Sixteen Weeks

First, a massive thank you to everyone for your kind words Friday (and always). Two ladybugs, hooray! Although (ahem) Hal isn't QUITE convinced because OBGYN Kenobs wasn't 100%. (He said it's possible for testicles to drop late in some cases. That one of our "girls" could sprout some balls in the next month or so, even thought nothing currently exists between either of their legs.)

In Hal's words, "would you get on an airplane if it had an 8% chance of crashing?"

In my words, "Shhhhhhhhhuuuuuutup."

Just in case, we're keeping our boy name(s) close the vest (for now) ... But I already started composing an epic list of all the names we won't be using (post to come). For the record, naming twins is extremely difficult because you want to love both names equally - tie them together with similar meaning but make sure they're both distinct, and in our case unique. That being said, we think we've nailed our names down. Still. I'm holding on to the two names I love that Hal doesn't just in case they grow on him in the next few months.

Twas pretty sure I was feeling some fetal movement action last week. Now, I'm positively sure the dancing hath begun! For the last week or so, around the same time every night, I've felt the same ripples and thumps. When I was pregnant with Fable, I remember thinking how much I'd miss that feeling. At the time, we assumed she would be our last child. Ha ha HA! Anyway, such fun wondering which flutter is coming from which butterfly.

I learned at my last appointment that singleton pregnancies + seven weeks = twin pregnancies in size/shape/weight gain, so I was right comparing my fifteen-weeks-pregnant body to that of my twenty-two weeks pregnant-with-one-babe-self. It's kind of fun being this big, already. I got to skip that awkward "is she pregnant or just bloated?" phase. Clearly, I look pregnant. Solid. (Although Hal did inform me that my face is starting to get that nice pregnant "look" which is not quite code for "you're glowing". My face gets VERY pregnant and with twins I'm expecting my nose to swallow my face entirely.)

As for stats, I'm 154 pounds (fifteen pounds gained since the start) and the babies are 4 1/2 inches long, today Monday. (Avocados! Our fave!)

Now let's take a moment to inspect the following diagram of what the babies/my reproductive system looks like maybe (via babycenter).
Twin babies, fetuses at 16 weeks - BabyCenter
(Oooooh! Fascinaaaaaating!)

I still feel awesome, which is worth repeating after the hell that I endured in the beginning of this pregnancy, and even though Hal isn't convinced our babes are girls, the rest of us are, including my entire extended family who are totally psychic and thought girls all along. (Archer, when I told him the news was like, "Duh.")

Operation move-everything-around-the-house-to-make-room-for-33.3%-of-our-family-to-be has begun, so apologies for anyone who drops by in the next few weeks months - our world is upside down (up in here) and will continue to be, I've a feeling for the next few months eighteen years always.

Bring it, I say. I'm ready to embrace some serious chaos up in here thanks to Renovation Nation, or whatever that show on HGTV is called that has become my new nightcap. Bottoms up.

ED: Eat Well = tomorrow. Mix Tape will be back (for final track) next week. See? Operation "Embrace the Chaos" has begun! I didn't even wear a unitard this week! I know!




agirlnamedmel | 7:00 AM

You look great!

Jennifer | 7:01 AM

Wow, needless to say you look amazing...I have been following this pregnancy and I must admit it is making me a bit nostalgic. Glad to see you are capturing each moment. I think my only decent pregnancy photo while I was pregnant with the twins was my wedding photo;) Nothing says white wedding like a bride knocked up with twins.


Kailee | 7:02 AM

You look amazing. Seriously amazing. My little babe is now 33 weeks along. He's my little acrobat, and how I love waking up feeling his punches, kicks and tumbles. I can't imagine what it must feel like with four fists and four feet moving around! A sweet treat, I am sure.

Also, looking forward to your name post. LOVE anything to do with names! And even though we've pretty much settled on our top two (waiting to see his little face before we ultimately decide), there's always room for inspiration!

Lindsey | 7:18 AM

I look forward to these every week! I was all sad that you were wrapping up the mix tape series, and then you drop twin girls in the mix - way better than the music! You are darling, congratulations.

jive turkey | 7:27 AM

Just have to tell you that you look fantastic. Yay!

Meghan | 7:29 AM

Can you ask Archer what he thinks I am having? I have the big ultrasound in just over a week and am dying to know.

And I was going to comment that you DO look like you are glowing.

Jasmine | 7:37 AM

Donde esta unitard?

Steph(anie) | 7:39 AM

You may be the sexiest pregnant lady I've ever seen.


I think the light is just really good in that corner.


Way to gestate! You look fabulous. And I'm all for "embrace the chaos" - now, and always.

Mai | 7:44 AM

You are gorgeous Rebecca!

Anonymous | 7:48 AM

I did a little laugh out loud action about your nose face also disappeared into itself while I was pregnant and when I cop to being HUGE, it's not in that pregnancy-makes-you-feel-like-a-beach-ball way, it's more of a my stomach-was-abnormally-large way. At the time I was very distressed by this (and often mistaken for carrying many multiples, esp at the bitter end) but now...I just can't wait to get there again. Seeing your gorgeous 16 week self and knowing that I'm going to look like that more than likely with just A kiddo at the same time in my next pregnancy just made me smile. It's cool, our bodies are WOAH! amazing during pregnancy, and sister, you're definitely glowing! xx

Elise | 7:49 AM

We had such trouble picking three names we loved for our girls. In the end, we did find three names that were lovely, went together without matching and suited each girl. I couldn't name them before I saw them, and I'm so glad we waited. Once we saw the three of them side by side, we knew who was who and haven't looked back.


Elise- that's our plan, too. We'll wait until they're born to figure out who belongs to which name. Congrats on your triplet girls! Wow!

Abi | 8:01 AM

You look great! I love the weekly photos! I only have 2 so far. It's hard to convince the hubs to take a decent pic of me with our last baby in utero.

My little FML (seriously, those are her initials, unintentional, we love, love, love her first and middle name) is banana-sized this week! :) Yay 20 weeks.

Are you looking forward to this summer or what? I'd appreciate any fashion advice you'll come up with. I'm currently living in leggings and t-shirts, but I don't know how long this will last. I'm showing bigger than the first 2 pregnancies.

Abbey | 8:06 AM

I am so excited for you and the ladybugs (coincidentally my husband's nickname for our daughter). You look amazing and I am so glad you are feeling well! Hugs to you!

Abby | 8:24 AM

We are having a girl, and have a name! Which I think everyone will hate, but my husband looked at me and said, "I don't care what anyone else thinks." If it was up to me soley, Felicity. But it isn't. I spill the beans here

Heather | 8:29 AM

You are beyond stunning!

Lindsay | 8:32 AM

My God, if I looked as gorgeous as you do pregnant, I'd have fifteen children.

Cannot wait to hear your names.

Ashley | 8:33 AM

I never comment, but you look stunning. I mean you really look so pretty. I know that people say that pregnant people glow and it makes me want to punch them, but you look so refreshing. Thank you for looking great and pregnant. You give me hope for my future (like 5 years from now, but still.)

.jimaie.marie. | 8:34 AM

Wow, you look SO fantastic!! Congratulations, Mama!

MissRed | 8:41 AM

I am SO happy for you (though I've never met you and am among your many lurkers/readers...)! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. I still think they are 2 girls, but then again I voted for 'turkey sandwiches' sooo....

Amanda | 9:04 AM

Gah! I can't believe how lovely you look carrying around TWO growing babies! Seriously. I would probably have thrown in the towel right around this point and the only picture my husband would get of me is me with my face obscured by a massive burrito.

Actually, I'm not even pregnant right now and that burrito sounds mighty tasty...

Sydney | 9:05 AM

You look beautiful.

Alex | 9:06 AM

You pick some really great names so I'm excited to see what you come up with.

Shelly Pfeffel | 10:13 AM

You are so EFFING gorgeous! :)

Glenda | 10:35 AM

You look amazing! You look better carrying twins than some carrying a singleton.

Can't wait for the name post.

Unknown | 10:48 AM

Just gorgeous! You definitely have the glow going on. Feeling the baby(ies) move is the absolute best part of being pregnant, right? I adore that quiet intimacy. Feeling it right now, in fact, since I just finished a chai.

I cannot wait for the discarded names post! I like to have several options, even though there are already a couple we're leaning toward.

lonek8 | 11:39 AM

you look stunning! perhaps it's time for a new makeup tutorial, because I am loving your eyes in that first photo!

Can't wait to learn the names you have picked out (I know they will be as wonderful as your first two). But now I'm wondering how you plan to give your babies the names you have picked out? Does the first baby born automatically get name A and the second name B, or are you going to wait until they are both born and then decide who gets what name? That's a question I never really thought about, having only had single pregnancies before! I would be all paranoid that I'd accidentally give the babies the wrong names. Switch them up somehow. Which of course is completely stupid. Clearly I'm too crazy to ever have twins!


lonek8 - we're going to wait until they're born to decide which name belongs to whom. I feel like they will tell us? In their way? Spend a day with them, see which one cheers when a certain name is called? :)

Shelley Senai | 11:47 AM

I love how your at sixteen weeks is my ideal weight like, at all. :) Seriously though you look fantastic and pleasepleaseplease do post that list of your discarded boys names! I love the names you guys pick and can't wait to see what you'll name the twins. (And eventually I hope you'll share those other girls names you love too!)

Chelsi Archibald | 12:06 PM

You're so smart for wearing the black stretch pants to show off your belly in the photos. I love a pregnant belly, but whenever my friends post weekly updates of their swollen stretch marked belly, its a little less than flattering. I'm totally using this pants idea when I'm preggers. You rock! And look amazing!

dna | 12:24 PM

So happy for you! Still waiting on mine who seems to be taking his sweet time. As my first, I am learning what pregnant means for my body. At 39+ weeks I have gained 40+ pounds! I think that's normal if your having multiples.... not just one. I better cut down on the snacking!

Emily | 12:41 PM

You're looking gorgeous! Can't wait to hear what names you guys pick out. What an interesting point LoneK8 raised about which one to give which name to, goodness.

Chelsea | 12:58 PM

yay for your cute belly!!!!!

can't wait to hear the babies names!

SpillingOutBeautiful | 1:05 PM

You look fantastic! Soooo glowy and all the pregnant girl jazz. I am totally on the bandwagon of one is a boy. Maybe it's because little boys = perfection to me (not that little girls aren't wonderful things too).

jessica ♥ The Fevered Pen | 1:28 PM

Rebecca, you are so gorgeous! You do glow!!! I can't wait to read your epic name list, I'm at a loss for boys names lol. We *think* we have our girls names picked out but alas, that'll change I'm sure. 23 more days until I find out! (I'm waiting until basically 20 weeks) :D

Ms. Smoochy | 1:31 PM

You look like Sarah J. Parker in the first picture.

molly june. | 1:47 PM

this post makes me want to cry & laugh all at the same time. i've been reading your story for quite sometime & when i read you were having twins i literally almost choked up my milk ;) GAH! when we found out we were having twin girls, i started bawling & my husband had to leave the room to puke. hah! 4 years later, they are my everything. complete JOY. i'm over the moon for you. and you look wonderful! congrats. xoxo

TheGirl | 5:14 PM

I think you look great as well! I'm pregnant with my second little girl and I am just past 18 weeks....I feel bigger then you are with twins! haha.

Mariessa | 6:19 PM

When you announced you were pregnant with twins, a friend told me I had to start reading your blog. A little over a year ago, I was shocked to find out I was pregnant with twins. It was also my third pregnancy and I had an almost 3 year old and a 20 month old. Here I am a year later with an almost 4 year old, a 2 year old and 6 month twins- all boys by the way. Chaos is the only way to describe it, but I know I am one lucky mama. I just wanted to wish you all the best!

Tricia | 8:47 PM

It's ridiculous how gorgeous you look! I am so excited for you! Also, I'm with Hal-- I'd be wary of the 92% g/g verdict. Sometimes you just have to SEE the cheeseburger to know for sure. :)

AmandaYeager | 9:49 PM

Yay for a names post! I'm 3.5 wks away from due date and haven't come up with a name for "Lil Sister". Trying to coordinate something that sounds good with Tristyn (the big sister) is proving harder than expected!
BTW, her vote? Sparkle Lee. Yeah, she's 3. Can ya tell?

AmandaYeager | 9:53 PM

Also? I can't stop laughing at th "SEE the cheeseburger" comment above mine

Anabelle | 12:21 AM

Hi Rebecca,

I posted something on my blog today I would be interested to know how you feel about this question (to sum up, the feeling of letting go off what you write in your blog, leaving it to the hands of your readers when you write about your personal life...)
Come take a look if you have a minute, post called "The monster"...

Also, BIG request: I don't think you've ever made a momversation about being a step-mom and how to deal with your step-children and the difficulty of this position (have you??). Well, that's a big issue for me and I would love to know what you girls think about it, maybe get tips from mothers who went through the same things as me and share experience!! I am sure many women are in this situation and like me they need HELP!!!

Have a great day and thanks for being.

Anonymous | 5:13 AM

You look fantastic. This is super for me to watch happen. At (almost but not quite 40) my age, and my current situation, more children are NOT happening. I choose to live vicariously! YAY FOR US -lol.

I am also very proud to see someone who is enjoying every moment of this really cool thing.

loodles | 6:41 AM

you look so happy. congratulations on the girls.double the drooling closet, I hope???
rock on with your pregnant self sister. you make it look elegant.

Anonymous | 8:20 AM

You look amazing...I need to ask how tall are you??? because seriously..supermodel!! get on the horn with fit pregnancy magazine!


Also? I'm loving the bright nails + flip-flops. And looking forward to "Gone Style: Pregnancy Edition." (Please, oh pretty please?)

~ Noelle

nicole | 9:01 AM

You look AMAZING. I love love your blog. You crack me up. Every time. xo.

Hal | 12:11 PM

Uh, EXCUSE ME! 'Twas I who first thought there were twins in there, so let's leave the Hal-bashing out of it, k? And let me say this as well - if there does happen to be a boy at the end of all this, my holding on to the fact that there might not be two girls will be completely revised in that EVERYONE thought there was one of each (Archer says "DUH") ...

Ray | 12:32 PM

Sexy momma! Loving the 16 week belly! =D

I'd love to read blog entries on your idea for the twins nursery, being that you're so creative. ;o)

Abbe | 1:59 PM

I simply cannot wait until after your twins are born to hear all your fabulous boy name ideas, because I am a week ahead of you (hooray!). Want to give ANY away? It's my first, and I'm desperate for more inspiration. Pretty please?!

lisafoose | 2:12 PM

you look adorable, waaaaay better than I did at the same stage w/ twins (my "pregnancy face" seemed to start immediately, lol). So happy for you. Totally get the name issue, until we knew ours were boy/girl, I felt like we had to have 3 sets of names (2 boy names that work together, 2 girls names that work together, and 1 boy and 1 girl name that work (that are not necessarily EITHER of the ones we would have used for 2 boys/girls). PHEW!

Becka Robinson | 8:03 PM

You look beyond gorgeous. You are totally glowing. Your face is radiating!

gemini-girl | 12:40 AM

First of all, you look amazing! i was huge by 16 weeks with my girls!
Names are hard yo.

I named my twins, Neve & Soleil. Neve means snow in Latin, and Soleil sun in french. They tied together perfectly with my name & My husband's (Maya: Water/ Barak: Lightning)...

Good luck with the names!
Cant wait to hear them!!

Gabriel.jimenez77 | 12:04 AM

I LOVE! love how you look pregnant!! makes me want to get pregnant too!!
you look beautiful! I also grow another face whne pregnant, but you my dear look pretty!
hope all goes well!

Armonia | 12:06 AM

i ust left my comment above and did not notice i signed in as my husband haha! oh well it was me!

findingmagnolia | 9:39 PM

Rebecca, you are so lovely. Watching your pregnancy progress is watching a little bit of magic unfold. I am incredibly excited about your baby girls--sorry it's taken me so long to get around to commenting about it! I clapped with glee when I read that the doctor thought they were girls. If I want to know something about the future, I'm going to start emailing you so that you can just ask Archer for me; that incredible boy just knows things, doesn't he?