2 children aged 1 and 7. Most insane adventure EVER!

Holly | 1:29 AM

My most memorable trip was surprisingly not my honeymoon, but a trip to Tokyo with my now husband in 2007. We are gamers and we met up with some other gaming friends there for the Tokyo Game Show convention. It was the most expensive and amazing time I have ever had. My husband and I hope to one day return.

Milou's Mama | 1:31 AM

I'd say my most memorable trip is probably the trip my husband and I took to europe. He proposed in front of the eiffel tower on my birthday and it was perfect! Unfortunately, we weren't able to swing a honeymoon after we got married so we'd love to go on a belated honeymoon!

AmandaYeager | 1:31 AM

Why is it always the Lil things that make life so great? I'd love to get my kid in that robe, Fable is killin me in that pic!

Most memorable trip? Roadtrip to Grand Canyon with my parents, about 6 years old. Indian pow wow while wearing just a sweatshirt over a bathing suit and rockin a mullet. A fashion high for me, even now.

Baby#2 on the way, this fam needs a babymoon!!

Hannele | 1:54 AM

One of my favourite trips was while I lived in Edinburgh, Scotland and took couple of days off to go to the Highlands. I went solo and had wonderful time on a bus trip with many strangers. I later dropped off in Aberdeen, saw a good theatre show and surfed a couch of amazing people who offered me not only a bed but a lot of mind food. The trip was low-budget and I believe I could never have a better holiday :)

Caitie | 2:25 AM

Honeymoon in Paris :-)

Sandra B | 2:49 AM

My hubby & I saved for 2 years to take the trip of a lifetime to Australia to scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef. It. Was. Amazing. We seriously considered moving there. And we're forever spoiled on scuba now.

Unknown | 3:17 AM

my the most memorable trip occurred very recently...when I travelled to India with my friends.It was a culture shock to which I had to quickly acclimate. Rickshaws, massives of peoples, the staring at the white people, severe poverty like I have never seen, all mixed amongst some of the most beautiful images I have ever seen.

KAT | 3:30 AM

Most memorable is my wedding/honeymoon in Kauai. Magical!

Anonymous | 4:16 AM

My favorite trip was a cruise we took with my family which was my now husband's introduction to everyone. I loved that he was willing to get on boat with my entire family who he had never met, and it made for some wonderful bonding experiences.

Anonymous | 4:21 AM

My husband and I decided to visit a Bay Island of Honduras. We arrived at the airport, our bags were taken from us and placed on a flat bed truck while we were directed to a bus. 10 minutes later, we were standing alone on a dock having been told "A boat will come". Well, it finally did and we found ourselves in a paylapa hut. Our bags showed up hours late brought by the same boat. A week later, we were different people and Honduras was our newest obsession. All because we got left on a dock!

Amy | 4:24 AM

the most memorable was just last year, we all went to aruba to celebrate my dad's 60th and my baby brother's 30th. It was my third time there but having my kids and whole family there was the best!
and omfg tiny robe!!! I die, I'm dead.

Anonymous | 4:27 AM

Mine was our two week honeymoon. It was the first and last vacation we would take alone as I came home pregnant with our beautiful daughter. I would love take my family to NY during Christmas time to show her the huge tree and all the amazing store window displays.

me | 4:29 AM

Junior year in college. Ran away to Australia (well, ok, really, studied abroad and then sort of refused to come home).

Karen | 4:29 AM

My most memorable trip was my two-week honeymoon to Italy. And within that trip, my favorite memory was arriving at our most luxurious stop, Le Sirenuse in Positano. I had the beginnings of one of the worst colds of my life and they served me fresh squeezed orange juice while we waited for our room. I was stuck in bed for much of that stay, but I could not have been happier. Beautiful city, beautiful hotel, happy new marriage. It was all good.

Maressa | 4:31 AM

I would love to take our little girl to New York! It looks like you guys are having an amazing trip. Safe Travels!

sophia s. | 4:39 AM

i went to playa del carmen, mexico with my whole family in 2005. we stayed in a beautiful condo by the beach, but everything went wrong. the oven exploded, the ceiling leaked, and the living room floor flooded when it rained. these mishaps made the trip particularly memorable, and something we love to laugh about and reminisce to this day.

AUSAcara | 4:40 AM

Now you can say that you know someone who has been to Kyrgyzstan!

My new husband and I stopped there for a couple of weeks last year on our 4 month around the world adventure. We had a great time riding horses across the mountains, sleeping in yurts, and witnessing the campaigns of the country's first-ever democratic election. I thought he was crazy when he suggested we add a country I had never heard of to our itinerary, but now I would love to go back for a longer stretch of time.

Anonymous | 4:47 AM

Three weeks in Italy last fall. Siena, Firenze, Bologna. Ate our way through the country. Oh yeah.

Julie | 4:48 AM

My most favorite getaway as my honeymoon. As a teacher I couldn't get away immediately after getting marred so my husband and I waited until summer to honeymoon. We took a cruise to the Western was awesome! We had a great room, ate amazing food and partied for a week!

Unknown | 4:49 AM

My most memorable getaway was my post-college backpacking trip to Europe with my boyfriend (now husband). Cheap hostels, lugging a big backpack in 90 degree weather, using Let's Go guides...those were fun days.

dv | 4:52 AM

My most memorable vacation was my post-college backpacking trip to Europe. Cheap hostels, lugging a big backpack in 90 degree weather, consulting our Let's Go guides. Those were the days.

The Other Laura | 4:53 AM

I loved our honeymoon in Hawaii but the most memorable trip we ever took was moving cross-country when our son was almost two. I will never forget that trip.

I'm Shannon | 4:55 AM

our trip to Anna Maria Island last summer before baby #4 joined the family was quite possible the most perfect vacation I have ever taken. The beautiful water of the gulf of mexico, riding through the island on a golf cart and only being 2.5 hours from home - it was amazing.

As far as where I'd like to go - India, most definitely, but that will have to wait until the kids are more grown because I do not want them to ever forget that experience. Also, Hawaii - but who wouldn't want to go there?

Unknown | 5:03 AM

Most memorable trip...oooh it was definitely three weeks in Europe with my then-boyfriend of one year (now-husband). We tooled around all over, took the overnight train from Nice to Rome, ate tons of gelato, fought a little over who could read a map better, dared each other to scream "my penis is on fire" out the hotel window late at night after a few glasses of wine, ate tons of Italian pizza and pasta, rode bikes through the countryside... Yeah, that was pretty memorable. Thanks for the opportunity, love the blog!

Unknown | 5:04 AM

I went to london by myself in 2008. I spent 10 days doing nothing and everything. Good times.

Amanda | 5:05 AM

When I was 16 my parents took me on a three week backpacking trip through Europe. I hope my husband and I can do the same with our daughter (and any future children) someday!

Candace | 5:08 AM

First road trip with our son. We went south along the Mississippi river, stayed in Memphis, then south to New Orleans. On the way back up we got to stay in a cotton bin in Mississippi, go to a delta blues club, and then visit St. Louis. Wow, I need to plan another road trip.

Jen | 5:09 AM

The Florida Keys was definitely my most memorable trip. Even though it's not that far away from me, it was still such a magical experience. I was able to bring my two dogs just about EVERYWHERE, and had the option of communing with nature or exploring the historic areas.

I will always remember how that trip made me feel.

Jenny | 5:09 AM

My most memorable trip was going to Italy and Greece with my mama! We had so much fun! Also backpacking around Europe for three weeks with a friend was pretty awesome too!

Carrie T. | 5:10 AM

I think it's a tie between backpacking trough europe with a friend after graduating college and out honeymoon in Maui!

lauren | 5:12 AM

oh my me! 7 years together and we still have never taken a trip!! :( our first 'big day out' was spent in nyc (before we officially became a couple), so this would allow us an opportunity to return. maybe i'll propose. maybe we'll just elope. :) *

Carrie T. | 5:12 AM

It's a tie between backpacking through Europe with a friend after graduating college and our honeymoon in Maui!

anna | 5:14 AM

My favorite trip was (surprise surprise) my honeymoon. But not the part where we went jet-setting across the ocean.... instead, I loved the two nights we waited for our flight in a city near our hometown. We laid around, went to an arcade, and basically just basked in the fact that "ohmigod I can't believe we're married!"

EIHagerman | 5:15 AM

My favorite travel memory was when we recently drove from Chicago to Cary, NC with our 8 month old and almost 2 year old. We thought the drive would be awful, but the kids slept well through it. Although, driving through the Smoky Mountains was the scariest thing I've ever done in my life. I was pretty happy to be back in the flat lands of Chicago when we got home!

jiff | 5:16 AM

I love hotels that looooooove kids. Four Seasons, I'm charmed. My most memorable trip was probably traveling overland from southern Morocco through the disputed Western Sahara territory into Mauritania - took us four days to drive about 250 miles through nothing but Saharan dunes and the most incredible starry skies I've ever seen. But four days in the desert takes a toll - we really could have used a Four Seasons then!

Jenny O | 5:19 AM

What an awesome stay! Love the pictures. I am totally in love with Fable's haircut!

I think my most memorable trip was a week my husband and I spent in Vermont. Instead of taking a honeymoon right after our wedding, we saved up so that we could go to my mother's wedding a few months later. It will always have a sweet spot in my memory as the end of that time when it was just the two of us - we decided, while looking over the lake next to our hotel, to try to get pregnant (and were startlingly successful!). The other main reason I will always remember this trip is that when we got back home to Georgia, Netflix had just completely coincidentally sent us a Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD - set in the town we had been staying in, prominently featuring that same lake view.

Liz McCracken | 5:20 AM

When we got engaged- my now-husband proposed in Verona, Italy, under the stars at a 2000 year old amphitheater after opening night of Mme. Butterfly. Roooomantic!

Megan | 5:21 AM

I'd love to be entered in the contest. My most memorable vacation experiences come from Pennsic, our yearly family getaway to the woods where the SCA recreates a version of medieval life. You where costumes, attend classes and shows, do some shopping, watch battles, cook on a campfire, and go to parties. There's something for everyone and some of my favorite people in the world go there.

Have a great time in New York and thanks for the giveaway!

Em | 5:21 AM

I loved a trip to the Grand Canyon when I was in high school and on the cross country team. Went for a run very early one morning and came out on a trail that opened up over the Canyon, where the sun had just come up and was reflected in gorgeous colors all over the walls.

Daina | 5:22 AM

Wow, your trip looked amazing! I live in NYC, and always love to see how others experience it when they come to visit. Top of the Rock is awesome, isn't it? I take my second grade class there every year when we are studying urban and rural areas, and it never disappoints.

My favorite trip, or marathon trip, was when I studied abroad in Italy for four and a half months. I got used to calling Florence my home, which is enough said. Oh, and ate enough gnocchi and pesto for a small army. It was amazing, and I would love to go back there with my boyfriend to experience it all over again.

Thanks for all of the great posts! Here is a link to mine if you want to check it out :)


Rebecca H. | 5:27 AM

The first trip I took with my boyfriend was a few years ago to Toronto. It was an ill-planned trip and a disaster in almost every way a vacation can be (did you know they use different money in Canada?! Because we sure forgot.) But it was our first get away and we still joke about it years later.

Anonymous | 5:31 AM

Most memorable trip was with my husband to Kiawah S.C. Baby number 2 was on the way and we knew it was the last time we would travel without kids for a long time. (My mom watched daughter#1). Lazy mornings in bed, great beaches and a school of dolphins swam by while we were swimming.

Dana | 5:33 AM

Loved your photos from the Top of the Rock the other day and the Four Seasons looks gorgeous.
I want to take my 6 yo to NYC in late November, early December to skate in Central Park and see the city lit up for Christmas.

Tatiana | 5:34 AM

My favorite trip is, of course, the one that technically turned out all wrong. The hubs and I planned two nights at a bed and breakfast in PA so that we could go to the Renn. Fair (cheesy, I know). Anyway, it POURED the whole time we were there so no fair. However, there was lots of cuddling in front of the B&B fireplace watching old movies on TAPE (Dead Poets Society anyone?), and then of course food...lots and lots of yummy food. Our bed was uncomfortable and the town had absolutely nothing to offer, but we had the BEST time.

It's the simple things, ya know.

Tasha | 5:34 AM

My most memorable vacation was the very 1st vacation I took without my

I was 21 and my friend and I drove from Michigan to Florida and stayed on the beach for a whole week. It was amazing!

Not to many other vacations since then..I'm now married with 3 kiddos..But hopefully something will be planned soon!

Amy | 5:36 AM

Great giveaway, thanks!
The best trip I've had lately was about 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my second. I was turning 40 and some girlfriends and I went to LA (from SF) to stay at the Chateau Marmont...during Grammy weekend. People watching was quite exciting. After a silly morning aerobics class with Richard Simmons (yes, THAT guy) I got to ride the elevator up to our room with the Edge from U2.
I'm looking forward to weaning my little one and take another trip.

AMD | 5:44 AM

Wow, how awesome for you guys!

My most memorable trip was with my now-fiance when we'd only been dating about 6 months. On a whim, we decided to take a trip to the west coast (we're from New Jersey). I am a Planner and we went with minimal plans. We spent 5 days driving along the coast from Tijuana to Los Angeles not knowing what we'd do that day when we woke up and not knowing where we'd sleep that night. Best trip ever. I'm not sure we'll ever top it.

Mandy | 5:52 AM

My husband and I went to Belize to go to a friend's wedding. We stayed the first few days in Placencia, which was amazing. We had the most incredible fresh fruit and snorkeled at Laughing Bird Key. We also saw manatees and ate amazing creole food in Monkey River Town. Then we caught a ride with this friendly couple from New York to St. Ignacio, which is where the wedding was held. We stayed in this cool hotel with cottages and were surrounded by all of these great friends. While in St. Ignacio we went cave tubing, just floating lazily along this river. And we went zip lining, which was crazy because I am deathly afraid of heights. Oh, and I can't forget that where we staying was right beside Mayan ruins. That was incredible. The wedding took place in this old church west of St. Ignacio. Besides it raining most of the time, it was probably the best vacation we've ever been on.

Mandy | 5:53 AM

My husband and I went to Belize to go to a friend's wedding. We stayed the first few days in Placencia, which was amazing. We had the most incredible fresh fruit and snorkeled at Laughing Bird Key. We also saw manatees and ate amazing creole food in Monkey River Town. Then we caught a ride with this friendly couple from New York to St. Ignacio, which is where the wedding was held. We stayed in this cool hotel with cottages and were surrounded by all of these great friends. While in St. Ignacio we went cave tubing, just floating lazily along this river. And we went zip lining, which was crazy because I am deathly afraid of heights. Oh, and I can't forget that where we staying was right beside Mayan ruins. That was incredible. The wedding took place in this old church west of St. Ignacio. Besides it raining most of the time, it was probably the best vacation we've ever been on.

Adriana | 5:53 AM

The best trip I ever took was with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. We drove from Portland,Oregon to 29 palms, California and I loved every second of it. I day dream about making the same trip with my husband and kids someday.

Anna | 5:53 AM

I would say my most memorable getaway was to Scotland where we flew by the seat of our pants and stayed at random little B&B's all the way through. Incredible trip!

Mandy | 5:53 AM

My husband and I went to Belize to go to a friend's wedding. We stayed the first few days in Placencia, which was amazing. We had the most incredible fresh fruit and snorkeled at Laughing Bird Key. We also saw manatees and ate amazing creole food in Monkey River Town. Then we caught a ride with this friendly couple from New York to St. Ignacio, which is where the wedding was held. We stayed in this cool hotel with cottages and were surrounded by all of these great friends. While in St. Ignacio we went cave tubing, just floating lazily along this river. And we went zip lining, which was crazy because I am deathly afraid of heights. Oh, and I can't forget that where we staying was right beside Mayan ruins. That was incredible. The wedding took place in this old church west of St. Ignacio. Besides it raining most of the time, it was probably the best vacation we've ever been on.

Tracy | 5:55 AM

Galapagos Islands was my most memorable trip so far - so many different species, swimming with sharks, sea turtles and sea lions and having a baby sea lion want to play with us on the beach :)

Dinner Party Central | 5:58 AM

Most memorable was Banff Canada with my whole family, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters. The works. It was AWESOME. I cannot wait to go back.

Unknown | 6:00 AM

My most memorable trip was a week in Mexico for a class I took in college. We traveled from the less touristy Merida to a glorious resort in Chichen Itza (and saw the Mayan ruins, including the observatory), and finished in Cancun for a few nights! It was amazing!

Red Stethoscope | 6:01 AM

Reading this post made me think of a trip I took to Minneapolis for business once. I was a full-time student, and was working in marketing on my "breaks," which meant that I never had any real time off. I lounged around in my hotel room, wearing a hotel bathrobe (but probably not looking quite as cute as Miss Fable!) and eating room service on the morning of my departure flight. If I could have stayed in that hotel room forever, I would have, because the feeling of just being warm, cozy, and happy was overwhelming. Usually, there isn't much time spent in the actual room on vacations (running around sightseeing and such), so it was a great feeling. I've always wanted to go to Seattle, and I hear they have a Four Seasons there...wink wink, nudge nudge. :)

Nicki | 6:03 AM

I'm hoping our most memorable getaway will be the one we take this summer, to celebrate my husband getting his phD after over five years of hard work and sacrifice. In the past we've just made little trips as memorable as possible- for example, getting stranded in some park in Chicago because I tried to walk four miles in new heels to avoid paying for a taxi.

Mary McK- | 6:08 AM

I think my most memorable trip has to be Scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. But hey, I'd love to see how the Four Seasons compares :)

Meg | 6:08 AM

The sponges and Fable's tiny robe are too cute for words!

My most memorable trip was last year. It was my boyfriend and my first plane trip together. We went to New Orleans for New Year's and had such a great time. Plus New Orleans has a special place in his history so it was great sharing that with him :)

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Amanda D | 6:12 AM

I'm dying to go with my husband to San Francisco. I've been a couple times when I was younger, and it's one of my favorite places - but never with him! I'm confident he would love it just like I do.

laura | 6:15 AM

We took our son to visit relatives in Greece last year--it was a wonderful trip, and, more importantly, my son was a fabulous travel companion! I'd love to take him to China--he loves pandas.

ste | 6:16 AM

(Sorry if this is a repeat, but it did something funny when I hit submit.) Just yesterday my hubby and I were talking about what to do to get away a little this summer and realized that with a new baby and a toddler we can't really do anything fancy. So we though that if we can find affordable hotels we could go to a nearby city and hit some of their attractions geared towards kids.

Otherwise, a dream trip for me is any city meeting with either my sister or by best friend and having a girl's get together.

Mary | 6:19 AM

Drool. That looks amazing! The most amazing vacation I ever had was the three weeks last summer that I spent in Aix-en-Provence, France. Croissants every day for breakfast, chilling by the sea, and hiking all over the place - so unforgettable!

Liesel | 6:20 AM

Oh my...that tiny robe is too cute!!

I would love to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Bucket list, for sure.

Liz | 6:21 AM

None of our trips have been too memorable sadly. I hope to change that someday by taking our first family trip to animal kingdom with our little man. :)

Sarah B | 6:23 AM

My most memorable vacation would have to be the last time I traveled with my older brother, Josh, before he passed away. My family and I used to go to Minneapolis all the time to visit relatives, and the trip we took in 2000 was the last time we were all together before Josh was killed in a car accident. Minneapolis isn't the most exciting place in the world, but it was my favorite vacation, because it was the last time we were a complete family. :) I'd love to take my daughter to Minneapolis someday to meet family and experience the places we used to visit frequently through her eyes. xo

nicole | 6:25 AM

We finally had our first family vacation this past spring break. We only had time and money to go to the Texas coast, but just being together, away from home, with a new world to explore, was magical! Now that I have seen how awesome vacationing with my little family can be, I want more, more, more trips! Looks like y'all are having a blast!

EB | 6:26 AM

Looks like a great trip! Sorry our northeast weather didn't quite cooperate :/ My most memorable trip...middle of nowhere beach in Thailand. Is there a Four Seasons there? :)

Kris10 | 6:26 AM

A free week in Cancun, courtesy of the air miles and hotel points my husband had accumulated during business travel. When we arrived at the resort, we found out they were overbooked and they sent us to a resort next door for the first 2 days. Bummer, but they made up for it. Upon our return to our actual resort, they put us up in the 12th floor penthouse corner suite with room-service breakfast included for the stay...3 balconies, ginormous master suite, living room, and full kitchen. It was so big that it had it's own doorbell! Then we went for a couples massage and there was a mistake which had them sending the wrong husband into my room...thanks to that mistake, our couples massage was free, too! It was a great, carefree time in our lives and we still laugh about all of the mistakes that helped to turn it into an awesome trip!

Anonymous | 6:27 AM

My husband and I spent two weeks in Europe, visiting the usual tourist spots. It was an amazing trip, and we look forward to going back one day.

The Hojo Family | 6:30 AM

One trip I won't soon forget is our vacation to Chile. My husband has family there and so we went to go visit. We actually just got home the day before yesterday.

We left on April 1st and 15 minutes into the flight the pilot had to turn around because something hit the tail of the plane. We ended up having to stay the night in Dallas (we had already flown to Dallas from L.A)and then going back to the airport in the morning for a second try at getting to Chile.

We made it just fine the second time. The week was great! We went all around Santiago, to the beach, great resturants, etc. It was so nice to see the family we only get to see once every few years.

Then 2hrs. before we were suppose to leave for the airport, my son went to run into the backyard. He thought that the sliding glass door was open, but it wasn't. He ran right through it. We had to rush him into the hospital because he cut himself all over. When we got there we found out he needed emergency surgery because the glass cut all the way to the bone in his leg. It cut through 3 tendons and severed 1 nerve. The surgeon was able to repair all of the tendons, but not the nerve. Thank God once the tendons fully heal, he will be able to walk again.

We had to postpone our flight home for another 10 days because Micah was in a cast since the injury on his leg was so big. He also has stitches up and down his arms, his inner thigh and his knee.

We are now home!! Thank goodness! Micah will be in a cast for 5 more weeks and cannot participate in sports or anything too physical for the next 6 months.

That is a trip I DEFINITELY will NEVER forget!!

Adina | 6:30 AM

My most memorable trip, I think, was Paris in springtime 2005. It was my first time in the city -- the weather, and everything else about the trip, was beyond gorgeous. Stunning really. What Hemingway said about Paris being a moveable feast that stays with you all your life was true, indeed.

Lauren | 6:31 AM

My most memorable trip was going to New Orleans for the first time. The city, the culture, and the food were so amazing that it became my go-to vacation spot.

Sarah | 6:32 AM

Trips have always been a luxury in our life and one that we have rarely been able to afford. I have dreams of going to Guermes Island in Oregon and traveling abroad, but other expenses have always taken precedence. We never even got a change to go on a honey moon. However, we did get to take a little Memorial Day trip last year to Wisconsin. We stopped at Lark Toys (which is pretty much the greatest toy store of all times), and went to see all the silly road side attractions, like the Paul Bunyan village. It was just the sort of quirky thing we both like and the weather was beautiful. We had a blast!

Andrea | 6:35 AM

I love the pictures! Looks like a fun trip.

I'd like to take a long weekend to New York. I miss the delis!

Laura R. | 6:37 AM

my family and boyfriend met me in London for a week after I had studied abroad in Ireland. Andy proposed the first day we were in London... a trip I'll never forget! would LOVE to travel more and stay at the Four Seasons!

Susanlee | 6:38 AM

We never had a honeymoon, but my most memorable getaway was with my boyfriend and girlfriend in Arizona. The hotel/spa had a small water park. We spent 3 days floating around and sunning ourselves and basically being spoiled spa people. It was awesome. The best part was watching people try to figure out exactly what our relationship to each other was/is.

timollie | 6:38 AM

A couple of years ago I won a trip for 2 to Canyon Ranch Spa & Resort in Arizona. It was the most beautiful, relaxing week that my husband and I have ever spent together... if only we had the money to travel like that all the time!!

Candice | 6:41 AM

We've gone on a few trips as a family and honestly it's hard to choose one because they all have left us feeling relaxed and happy afterwards. The kids do so well away from home (why can't they be like that at home) and my husband and I are so much more present when not distracted by the zillion things we always feel like we have to do. Anyhow, if I had to pick one it would probably be our trip to NYC last May. The pictures of your kids in the hotel room looked so familiar, cozying up on the bed, staring out the window at the world below brought me back to that trip. We went for a Peter Gabriel concert but spent the 3 days we were there on the go the whole time and LOVED it! There is something about the city, it invigorates you with it's energy! How much would I LOVE to win this giveaway...please random picker, pick me!! :)

Katy | 6:41 AM

My most memorable vacation was staying at that exact four seasons with 3 of my best girlfriends! I agree, the beds are amazing.

Kristy | 6:42 AM

The best trip I've been on is when I went to Hawaii. I was born there but hadn't been back since. It was like coming home. That said, I've never been to Europe, and its next on my list.

sarahcporterfield | 6:42 AM

Most memorable has to be a teenage trip to Paris and Germany with my mom and sister. Haven't left the country since and will always cherish the memory.

Noura | 6:42 AM

I'm finishing up 3 loonnng years of law school in 2 weeks, then I have to study for 3 months before I take the bar exam. I'm thinking that I probably deserve a vacation once I actually finish!!

Charisa | 6:50 AM

2.5 years ago to Scottsdale in November. The weather was absolutely perfect, my family was there, and it was a much needed getaway. Will always remember that one.

Thanks for this great giveaway!

team stephens | 6:51 AM

We just took our first family trip to DisneyWorld... amazing! Our youngest is too young to remember (she has turned 1 ten days before!), we decided to go because my husband as about to leave for his fouth deployment... he may be gone for a year, but the trip was priceless-- esp the princess breakfast in Epcot after our 4 year old had a fairytale makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique... it was awesome!

Liz | 6:52 AM

I loved a trip my husband and I took to Mexico for a wedding. We couldn't afford to stay in the all-inclusive resort, so we made do at a nearby town with very subdued digs. No one spoke English, so it was quite the adventure getting around. Funny, though, the view from our hotel on the ocean was the same as the rooms' at the resort :-)

Elizabeth | 6:52 AM

My most memorable getaway was my semester in London. It was myself and 15 other girls from my college (not by plan just by chance) and our teacher and his wife. We lived in South Kensington, and went to Birbeck College (near Kings Cross) it was probably the best thing I have ever done for myself, having to live with a friend at 20 and do everything. It was a life changing trip.

Marci | 6:54 AM

A week after finding out I was pregnant with our first, we went on a pre-planned trip to Japan. It was amazing, knowing it was our last hurrah as a couple, and also knowing there was another along on the trip. On the other hand, Japan constantly smells like fish, which is not good for a newly pregnant woman.

Miss M | 6:55 AM

My most memorable vacation is definitely our trip to Italy. It has been our only big vacation but it was truly amazing.

Stephanie | 6:55 AM

My most memorable trip was when my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I went to Europe for 3 weeks after college graduation. It was amazing and now that we have real jobs and real kids it would be so hard for us to do that again. Glad we experienced it when we did!

Kat | 6:55 AM

My most memorable trip was the first time I went to Europe. I celebrated my birthday in Paris and we we're leaving later that day. I remember pointing out a sign in the elevator because it had my birthday on it. My dad, who's French is shoddy, attempted to translate the sign and eventually understood it to say, "Today is daylight savings, please move your clocks forward one hour." Imagine us, all excited because we we're running ahead of schedule, rushing to get to the airport! In the rain no less!


Ryan and Katie | 6:55 AM

My husband and I went on a Mediterranean cruise that was fun and amazing but also taught us a lot of important (but tough) lessons on the differences we enjoy about vacations!

rutty1221 | 6:56 AM

Our future honeymoon. Slightly cliche, sure, but how could anything beat that?

Kara | 7:02 AM

That looks amazing! One memorable trip for me was when my family went to Miami when I was a kid. It was our first stay in a fancy hotel (business trip for my dad) and my little brother and I were amazed that there was a telephone in the bathroom. :)

Unknown | 7:04 AM

Our crazy dream is to spend several weeks -- who knows, maybe a month! -- in Australia, New Zealand, and Tanzania. (If we're going to fly all that way, why not hit them all up?) Lots of golfing, driving in spectacular countryside, and eating, eating eating!

fallgirly | 7:06 AM

Eek! What a great giveaway! I fantasize about staying at the 4 Seasons. I am dying for a night away with my honey and NO BABY. I'd love to stay someplace close like Beverly Hills, Pasadena or Laguna. Just some place where I can sleep past the sun coming up and enjoy the luxury that I"m sure they offer. I mean look at those cherry tomatoes and asparagus in your breakfast potatoes! If that doesn't spell luxury I'm not sure what does. They look too die for!

jennifer | 7:07 AM

Consistently favorite destination: Colorado.

Dream? Nepal.

And I'll go pretty much anywhere to get those sponges that spell my name; how fantastic!

Shelle | 7:09 AM

Oh how that gift card would help us! My baby's father lives in Boston and we live in Atlanta. I'd love to take the little guy up there to see that side of his family before he's so old I have to buy him his own ticket. Money's tight around here, and boy would it be nice to have a great place to stay!

Rachel | 7:13 AM

Last summer, my boyfriend and I drove up to Maine from New Jersey. We got to Bar Harbor and stopped in a little sandwich shop to get lobster rolls, and individual slices of wild blueberry pie to take out. We drove to Acadia National Park and climbed out onto the gigantic rocks of the coast line, and ate the most delicious blueberry pie I've ever tasted while watching the waves crash up against the rocks at the edge of the earth. It was so beautiful (and delicious!), I will simply never forget it. And while I hope to win this contest, I don't think any other vacation will ever top that one moment.

Kristy G. | 7:14 AM

Oh, what I wouldn't do for a vacation! I dream of being able to travel with my small family, but the funds are ever-lacking. I think a road trip around the country in a RV would be amazing, but a staycation here in Chicago would be awesome as well.

Adrianne | 7:16 AM

I'm lucky to have had lots of memorable trips in my life. However, the one that shaped me the most as a person, had to be one I took in college. I met a friend who was studying abroad in London and we spent the next 3 weeks traveling Europe together. Oh, how I wish I could go back!

Anonymous | 7:17 AM

My most memorable getaway is kind of cliche, I guess. It was when my husband and I took our older daughter to Disney World when she was 2. She's now 8, so it was a long time ago. It was so awesome to see her light up when we saw each princess, which we stood in many a long ling to do. It was just amazing. She got to play Chip in a retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Now, I'm most looking forward to the trip we are going on in a few weeks. We're going to Myrtle Beach. It's the first time we are going anywhere as a family of 4. I'm super excited to see my 20-month-old see the ocean for the first time. She freaked out when she saw a pond the other day. She thought it was the greatest thing ever. I can't wait to watch my 8-year-old swim in the ocean. Plus it's been forever since I've been to the beach. And I'm a total beach bum.

Can I say that you have the greatest son EVER? I'm pretty sure any friends and significant other he has in his future are going to be the luckiest people on the entire planet. He is so thoughtful and compassionate and articulate and smart. Geez. And Fable is the cutest. I love the bathrobe. I'm sure the wombmates will make women's uterus's the world over die.

Meganthedoula | 7:19 AM

My favorite getaway was a road trip we took in our old van to woodstock, ny. It was such a laid back, relaxing weekend. Ahhhh!!! But, a four seasons holiday would be pretty sweet too! pick me random org!!!

Unknown | 7:22 AM

Before we were married, my husband and I had a romantic rendezvous in Paris. There was lots of crepe eating, wine drinking, cobbled streets walking, and an eventual engagement. Magic.

Now we have two kids, are both in school and taking our first vacation sans kids this summer to visit his brother in Jackson Hole. Can think of nothing nicer than an indulgent night at the Four Seasons.

Love the pics. Love the post. Looks like a lovely vacation that is much deserved- yay for the end of first trimester morning sickness!

Mymsie | 7:22 AM

One of my most memorable vacays was spring break of my freshman year of college. My friends and I drove a VW Vanagon from Minneapolis, MN to Galveston, TX and we had a ball! :)

melarol | 7:27 AM

Your stay looks amazing!
My most memorable trip was my first time travelling alone. My parents paid for my first flight to London. It was such an amazing experience, planning my own trip and realizing I could survive in the big city on my own.

Jaci | 7:30 AM

Funny, I think one of our most memorable getaway was one in which we traveled the least distance!

After the birth of our twins, my in-laws watched our 4 kids (7, 3, and 6 month old twins) for our anniversary weekend. We drove about an hour away and spent 48 hours hunkered down in a hotel room....mostly catching up on sleep. One of my most needed and uneventful getaways ever!

Unknown | 7:32 AM

Going to Paris with my future husband was such a wonderful trip- and I would love to go back!

CzechOutLaura | 7:33 AM

In February my husband and I went to Madrid for 9 days with my parents. It was an incredible trip! Would love to go back!

Unknown | 7:38 AM

My most memorable trip was going to Glenwood Springs, CO with my boyfriend. It was a quick weekend getaway trip, but it was perfect.
Sleeping in all day, exploring a peaceful mountain town, yummy food. I could not ask for a better time.

Unknown | 7:39 AM

The Four Seasons looks even better than I have imagined it! Love love love that little robe and slippers, and how cute are the name sponges?!

My most memorable vacation was my first big adult trip a year after high school when my best childhood friend and I went to France and Italy for a month. We were pretty low-key, looked at a lot of art and walked everywhere. Occasionally a smell or picture or something will take me right back to that freedom of being totally on our own for the first time.

divrchk | 7:39 AM

I love Disney with the kids. They are old enough (6 and 8) to go all day and not complain about being tired and still appreciate the magic. I can't wait to explore more of the world with them.

Leslie @ Body Won't Break | 7:39 AM

My husband and I have taken a handful of trips together, and really not even a handful (but we haven't yet been married for three years so we have time).

We met and married in under a year, so there was no real budget for a honeymoon. But my mother's best friend kindly gifted us a trip to anywhere we wanted (compliments of her timeshare).

We chose Costa Rica. It was beautiful and breathtaking and relaxing. Lots of time spent in the sun. Lots of margaritas and some marvelous food. It was in the middle of February so there were very few people there. We got to enjoy the comfortable bed, large bathroom, and each other for an entire week.

The Caffeinated Mommy | 7:41 AM

Last April, right after I had separated from my husband, my daughter and I badly needed to get out of town. We flew to Colorado Springs to visit my sister, and it was exactly the trip we needed. Days and days spent at the park, the Children's Museum, bookstores...I was actually able to relax and enjoy my child without the millions stresses in my life piling up and pulling me in different directions.

Unknown | 7:42 AM

My most memorable trip ever is a tie between my honeymoon in Hawaii nine years ago and a solo backpacking trip through Europe in college.

Karen | 7:42 AM

We live away from our families, so any time we get to visit them it's memorable and heart lifting.

Katie | 7:44 AM

My most memorable trip was going to Germany for the 2006 World Cup with my best friend. We spent our mornings sightseeing/museuming/recovering from the night before, and by 3 pm we'd settle in a bar to watch the first game of the day. Change bars for the 6 pm game. Change bars for the 9 pm game. For 10 days in a row. Pretty much perfect.

Leanne | 7:45 AM

My most memorable vacay to date was in my 30s, a South Pacific tour to Tahiti, Roratonga, Fiji and best of all, a tiny atoll named Aitutaki. It's off the map, and had some of the kindest people living the most simple life ever. I have a different life now, mom to a 2 (and 1/2!!) year old, and I'm lucky that my bucket list for travel actually does revolves around him (instead of feeling limited by. Showing him the world, it's my new job :)

Marelize | 7:47 AM

The hubs and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary this year and I'm dreaming of a weekend away. No kids. No schedule. Lay by the pool. Watch a movie. SLEEEEEEEEP in peace. I'd be willing to give my left arm.

Jackie | 7:50 AM

In 2007 my husband (then boyfriend) had the most beautiful and open-ended adventure in Iceland. There is no where like it. And because we had 10 days and no plans, we were all over that island, camping in the rain and hiking on enormous glaciers, taking walks in black sand beaches and admiring arctic flowers. I hope to go back some day. There are a LOT of sheep. :)

Sara | 7:52 AM

most memorable trip: in recent memory-- i suppose it would be a trip to puglia, italy, where we slept (with our 2 year old!) on a rooftop in ostuni with a bunch of archaeologists!

Tori | 7:53 AM

My husband and I took our 1st anniversary trip and went to Disney World for a week. We stayed at a great hotel and had a blast playing and riding rollercoasters all day. It was so great for an adult only, I don't know why anyone brings kids there!

Liesal | 7:53 AM

The best trip I've had is a road trip with a girlfriend. We started in Nebraska, drove to Utah to see the canyons there, drove to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon and my brother who was living in Tucson for the summer, and then driving from Arizona to Nebraska in one day. All in one week. It was amazing!

margosita | 7:55 AM

I'm realizing that I haven't really had any truly big trips as an adult. Where I went to a place that I wanted to see, where I also did not know anyone, just for the fun of it. Every trip I've taken has been somewhere I could stay with a family member or friend.

Which limits where I've been able to go, obviously.

That said, I DID have a friend living in Japan, and going to visit him was my last trip. And it was amazing and beautiful. So I hope I don't sound as if I'm complaining in that first paragraph. I consider myself lucky.

I hope I'm lucky enough to stay in a hotel as beautiful as the Four Seasons, though. :)

Libby | 8:03 AM

I went to Pensacola Beach with my husband two years ago and it was lovely.

Bailey | 8:03 AM

There was this roadtrip, see, when I was nine and my brother was six and my mom was thirty six. My dad had just died and she wanted us to get away from the sad for just a minute, so she drove us the 1000 miles to Disneyland. But strangely, I don't really remember Disneyland. I remember string cheese from a cooler in the van, and listening to the Phantom Tollbooth on tape, and late night swims at cheesy motels along the way, and everybody sharing a king sized bed, and how hard my mom worked for months after that to pay for all that she had given us.

SpillingOutBeautiful | 8:08 AM

I want to visit my brother. He is living it up Nashville style, whilst I am stuck here in central Illinois. So unfair I say! Also, after I graduate this spring I would like to visit California. (So funny how you dread to go back and I long to go).

Katie | 8:10 AM

Cancun 2006. It was where my husband and I decided to get married and our friends traveling with us, who were just platonic with one another at the time, decided to start dating and are now married as well. It was also where we were when my husband found out he was accepted to Yale Medical School. We had all just graduated college and just had a blissful time. Best vacation ever! katrina[dot]glazier[at]gmail[dot]com.

Kristen | 8:11 AM

A weekend getaway to Virginia wine country with my husband to celebrate our fourth anniversary!

h | 8:12 AM

My favorite trip was my two week destination wedding to Puerto Vallarta. It was like a wonderful Mexican beach honeymoon where our favorite people showed up half way through and we all had a great party. It's still my "happy place" in my mind when things get stressful.

Unknown | 8:13 AM

My husband and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to NYC. Please?

B&B | 8:17 AM

My most memorable getaway was a two week trip throughout Italy with my sister and mom for mom's 50th birthday. GIRL POWER all the way! Amazing art, espresso, and FOOD. Sigh. I'm hungry now.


Reba | 8:23 AM

I went to Italy in college and met my future was definitely my most memorable trip!

Kristina | 8:24 AM

This post made me remember my first trip to NYC. I may have been 10 or even 12. I was wearing a long Laura Ashley dress and walked all over with giant eyes taking it all in. It city certainly made an impression on this Denver girl.

Karen | 8:24 AM

looks decadent!

my most memorable trip was to cuba...I spent a month in Havana with friends working on a community housing development project and partying in one of the most beautiful, complicated cities in the changed my life! :)

nss0310 | 8:29 AM

My wife and I honeymooned in Alaska. Spent ten days driving the Kenai Peninsula and then up to Denali. It was an incredible trip.

Melissa Faye | 8:30 AM

My trip to Thailand and Cambodia with my girlfriends a few years back. A week lounging on a beach, the next exploring the cities and countryside. Four girls, a lifetime worth of adventures.

Dana | 8:33 AM

my husband and i took the most amazing trip to puerto rico before we had kids which included a side trip to vieques where we swam in a bioluminescent bay. unbelievable. i'd love to take my kids on an adventure like that.

Melissa K | 8:34 AM

My most memorable would probably be hubs and my first trip to OBX together, which took place about two months after we met. I skipped the second week of classes my junior year to actually go, but I would SO do it all over again.

-Maria- | 8:35 AM

wow, what a beautiful place to rest in the city. Most memorable trip would hands down be my first time in Antigua, Guatemala- one of the best places on earth indeed.

marlene | 8:35 AM

best trip ever? taking my 3 year old and my 5 month old on a cross country road trip last year for 4 months in our airstream.

LiciaLee | 8:35 AM

My most memorable vacay thus far was when my husband and I went to St. Augustine for our one year anniversary. It was so much fun, and we have no plans of vactioning somewhere that doesn't have family for a long time.. so a trip would be amazing... Looks like you all had a great time.

Jill V. / TerraSavvy | 8:36 AM

One of my most memorable trips was to North Lake in NY with my Dad, his girlfriend and my best friend Debbie. We ate great food and took long bike rides. It was breathtakingly beautiful, incredibly fun and I felt like I didn't have a care in the world.

Truly Memorable.

Abby H (in Chicago) | 8:36 AM

When I was 12 my dad took my on a trip to London, Paris and Venice. He took me to fancy restaurants, to the theater, to museums and landmarks. We rode the train from Paris to Venice. I was on the verge of becoming a teenager and it was his way of telling me he still loved me, that he still wanted to spend time with me. It was one of the best trips of my life!

Amy | 8:38 AM

One of my favorite trips was backpacking around New Zealand when I was 22 with a friend for 6 weeks. We were broke after spending $1200 on our flights, so we didn't have much to live on. We hitchhiked everywhere and brought a tent to sleep in every night to avoid hostel costs. We had a blast! We met so many interesting people and were so carefree and spontaneous. I miss those days (I'm 32 now and have a 3 month old). Ahhh.... how life changes :)

Carolyn P. | 8:38 AM

My month long spring break in Europe! I loved Italy and Greece, Spain and France. So much I'm going back in a week to France!!

Love the photos!

Katie | 8:38 AM

I would love to go to Hawaii...and stay in the Four Seasons there. just sayin'

Sara GC | 8:39 AM

The most memorable trip I've had so far was taking my son on a vacation - just us two. He was 4, and we drove to a city 2 hours away that had a scenic train ride and a dinosaur museum. We stayed in a hotel (decadent!) and had a great time. He's now 7 and still remembers it vividly, and is still excited about vacations!

Ellie | 8:40 AM

When I was 15 my grandmother took me on a month long trip through India and Thailand. It was amazing.

Sarah Bregel | 8:41 AM

we didn't take a honeymoon because our daughter was six months old when we got married. we had no desire to be away from her yet and no funds to do so! now that shes a little older we'd love to get away for a few nights. nothing crazy, just ANYWHERE WARM will do.

glad you guys had such a fun NY trip and that the pregnancy is going so well. :)

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