Room Service (& Giveaway)

**updated with winner below!**
Back in November, a lovely woman named Christina contacted me via The Four Seasons and asked if I was interested in staycationing at their Beverly Hills location, in exchange for a contribution to their website. Hell yes, I was interested! There is nothing I love more than spooning in comfortable beds with my fam followed by hour long baths with Bvlgari products.

Unfortunately, as it so happens during the holiday season, we were unable to find a weekend that worked for all of us. I asked if Christina would be willing to raincheck for April/New York -- a trip we had had in the works since last summer. She kindly agreed to comp us for one night and discount our rate for the remainder of our stay (this way we were able to afford to stay all three nights here at the hotel). So far it's been worth every penny and in the words of Archer, "I'd be open-minded to the possibility of moving here."
...Says the child, who is welcomed to his new hotel room with fresh fruit, milk and cookies, and sponges spelling his name in the bathroom.
Archer being Archer
...Not to mention a bed covered with board games, stuffed animals for Fable and quite possibly the most comfortable bed of all time.
bear kiss
For the record, I concur.
So does Fable.
Fable being Fable
I love this one
And Hal.
dance DANCE!
And the womb-mates, who are nodding in unison as I type this in my a robe and slippers, while my children sleep soundly giggle under their covers beside me.

"Go to bed, kids. It's a zillion o'clock!"

Oh, whatever. It's vacation. (Until we leave tomorrow! Sob!)
kids' room
P.S. Tiny robe.
robe & slippers
P.P.S. Eggs Florentine in bed.
Thanks Christina, Tiffani & Four Seasons, New York. You rock our world(s).
... Annnnd they rock your world, too. Becaaaaaause they've offered to give one of you a $500 voucher to experience The Four Seasons (any location) with your fam. Or friends, lover(s), self, etc... To win? Tell me about a memorable trip you've taken in your life, or one you'd like to take someday. I'll pick one winner via next Friday and announced Monday, May 2nd. (You can browse The Four Seasons' family travel blog, Have Family, Will Travel, here, which I'll be contributing to in the upcoming weeks.) Good luck and thanks again to The Four Seasons for your generosity, kindness and welcome. We love you, goodnight!

Congratulations to winner, #479 Erin!

Enjoy your voucher, lady and thanks to everyone for participating, including The Four Seasons hotel(s)! Lets do one of these again soon, yeah?



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Sarah Bregel | 8:42 AM

when we got married, my daughter was only 6 months old and we were WAY to broke to go away. still are actually! but she is a little bigger now so we'd love love love to go anywhere warm for a few nights! ANYWHERE WITH A BEACH AND BOOZE WILL DO. glad u had such a fun time in NY!

Abby | 8:42 AM

We went to Vegas the summer before we got pregnant as a better have this before kids vacation. And when the kids are big enough we are leaving them and going to Paris!

Cynthia | 8:46 AM

Most memorable trip was to Japan - we don't have the opportunity to travel much because of work, so it was incredible to just walk around completely disconnected from everyone we know, in such a beautiful place. Bliss.

lucy | 8:53 AM

I recently returned from 3 months in SE Asia and it was by far my most memorable trip.

Courtney | 8:53 AM

It's a tie: traveling to India for two weeks on my own, a lifelong dream, in January 2008 & rather the opposite, but just as amazing - beaches & tapas in San Sebastian, Spain with my husband in May 2009.

Btw, NYC with the family looks unforgettable. Glad to see you soaked it all up, robes, room service, & all.

Heather | 8:54 AM

I want to go back to Hawaii again someday! This time perhaps to Maui.

ERO | 8:54 AM

Most amazing trip was our trip to Ireland. We were in motion the entire time we were there and still didn't finish everything we had planned. We stayed at the 4 Seasons Maui for the first night of our honeymoon and it was perfect!

We have been married 8 year and haven't been on a vacation since :).

Kate | 8:55 AM

spending the last three nights of a month-long (awesome adventurous but exhausting) vacation in New Zealand tucked away in our Auckland fancy hotel room drinking our nightly complimentary bottle of champagne (I told you it was fancy), wrapped in luxurious robes and watching movie after movie on our room's tv (not THAT kind of movie. behave), curtains drawn so we never knew if it was night or day and on a first-name basis with room service staff.

katie | 8:56 AM

My husband and I took a road trip from Oregon to Ohio last summer (moving trip!)...camping, being tourists, and loving the open road. It was perfection!

corrin | 8:58 AM

My most memorable trip was visiting my sister in London when she was studying abroad. We bought a sleeping bag and took turns sleeping on her dorm room floor for the entire two weeks of my stay. We hit every tourist stop and Pizza Express and ate Tangfastics till we were sick. It was lovely.

Jill V. TerraSavvy | 8:58 AM

My camping trip to North Lake in NY with my Dad, his girlfriend and my best friend. We took long bike rides, ate great food and I felt like I didn't have a care in the world.

Truly memorable.

Kathleen | 9:03 AM

I took a girls' trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico in January 2002. Met a cute boy who I never thought I'd see again, given that I lived in Boston and he in California. We couldn't quite get each other off of our minds and so emails progressed to phone calls which progressed to cross-country visits. Almost three years later we returned to Vieques with 50 of our family & friends in tow and tied the knot. That girls' trip will forever be my most memorable vacation!

Deb and Mike | 9:03 AM

From that first pile of sun-kissed lemons delivered to our Italian villa doorstep at dawn, my granddaughter E, age 18 months, was in love with Renato. The next morning, mounds of tiny, translucent Champagne grapes sealed the deal.

LibraryKerri | 9:05 AM

My most memorable trip was a vacation to Los Vegas, during which a stomach flu infected every member of my family. We saw all the sights....and we puked on them. I puked on the main boulevard. I puke at the top of the Stratosphere. My dad puked on the Hoover Dam. Despite the illness, we had a good time (and saved tons of money by not having to buy food).

c | 9:05 AM

Mexico...the Mayan Riviera. So beautiful!

Ashley | 9:08 AM

My all-time favorite destination was Australia. I traveled with a group of teens in high school on a slow road trip from Sydney to Cairns. It was amazing, and an experience that I would love to repeat with my husband. However, that trip has a price tag that is way too out of reach, so to be able to stay in a nice hotel close to home for a weekend would be a great mini-escape! Fingers crossed for a Chicago stay-cation!

Carol in TC | 9:08 AM

My most memorable trip was a family vacation last fall to Grand Haven Michigan. BEAUTIFUL and fun and three generations together!

Chrissie en Ciudad México | 9:08 AM

my most memorable trip was spending christmas and new years in san cristobal de las casas in chiapas, mexico with my best friend a few years ago. they say it's a "pueblo magico" and it truly felt like a magical place while we were there. amazing.

French Cannes Cannes | 9:14 AM

most memorable - first trip to Paris in December 2004 with accident on the way, romantic trip in the City of Light (dinners, warming up in stores when our toes were frozen), followed by Copain getting food poisoning on the way home. It was love.

egbrat | 9:18 AM

I would enjoy a trip to Philly to visit my lil sister before she gets married. We would garden, check out the arts and love on her students in Kensington.

Kathi | 9:20 AM

Like so many others who have commented here, my mist memorable vacation was our honeymoon. We drove down the Oregon coast and in northern California. It was so simple but so lovely!

I'm dreaming of a trip to Ireland!

Jenn | 9:21 AM

Our most memorable getaway was our wedding and honeymoon in Scotland. An amazing trip. We haven't really traveled since, but by the middle of July my husband will have completed Law school, my PhD will be defended and we're really looking forward to taking a trip to celebrate with our little boy. Looks like a great place to stay!

Sierra | 9:23 AM

Eilat, Israel. We stayed in the basement of a shack, which was called a hostel. But it was worth it when we got to snorkel a coral reef the next day.

Unknown | 9:25 AM

My most memorable vacation was one we never took. After months of planning an incredible trip to Rome, the blizzard of 2010 foiled our plans. I look forward to trying again and having the most amazing time in Italy!

Anonymous | 9:28 AM

One of my most memorable trips was one where we drove a van around Mexico for a summer. We at the best food I've ever eaten! Good times. (We definitely were not staying at any Four Seasons!)

Robin | 9:28 AM

What a great giveaway! My most memorable getaway was last summer. As new parents, we took our six-month-old to the Canary Islands to stay with friends. It was unlike any place I've ever visited, and such a delightful break.

Next on the wish list? Hmm...I really want to go somewhere in South America or the Caribbean.

sara, darling. | 9:32 AM

One of our best trips together was a long road trip to, of all places, Kansas City. My husband and I just started dating, and he thought a road trip for the 4th of July would be a great adventure, and this was the closest non-sweltering city we could go to. It was amazing, and we spent most of it in air-conditioning :)

Shalyn | 9:32 AM

OMG that little robe and slippers and sponges spelling the kids awesome is that! It's bittersweet to head home but you know you'll be at the airport singing "Were going back to Cali" LOL My Favorite Trip was Orlando when I was younger...I can't wait to take my Son's someday :)

Rebecca | 9:32 AM

One of my most memorable trips was going to Ireland with my family when I was in high school. We were in a little country hotel and I was bored out of my mind until, through an odd series of events, I ended up striking up a romance with one of the bartenders (drinking age in Ireland is 18, so he wasn't that much older than me). Six years later he ended up in my city for work, managed to track me down (this was pre-Facebook so it was a lot harder than it would be now) and the romance rekindled. He had to go back to Ireland after a few months, but we kept in touch for a few years after that. Vacation romances = lovely.

A Mom Like You | 9:33 AM

I have been quite a few places in the USA & Europe.By far by the best trip was to Las Vegas. My husband & I had been engaged for a few months, he had a job offer that was going to move him 3 hrs away & I would not be moving , until after our wedding.We knew he would not be able to get time off to take a honeymoon when the time came. So we opted for a quick trip to Vegas for four nights. We had a great time doing all the chezzy tourist things & just hanging out. 11 yrs later w/ a 7yr old daughter there has been lots of lil fun trips w/ her. Still no honeymoon trip..someday!!

Sarah | 9:33 AM

Not exactly a trip, but my most memorable getaways were the two(!) times my now-fiancé came to visit me when I was studying abroad in Paris. Both times we stayed in adorable tiny apartments in great neighborhoods, since he couldn't stay with my host family. It was great to get to explore the city I'd been living in with new eyes and do all the touristy fun stuff I hadn't gotten to, as well as show him all of my favorite places and all the DELICIOUS food.

tresbien | 9:35 AM

My most memorable vacation thus far has been a 10 day trip to Paris for my 9 year wedding anniversary in 2009. It was our very first trip to the city of lights and it was amazing.

EB | 9:35 AM

I've been on strict bed rest (lying on my side, getting up only for toilet trips and a quick shower) for over two months now, and in that time, I've had plenty of opportunities to fantasize about vacations I'd like to take my husband on. He's taken care of everything--house cleaning, laundry, meals, grocery shopping, dog walking, lawn care, me, EVERYTHING--the entire time with a happy spirit. He deserves a sweet vacation. My top picks (from least realistic to only slightly less so since bed rest doesn't come with a salary) are Australia, St. Lucia, and Napa/Sonoma.

Alisonian | 9:37 AM

My boyfriend is a flight attendant. When we had been dating about 4 months, he booked me on one of his flights to glamorous....Cedar Rapids, IA! I know, right? Boring! But it was so exciting to see the man I loved doing the safety presentation and serve drinks, and stay in a hotel his work paid for. I didn't care WHERE we were, but that was my first grownup trip with a boy, and I'll remember it forever!

Aloicoius | 9:46 AM

Bahamas with the Mr. Good times!

Day by Dana | 9:47 AM

I'm not fussy - I would just like to be able to go away for a couple nights on a "real" vacation with my family - we never have, LOL!

TheSpectrum | 9:47 AM

Welcome to NYC! So glad you are having the best time ever!

I went to Italy this past July for my cousin's wedding. She's an American living in Rome who met a lovely Italian man. The ceremony was in a very old church right near the Colosseum and the reception was outside of the city on a volcanic lake.

I also ate my weight in pasta the entire trip.

NOT SORRY. It was heaven.

Enjoy NYC! Safe travels home!

Lindsey | 9:48 AM

I would love to bring my boys to Paris someday. The culture! The food! The hotel-appointed babysitters!

tessa | 9:48 AM

My most memorable trip was when I was thirteen years old and involved arriving to a tiny town in central Nicaragua at 2 am and being led to house, two blocks from the plaza, where I was going to stay and trying to introduce myself to these incredibly kind and sleepy people who had made a bed for me, complete with mosquito net.

Johi | 9:50 AM

My most memorable trip was also the last vacation my husband and I took. It was our honeymoon (1 year after the wedding and I was 9 weeks pregnant with our first child whom I will refer to as Thing 1). It was to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico and it was wonderful! Thing 1 will be 4 in a month, which means it has been far too long since we took a vacation.

Amanda | 9:52 AM

Wow! Looked incredible and I'm happy you all got to take a vacation together. I think my most memorable trip was to...New York! My grandparents took me when I was 14, if I can recall correctly, and we went to The American Ballet Theater to see Romeo and Juliet, Chicago on Broadway and toured all the NBC studios (wish I would've run into Tina Fey!). It was one of the best shows I have ever seen and when I got back home I joined the Drama club. I was an unstoppable nerd.

Susan H | 9:52 AM

Probably my most memorable trip was an impulse adventure to San Francisco when I was living in NYC in my mid-20's. I was super stressed out at work, had just broken up with a boyfriend, and needed to escape. So I woke up one Friday morning, called in sick to work, went to the airport with no ticket, and ended up in SF. Had 3 gin & tonics on the plane, asked the info desk at the airport for hotel suggestions, and proceeded to have the best weekend ever. Met some cool folks, discovered the Japanese bathhouse, pedicure, billiards, movie, shopping. Totally restorative.

Shannon Locker | 9:53 AM

For 3 years, 10 months out of each year I traveled across the US in a vintage London double decker bus. I was the co manager and we did make-up makeovers at 8 different Walmarts each week. The make overs were on random customers who happened to be there that day. I cannot begin to describe what a memorable experience that was!

cd0103 | 9:53 AM

My favorite was a trip to Kenya. Dome tent and sleeping bags and 12 days of wildlife viewing. Amazing.

Shannon Locker | 9:55 AM

I forgot to add that the other manager became my boyfriend, fiance, husband and now the father of our 2 daughters. It was a life altering trip indeed!

Cait_R | 9:58 AM

When i graduated from college my grandfather treated me to two weeks abroad. One week in London, and one week in Paris. It was the most magical and wonderful trip. we went everywhere. He lived in both cities a number of times during his life, so he knew a ton of history, wonderful stores, restaurants, museums, parks, churches, everything. but the best part was that I really got to know my grandfather as a person. That trip is so precious to me, because now he is gone- but we will always have Paris and London.

kelly | 10:00 AM

i am craving travel. i need to go to london as soon as possible :)

Kristen | 10:01 AM

My husband and I went to this little island off the coast of Maine for part of our honeymoon. Monhegan Island...took a ferry, small little room with no tv or phone, read books on adirondack chairs overlooking the water, ate amazingly fresh meals, walked and walked, visited artists' studios. Simple and lovely.

tlr | 10:01 AM

My hubby and I traveled Route 66 across the US in 2 weeks. We visited all the old attractions, talked with locals in various small towns and stayed in "No Tell Motels" (you can drive your car into a private garage next to your room for your clandestine affairs). Best trip ever!

Jasmine | 10:06 AM

My most memorable trip was when my boyfriend (now husband) took me on a surprise trip to Hawaii. I thought we were going to San Diego to visit his family, and when we got to the airport I found out we were actually going to Kauai! It was his gift to me for finishing my Masters. Oh, and he asked me to marry him while we were there. Definitely memorable :)

Raia | 10:06 AM

My most memerable vacation was our pre-baby trip to New Zealand. We hiked, biked and climbed all over the south island. It was super fun! I look forward to future adventures with our daughter!

carrie | 10:08 AM

Our most memorable vacation so far was our family trip to Disney World. We saved for 3 years so the 5 of us could go and enjoy and say no as little as possible to our 3 amazing boys. They were 8, 10, and 12 at the time, and it was awesome. Certainly our most expensive vacation by far, but Disney has customer service and satisfaction down to a science!! Looks like you had a blast in NYC, we love it there too!!!

CarolineTurpentine | 10:11 AM

My favourite trip ever was when my family went to Disney World when i was 10. magical experience! We had so much fun and finally got to visit my grandparents summer home in Florida which i had basically been waiting for my whole childhood.

Lora | 10:12 AM

I went to Italy with my husband and our 6 month old son! We had planned to go while I was pregnant, but I had a complicated pregnancy and had to stay home for the duration. So we took along the babe, and it was wonderful!

ChrisC | 10:12 AM

My most memorable vacation was probably a trip to the national parks of Utah a couple years ago. We had no plan, just winged it. Explored tiny little towns, did all kinds of amazing backpacking and hiking and it was just gorgeous!

Thanks for the chance to win!

C | 10:13 AM

My most memorable trip was to Buenos Aires Argentina. Great city, with wonderful people... makes you even think of moving there

Flannery | 10:18 AM

My most memorable vacation was traveling to Bali and Timor Leste. I went with my boyfriend and his family to visit his sister who was working as an aid worker in Timor. Bali was such a beautiful zen retreat and Timor was stunning but still very much a developing country. It was amazing to get pampered in Bali with the best massage of my life and juxtapose those experiences ith the ex-pat life in Timor. Visiting the neighboring countries in one trip was such an awesome experience. Hope you're having a great trip in NYC!

Sara | 10:18 AM

My most memorable trip is the vacation my fiancee and me went on after pushing our wedding back a year. We decided that we would take our minds off the stress by going to Vegas, and it definitely worked. It was the best vacation of my life. :)

We're already planning on going back for our honeymoon in October!

sara | 10:18 AM

I hiked the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal 2 years ago and it was amazing to take in the views and only have to focus on putting one foot in front of the other after some hard times. Awesome.

Carly | 10:19 AM

For my birthday one year, my husband put some snacks in the car and we just took off one way on a freeway we'd never driven out on. We drove all day, talking and stopping to browse around the little towns. We ended up spending the night at a random motel with a hot tub that was next to a great flea market and a mom and pop diner that served the best waffles I've ever had. It wasn't a glamorous trip, but it was definitely our best.

Brown eyes, blue skies | 10:25 AM

I went to Costa Rica and Panama in February. It was the most amazing two weeks of my life. I got engaged, held baby monkeys, learned to surf, and drank gallons of guaro. Highly recommended on all accounts!! Unfortunately we spent all of our money on our trip so a quick in town honeymoon courtesy of the Four Seasons would be amazing!

Elle | 10:25 AM

I am so jealous. We totally need a vacation:) A memorable trip would have to be my honeymoon 6 years ago. We went to Italy and Spain and had a blast:) I love the Four Seasons.

ronnissweettooth | 10:26 AM

My most memorable trip was two years ago to Cape Town, South Africa. It was beautiful! Beaches, mountains, good food and nice people.

Stephanie | 10:27 AM

My most memorable was in 2000 when my husband (we were just friends then) and I traveled to Italy and France. Staying in youth hostels and walking everywhere. It was the best. Would love to do it again, but it would be a lot different with three little ones in tow.

Rachel | 10:28 AM

I would love to take a trip with my daughter, just the two of us, somewhere we have never been and can explore together.

momof4 | 10:28 AM

soooo many memorable trips but best of all was year long backpack/hitchhike thru central and south america with my love (now my husband) and then continuing on solo when he went to start a grad program...thailand with my 5 and 3 year old girls...remote panama with my kids...europe after college...japan for 5 weeks...i love to travel!!!

Jennifer | 10:31 AM

In August 2008 my parents and I trailered the motorcycles out to Utah. We camped at national parks (Bryce, Arches), sat on Four Corners at once, and almost got stuck in a Colorado pass with a surprise hail storm. It was a week of awesome, and we're looking forward to reprising the trip -- trailering the motorcycles and staying in a cabin -- in TN this year.

kristen h | 10:33 AM

Favorite trip was to Hawaii on our honeymoon. It was our first real vacation together and was a great way to start married life!

joanie | 10:38 AM

one of my most outstanding trips, was so flashy, nor glamorous. But it was about 4 years ago when my sons and I, the later being a mere 6 months old traveled from NJ to AL to visit my grandparents. And my kids spent a wonderful 7 days visiting with their great-grandfather on his ranch, and he took me eldest nearly daily out to feed and care for the horses. It was beyond heartwarming to watch.
And as I write this, we are planning our next trip.... In which they will meet their first great-granddaughter ;)

everyday amy | 10:41 AM

I once spent 10 months with 9 people in a 15 passenger van, travelling through the Southeast United States and volunteering. Best trip ever.

But that was 5 years ago - I'm ready for another one!

Sarah | 10:42 AM

I think our honeymoon in Kauai will be the ultimate # 1 trip until our boys get old enough (and we can afford) a trip to Disney. :)

Garry | 10:44 AM

The most memorable trip I'd like to take someday is to Latvia, where my husband is from!

lalalovely lindsay | 10:49 AM

i hope to take our kids to see the ocean someday. nw ohio is dreary. i'm craving some warm sun and salty beach air.

Marie | 10:58 AM best best trip was a few weeks in Tibet when I was 22, surrounded by mountains and green green lakes. But at this point in my life I just want to go somewhere warm and lie on a beach!

Anonymous | 10:59 AM

I think our most memorable vacation was to Alaska! What an incredible experience to see the wildlife and take a helicopter to the glaciers. It is an experience that I have told many about, but is so hard to describe without actually doing it yourself. I highly recommend anyone looking into going there to definitely go!

Unknown | 11:00 AM

I would love to have a getaway with my husband to NYC. We weren't able to go on a honeymoon due to money & health stuff, and three years & two kids later, it'd be nice to have a moment to reconnect just the two of us. He's never been to NYC (and he's a history teacher, so he really wants to go) and it's been forever since I've been and I miss it. I want nothing more than to explore such a great city with him.

Anonymous | 11:03 AM

I think the most memorable vacation we went on was to Alaska! What an incredible experience it was to see all the wildlife! Taking a helicopter to the top of glaciers was a memory I will never forget! I have often tried to tell others about the experience, but it is just something you have to do yourself! I highly recommend going to anyone!

Julia | 11:07 AM

Most memorable: going to Florida for a long weekend to celebrate a dear friend's wedding. It was the first trip away from our new baby, the first trip on an airplane for us without chaperones, and the first trip we took since our honeymoon 3 years earlier. HEAVEN. :) Glad to see you're enjoying your trip!

katie | 11:08 AM

So many memorable trips: China, Costa Rica to visit my BFF and her in-laws when we roasted a goat, street food, escaping a locked-down public park, and luchador wrestling in Mexico City. Showing my husband Yellowstone for the first time.

We'd use this as part of our yet-to-be had or planned honeymoon ... or maybe for our upcoming 1-year anniversary!

mathilda Dunn | 11:09 AM

Awww....that tiny robe on Fable is to die for! I can't pick one most memorable trip...too many sweet memories. In my top three was a trip with girlfriends to Vancouver BC when we were eighteen but felt so fancy staying in a hotel on our own.

Solotherapy | 11:15 AM

My most memorable vacation was a backpacking trip through Europe in Summer 2009. I went to 20 cities in 7 countries, and then went to Turkey a few months afterward. Amazing time in my life!

Leslie | 11:16 AM

My most memorable trip was backpacking through Europe in Summer 2009. I went to 20 cities in 7 different countries, and then went to Istanbul shortly thereafter. Amazing!

Erin | 11:18 AM

My most memorable trip was a great one I took to...Baltimore. No, really. And Annapolis, same trip. It was a crazy combination of really enjoying those two cities while also going through a mini mental breakdown.

I was sitting with my husband at this awesome pub overlooking the Inner Harbor, literally crying into my fish and chips. Shortly after the trip, I was diagnosed with late-onset postpartum depression. But you know what? It was still a wonderful trip.

I really did love those cities, and the emotional/mental clarity that came out of it is one of those bittersweet memories that I'll always cherish. It wasn't easy, but it was good.

Mrs. Brightful | 11:19 AM

My most memorable vacation was a month-long family trip to Peru. My parents hadn't been back in 20 years and I got to meet cousins, aunts and uncles who I only knew via the telephone, letters and photos. That experience always stays with me.

Kate | 11:23 AM

My husband and I took a pre-kid trip to Australia where we had no agenda. We rented a car, drove around and had lots of adventures.

Lindsay | 11:24 AM

My best vacation was the one in which I met my husband. We were in Christchurch, NZ and bumped into each other at the ickiest youth hostel in all of New Zealand- but it's now one of our fondest memories- those triple-decker bunkbeds, drafty bathrooms and crusty couches mean the world to us.

Tiffany | 11:27 AM

After we were married we moved to Brazil for 5 months and lived in a hotel (it definitely was not the Marriot).

It was bliss. I didn't have to clean, someone else made breakfast everyday (we had a kitchen to cook lunch and dinner in), we lived in the centro of a fairly large city on the bay, we went to the beach and we had tons of time to be newly weds ;) ;).

We'd love to go back in a couple of years when the babies aren't such babies anymore.

Devon Wilson | 11:30 AM

My most memorable trip was 10 days in Paris with my husband with absolutely no agenda or stress. We slept late, ate wonderful food, and only had the goal of seeing one sight per day. Leisurely trips are such a gift!

Unknown | 11:36 AM

My favorite vacation was a week spent on a catamaran with my family in the British Virgin Islands. Impeccable weather, glorious sailing, wonderful company... it was a dream come true.

Nicole | 11:39 AM

My most memorable trip was the first time I went to Europe at 18. It blew my mind that places like Rome and Athens were actually real cities (with things like gas stations and Marriotts), as opposed to the fantasy lands I had imagined. That trip was totally empowering and made me fall in love with international travel.

verdemama | 11:40 AM

I've traveled a ton, including over a dozen trips to Europe and Asia, but one of my very favorite vacations was Maui with my husband and then 9-month-old son. It was a flawless trip--easy, magically gorgeous, and fun 24/7.

Erin | 11:45 AM

On our honeymoon in Mexico we swam and ate and saw the ruins. We entered an impromptu diving contest off a dock in Isla Mujeres and I won. My husband's wedding ring was stolen on the beach and I spent 2 hours bartering in Spanish until I finally bought it back for 20 dollars. It was good.


trista | 11:48 AM

Our most memorable trip was our vacation to Glacier National Park. We stayed overnight in a chalet accessible only by horse or hiking. There was a hike called "the garden wall" which gave us breathtaking views. This trip was bk (before kids) and I can't wait until our girls are old enough to hike there with us!
tristamj (at)hotmail (dot)com

natalie /dave | 11:52 AM

My most memorable trip was my honeymoon about 2 years ago....and that was the last vacation we took. The Riveria Maya was amazing. All inclusive resorts are the way to go :)

L and W | 11:55 AM

My most memorable holiday was actually a trip to Mexico, during which we stayed at a hotel we did not like. My husband and I had so much fun laughing about everything that went wrong with our stay, it was great fun.

agirlnamedmel | 12:00 PM

honestly, it's so hard for us to get away lately because our oldest is committed to soccer and lacrosse. We do have Memorial Day weekend off from both and it's her 11th birthday that Saturday, so just to get away even if it's right here in the city that we live in would be magical for all of us.

Cara Jones Faye | 12:02 PM

My favorite family trip of all time was when we went to Hilton Head Island with the WHOLE family... grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins... all in one house. This is one of the few trips where everyone was there... this was the last vacation for my Nana who was battling cancer at the time, but loved every second of watching her grandkids swimming, playing in the sand and giggling well into the night.

elisabeth | 12:02 PM

One of the most memorable trips I've taken was the first vacation my boyfriend and I took together 4 years ago. We had the time off from work but we couldn't afford to fly anywhere and we definitely couldn't afford a hotel. So, we decided to buy camping gear and drive from St. Louis (where we lived at the time) to lake Michigan.

We drove for hours, nearly running out of gas and without cell phone reception, exhausted and delirious, almost running into several deer crossing the road. It was 3 or 4 in the morning when we finally made it to our campsite. We somehow managed to set up our tent and crawl under the covers while laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

I fell asleep that night knowing this was the guy I'd spend the rest of my life with.

Tara | 12:03 PM

Most memorable trip was a week at Isla Mujeres in Mexico before our daughter was born. We slept until 10am, had the day's first pina colada at 11am, lazed by the pool reading, went out for walks and the best tacos ever at the little league baseball diamond. Gorgeous place, totally indulgent and lovely.

Loved your vacation post!

sarah | 12:05 PM

most memorable was a trip to india with my husband, pre-kids... on the cheap and adventure. we splurged when we were at the Taj, what a great view and trip! what a treat to stay in a kid-friendly nice hotel!


MJ | 12:09 PM

So hard to choose my all-time favorite trip...and I never had enough $$ to stay somewhere posh like the Four Seasons! Next trip we take will be the first with a baby. That should shake things up!

Last summer we went to Kauai and staying in a treehouse - that was pretty awesome.

A few years ago we were engaged on the Pont Neuf in Paris, and then spent the evening strolling through the streets of the most romantic city in the world. We stayed in a studio apartment we found on craigslist - on the rue Mouffetard. Ate Comte cheese on French bread with deliciously cheap French wine as we stared out the windows at the vibrant street below. Okay, okay...Paris was the best.

Ashley | 12:11 PM

My favorite trip right now would be our trip to New York City, but maybe because it was our first "family of three" vacation. I'm looking forward to our first "family of four" vacation this summer, it's not planned yet but I'm sure we'll get away to somewhere even if it is close by. Would be lovely to stay at a Four Seasons though! :)

Rebecca | 12:13 PM

My eyes just welled up when I read your post. I am leaving SF tomorrow morning to spend 4 nights in NY for a business trip. I am leaving behind my gorgeous hubby and 2 delightful ladies ages 3 and 5. Everyone keeps telling me, "4 nights in a hotel room BY YOURSELF?? I would kill to get away from my family." But really Rebecca, all I want is to cuddle with my kids and hubby and eat poached eggs and play Hungry Hungry Hippos. So I've decided that next time I go to NY, it will be for vacation WITH my family. And by the way, I work for a nonprofit so I'm certainly not staying in a Four Seasons. I'm just praying for a double bed in a nonsmoking room with one of those instant coffee packets :)

Mjaay | 12:16 PM

I dream of taking a honeymoon with my husband of 6 years. We spent one night at a wonderful little hotel in Carmel, but that was it. We've got two kids-- ages 4.5 and 20 months. We'd love to have some away time, and fantacize about getting a couple of nights away to just regroup and reconnect. We live in Oakland, so we'd love to even just have a night or two across the Bay in SF.

megan marie | 12:17 PM

My most memorable travel experience was actually not a good one... but that probably makes it more memorable.

My first trip abroad had me waking up in London on July 7th, 2005... the day of the subway bombings that killed over 50 people. I remember being in a panic, looking for my travel mates (who had gotten up early to grab breakfast, so I hadn't known where they were...). When we finally did make it onto the subway days later... it was scary and sad. Quite a memorable experience, especially since I have avoided going back to London since then.

Bridget | 12:18 PM

My husband calls our honeymoon in Maui "the best thing we've ever done" and guess where we stayed...The Four Seasons Wailea! It's just the best, isn't it? AND I WANT TO GO BACK.

Shooting Stars Mag | 12:20 PM

I went to NYC last year and it was great. I love musicals so we got to see West Side Story on Broadway, plus I went to BEA. Lots and lots of free books and other book lovers. It was loads of fun. I would love to go back again.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

LR | 12:22 PM

My most memorable trips ever were to see my family in former Czechoslovakia and now the Slovak Republic. I still have an uncle and aunt there and I plan to go again this summer. I love travel!

Amber | 12:31 PM

That looks fabulous!

Karyn | 12:35 PM

New Zealand. I spent quite a few years of my childhood living in Australia. My family rented an RV when I was young and we drove all the way around the south island of New Zealand in 2 weeks. It was amazing.

jesse k | 12:39 PM

I would love to have a future vacation, just me and my husband. We've been married for almost 8 years and we've yet to go on a trip, alone since our honeymoon. We've had lots of fun family vacations, however!

Kate | 12:40 PM

I've been super fortunate to have taken a bunch of memorable trips. Seeing Mandela's cell on Robben Island in South Africa was one of the moments that I know I will never forget.

Whitney | 12:42 PM

Recently I had a great memeorable time in San Francisco on a mini-vacation, but my ultimate getaway would be New Zealand, or Barcelona!

Sara Frazier | 12:47 PM

Couch surfing to NYC when I was 22 a few years ago. Art, salsa bars til 4 am and fries from Les Halles. I drunk dialed my now husband asking he why he didn't want to be with me, two hours on the phone later we got married last year and now are expecting our first kid in July. Who knows if it wasn't for the freedom NYC brought me I would have never called him at 3 am in a hot crying mess on some strangers couch. Best Vacation Ever.

Unknown | 12:53 PM

Wow, this is maybe the best giveaway I've seen on a blog. Rad!

My husband and I once met in Paris, halfway(ish) between England and Sevilla, Spain. I hadn't seen him in months (he was my boyfriend then) and we reunited in the train station in front of a class of French school children, who applauded after we kissed. It felt like the most romantic moment of my life.

Elizabeth | 12:55 PM

my husband and I got pregnant after we'd only been together five months. We got married when our son was one, and dreamed of going to Paris for our honeymoon. But that trip has gotten indefinitely postponed due to financial reasons and the fact that we now have another kid. Ahhhhh, Paris in the spring. It'll happen. Someday.

Anonymous | 1:00 PM

Dreaming of my first real get away with my true love.

jessica | 1:06 PM

Most memorable trip? Epic roadtrip in my Dodge Intrepid with my boyfriend and and two of our friends. We went from Michigan to Louisville to Atlanta to New Orleans to Galveston Island to San Antonio and back in a little over a week. There was a lot of drama and getting lost and sleeping in the backseat, but it was a lot of fun.

A trip I hope to take is to the West Coast! I have never been and would love to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway.

elainepill | 1:07 PM

toss up: our honey moon in hawaii which we found a puppy and brought her home with us to the mainland OR the camping vacation that my family went on when i was 5-my parents were so brave to take their FIVE daughters (age 3-14) on a 2 week camping trip from the SF bay area to vancouver, BC.

Tanna | 1:07 PM

I loved going to the Hiawatha trail in Northern Idaho. It is a 13 mile bike ride, downhill through old train tunnels and over the bridges. Very cool to do with the hole family and awesome views of Lolo Pass. .

Amalia | 1:12 PM

The most memorable trip for me will probably be the one this summer, driving across the country. We'll be relocating from the East to the West! I'll be living on your coast pretty soon!

michelle | 1:12 PM

My most memorable getaway was to visit my boyfriend (now fiancé!) when he was teaching in Buenos Aires. We traveled all over Argentina together and fell in love in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Jen | 1:14 PM

Most memorable trip: to Mexico for a babymoon! It was the last trip as two - now we're three!

Unknown | 1:20 PM

When I graduated from college, my mom took my brother (who was graduating from high school) and I to London and Paris for 10 days as a co-graduation was everything I had dreamed of. She had to work her butt off to afford it, and we were so grateful and had a great time exploring the cities together. It'll be a long time before I make it back to Europe since I'm currently swimming in debt from veterinary school, but I can't wait to go back and take a longer, slower-paced trip.

Jody | 1:25 PM

walking around paris with my love.

how do you top that?

Kara | 1:31 PM

Oddly enough, my most memorable getaway was the day my boyfriend and I met in person. We met online and 3 months into our conversations we met halfway between Virginia (me) and New Hampshire (him) in Albany, NY. It was the most amazing weekend I have ever had in a not particularly romantic location. I still think about it and I'd secretly love to go back with him and rekindle that butterflies in the tummy feeling again. We've been together 4 years and it all started with that little vacation :)

Laura | 1:32 PM

My most memorable trip was spending 2 weeks in Berlin, Paris, and Rome with my husband and good friends. Hope to go back again someday!

Homa | 1:38 PM

I went with my now husband, then fiance, to Portland, OR in 07. Ignoring the two busted tires on the drive (one blew so badly it tore our bumper off!), it was memorable for the hot springs we went to in Bagby. You hike to it so on the hike back afterwards I was so relaxed and hungry, I ate the apple I broughts and to this day it was one of the best things I've ever tasted. Can't wait to take our kids there someday!

Unknown | 1:39 PM

Mine was my honeymoon in Santa fe nm. Took us 14 hours to drive tree but it was a blast!

Catherine McNeur | 1:41 PM

My most memorable trip so far has been out west with my husband soon after we got married. We drove through some crazy landscapes in Utah and rode mules through the Grand Canyon. So much fun!

Enjoy NYC!

Nicole K | 1:44 PM

Well, if this counts, I'm flying solo to Spain May 3 to spend seven weeks traveling the Mediterranen! Spain, Italy, Greece!

Eliza | 1:50 PM

Most memorable trip of the future...our 10-yr anniversary trip (in 2 years) that we've been planning since before the kiddos were born. We haven't had a vacation with just the two of us since pre-kids, so we have a lot of fun just thinking about the sleeping in and the doing nothing or doing whatever we want.

Daniel L | 1:54 PM

A small town, the Swiss Alps, and four natural waterfalls within view of our hotel?
It was nice.

Megan | 1:56 PM

Florence. Summer. Gelato.


Kim | 2:02 PM

We decided to get married on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. We had never been there before. Twenty of our closest family and friends came out to celebrate for a week. Then we found a little hidden away bungalow to celebrate our honeymoon for a week.

Erin | 2:04 PM

OMG! How amazing this would be! NYC is one of our FAVORITE places in the world!
My favorite trip of all time was taking my wee one to NYC for a long weekend- naps in central park, fake handbags in China town..........we did it up right!

Marisa | 2:08 PM

Most memorable was taking our son Austin on our first kind-of staycation in Leavenworth, WA. We stay at the Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort. Most AMAZING brunch is included with the stay. Yum!

Kila Bell | 2:11 PM

My most memorable trip by far is the month my husband and I pack backed across Europe and hope to one day do it again with my girls in tow!

alanna_migliacci | 2:12 PM

Sadly, I don't have any great vacation memories, but I dream of traveling to places and learning local (food) trades: making ice cream/gelato in northern Italy, bread and pastries in France, chocolate in Belgium, cheese all over Europe, etc.

Michelle Nielsen MS BCBA-LBA | 2:13 PM

Most memorable was a trip with my mom and sisters to Florida. I don't think it would have been the mostest, since I don't especially love Florida, except that it's the last trip I will ever be able to take with one of my sisters who is no longer with us.

I hope my husband and I travel Europe together sooner rather than later.

Natalie | 2:18 PM

One day I would love to take a Eurail trip up the Adriatic sea from Greece to Croatia.

Betsy Hite Reddoch | 2:19 PM

My favorite getaway with my husband was a long weekend trip to San Diego for my birthday last year. It ended up being the last kidless trip for us as we got pregnant with our twins shortly thereafter, and now we're a happy family of 4! We would love to visit New York someday. So fun!

Rochelle | 2:19 PM

In February 2007, me, my husband, and our 8 year old daughter took our first ever family vacation to Disneyworld in Florida for a whole week. We lived in CO at the time and so we were also escaping from winter. It was SO much fun and we all had the greatest time and we miss that vacation the most. We plan on going again in the fall of 2012, but now with the addition of our son, who will be 3.

Lea | 2:21 PM

Would love to take the whole family to italy someday, when my son reaches 5 or so I think :)

~the one and only mOriah~ | 2:25 PM

Honeymoon (jamaica) and school abroad italy... hmph... i need a memorable vacation in the states! or in greece... decisions... let make it happen ;)

DrJennyP | 2:29 PM

My husband and I took a "babymoon" to the Bahamas lastyear and enjoyed a modest little condo on a modest (but beautiful) sandy beach. It wasn't the all-inclusive resort-style trip we took for the honeymoon, but it was exactly what we needed to center ourselves before adding to the family. Wonderful memories.

Ashley | 2:33 PM

My most memorable was my marriage/honeymoon trip to Vegas with my husband. One because....well we got married. Two because it was the first time we got on a plane together. We've only gotten away once overnight since then. That was 7 years ago.

Mama Bee | 2:40 PM

My most memorable trip so far has been taking my then 3 year old (last year) to Disneyland. I've been but taking him was awesome because of the look of awe he had stuck on his face the whole time. We stayed on property in the Paradise Pier hotel, got to eat breakfast with the characters (meeting Stitch was a BIG deal for my son), ride some of my favourite rides and just relax in the sun (when it was rainy/grey here in Canada). Loved it and desperately want to go back!

wendy | 2:46 PM

My husband and I are planning a trip to NYC in the fall to visit friends. It would be perfect to be able to stay in a fabulous room instead of on their floor!


Sara | 3:00 PM

My most memorable trip was our honeymoon! San Diego was so amazing at the very end of summer here in Salt Lake. I wish we could live there, maybe one day...

Just me. | 3:07 PM

Best holiday ever was a trip to florida when my parents let me bring along my best friend. We went to the beach, disney world and an orange grove. Ill never forget that!

Kim | 3:07 PM

Definitely my post-grad trip to Europe. 10 countries in 24 days! Completely fabulous!

A.E. | 3:08 PM

the trip to meet my bf's parents for the first time. im pretty positive this is the man im going to marry, and it had that WEIGHT to it that meeting other boyfriends parents didnt have. an awakening of sorts. also, i looove washington d.c. now.

Molly | 3:15 PM

Like Archer, I am open to the idea of moving there.

My favorite trip (so far) was to San Diego for Spring Break in 2007. My parents rented a house there for a few weeks every year (he'd lived there for 30 years). It was a really lovely week.

Rebecca Faulkner | 3:21 PM

Definitely our trip to india. Got sick with nothing but a hole in the ground and some millipedes to keep me company.

Kelly | 3:24 PM

I would love to go to New Orleans someday! Everything I hear about it makes me salivate a bit more. The food, history, and architecture all sound amazing.

Melt Momma's Heart | 3:33 PM

Kauai, Hawaii...after the full-term stillbirth of my first child. I actually felt like a normal being again for the first time in 6 months. So, yeah, memorable.

Unknown | 3:36 PM

My most memorable getaway was a cruise we took for my (now) husband's 30th birthday. We stayed in the cheapest room with no windows and stopped at an island each day, the turquoise blue of the water I will never forget. Wednesday April 29th of the trip we docked in Barbados, it was my husband's 30th birthday. We'd been dating for 4.5 years, he took me to a secluded beach at 10am...I was wearing a crummy sundress and had unwashed hair. He proposed. Best. Vacation. Ever.

Molly | 3:37 PM

my most memorable trip was with my husband to thailand, during which the tsunami hit. luckily we were fine and made the most of the rest of our experience. looks like your family had a great time in NYC.

MaryAnn | 3:42 PM

my husband and i have only been on one vacation togehter without any other extended family memebers and that was our honeymoon. unfortunetly my husband hurt hi back the day before our wedding so what was supposed to be a lovely week long vacation on the beach in mexico turned into a weeklong vacation in bed in mexico, and not in a fun and naughty way either. we watched CSI reruns all week long, and that was basically it. we totally need a do-over.

Unknown | 3:46 PM

Love the photo's and so happy about your new additions, congrats to you, Hal and the kids! Dream vacae = somewhere warm and sunny its 45 and rainy in Minneapolis right now, no sign of spring in sight | 3:52 PM

i have never been out of the states and my dream vaca is australia. don't know why just have always been drawn to it. maybe i was australian in a former life.

Shiri | 3:56 PM

Most memorable? Vieques, Puerto Rico. First beach vacation with the boyfriend. Perfection!

Milla | 3:57 PM

Spent ten short days in Ireland, next year I'm taking that long for just Dublin. I want to go to there.

TheGirl | 4:02 PM

Every year for Thanksgiving my family gets together from their various locations around the globe for a family vacation...last year was great because my daughter was a year old, walking, talking and enjoying. Everything is great with family.

Jenny N | 4:10 PM

my favorite trip was to NYC with my two best friends abourt five years ago. Would love to go back!

Sarahtk | 4:20 PM

Super easy: my trip to Paris was a lifetime dream come true. Oh Montmartre, dost thou still love me as I love you?

katie | 4:26 PM

My fave trip was our honeymoon to Paris. There is something so enchanting about being in Paris and being in love.

Unknown | 4:31 PM

I am on vacation in Hawaii right now, and just caught some waves on the North shore of Oahu, it is turning out to be a pretty rad trip so far!!

Mary B. | 4:33 PM

I would love to do a coast to coast train trip with my husband, from Halifax to Vancouver. I love riding the rails, and after years of traveling coach class (builds character, or so my dad says) I would finally upgrade to a sleeper.

JessicaT | 4:39 PM

Honeymoon in Maui (at the very lovely four seasons) comes to mind!

SSBD | 4:44 PM

My most memorable trip to date was the medical mission trip to Romania I went on with my husband. Don't get me wrong, the cruise where he asked me to marry him and our amazing honeymoon are also right up there, but Romania was stunning, and the trip was the kind that affects how you live your life when you get home.

Anonymous | 4:45 PM

My most memorable trip was a trip around Europe for a month in college. It was great!

SSBD | 4:46 PM

My most memorable trip to date was the medical mission trip to Romania I went on with my husband. Don't get me wrong, the cruise where he asked me to marry him and our amazing honeymoon are also right up there, but Romania was stunning, and the trip was the kind that affects how you live your life when you get home.

Anonymous | 4:47 PM

My most memorable trip was a trip around Europe for a month in college. It was great!

Olga | 4:53 PM

I lived in Stockholm, Sweden for about 8 months, and once took a train up to Kiruna, in the Arctic Circle. That was an amazing trip. I'd like to go to Mongolia.

satiate | 4:57 PM

Going to Vietnam with both of my parents and being able to hear their stories of fleeing the country during the war while we walk along the roads of their past, most amazing and life changing experience ever. And the food was just ridiculously amazing.

Some like it hot | 5:05 PM

My most memorable trip was my honeymoon to Orlando. Spent a week in a condo, acted like a big kid, it was great!

l'americana | 5:06 PM

What fun! My favorite trip is our honeymoon in Paris. We stayed at a beautiful hotel called Hotel d'Abbaye. Highly recommended!

Ashley Austrew | 5:11 PM

I've taken a few memorable trips in my day, BUT my husband and I have been married for two months and are expecting our first baby (we'd only been dating about 5 months before we found out we were pregnant and then decided to get married). We've been working and saving hardcore, didn't get a honeymoon, have never stayed in a hotel together, and would KILL to be able to get away together for a little break and romance before the baby comes! Come on, Lady Luck!

Elizabeth | 5:13 PM

My husband and I are planning a one year anniversary trip to Greece this September. To say I'm excited it the understatement of the century. I can't wait to see the sights and make brilliant memories with my love!

lmerreighn | 5:14 PM

My most memorable vacation was actually with my best friends Sheila and Caroline. We went to NY in December 2006. It was freeeeeezing! Snow on the ground. My friends Kelly and Stephanie live in Brooklyn. They picked us up at the airport and went straight to the Bust Craft Fair. So fabulous. I got to meet Ayun Halliday and go crazy at the Squidfire booth. We stayed at Hampton Inn Chelsea which was wonderful and at the best restaurant ever which has since closed ... Blue Devil Moon. Hello chicken fried tofu? We spent alot of time in Brooklyn as well as Manhattan and had the BEST time! It was not the first time I had been to NY or the last, but it was definitely the most memorable!

Anonymous | 5:19 PM

your fam looks like it is having the best time!
i look forward to taking our two year old daughter camping at the same spot on the beach (in wa state) that we took 11 years ago when we were 1st married.

Jamie | 5:25 PM

My fave trip was Venice. I know it's silly, but probably my favorite thing was buying birdseed from a street vendor, putting it in my hands, and having 13 pigeons come sit on my head and arms while they ate it. Of course, there is the blown glass they are known for, gondolas, good food and hot men as well.

Kris | 5:26 PM

My most memorable trip was one through Europe with my husband, sister, and brother-in-law. As for an upcoming trip? I have the travel bug hardcore right now, and am pining away to take a trip somewhere (anywhere!). A Four Seasons gift certificate would certainly help with that....
Glad you guys are having such a great time in NYC!

kristi | 5:28 PM

One of my most memorable vacations would have to be the beach camping trip I took with my boyfriend after we graduated college to a little island off the coast of South Carolina. It wasn't anything fancy (we stayed in his parents' pop up camper on the campgrounds), but it was one of the most relaxing, perfect vacations I've ever had! My husband (who was the boyfriend I took this trip with) and I have been married a little over 6 months now, and winning this giveaway would give us the chance to take another amazing vacation together! (a belated honeymoon perhaps...)

Ashley | 5:29 PM

My husband and I went on a staycation while we were dating in Salt Lake City, just 30 minutes from our houses. We just played in the pool, watched movies and went to stores we go to all the time. It was great though because I got to see so many sides of him I hadn't really seen up to that point.

K a t y | 5:31 PM

family camping with our two and four year old last weekend at a local state park. climbing rocks, roasting marshmallows, star gazing. i was completely nature/family blissed out.

Cheyanne | 5:34 PM

Oh how I'd love to win! My hubby and I could use a getaway. My favorite vacation was Nepal. I love the people, they are so kind and loving, not to mention the scenery is the most amazing EVER!

Melissa | 5:36 PM

I love that all the contests require everyone to share something. Super fun to read!

Best trip ever? 4 weeks after my daughter was born, our new family of four jumped in the truck and drove down to Corpus Christi, TX. If was January so the weather was perfect. It was a great way to spend a weekend and my son still tells his sister stories of her first vacation.

Jessica | 5:36 PM

Cambodia was one of the most magical places I had ever been. I cannot wait to go back.

Rebekah Wolf | 5:38 PM

Oh, how I love hotel stays. But Four Seasons?! Swoon...

My most memorable getaway was a month long backpacking trip with my boyfriend through New Zealand's South Island. I think of it often and can't wait to go back.

Rebekah | 5:39 PM

I have taken so many trips, I just love to travel. But I think one that is topping my list is my trip to China with my two grandmas. I will never forget those three weeks of pure exploring. I love this world :)

Meg | 5:47 PM

So many memorable trips in the past by myself and with my wonderful husband (including a veerrryy romantic few days in Paris when we were newly in love). But the best? may be right now. Watching our little one, a country girl, discovering the playground at 77th and Amsterdam Avenue in NYC yesterday as we were on a quick visit to our former home. We haven't had so much fun at a playground since we were kids. Travelling with our little one is a totally new and wonderful time. Seeing her blissfully worn out by all the new sights and sounds is a kick.

Marcie | 5:48 PM

Most memorable vacation was two years ago when we took the kids to see the ocean for the first time in South Padre, Texas. It was cold but they didn't care. They ran, arms out-stretched, full clothed, into the water and I've never seen bigger smiles on their freezing faces!

Unknown | 5:53 PM

Looks like you all have had an amazing time! My parents were creative during my childhood and always brought us on educational yet fun vacations. I hope one day to provide this to my own family. Whether it's 20 minutes south to Boston or to the beach in California. I dream of the days of seeing vacation smiles.... 'cause what's better than that!

clueless but hopeful mama | 6:04 PM

Oh the tiny robes! Too sweet!

Glad you had a great vacation in NYC.

My most memorable trip was to Zambia with my mom. I will never forget the open jeep sunset rides.

Now I'm itching to travel!

laura sina | 6:06 PM

my sister and i recently traveled to peru together, climbing the inca trail up to machu picchu for our 30th birthdays. as amazing as standing on the top of those mountains was, and knowing i'd climbed my own way up there, i'll remember most the time i had my sister all to myself in the middle of the andes.

chantalart | 6:07 PM

My most memorable trip was planned before my husband and I spontaneously decided to get married (after 13 years together), but because it followed our city hall wedding and our big party to celebrate, it became a honeymoon of sorts. We traveled in Europe for 5 weeks- the first three weeks we spent in an amazing 2br apartment with a piano!! in the Marais district of Paris. Then because we had to shift some plans around for later in the trip we booked a last minute 4 day side trip to Venice and then flew back up north and traveled from Paris to Brussels to Antwerp, stopped off in Bruges and then ended in Amsterdam. We took a chunk of our wedding gift money and bought Eurorail passes- so worth it. We learned languages, and I bought one of my most prized possessions, an Italian Renaissance convex mirror which I carried across the European continent. I dream about Italy and France all the time- if and after we have our second kid, I swear, we're going to start traveling again.

Unknown | 6:09 PM

My most memorable getaway was with my grandmother when she took me to see her childhood home and to the family gravesite in Berlin. It was amazing to learn what her family went through and see her with new eyes.

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