Room Service (& Giveaway)

**updated with winner below!**
Back in November, a lovely woman named Christina contacted me via The Four Seasons and asked if I was interested in staycationing at their Beverly Hills location, in exchange for a contribution to their website. Hell yes, I was interested! There is nothing I love more than spooning in comfortable beds with my fam followed by hour long baths with Bvlgari products.

Unfortunately, as it so happens during the holiday season, we were unable to find a weekend that worked for all of us. I asked if Christina would be willing to raincheck for April/New York -- a trip we had had in the works since last summer. She kindly agreed to comp us for one night and discount our rate for the remainder of our stay (this way we were able to afford to stay all three nights here at the hotel). So far it's been worth every penny and in the words of Archer, "I'd be open-minded to the possibility of moving here."
...Says the child, who is welcomed to his new hotel room with fresh fruit, milk and cookies, and sponges spelling his name in the bathroom.
Archer being Archer
...Not to mention a bed covered with board games, stuffed animals for Fable and quite possibly the most comfortable bed of all time.
bear kiss
For the record, I concur.
So does Fable.
Fable being Fable
I love this one
And Hal.
dance DANCE!
And the womb-mates, who are nodding in unison as I type this in my a robe and slippers, while my children sleep soundly giggle under their covers beside me.

"Go to bed, kids. It's a zillion o'clock!"

Oh, whatever. It's vacation. (Until we leave tomorrow! Sob!)
kids' room
P.S. Tiny robe.
robe & slippers
P.P.S. Eggs Florentine in bed.
Thanks Christina, Tiffani & Four Seasons, New York. You rock our world(s).
... Annnnd they rock your world, too. Becaaaaaause they've offered to give one of you a $500 voucher to experience The Four Seasons (any location) with your fam. Or friends, lover(s), self, etc... To win? Tell me about a memorable trip you've taken in your life, or one you'd like to take someday. I'll pick one winner via next Friday and announced Monday, May 2nd. (You can browse The Four Seasons' family travel blog, Have Family, Will Travel, here, which I'll be contributing to in the upcoming weeks.) Good luck and thanks again to The Four Seasons for your generosity, kindness and welcome. We love you, goodnight!

Congratulations to winner, #479 Erin!

Enjoy your voucher, lady and thanks to everyone for participating, including The Four Seasons hotel(s)! Lets do one of these again soon, yeah?



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caro | 5:10 PM

Bora Bora with my family was just out of this world. Dying to go back - this time with my honey!

Rina | 5:24 PM

The most memorable getaway is I think going to be the one we go on this weekend. Our first camping trip as a family. We have never camped before and I think we are going to have a blast!!

another measure of success | 5:48 PM

It was the summer of 2000 in New York City. Visiting my Uncle Rob. He's an artist, and so SO so cool.

I would love to take a vacation with my husband, its been a while!

Theresa | 6:04 PM

My most memorable trip was out honeymoon to Italy! It was fabulous..Rome, Florence, Milan.
But, now we've got two kids, so I'm thinking an adult night away would be wonderful.

Sair | 6:29 PM

Thank you Four Seasons for this great give away. My most memorable getaway would have to be England when I was 16. My parents let me plan the whole trip and we did visited London, and toured the south west including Torquay and Landsend! NYC is next on the list.

Melissa Faye | 6:37 PM

My most memorable trip to date was Brazil. My first trip abroad alone with no plans to meet up with anyone specifically. Toured around and saw new things, met new people, made new friends. The best two weeks of my life just being with myself.

Margie | 6:42 PM

I have had a lot of awesome trips, but I think the one for this post is the one in my head that I'm really hoping for. On November (11) 11, 2011, it will be the 11 year anniversary of my husband and I's first kiss(!). We lived in Maui for a year before marriage and kid, and I dream of taking our kiddo to Maui to celebrate the anniversary of that auspicious occasion (which actually happened in Minnesota - too cold in November for a vacation for me!). Thanks for the chance! milagrobeancat at yahoo dot com

Madeline | 7:10 PM

I worked for a non-profit in Cairo for the summer of 2008. My boyfriend was studying in Vienna, and he visited me. We decided to go to an eco-lodge called Basata, located on the Red Sea (it had Egypt's only recycling program and was supposed to be super peaceful). I like to wing things, and so I thought, let's just go to the bus station in downtown Cairo and ask for a ticket to Suez, the drop-off point for buses headed to resort areas on the Red Sea. Once we get there, I figured, we'll just ask for Basata, and we'll grab a bus. The catch? Neither one of us spoke Arabic fluently. So we get to Suez, which is where the canal is, and start asking people. No one has heard of Basata. No one.
Eeek. Ever-optimistic, I start to ask random passersby, eventually convincing one man to let me call a friend in Cairo using his cell phone. My friend explained to the man where we wanted to go, and the man offered to drive us. His car did not look official, and my boyfriend was terrified that he would leave us in the desert at some point, demanding money to not kill us. I have more faith in humanity, so I said sure, you can drive. We negotiated a price, and headed out for a four-hour trip across the Sinai peninsula. The landscape looked like the moon, or something out of Star Wars. Egyptian security forces kept checking our car, and we had to show our passport about eight times. Finally, we made it, after a stop for tea in a remote village. We were welcomed by a series of Bedouin tents and small huts on a strip of pristine coastline, and spent the next three days snorkeling, sleeping on a blanket on the sand (we woke with the sun, but hey, it cost $5/night), sharing communal meals with the owner and his family and assorted folks, and swimming in the super-salty Red Sea. Everything at Basata is on the honor system: you eat the locally-grown produce and drink exotic juices out of the shared kitchen, and note on a pad of paper what the items cost. We loved every minute of our experience, and thinking about it, I feel love for Egypt and the sun's rays as it rose across the blue water. It was paradise, and it happened because of the kindness of strangers. The best trips happen when you relax, plan a little, but not too much, and trust that people are good and the world will work itself out.

Mallory | 7:43 PM

looking forward to what i'm hoping is one of my most memorable vacations -- a trip in september with my boyfriend to ireland and germany! hello international four seasons?!? ;)

Dawn | 7:48 PM

Our honeymoon to Maui. It was pure bliss and relaxation. We can't wait to be able to take our kids there some day!

Lil Dictators | 8:00 PM

Once, when I was a teenager, traveling with my fam in Central America, we crashed in a cheap motel, only to realize in the middle of the night that it was in fact, a "no-tell-motel". We hardly slept with all the cars going in and out ALL NIGHT LONG... Not to mention that we couldn't get the thought of those nasty sheets and beds out of our minds. Ickers.

Love to see the photos of your vacay. Awesome.

autumn | 9:26 PM

WOW, my most memorable trip was a little getaway to Cannon Beach, OR with my husband and a big fat 30 week baby bump. We played on the chilly beach, ate donuts that had been flown in from somewhere and drank such great coffee. We have vacationed all around but by far a chilly coast with lots of wind and grey is my favorite.

Bunny | 10:01 PM

I have yet to really travel and thus don't have a most memorable trip. I would like to travel everywhere someday. I want to go to Italy the most and then I would love to go to Scotland.

unicorn2themax | 10:17 PM

Someday I would like to take a honeymoon with my husband. We have been married for three years and have a toddler, no honeymoon in sight. that is some sad ass shit. someday, someday.

Unknown | 10:35 PM

We took our kids, age 8 & 11, on a Disney was awesome. Snorkling on St. John was the highlight of the week. It was unbelievably beautiful.

Meagan R | 10:42 PM

My husband and I have a trip planned for Thailand this fall. I'm pretty sure it's going to trump all other trips before it. Exited!

riss | 10:55 PM

My trip from Montana to Virginia Beach. Had never been to the east coast before, and went with my best friend. Unforgettable :)

Annie | 1:18 AM

most memorable... roadtrip to the Grand Canyon at age 11. I forgot my suitcase and we had to buy all new clothes - which were stolen 30 minutes later while trying on shoes! Still - images of the Grand Canyon are locked in my memory forever, and 15 years later we laugh at our mini fiasco!

Mishka | 1:50 AM

A bit of background. For big long reasons that take forever to talk about, as is true of most Mexicans, my husband is unable to get a VISA to visit the United States. So, a few summer's ago we decided to "screw the U.S." and we headed to Calgary, Canada. Actually, we've been there twice ;) but the last time we took our daughter who was only 10 months old.

He got a small job at a Mexican restaurant and Ocean (my daughter) and I biked all-around the city in her chariot. When he was off, he biked with us and we went everywhere. We did all the things they don't have here where we live (Mexico) - we went to outdoor concerts and the farmer's market and the mall (fun - play area for kids - bathrooms big enough to park a stroller - who knew?!), parks - Calgary has OODLES of parks (where we live, there is only ONE park and NO play equipment :(), the ZOO ... in the middle of our trip, my daughter turned 1 and, since Calgary is only about 6 hours away from Missoula, Montana where my parents live, my parents were able to celebrate her 1st Birthday with us and to visit with my husband whom I had been married to for 5 years, but they had only seen once. So, yeah, that is one of THE most memorable, awesome, super cool trips EVER :).

Jess | 5:06 AM

Sounds cheesy, but my most memorable getaway was my honeymoon - nothing to think about and nothing to plan, just me and my husband (having dated for 10 years at that point) having a great time in Hawaii!

Anonymous | 6:50 AM

Road trip to Acadia National Park, ME in our '76 VW camper van!

Maggie | 8:12 AM

Most memorable trip... might have to go with Italy - all kinds of CRAZY stuff happened (including witnessing a scissor fight and teens gettin' it on a piazza, I'm not even kidding), still a wonderful trip. Would go back in a heartbeat.

Ashley | 8:20 AM

We took our first trip with our baby to Tulum, Mexico when she was seven months old. Everyone we encountered took her from my arms to kiss her and ask her name, telling me of their own babies and grandbabies in a language I barely know. It was wonderful to see this sense of community-- strangers and fellow travelers helping us out on our first adventure with the babe. We had a great time and so enjoyed the local hospitality-- not to mention the food and beaches.

Patsy | 8:37 AM

My family and I still talk about what we ate in France, where we went for a short trip about 15 years ago. My dad especially has an amazing memory for food, but none of us can forget the full plate of sauteed chantrelles we had as a starter one night. We weren't worthy!

Kaitlin | 9:21 AM

My most memorable trip with my honeymoon to Aruba - we totally relaxed and didn't worry about a thing! It was amazing.

Dawn Myers | 11:46 AM

I took a work trip in Sicily. It was incredible and I hope to go back with the hubby and my daughter someday.

Lindsey | 11:54 AM

My husband and I had been married 3 years before we went on a trip of any kind that was not wedding or family related. No honeymoon, no weekend getaways...NOTHING. We had a daughter and agreed that before we had our son we would go SOMEWHERE. We ended up penny pinching through London for 10 days last year and it was AMAZING. Somedays all we could afford was bread and water, but it was fancy super tasty bread and sparkling water...because heck...thats what you get in London.

We also stayed in the smallest room I've ever seen in my life. It was the most unromantic, romantic trip ever.

MSimone | 11:56 AM

My most memorable trip was to Maui with my sweetie - warm weather in February, beautiful beaches and great food. It was pretty fabulous!

Sandra Pree | 12:28 PM

My most memorable trip was camping with my entire family last summer. We stayed in a cabin but we were on the river all day just relaxing. It was such a great time!

Michelle | 12:29 PM

We just took our first family trip with our two and a half year old in March to Cuba! It was an adventure as I was 31 weeks pregnant! We surprised my dad and stepmom by just showing up on there second week of vacation and I think it was the best surprise of their life and mine. Nothing like watch you Dad whose always been tough make excuses that "There must be something in the air" making his eyes tear!

Ally Simons | 1:17 PM

Our honeymoon in Vegas was so much fun. I think I fell in love with the hubs a million times during that trip. ::Swoon::

Anonymous | 1:20 PM

My most memorable vacation was the summer of 2005. I was still living with my parents, and we went down to the Portofino Bay Hotel in Florida. (I highly suggest it!). I am a Diabetic, and have been since age 9, and during the second night my blood sugar dropped so low that I ended up having a seizure. My mom ended up spending the rest of the trip taking care of me, instead of enjoying herself with my dad and sisters. If I were to win this, I would LOVE to go somewhere, just she and myself, and try to make it up to her. She's never once complained about the trip because that's the kind of AWESOME mom she is, but this would be something great I could give to her.

Jess | 2:33 PM

Most memorable trip -- eee, tough to pick. We went to Hawaii about a month ago and so much about that was amazing and wonderful.
But I really loved our driving trip to the Badlands & Custer, South Dakota. Our first major road trip with the kids, slow pace, lots of sun and happy days.

Lisa | 2:36 PM

I think my most memorable vacation was the time I went to Nantucket when my twins were 5. Yes, Nantucket is amazing, but the thing I associate with that trip is how it was the first time I felt like I was doing an awesome job as a single mom.

Roxanne Dubier | 2:40 PM

My most memorable trip was as a chaperone to 40 high school students on a trip to Italy, France and Spain last spring. My husband and best friends were also chaperoning. Our students were fabulous beyond words and Europe was a blast!

Roxanne Dubier | 2:43 PM
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Kate | 2:57 PM

Looking back, the last minute trip to the Bahamas with my best girlfriend(Hi Ash!)our senior year was slam full of ideal memories. We were young and living moment to moment. I would jump around with excitement if the two of us were able to drop and run away to an island again.

Kate | 3:10 PM

My husband and I married after we found out we were pregnant with our daughter, and we never had a honeymoon. We did have a two day trip up the coast of CA, with stops at Hearst Castle and Morro Bay. Kiddo was too little to really appreciate it, but I sure did!

We've never seen New York. Looks amazing!

Aero | 3:43 PM

My most memorable getaway was with my sister for my most recent birthday (my 25th--a big one!). We went to Memphis and Graceland and I had a blast with one of my favorite people on the planet. Elvis lives!

Dina | 4:13 PM

My own personal most memorable trip was to Morocco about 10 years ago. I've been wanting to go back ever since. Now that I'm married we're taking our belated honeymoon this fall in New Zealand w/ our new baby. So very excited to do a major trip w/ my family.

Amy | 8:57 PM

Oh wow, I want to go there! Or any Four Seasons, for that matter! Especially because my next memorable trip is coming up this summer and is still in the planning stages. My hubs and I are celebrating 10 years and we're hopping a train up the CA coast, from LA to Seattle. And stopping along the way at fancy hotels to thoroughly pamper ourselves. Must check Four Seasons locations now that you've shown me the light. If there is one in Portland or Seattle, I'm so there!

Very cute with the sponges, BTW. My god.

KittyMarie | 7:09 AM

My husband and I spent a week at a spa in Michigan last summer. It was the most relaxing getaway ever, and not something we ever treat ourselves to!

Aliesha | 10:28 AM

One of my favorite trips was going to visit family in Connecticut, and spending one whole day in Boston and the next whole day in NYC. Were we exhausted by the end of it? YES! But we saw so much, and my husband loved it so much (his first time in either city) was just wonderful. I'd love a chance go to back to NYC just the two of us, for more than one day!

Melanie | 10:41 AM

Our most memorable vacation was last summer at the Westin resort in San Antonio. We went with our three oldest girls while I was very, very pregnant with our 4th. We swam, ate like crazy, swam, ate, hiked, swam, and ate some more. I tried s'mores for the first time at 32 and soaked up every ounce of our then-family of five. It was delicious.

ld | 12:17 PM

Jamaica! Oh how I loved it. I'd like to take my little guy to NYC though, to visit family and experience the city.

Sarah | 5:22 PM

I recently went to Montreal for the first time, and we just up and drove for my birthday - low stress (even though it was for-ev-er in the car!) and it was a beautiful wonderful fun city! oh - and memorable. :-)

Sarah VM | 5:45 PM

My most memorable trip was my honeymoon to Jamaica. I had never been on out of the country or on an airplane before. It was such an amazing time with my new husband. We enjoyed ourselves so much.

TMW | 6:46 PM

My most memorable trip was when my mother in law helped us attend a family reunion in Italy--with my 10 month old son. He was my first and I was terrible with traveling. But it helped us learn that while you need to pack stuff for kiddos they are great companions, even on trips. SInce then I haven't hesitated as much (besides the cost factor that is) to bring the whole family on journeys. We will depart as a party of 5 for the first time to visit my in-laws across the country this coming June. This giveaway would be SWEET!

duck | 6:49 PM

Most memorable trip... well that would be the honeymoon the guy and I went on. We drove over 4,000 kilometers in three weeks. Well, to be honest I drove all of 2 hours, he drove the rest. We could sure use a little get away 8 years latter....

beyond | 3:14 AM

my husband and i have been to bali, indonesia several times. it's a glorious paradise.

Stef | 5:38 PM

I'm happy to go anywhere. A memorable recent trip was to London then hiking through the Cotswolds. A trip my husband and I keep talking about taking soon is to Trinidad to visit his 90-something year old grandma.

Elizabeth | 12:57 AM

My most memorable vacation was with my husband and son to Thailand - some said we were nuts to take a 5 year old, but it was great! No stroller either!

emily | 1:08 PM

believe it or not- my husband & I have never been on vacation alone in the 14 years we've been together. I'd love to get away with him- even if it was just a 10 minute ride to the hotel. Ideally, I'd love to go to New York or Chicago.

mamipdx | 9:45 PM

peru was by far the most memorable- difficult and eye-opening. the landscape, the languages, the people, the food, the history. loved every minute. i would love to return with my daughters in tow some day.
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