A million years I bought a guitar and spent a year learning how to play it. Every Tuesday I'd drive to my guitar lesson in Burbank and although I never mastered anything other than a handful of chords, I managed to write a few little songs during my short tenure as a musician. One night, while back home in Encinitas, I played one of my songs for some friends of mine who had a band. Hours later, the boys had added the verse and lyrics to my chorus and with my permission, recorded (our) song on their first record. As long as they gave me partial credit, I didn't care. In fact, I was thrilled! It was as close as I'd ever come to being a bonafide songwriter, even if the song was only partially mine.

Except I didn't get credit. Not in the liner notes or in the credits of the video-doc the song appeared in or anywhere else. Except for the guys in the band, no one knew I had anything to do with the song. My friends apologized. An oversight was all it was, nothing personal.

"Whatever. No big deal," I said.

But at the time, it kind of was a big deal. I felt weird taking credit for something that hadn't credited me so I quietly brewed as I tend to do, said nothing, felt sorry for myself, told everyone to go fuck themselves... in my head.

My musical history goes like this: tried, failed, tried, failed, failed. Which I'm totally fine with. Except ONCE I sat down with my guitar and wrote a song with a strong hook that real musicians liked enough to record as their own. And eight years later, I'd like to finally give myself the credit I should have given myself all those years ago.

So... Good job, self. Way to rock once.

100. Addicted to Chaos by YoVee and me


Goodbye, Mix Tape. It's been a really fun two years.
(Track 1/100 is here if you're interested in seeing how it all began. )

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