Room Service (& Giveaway)

**updated with winner below!**
Back in November, a lovely woman named Christina contacted me via The Four Seasons and asked if I was interested in staycationing at their Beverly Hills location, in exchange for a contribution to their website. Hell yes, I was interested! There is nothing I love more than spooning in comfortable beds with my fam followed by hour long baths with Bvlgari products.

Unfortunately, as it so happens during the holiday season, we were unable to find a weekend that worked for all of us. I asked if Christina would be willing to raincheck for April/New York -- a trip we had had in the works since last summer. She kindly agreed to comp us for one night and discount our rate for the remainder of our stay (this way we were able to afford to stay all three nights here at the hotel). So far it's been worth every penny and in the words of Archer, "I'd be open-minded to the possibility of moving here."
...Says the child, who is welcomed to his new hotel room with fresh fruit, milk and cookies, and sponges spelling his name in the bathroom.
Archer being Archer
...Not to mention a bed covered with board games, stuffed animals for Fable and quite possibly the most comfortable bed of all time.
bear kiss
For the record, I concur.
So does Fable.
Fable being Fable
I love this one
And Hal.
dance DANCE!
And the womb-mates, who are nodding in unison as I type this in my a robe and slippers, while my children sleep soundly giggle under their covers beside me.

"Go to bed, kids. It's a zillion o'clock!"

Oh, whatever. It's vacation. (Until we leave tomorrow! Sob!)
kids' room
P.S. Tiny robe.
robe & slippers
P.P.S. Eggs Florentine in bed.
Thanks Christina, Tiffani & Four Seasons, New York. You rock our world(s).
... Annnnd they rock your world, too. Becaaaaaause they've offered to give one of you a $500 voucher to experience The Four Seasons (any location) with your fam. Or friends, lover(s), self, etc... To win? Tell me about a memorable trip you've taken in your life, or one you'd like to take someday. I'll pick one winner via next Friday and announced Monday, May 2nd. (You can browse The Four Seasons' family travel blog, Have Family, Will Travel, here, which I'll be contributing to in the upcoming weeks.) Good luck and thanks again to The Four Seasons for your generosity, kindness and welcome. We love you, goodnight!

Congratulations to winner, #479 Erin!

Enjoy your voucher, lady and thanks to everyone for participating, including The Four Seasons hotel(s)! Lets do one of these again soon, yeah?



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In Due Time | 12:00 PM

We stay at a hotel every year on our anniversary.

I've only been on ONE vacation my entire life. I KNOW!

kerrie | 12:05 PM

Last year for my Bday my mom and 2 sisters and 2 sister in laws went to AZ for my was just what any doctor would order. Can't be sipping fancy drinks by the pool next to the girls you love!

lyndsey | 12:06 PM

The most memorable trip I've taken was my honeymoon with my husband. We took a cruise from NYC down to the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos. It was the VERY FIRST non-long weekend vacation my hubby took in all of his 30 years. I can't wait until the next one. We're planning for a Europe trip next spring!

writermom | 12:11 PM

My trip of a lifetime took place in October 2004 when I traveled to the Galapagos Islands while about four months pregnant with my first child. I went on a work trip, accompanied by a dear girlfriend because my husband couldn't go. While I was there, I felt my son's first kicks. He has pictures in his baby book of our very first big adventure together and we talk of going back together someday. He loves hearing stories of our time in the Galapagos and I will treasure it always.

Amy B | 12:14 PM

My most memorable and beloved place to travel is Colorado - specifically the Holy Cross Wilderness nearish to Minturn, less nearish to Vail. I have gone backpacking there four times, and nothing in the world can compare with the combination of rigorous physical exertion and the most spectacular views that cannot be seen from anywhere a car can drive you, long talks around a campfire under a billion stars and eating trout from a mountain lake that were caught within the hour.

KK | 12:16 PM

My favorite trip ever was a roadtrip from Savannah Georgia (for a bachelorette party) to Dallas Texas (for a wedding) with a multi day stop in New Orleans in between. It was great! I'm most looking forward to planning my honeymoon right now, even though wedding planning hasn't even begun.

Meg | 12:16 PM

So hard to pick one, but a very memorable vacation was spent backpacking with a girlfriend around Eastern Europe. We called it our GEEA (Great Eastern European Adventure). Highlights included countless late nights, learning thank you, beer and cheers in every language of all countries visited, crazy museums and even crazier hostels. It was the trip of a lifetime with a best friend and best traveling buddy!

Alissa | 12:18 PM

I recently spent a long weekend with some friends in New Orleans. I am not sure if it was because I hadn't seen them in a year or more, or the fact that they were such great friends to begin with, but it was such a healing trip. Much needed after the terrible separation I've been going through with my husband of almost 8 years.

mommy23 | 12:20 PM

Our most memorable trip was to Thailand and hopefully someday we'll go to Africa.

Sarah | 12:21 PM

My most memorable trip was to Italy and Greece with my family while I was in high school. I was a sullen teenager, but I still managed to enjoy the art, architecture and food!

Marilyn | 12:26 PM

I took a 2 week trip backpacking through Europe with my husband for our honeymoon. It was my favorite trip ever :)

And I would just loooove to stay at the Four Seasons!

atout | 12:27 PM

How fun!

My most memorable would be our honeymoon. As lovely as it was to be married we had the most crazy trip. Everything went wrong! Planes breaking, hotels loosing reservations, heat name it! Luckily we were able to roll with it and giggle our way through.

Great Googely Moogely | 12:27 PM

Most memorable was a trip to North Vietnam. It was the most amazing place I've ever been and I can't wait to experience it with my husband and children one day.

CourtneyLyn | 12:27 PM

My most memorable was our euro trip around France and into Spain. My husband proposed to me on the second to last day of our trip. He kept the ring in his shoes (spare pair) the entire trip, waiting for the right moment. I had no idea, it was such a wonderful surprise!

Great Googely Moogely | 12:28 PM

sorry, I messed something up. My most memorable trip was to North Vietnam. Can't wait to go back with my husband and children.

Anonymous | 12:32 PM

What fun it looks like you are having!! Special family bonding...priceless!! My husband and I would absolutely love to take a family vacation out of our home state! That is my wish for a week or even long weekend gateaway! Of course I would love for my hubby and I to get away ourselves....our honeymoon to Jamica 11 yrs ago was wonderful but oh so LONG ago!!! We hope to get away again but now with the kids...I think it would be such a wonderful treat anywhere in a Four Seasons Hotel as those pictures look like heaven!!! Crossing my fingers that I get picked!! :):)


Michelle | 12:36 PM

Most memorable was a trip to SanFrancisco and Napa Valley over 10 years ago... so beautiful and tasty everywhere we went!

she_blinks | 12:37 PM

My dream vacation would be to travel to Santorini and..never leave. Does that constitute a vacation?!

Cat | 12:40 PM

Dream vacation = Norway, specifically hiking and checking out the fjords. I've been weirdly obsessed with that Scandinavian country for years, despite no heritage or any relationship to that area of the world. (That I know of.) I used to talk about it on my blog occasionally,, but ever since I had a kid I've kind of focused on her. But the revised dream is to take her someday.

Kirsten | 12:41 PM

Oh wow, looks fun. My favorite trip every year is the family vacation to Palm Springs. Not glamorous. Only 2.5 hours from home, but the sun, pool and family time are always so welcome.

Isabelle | 12:47 PM

We had an amazing time in the Canadian Rockies. Mind blowingly beautiful and burned into my memory because I was early pregnant but didn't know it.

Funnelcloud Rachel | 12:48 PM

Ok, so the memorable trip was this past fall. We packed 4 adults and one baby into an RV and traveled all over the west for 10 days. It was awesome...but it was not a night in The Four Seasons, which sounds SO luxurious after a trip where we got to shower once during the whole adventure!

Ally | 12:52 PM

Holy cow... so many comments!

My favorite trip was just a little bit ago, to visit my little sister in New Orleans. Great food, great music, great reminder that so many people are still struggling to come back from Katrina.

Next time, I want to take my BF with me... so fun to share things with people you love!

June & Sean | 12:52 PM

The most special trip has to be when I was 17 and my mom and I took off to Boston on a whim one weekend. I was a teenager, thus we'd been arguing for about two years straight, but we became best friends again while trying to navigate the city without a map and stopping to see whatever we wanted whenever we wanted, no agenda.

Erica | 12:53 PM

i would very much like to go to a tropical island in the middle of the pacific ocean and not have a care in the world. where my dinner is caught fresh each morning and my fruits and vegetables have been picked that day. having a hammock and a few good books available would also be essential. :)

PunditMom | 12:54 PM

The Four Seasons always does it up right. One of the most memorable vacations we had was at their property in Jackson, Wyoming a couple of years ago -- the combo of the luxury next to the "wilderness" was especially welcome! xo

Hyatt Lazear | 12:56 PM

Our elopement in Vegas was our last vacay - years ago. It would be nice to go on a babymoon now that we are expecting #2.

Teacher | 12:57 PM

My favorite trip ever was visiting Iceland. It's a beautiful country. I saw puffins! what more could you want?

Caitlin | 12:57 PM

Visiting Paris with my Mother and Grandmother the summer after I graduated High School- such great memories!

Monica | 12:58 PM

My most memorable trip was to Vietnam to adopt our son. We were in Hanoi the whole time, and really got to experience life there.

I cannot wait to take him there in the future, to see the land of his birth, and to have him be able to experience how magical it is.

I also can't wait to travel around that beautiful country and see more of it!Eating myself silly the whole time!

Caitlin | 12:58 PM

Visiting Paris with my Mom and Grandma after graduating High School- so many great memories!

Janine | 12:59 PM

I am boring! My favorite trip is going to Orlando with my kids. But you know why I love it? They have not a care in the world and neither do I!! Your trip looked fab!

Justine B. | 1:01 PM

I think one of my most memorable trips was going to see my younger brother graduate Navy boot camp in Great Lakes, IL. It was so cool to see hundreds of young men and women that have signed up to protect their contry all dressed up for the ceremony. I was so proud of my brother!

Leah | 1:12 PM

Most memorable trip? A driving tour through the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico when I was 13. Our car broke down in isolated countryside, and it was getting dark. At the time, no one in my family spoke Spanish, and no one would stop for us. My dad dug around in some garbage in a ditch and literally fixed the problem with some cut-up hammock string.

Tatiana | 1:12 PM

Eek this is a bit of a tough one for me because I've been on a lot of memorable vacations (lucky, I know). I would have to say it's a toss up between a trip I took to Lisbon with my best friend when we studied abroad and a trip to Brazil with another friend. Together those formed the perfect vacation because I am Brazilian with Portuguese origins so it was amazing to see family and friend in Brazil and then know where we all came from in Portugal.

Sarah F | 1:13 PM

My most memorable trip was when hubs and I went to Jamaica with his siblings and their spouses a few years ago. It was a much-needed getaway that we couldn't afford after a really hard year. (The trip was gifted to us. I cried when I found out.) It was such a wonderful time, and I can't wait to go back someday!

spatulater | 1:21 PM

spending a week in munich as newlyweds was one of my favorite trips. we haven't been brave enough to fly since my daughter was born, but i would love to try!

Meghan Elaine | 1:23 PM

This is the best giveaway I've ever entered. The trip that comes to mind is the trip my husband surprised me with to Maui. Best surprise of my life. I'd love to take my kids someday.

lizbaker | 1:24 PM

My most memorable trip was a family vacation to Hawaii last year. It was incredible! My husband and I work for a non-profit org (not really a money-making career choice) so when my parents offered to pay for the whole trip, we jumped on it. It was truly one of the best weeks of my life.
Also, our 5 year anniversary is April 29th so how stinking awesome would it be to win a second honeymoon (or family-moon as we're pregnant with #2 right now...)

Jack's Mama | 1:26 PM

Since my husband and I got pregnant at age 23 by surprise & eloped we never had a honeymoon. Just a one night stay at a Sheraton with a 7:30am wake up call because he had to go to work and I had to drive him.
My husband jumped at the chance when my "evil step grandmother"-(the one my family hates bc she made my grandpa leave my gammie and their four kids)
offered us her place in Trinidad during carnival. It was an awesome vacation and our 6 month old was the perfect age to tote around.
Now we are planning the wedding we never had!! And would love to go on a honeymoon :) (and hopefully make another baby :)

Greta | 1:29 PM

Most memorable getaway(s): yearly trips to a lake in Maine with my husband and our extended family of friends. So much laughter and relaxation!

Jill | 1:32 PM

I'll never forget the summer I spent in Saville, Spain with my sister. We traveled all around southern spain and even a weekend in Rome, Italy.

caitlyn | 1:32 PM

A trip to San Francisco earlier this year with my 2 year old daughter and my sister. It was the best ladies' vacation ever!

Lynn A. | 1:47 PM

My most memorable getaway was an impromptu trip to YMCA family camp in faaaaarrrr northern Minnesota. Some information you need to assess this: My husband and 3 year old daughter had planned to go, since I had just given birth to daughter number 2 a couple of months before. There was no way in hell I was going into the woods with a baby, and I am NOT a camper. Well, the husband asked if I would consider going, since the spot was open, so I agreed to use my last week of maternity leave to go stay in an extremely rustic cabin with no plumbing with a 2.5 month old. It was memorable because I really took a leap out of my comfort zone - which is more accustomed to the Four Seasons - and the daughters had the time of their lives. It was also a great chance to really relax before jumping back into the rat race.

Abby | 1:51 PM

A recent memorable trip was when my boyfriend and I went camping on the German island of Sylt... without a tent. He mistakenly brought a fold-up sunshade instead of the tent. And this was October. So we went to the campground office and they very kindly gave us a camping RV to use for the same price!! But really, who goes camping without a tent!?!

Dena | 1:52 PM

Most memorable was, like many have posted here, our honeymoon. To Hawaii -- 5 nights at a five-star resort on the Big Island, and 11 nights on Kauai. Unbelievable and unforgettable.

And now (seriously, I'm not even kidding), for our next big trip someday we REALLY want to stay at the Four Seasons on Maui. We've heard such great things about it and we really want to explore Maui together. So this could be perfect!

Jodi | 1:53 PM

Drove a Suzuki Samurai from Morocco to South Africa when I was 23! It took a year and a half and changed my life forever, for the better. I would love to take my daughter on an adventure.

BTW - you are a beautiful pregnant lady and a great writer - I love this blog and read it everyday.

jess | 1:56 PM

My most memorable getaway was my family vacation when I was just a little girl. we took a 10 day boat trip on my dad's little sailboat, Sundance, around the Apostle Islands. It was extraordinary.

Sarah C. | 1:59 PM

Our most memorable family vacation was to Maui. To this day, every time my daughter makes a wish (on a star, birthday candle, fountain) she ALWAYS wishes "for Maui...and the dancing ladies."

The Mommy Therapy | 2:01 PM

I am pretty sure I would not have been able to get anyone in my family to leave the luxury and fantasticness of that place! Fun!

Most memorable trip for me was a one night stay my husband and I took to a Hyatt Resort a few weeks ago. It was in a tiny lake down west of Austin, TX and it was heaven. No kids, beautiful gardens, gorgeous lake and well, did I mention no kids? I was over the moon the entire time. There is nothing that can compare to the feeling of a getaway without your kids after two years without one.

Heathrow's World | 2:03 PM

Exciting! My most memorable trip was our honeymoon to France. We rode bikes through the Alps and ate some amazing food and saw some amazing scenery. It was a blissful time...

Amber and Chris | 2:03 PM

The most memorable vacation...though I had lots as a child...was the last "real vacation" my honeymoon to Italy. In which, I came home pregnant :)

Amber and Chris | 2:06 PM

The most memorable vacation I have had...though I have had many...was my honeymoon to Italy. I realized a month later that we brought home a special son :)

math | 2:08 PM

Paris + Fall + My sweetie asking me to marry him = Magical

Sarah L. | 2:11 PM

My husband and I went on our honeymoon to New York and splurged on one night at the St. Regis. We had a butler, a pop up TV at the foot of the bed and spotted Sir Ben Kingsley at the bar. It was fabulous.

Sarah Rallo | 2:20 PM

A 10 day sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands. We slept on the boat for 10 days. Yep. Great trip!

Lindsey Fyfe | 2:20 PM

eggs florentine in bed!!! :D

My most memorable trip was to a greek island, naxos, with my best girlfriend. shoe-stringers, we opted for "full service luxurious camping" as opposed to a hotel. We got there and it looked like a bone-dry prairie. mysteriously, the tents and sleeping bags "had been destroyed". We started to panic, as it was quite late- and then the owner told us to walk with her. We walk about half a mile down this dusty road and like a mirage sits this brand new grecian condo with white walls and a blue roof. She said it was ours to keep for the weekend because she felt bad about the tents. I still have no idea how or why we scored such a sweet spot but we loved every minute.

Katiedidtoo | 2:22 PM

Last year our teens got taken to Universal Studios by their cousins and my husband and I jumped in the car and drove as fast as we could to Key West... then decided we couldn't leave, found a hotel and basked in paradise... until we realized that we had no clothes, toothbrushes or deodorant with us...

Anne | 2:22 PM

I recently returned from a week in Greece and watching the sunset in Santorini was one of the most peaceful and memorable times of my life.

keight dukes | 2:24 PM

road trip through northern spain with my now-husband then boyfriend. sleeping in our rental car to avoid hostel fees. him accidentally taking both of our tylenol PM doses one night. hilarity ensuing. holy four seasonsgasm

Alyssa | 2:26 PM

My most memorable trip was my honeymoon too. Nothing special, we just went "up north". But we were so happy to say "my husband" and "my wife". The Four Seasons looks divine!

Mary F-M | 2:34 PM

We are still waiting to have our most memorable vacation. We have been busy taking care of all of the "needs" of the people in our family through the years. We would love to take a vacation to some TBD locale and enjoy the comfort of a Four Seasons style event. We just got married last week in Boston and our honeymoon was spent driving back home to GA.

Kimmy | 2:36 PM

So far my favorite vacation has been a trip to Ireland with a friend while we were studying abroad in London. We spent a week in Dublin & it was amazing. I'd like my next European trip to be Italy ... next domestic trip, I'm not sure yet!

alissa | 2:54 PM

that hotel looks incredible! i'd love to be able to take a trip with my family (boyfriend, and daughter) - we've never taken one before and i think it would so awesome :]

Mrs. H | 2:58 PM

How adorable is that mini robe on Fable?! I die.

My most memorable trip was our honeymoon to Costa Rica...not only did we relax and lounge but we went white water rafting, hiking, zip lining, kayaking, snorkling and more! We need another vacation like that :)

Aaron & Cassie | 2:59 PM

I would love a trip, as I'm expecting # 3 in less than a month! Our most memorable trip was our honeymoon. Spent 3 nights in a nice hotel in Corpus Christi and had fun doing NOTHING! It was awesome.

Caroline | 2:59 PM

Hmmm, I am so lucky to have a bank of great memories of fun trips. But the one that stands out would be Grand Caymen on my honeymoon. It was perfect and the best way to start a now 17 year old marriage!

Michelle | 3:00 PM

most memorable was my honeymoon to Italy - especially all the gelato I ate!

Julie | 3:06 PM

My most memorable vacation was San Diego when I was 16. My dad had to go out on business and Mom and I went with him. It was the most time I think I've ever spent one-on-one with my mom, who died exactly three years later.

Anonymous | 3:06 PM

Really, really want to go to NYC, or California. Here's hoping!! - great pics and post as usual.

The Jorgensen's | 3:20 PM

My most memorable getaway was a 3 week trip to Europe with my husband. At the time, we had only been married two years, and had just spent all our money on a down-payment for a house the month before. We had planned the trip for a whole year and went anyway, and it was awesome. Needless to say, we didn't stay anywhere that's as nice as The Four Seasons. Lots of good memories and I learned on that vacation that his idea of "planning" the details of a trip and mine are very different!

Alyssa | 3:28 PM

Our most memorable holiday would definitely be our honeymoon in Tulum, Mexico. It wasn't anything extravagant, no room service or pampering. But it was a lovely week with just the two of us (without our 15 month old). Someday we'll go somewhere like that again. Someday...

Book Bound | 3:34 PM

This looks incredible. I love the idea of a staycation in a hotel that they first presented to you. I went back to school full time this year, my spouse started working a second job to support this life change, and we almost never get any real couple time now because of the schedules. We don't have the funds to take a trip, but I would love to be able to have a staycation with him in a hotel in our city just for some quality time away from our everyday lives. It would be a great way for me to thank him for everything he has done this year to help me grow.

Jacqueline | 3:35 PM

One of my most memorable trips was to Alaska. My cousin and I took a cruise from Seattle and we were uprgraded to a SUITE! It was amazing. We ordered room service and ate it on the deck with the background of majestic mountains and blue Pacific ocean. It was a really amazing way to travel.

Book Bound | 3:36 PM

This looks incredible. I love the idea of a staycation in a hotel that they first presented to you. I went back to school full time this year, my spouse started working a second job to support this life change, and we almost never get any real couple time now because of the schedules. We don't have the funds to take a trip, but I would love to be able to have a staycation with him in a hotel in our city just for some quality time away from our everyday lives. It would be a great way for me to thank him for everything he has done this year to help me grow.

megadena | 3:38 PM

my most memorable trip would be the free hotel stay my husband and i had in duluth minnesota, in MAY- when it snowed all weekend! and we decided right there and then to get married anyway :)

Nan | 3:40 PM

A trip we will hopefully take this October: me, the hubs and four boys ages eight and under, cross country from VA to.CA! Yes, I know we are crazy!

Maggie Rose | 3:42 PM

I'll always remember travelling to Den Hague with my parents when I was 9. I was old enough to be relatively independent but young enough that the city felt magical. I hope to return one day when there's more time and money.

AimeeDesiree | 3:51 PM

My most memorable trip was when I met up with my boyfriend in Paris...and then he proposed by the Louvre!

ascheele | 3:58 PM

My trip was actually one where I stayed at the Four Seasons with my mom. We had traveled to Virginia from Seattle for my oldest friend's wedding. Finally a big girl with a job, I arranged for my mom and I to stay at a local motel that I was going to pay for. We arrived, and it was a dump. I looked at mom. I could tell she wanted to make the best of it, but then she said, "Let's go to the Four Seasons. I'll pay." We hightailed it over to Tyson's Corner and checked in. I spend a lovely two nights celebrating my oldest friend's wedding, and giggling and relaxing with my mom. It was an especially special trip because she was gone a year later. Cancer took her from me. I will always cherish that special trip I had with her.

Melanie | 4:26 PM

A memorable trip I took was going to my small family cottage in Pennslyvania with my husband and family. The cottage was built by my grandfather whom I never met, and my father has been going there since he was 2. I can't wait to bring a new generation there when we have kids!

Supercute | 4:26 PM

My most memorable trip was my first vacation with who is now my husband. We hadn't been together for a year yet and I knew traveling together could make or break us as a couple. We went to Orlando and spent a lot of time at Disney World where we got to be 2 big kids. It was the best time ever.

The vacation also came just after my super beloved grandma passed away so it was something I desperately needed. It also gave us enough extra money to not have to worry about how to pay for things, and have the chance to splurge some.

Lisa | 4:28 PM

My most memorable trip was when I traveled halfway around the world by myself to Northern Australia. I was 23 and quite literally felt like I was on top of the world. :)

Donna J. | 4:31 PM

My most memorable trip was when I went to Ireland with my Granny and younger cousin after I graduated highschool. I am so glad I got to spend that time with my Granny before I moved out of state and she passed away.

missalibeth | 4:53 PM

My first trip to New York was also the first time my sister (she's 5 years younger) and I have traveled alone together-both as adults! It was a great trip and we'd LOVE to go back!

SM Price | 5:00 PM

My most memory getaway turned into a stay-away. I was supposed to stay in New Zealand for one year, ended up sticking around for three. I came back a better person with a new perspective and new lease on life. Fabulous country.

Heidi O. | 5:10 PM

Most memorable trip was trip to Chicago in 2008. Changed my life and renewed my thought it was dead for good creative side C/O the Chicago Art Institute.

Little Miss Moi | 5:18 PM

My most memorable getaway was probably when we hit the wilds of Laos. Well, not really 'wilds', but it was the most underdeveloped, untouristed country I'd been to, and was beautiful to boot.

ZDub | 5:20 PM

We rented a house in Morro Bay last summer, a beach town where my grandparents had home and I went as a child. It was a blast taking my kids around to the places I used to go when I was their age.

And truth: The Four Seasons would straight up be for myself and my husband since we never went on a honeymoon. I'm thinking Vegas.

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks | 5:30 PM

Our family trip last year to Key West (FL) was the best! The kids are at the age where they can enjoy it too.

Marie | 5:49 PM

I love hotels! I went on a cruise with my best friend about 8 years ago. We had a blast. We were in our early 20's and had not a care in the world. It was amazing. Sadly, when I returned my world changed and I found out my dad had cancer and passed away 6 weeks later.

That trip was truly the last of my worry-free days and I will always cherish it.

I would love to go somewhere for a getaway with my husband. He works so hard for our family so I can stay home with the kiddos and I would love to surprise him and take him somewhere.

stacy | 5:51 PM

I've been to lots of neat places- some favorites are London, Florence, and Barcelona but what I really want to do soon is fly to L.A and spend a week driving to San Fransisco and then on to Portland to see our family. I hear its a great drive and I've never done it!

agirlandacupcake | 5:55 PM

Our best trip ever (so far!) was our backpacking trip through europe. I was pregnant with our son (first trimester), and we started in London and Euro-railed it to France, Switzerland (Grindelwald, up in the Alps where we pretended to be Heidi from that children's book. We had to take 1 gondola, 2 shuttles, and like, 456 trains to get there but it was totally worth it), Austria, Italy, Poland, and Germany. It was amazing. Hostels in Europe are infinitely better than American hostels is all I have to say! Though traveling while pregnant and nauseas is mildly horrific..

agirlandacupcake | 5:57 PM

Best trip ever - we trekked through Europe while I was pregnant.

Sara | 6:15 PM

We're dreaming of an anniversary trip to Belgium. Supposed to try this year for our 10th, but we had a baby instead!

danielle | 6:18 PM

wow ... i think my most memorable trip was a 2 month cross country road trip with 3 of my best girls ... one summer when we were in college ... started in nh, made it to the west coast & back ... lived out of a backpack, camped & stayed with friends the whole time ... had one night in vegas in a hotel ... the whole trip was was amazing!

Susan | 6:21 PM

My most memorable trip has been my minimoon to DC after our wedding. So much food and a great football game! Up next: real deal honeymoon in Paris & London!

Kelly | 6:26 PM

After we graduated from college, my BFF and I backpacked through Portugal, Spain, S. France, and Italy. Although it was a fantastic time and the trip of a lifetime in many ways, we did it all on $50/day. The Four Seasons - it was NOT. Ahhh, youth. Still dreaming of the day I can head back to Europe- only this time it'll be with my husband and two boys. Can't wait!!

Christine | 6:26 PM

Honeymoon in Italy 6 years after we got married and could afford a honeymoon. Visited husband's relatives who had never met us before but treated us like family from the first minute. We hope to get back this year, if we still have jobs.

thesecretsavant | 6:28 PM

When I was a kid my dad would choose one child and we would get to go with him on a special vacation to Storyland in New Hampshire. This year, my Dad, husband and I will be taking my son.

It is only a six hour drive, but its a whole other, magical world.

Candace A. | 6:48 PM

My most memorable trip was to Las Vegas a few years back. It was a work trip, but we were able to squeeze in a little fun. But I would absolutely love to go to Hawaii with my husband. We never took a honeymoon.

Melinda | 6:49 PM

our most memorable trip had to have been our cruise last summer. Ireland is top on our list too, all of the greenery and countryside is a must-see

won | 6:54 PM

Without hesitation, the most memorable trip I ever took was October 8, 2004. I was at Duke University with my daughter when I learned that she would not survive her cancer. She was 11. She wanted to go to the ocean. So we did, the very next day.

This trip was the most memorable because I willed myself to remember every single second of the trip. Every moment with her - every whim she had was met. I remember dancing on the balcony with her in the moonlight.

I remember the smell of the ocean and the smell of the fear I could not let go of. I remember that weekend with Olivia Grace. I will never forget.

She passed away 42 days later, at the age of 11.

EveryMom | 7:03 PM

Our favorite family vacation is yet to come! I'm 6 weeks pregnant with our second, and our first will be 2 in June... We're headed to Washington DC in three weeks to take our little one to the zoo and visit some of the sites before I get too big (and too hot!) to travel during the summer.

OrsmanCres | 7:08 PM

aRound the world trip all by myself when I was 25! Hopefully that will be replaced by our first family get away to the Pacific Islands next week!

Jess | 7:10 PM

My most memorable trip was to Hungary a few years ago. It's a place I never expected to visit and absolutely fell in love with.

Rebekah Wallace | 7:10 PM

Some of our most memorable getaways have actually been the ones close to home. Anytime we find ourselves in a hotel for a weekend with nothing to do but sleep and eat in our pjs, we come home so refreshed and reconnected.

Sarah | 7:15 PM

Well aren't I lucky! Just found this blog and in time for an awesome giveaway. Score!

So, my most memorable trip BY FAR was to Rwanda last year. Incredible, mind-blowing, out of this world awesome. Went by myself, but within days I felt as though I were traveling with friends (I wasn't wrong, I am still in touch with several of them!). Everyone, from the waiter at the hotel to my driver (sounds fancy, but really it's normal there - you have to hire someone with four wheel drive and a stomach for traversing narrow roads with no railing), was warm and generous and embracing.

Cabogirl | 7:20 PM

Most memorable trip was to Cabo....nothing to do but pick out a chair under the umbrella, read the stack of books I brought, and eat the fresh food that was brought to me whenever I wanted. First vacation where all I had to do was relax.....heaven.

Megan | 7:23 PM

In Paris, October 2007, my eldest child was conceived.

Megan | 7:24 PM

In Paris my eldest child was conceived in October 2007.

Portia | 7:39 PM

My most memorable trip would have to be spending almost a month in London/Dublin/Edinburgh/Glasgow with my mom when I was seventeen. We just happened to be in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival and we saw some amazing plays. I love to travel, but more than that, I love staying somewhere new long enough to feel like I'm actually living there.

Lindsay | 8:14 PM

Sailing in Greece for 2 weeks with a chartered sailboat. Could we afford it? Hardly. Was I occasionally sea sick? Absolutely. Were the sunsets otherwordly and was it totally worth it? Duh.

MissMolly | 8:20 PM

I spent my 30 bday in Paris with the love of my life. It was more then anyone could dream for! Molly

Kim | 8:35 PM

I took a very memorable trip to Israel, through the Birthright Israel program, which was all kinds of informative and educational and fascinating and "connect to your roots"-ish and wonderful. But I also took a wonderfully memorable trip to not-so-far-from-us-Monterey, to check out the otters and see the was memorable because it was the first grown-up trip my boyfriend and I took together. Even though we weren't going too far, it was the first time we researched a trip, booked a hotel, and went on our own vacation. I'll never forget the feeling of "omg, we're checking into this hotel room, which is in OUR names, because we are adults! And we can do whatever we want!" (We were about 22 at the time, and it felt Very Grown Up!)

miller.whitehead | 9:13 PM

Best trip of my life? Spending several weeks in India 10+ years ago, where I met my Indian family, traveled all over the country, and ate lentils with every meal. Okay, the lentil part wasn't the greatest thing I've ever experienced, but the rest as pretty darn awesome.

jenna | 9:31 PM

My most memorable trip was a three month study abroad in new zealand. simply amazing!

plue | 9:45 PM

I traveled to mainland China with my grandfather when I was in jr high school--I hated the gross, mildewed hotels, the flying cockroaches at night, having to go to the bathroom in a hole in the ground, and the creepy food (like frogs!) we were served. I was too young and used to my cushy American life. Plus, since we were roomies, my grandfather woke me up by patting me on the face EVERY morning.

But then one morning while we were at Yellow Mountain, my grandfather patted my face in the middle of the night and forced me to go on a hike with him in pitch darkness. He said he wanted to show me something. About an hour later, the sun peeked out over the mountains and streamed through the mists--it was the most gorgeous sunrise I've ever seen. My grandfather died last year--I feel lucky to have such a great memory of him.

Jill | 9:47 PM

My most memorable trip was just last summer when my husband, my dad and stepmom and two brothers and I all went to California. We went to Disneyland, several Dodger Games, Long Beach and had an all around awesome time. It was most memorable for me because I was 16 weeks pregnant so I got to experience a different side of Disney as there are only a few rides I could ride. I didn't care because I was bonding with my baby!
(P.S. Hi Rebecca! Remember me?! I made you a little photo album/journal for Fable back when she was born...) :)

Erin | 9:53 PM

My most memorable vacation was Mexico City in April 2009, amidst the initial outbreak of swine flu, when everyone was paranoid and freaking out. I totally rocked a mask, too. What's not memorable about vacationing in fear?!

Jennifer | 10:08 PM

My husband and I are leaving next week for an adventure in Europe. We don't know where we're going exactly, but we can't wait to figure it out!

Your escalator operator | 10:13 PM

I dig Archer's quote.

My latest memorable getaway was an extended weekend in my one-time home, Chicago. Not nearly enough time to see and do (and eat) everything I wanted, but the highlight was returning with my wife to the spot where we first met.


JachiCue | 11:03 PM

I won a trip to New York a few years ago, through my job at the time. It was a blast. Stuck at our layover destination because the New York airport was snowed shut, then after arriving in New York, the next day, we explored the city for that day and proceeded to get sick. Guess that's what happens when you go to New York in February. And it's a trip I wouldn't change for the world.

Kari | 11:36 PM

So many memorable trips - but probably the 3 weeks I spent backpacking around eastern europe was my favorite.

Wide open world | 12:28 AM

My most memorable trip was a 3 week escape I made to Cambodia and Vietnam by myself a few years ago. I worked with a non-profit to raise money for educational projects in Cambodia and rode a mountain bike from the capital to the sea in one week, stopping at schools. I went by myself and met all kinds of interesting people. It changed my life in the most profound way possible.

Tirzah Hochreiter | 4:20 AM

My husband had never been west of the Mississippi River before we went to San Francisco last year. Even though I had been there quite a few times before (I have family out there, always a wonderful excuse to visit an incredible city!) it was so much fun to see it through both his and our daughter's eyes! We probably walked the span of the entire city between small bouts of trolly rides, which is the best way to see any place. We are leaving for Austin at the end of the week which is another destination I am excited to show him around. I am hoping for many incredible adventures in the future, maybe even to some destinations that I have never been to before!

Nicole | 4:44 AM

Most memorable vacation - Italy with my then boyfriend (now husband). It was beautiful

ginger | 4:51 AM

I have a dream of getting one of those around the world tickets and taking six month to a year with my family to see as much as we can. My girls are little now, but in about 10 years they'll be the right age, but not yet so focused on friends that they'll not want to go with us! (Well, maybe the 15 year old will already be bored with us.)

Mary | 5:02 AM

My most memorable vacation was with my family to Costa Rica. This is even more impressive if you consider that I was 17 at the time and generally considered my family rather beneath me. Oh, the foolishness of youth!

Kathy Drachowski | 5:07 AM

My most memorable trip was to Breckenridge Co. to ski over 4th of July weekend. Truly amazing to ski on snow at the top of the mountain in a t-shirt and drink rum runners at the bottom. Also driving through Rocky Mountain national park was like a religious experience for anyone who loves nature. I didn't realize that beauty like this existed in our own country until that trip.

Terri | 5:35 AM

Our trip to Seoul was the most memorable trip. The food was divine and the people were very nice.

Alyssa | 5:51 AM

The most memorable trip I've ever taken was driving one-way across the country to move from NY to Phoenix. I would LOVE to win this prize to take a babymoom before the arrival of our little girl in August =)

Ida Mae | 6:02 AM

The most memorable trip so far was my trip to France. BUT I am determined to top it, so I'll tell you the most memorable trip I am going to have :)

It will be a trip to someplace tropical but cultural. Even though this trip is will be a post-poned honeymoon, I still want to bring our kids so they can learn and explore with us too. We'll just have to bring a babysitter or nanny so Mommy and Daddy can go out alone a couple nights :)

ida_mai at hotmail dot com

Margaux | 6:11 AM

I went to London about 10 years ago to visit my sister who was studying abroad, and had an amazing time. We made our way to Edinburgh, which blew my mind it was so beautiful.

Grant and Julie Sackett | 6:12 AM

My favorite trip memories are of river rafting in Jacksonhole WY with my whole extended family!

Julie | 6:22 AM

My husband and I are going to New Zealand this summer to visit family. It will be our fifth wedding anniversary present to each other and we can't wait!

JMc | 6:24 AM

One of the most memorable trips was last summer in New York. We opted to rent a furnished apartment in Soho so we'd be able to have cereal for breakfast and eat in a night or two. My two girls (5 and 8) didn't see the charm of the very LITTLE apartment where the tiny living room doubled as the parents' bedroom. The kicker was my stepson's bed, which was missing a leg and had to be propped up with a saucepan. The next stop on our trip was a comfortable, but pretty basic motel in Kennebunkport Maine. This place the girls thought was a palace because it had two pools! Go figure!

Rockabillybebe | 6:28 AM

Looks like an amazing place to stay!! My most memorable trip to date was June of '10 to Ft. Lauderdale, where my man and I eloped in the gardens of the Mai Kai. 10 months and one baby later, I'd love to be able to get away for our 1 yr. anniversary.

Marianne | 6:37 AM

I've taken some memorable trips, but I've never been able to go visit my best friend in London, and it's starting to get to me.

mainesurf | 6:40 AM

My most memorable trip ever was Botswana for an amazing safari. Animals, birds, elephants outside the tent, oh my! Counting down the days and saving my pennies to be able to return someday. Simply amazing!
However, a night at the four seasons will help tide me over! :)

LSW | 6:42 AM

My most memorable trip was our honeymoon which we spent in California (we're from Brooklyn) attending two other weddings. It was great to watch other couples go through all the fun/love/AGH! that we had *just* done.

Katie | 6:47 AM

I would say Guatemala. It was a gift to my self for my 30th. I visited orphanages. I smiled and laughed a whole lot. I cried as I walked away a whole lot. I swam, drank and ate lots of fresh and local grub. My heart was broken when I went. My heart was healing when I returned home.

Meagan | 6:51 AM

My most memorable getaway would have to be our trip to Hawaii. It was so beautiful. 9 months later I still dream about that place...

Rowenna | 6:55 AM

I have taken so many incredibly memorable trips, especially road trips, with my family. The one sticking in my mind right now is my most recent trip, a solo road trip cross country which involved seeing my sister, brother, cousin, parents, and several friends. I'd love to win the giveaway, though, to use on my honeymoon... which will also be a cross-country road trip!

tawnylaquay | 7:00 AM

My most memorable trip was to Savannah, GA. We drove down without a plan, very little money and had the most fantastic time.

Jenny | 7:04 AM

I've yet to take my 11 year old on a plane! I've stayed in downtown Atlanta several times for biz and I think he'd LOVE it. Maybe a cheap plane ticket and Four Seasons midtown? Sound like fun!

Lauren | 7:14 AM

My most memorable trip was a month in Argentina with my husband and two kids for the last month of my maternity leave. It is the year we had two summers and who knew a newborn was such a wonderful travel companion. Congratulations on the twins!

Caley | 7:40 AM

My most memorable trip was to China, but that was without my husband and baby and quite frankly, we would love to go ANYWHERE together! Maybe Greece, or Belize, or California, or...

c a l e y 2 2 @ h o t m a i l . c o m

Jenny | 7:40 AM

Me, too! ME TOO!

My most memorable trip is the one where my then-boyfriend planned a surprise getaway for New Year's Eve. He kept all the details a surprise until the morning that we were supposed to leave, when I found a bag with a note that said to pack for 70 degree weather and bring a passport. A shuttle picked me up at the house and dropped me at the airport, where my then-boyfriend was waiting for me. We boarded a plane to Mexico City, where my then-boyfriend transformed into my fiance after midnight, in a room filled with chocolates and rose petals! It will forever be the best use of frequent flyer miles, ever!

Mandy Thompson | 7:41 AM

When I was a kid (the eldest of 4, all within 6 years of each other), we used to travel between Ontario and Nova Scotia Canada. It's about a two day trip, and my parents would just stop driving when they got tierd, so had to resort to whichever hotel/motel was avaliable. Experiences: A)we always travelled with our pillows because I got LICE from a dirty motel pillow at around 2 years old on one of these trips. And B) On one particular trip we drove around for a sold 45min - an hour, and every hotel/motel was full, until we found a sleezy little motel with a vacency, we were so excited we started chanting "WE GOT A ROOM" at 2am, and likely woke up those already sleeping. 4 kids and two adults chanting over and over excitedly that they got a room. Good times!

kk gbitz | 7:50 AM

Month-long trip to Panama was one of my favorites. We were in a little town on the beach. Rented a two bedroom house for a month and told friends anyone who wanted to come stay for a week was welcome to the second bedroom. Spent a month surfing, reading, strolling around town with various friends over Christmas/New Year's.

Rebecca Nuckles | 7:59 AM

Our three weeks in Curacao, Italy and France last year. It was our last hurrah before getting pregnant. We ate amazing food, drank amazing wine, and stopped into practically every pastry and gelato shop we passed.

The Litzenbergers | 8:02 AM

Most memorable vacation was sailing in Greece for a week with friends. We chartered a boat and had a captian who did the work for us and knew all the good places to go. Every afternoon around 4pm he would find an inlet or bay, anchor the boat and announce that it was time for gin & tonics and a "swimmy swim". It was divine! (It didn't hurt this this week was sandwiched between two weeks spent traveling around Italy too.)

Kristie | 8:13 AM

Congrats on the wee ones!

I'd love to take a vacation to Europe...if that's not in the cards, I'll settle for driving up and down the coast of California someday. :)

Anonymous | 8:31 AM

My most memorable vacation was renting a house in Myrtle Beach with my immediate and extended family. It was a wonderful, relaxing time and the first time my son saw the beach. Definitely magical. I would like to take my son to see NYC and DC, among other cities, so that he is able to have those experiences at a relatively young age.

BAM | 8:35 AM

My most memorable vacation was 12 days in Spain and Portugal with my two best friends. We ate and drank like gluttons, got our rental car stuck in a narrow street and laughed a lot.
I have been trying to plan a trip to Prague or Vilnius for years now, and can't find anyone to go with me. But that will be my next memorable trip!

Teresa Tebbe | 8:41 AM

My most memorable trip was the 10-day trip to Honolulu, Hawaii with my family. I'd also love to see the Grand Canyon, San Franciso, Seattle, Boston, and Cabo (again, only this time with my family!)!!!

Claire Castagnera | 8:42 AM

That looks wonderful! My favorite trip was when my parents took me to Ireland for my sixteenth birthday. Something I'll remember forever.

Steph | 8:47 AM

While teaching English in Korea, my husband and I splurged and celebrated our 4th anniversary with a night at the Park Hyatt in downtown Seoul. We still reminisce about that night and love to relish all of the amazing details of that hotel.

katylux | 8:47 AM

My most memorable vacay was recently...we spent a week on Santorini with our 7-month-old baby girl. It was the off-season and we watched it snow while we ate copious amounts of feta. We have done a lot of traveling, but that was our first big trip with the little one.

Jane | 8:56 AM

(Ooh you all look like you had SO much fun!! Yay!!)

My most favorite vacation was to see the singer David Cassidy in concert in Connecticut and I got to meet him!! ~~swooooon~~

Tasha | 8:58 AM

Wow, that tiny robe is so adorable.

Hmm, our favorite vacation (so far) was to Costa Rica it was our first trip as a couple...

we are planning an extended family trip to Italy & Spain--would love to make that happen!

Meg | 9:02 AM

That looks so fun! My best trip was probably last summer when we took the kids to Italy. After dumping the bags we went to stretch our legs around our neighborhood. At the first street we looked left, no cars. We looked right, no cars... but the Colleseum!! So great! Next desired vacation? California- never been adn really want to!

Sarah of the Jones family | 9:14 AM

One of many memorable trips was a St. Thomas getaway with my hubby a few years ago. FANTASTIC time!

Danielle | 9:26 AM

I've never been able to take my sonchild anywhere and he's 13! I'd love to go on a staycation w/ him and the LoverMan :)

Kimm | 9:35 AM

Before I was married I took a trip to Costa Rica by myself. It was such an adventure. Being alone meant that I had to reach out to the local people. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Now married with two kids, I would love to take them on a similar adventure!!

A & W | 9:52 AM

So far my most memorable trip was a crazy 4-day road trip I took with my friend from San Diego, CA to northern Michigan. We had no map and our mapquest directions that we printed out right before we left did not take into account mountain road closures due to we pretty much winged the whole thing and ended up getting stuck in Scaryville, Wyoming for a night (which happened to be my 21st birthday), but it was SO fun and I'll never forget it!
Now I am 8 weeks pregnant with twins and I am dreaming of taking a babymoon with my husband this summer! I would LOVE to stay at the 4 Seasons!!!!

LC | 9:57 AM

I'm a simple girl that just loves the drive between my former hometown of San Diego to points north (Laguna, Huntington, Los Angeles) I love passing by the dreamy hills and sea. Now that I no longer live in SoCal, I dream myself to sleep every night pretending I'm once again on the 5 or the lovely toll road into Newport.

LYNN | 10:03 AM

I've been so lucky have had a lot of memorable trips, and I'm going to be cliché and say the most wonderful was my honeymoon. It was the first time my husband and I had traveled anywhere by ourselves even though we had dated 10 years, and it was truly wonderful to be adventerous in St. Lucia together. Even more amazing is that my husband came home with an appreciation for food from fancy restaurants, and that's one of my favorite ways to spend my money, so now we have another shared interest!

fionaboger | 10:08 AM

My most memorable vacation would definitely be spending a week on a sailboat in the British Virgin Islands. I got to scuba dive every day and we felt like we were the only ones around for miles.

Jennifer | 10:20 AM

A memorable vacation? Three weeks, driving 2000 miles through Spain and France with my 1 year old son and my elderly in-laws who insisted on doing the driving. I'm amazed I made it back in one piece!

Rachel B | 10:41 AM

Attending the wedding of one of my best friends—in an ice castle in the Arctic Circle of Finland. Getting to spend time with her, her husband, baby, and the rest of their family in such a beautiful setting was an amazing experience. It was the kind of vacation I want to have with my own family one day.

Sarah | 10:48 AM

Our most memorable would definately be our trip to Jamaica this past spring break because it was my 9 yr olds first time ever on an airplane and we left the frozen snow covered Montreal for a week, bliss!!

(ps. .. you look so awesome with your twins!)

Chandra | 11:05 AM

Our honeymoon in Argentina! We love the country, it's people and cuisine. We can't wait to go back but now with a little one, maybe for our 10th anniversary???

stacy4855 | 11:12 AM

We just had a wonderful trip to Arizona with the family - first time for all five of us ... FANTASTIC!!

is was home and style | 11:17 AM

Most memorable trip of recent was the latest one to Guatemala with my hubby, buying up lots of vintage textiles for a new business I am starting. Watching him in amazement exploring unchartered territory, rediscovering life outside NYC, and being blissfully happy together.

duchessbelle | 11:40 AM

My study abroad in Europe during grad school.

apricotta | 12:18 PM

What a fun trip!

My most memorable trips are the two times my fiance and I drove across the country, once the summer before last when we moved from California to the east coast, and once last summer when we drove his car out here. It was so much fun, and we're doing it again this summer.

CherylA | 12:18 PM

Most memorable trip was probably a trip to Maui...beautiful and relaxing. Snorkeling, scuba, laying on the beach, it just doesn't get any better.

A Mama's Peaks | 12:30 PM

My most memorable trip was a quick one my hubby and I took to Mexico. Actually, it was unmemorable as I love tequilla way too much. But we came back from that vaca with our little one in-womb - Made in Mexico.

Lacretia | 1:01 PM

I would LOVE to take a trip to Italy, and just eat my way through the different regions. I know I'd never want to leave!

golriz | 1:26 PM

one of the most memorable getaways was going to the south pacific islands with my fiance. we didn't have a lot of money so we stayed at hole in the wall backpackers and hostels elated with the idea that we were being 'adventurous'. in tonga we were both struck with some stomach bug. i remember leaning against each other under a decrepit mosquito net, sitting on a threadbare mattress in a stifling hot concrete room with no windows, throwing up every few minutes. i knew at that moment, if we could survive this, we could survive pretty much anything. :)

Juna | 1:42 PM

most memorable trip to belize to hike and scuba dive and relax.

Juna | 1:43 PM

most memorable was a trip to belize for my honeymoon. hiking, scuba diving and relaxing!

roni | 1:45 PM

we bid on a trip to Paris 5 years ago and got a beautiful 6 day vacay. but we didn't want to leave our 4 yo son home so we added him to the trip. best decision ever! such a beautiful walking city. and our hotel was on a little side street, not to far from the Luxembourg Gardens. we pretended it was OUR neighborhood park, which it was for a few precious days. the trip was also blessed because our son slept both ways on the plane. whew! dreaming of a return trip one day with our now 9 yo son and 3 yo they have a Four Seasons in Paris? ;)

faetra | 1:48 PM

your photos make me want to become a tourist in my own city!

my fave vacation: southern france when i was 21. totally magical.

Sarah | 2:07 PM

My favorite trip ever was the one I took just before I moved back to the US after living in London for four years. I was so exhausted after 4 years of travel, travel, travel, that I booked a stay at an island off Spain and slept on the beach for five days straight. Skipped the cathedrals, museums, shopping, nightlife and went straight for the sangria and sunshine. It was perfect.

Monica | 2:19 PM

My most memorable trip was back in 2004 when my husband and I spent 10 months backpacking around the world (mainly SE Asia and biking through Europe). We now have 1 little one with another due any day now, and we haven't travelled since. I've been feeling the wanderlust, and we often daydream about/plan the trips we are going to someday (hopefully soon!) take our kids on.

jj | 2:41 PM

My most memorable trip was when I went to visit my sister and brother-in-law just after they moved to Puerto Rico. The trip was great, because, well, hello, Puerto Rico!, but also because I got to see my sister in a new light. She had moved to this tiny island thousands of miles from the only home she'd ever known to teach 1st graders whose language she didn't speak. My little sister was no longer my little sister, but a real live grown up. Never mind she was 29, but she'd always been 15 years old to me up to that point.

HAS | 2:44 PM

Most memorable was my first trip to NYC when I was 16. My older sister and husband took me and we stayed with his brother. The perfect trip for a big city-loving-stuck-in-a-small-town girl.

PS I want to be a kid again, if only to experience what Fable and Archer got to experience at the Four Seasons! Milk and cookies!

Lis | 3:11 PM

Most memorable vacay, driving cross country with my 5 brothers and sisters & my mom many years ago in our lovely Dodge minivan. It was torturous, hilarious, amazing all at the same time. And we still laugh about it.

Angie | 3:30 PM

My most memorable vacation was to Costa Rica- so pretty!

SWSNBN | 3:48 PM

My last vacation was the most memorable. While there were a few nights in hotel rooms (with a pool, the height of luxury for me!), the main reason it was so memorable was because I went back to my hometown, Denver. It had been 17 years (and I'm 30) so it really was something else. Seeing all my relatives after not seeing them since I was 12....well, it really was something else. My grandpa turned 80 and I got to see all the people I call family. I live in Oregon by myself now. I love it here, but...gosh...I can't even put into words how AMAZING it was to be around family.

This may not sound magical, but it was very magical to me. =)

Emily | 3:51 PM

We splurged hardcore and spent our honeymoon in Rome. We drank wine at lunch and the whole time, my husband is like 'why can't we do this at home?' and I said 'because we'd be winos.' We visited lots of ruins, and churches, and I took pictures of all the food including the world's best gnocci. We took 1,200+ pictures. Then, my husband left our camera on the airplane, never to be seen again. Thus, I've never seen any pictures of my one and only honeymoon. Sigh.

SWSNBN | 3:52 PM

My most memorable vacation was just this past March. While we also stayed in a hotel room for a couple nights (with a pool! That's awesome to me), the most memorable part was seeing my family. I hadn't been back to Colorado in over 17 years. I wasn't even a teenager when we moved here to Oregon and I stayed, while my mom and everyone else moved to Wyoming. But in March, for my grandpa's 80th birthday, I finally got to go back and see my family. Most of whom I hadn't seen in so long that I wasn't sure they'd recognize me. Trying to put the emotional impact into words is nigh impossible, but I am trying.

Cause I totally want to win a pampered luxurious vacation. That'd be something completely out of my range, but I'd appreciate the hell out of it. =)

Christina | 3:57 PM

My husband and I got hitched in Vegas.. and decided to stay a couple nights afterward.. It changed Vegas for me. We walked around town, went to a show, ate pizza in bed at midnight.. it was heavenly..

Catherine Just | 4:06 PM

Oh My god. I just wrote down on my 100 things I'd like to do in my lifetime is stay at top hotels with my family in beautiful places. And there it is - an offer! A possibility! My most memorable trip was our honeymoon in Maui. Sailing and seeing dophins swimming next to us. Jumping off the boat to try to swim with them. and those Sea Turtles. I Love them...I love Napili Bay and I love my husband so it was double triple love all around! But I must admit the room was not as spectacular as the Four Seasons that you show us here! We didn't have the dough for that extravagance. Maybe some day? We can bring our 2 year old son who happens to have Down syndrome along and he can teach us more about the REAL meaning of love and life!

Anonymous | 4:29 PM

I'd want to go to Chicago, to take my boys to all the awesome museums, Navy Pier, on the L, and let them marvel at the huge buildings.

Donna Y
curfgirl at yahoo dot com

Becka Robinson | 4:45 PM

Ohhhh! Pick me! My (now) husband and I take an annual trip to NYC, just usually for a few days to get away and have fun. It's become a pretty special thing. The last time we were there we finally felt like we were getting our NYC bearings. But I'd have to say one of my favorite memorable trips was a food road trip I took with my husband and two of our good friends through the south. It was all decided late one night. Hotels were booked via iphones on the fly and we gained probably about 30 pounds between the 4 of us. But I did have the best grits of my entire life. So... worth it. ;)

Megan | 4:46 PM

That rooms looks awesome! My most memorable trip was a 24-hour road trip, sandwiched in the back seat, between my brother and sister. I was four years old and monumentally car sick. :)

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