Seventeen Weeks

(Sorry so scowly. Pictures today = not so fab.)

First off, a belated happy Mother's Day to all mothers, mothers-to-be, caretakers, givers, lovers, friendly folk, etc etc. I had planned to write Mother's Day post yesterday but instead spent the day with my family, brunching on bagels and etsy (window) shopping with my mom who has joined me in my obsession with all things nursery. Oh my gosh, it begins.

This weekend I bought a ye olde rocking chair for fifty bucks at a consignment store, found several AMAZING fabrics for the curtains and crib bumper (still narrowing down the selection) and decided on a room "theme" of sorts! I mean... it's more of a "this and that" theme but still. More on that, later, just trust me when I say it will be amazing! I think! Because I have never done a nursery before and will never do one again. Also, I never planned a wedding. One would think that would be apropos of nothing, but it isn't. Every woman needs to obsess over the things she can control when entering a situation in which she recognizes how out of control she truly is. In my case, I am obsessing over finding the perfect flea market dresser to match the knobs I fell in love with over the weekend. Yes, knobs. I love knobs.

Don't worry. I will bore you all to tears with my nursery posts coming soon to a screen near you.

This week the babies are "turnips", which is adorable. By far my favorite vegetable comparison, and I feel huge and awkward. This week I suddenly feel uncomfortable sitting in chairs. I'm also spilling shit all over my stomach (what IS that?) and bumping into walls because I'm not used to being quite so girthy around the middle.

Heartburn hath begun which SUCKS. I was totally expecting this to happen (pregnancy brings all the acid to my yard) but still. Bummer central. I also had my first non-airplane related ankle swelling the other day. Remember when this happened? Well, I've reached the point of pregnancy where restricted sandals must be retired to the closet. At least on days when the temperature goes northbound on the 1-90.

In the meantime, I'm living in Maxi dresses and flip-flops. And this unitard, which might have to be retired next. The plan is to see how far I can wear it before it explodes on me in public.




Anonymous | 10:40 AM

You look stunning! You're beautiful as always, but look extra-radiant with the bump!

NodToStyle | 10:42 AM

i'm not one to usually say this, but you have that glow! pregnancy looks good on you...

Lindsay | 10:44 AM

I'm dying to hear/see everything about the nursery design! This woman, at least, will not be bored. You look lovely, as usual xoxo

Sarah | 11:09 AM

I also can't wait for nursery designs, the other day I saw a fabric and thought, that would be so great for the babies!

UnCheyned | 11:17 AM

Ha! You said, "I love knobs." (There's a 13-year old boy in me dying to get out.)

But, for serious, I'm loving keeping up with every detail of this pregnancy!

Kailee | 11:21 AM

Pregnancy also brings the acid to my yard. And the gas too. I swear, it sounds like a frat house after a beer binge in my house. The burping is incessant.

I'm also dying to hear about the nursery! I planned our nursery around a sweet handmade mobile we bought on a trip to Australia. It's perfectly fine to obsess over tiny details! The lengths I went to find a charcoal grey crib skirt to tie the whole nursery together! Oy....

KT | 11:32 AM

While I have made many purchases off Etsy, I’m growing increasingly displeased at how Etsy polices itself, especially when it comes to non-handmade resellers. They don’t even follow their OWN rules on the subject, and often reprimand those who do point it out. This is because they make a commission on every sale, so there’s no financial incentive for them to boot non-handmade resellers that make sales under false pretenses. More information here:

While I have no reason to doubt that any of the sellers you're scoping out are making these things themselves, Etsy still gets a significant cut of the sales, and I’ve been looking at alternatives. Some of the ones I’ve found most useful:

Anonymous | 11:39 AM

Well if it's any consolation, every time you look at your swollen peds, you can think about the four precious sets of toes inside of you and and how glorious it's going to be when they're outside of you!
Also, I found that yoga toes (crazy foot contraption that you wedge between your toes) really helped with my swelling and foot discomfort when I was a full time baby grower. And never underestimate the value of a soak or foot rub (though I really can't stand to have my feet touched). Above all, just remember that taking a load off is actually awesome, you're growing two human beings inside of you, sitting with your feet up is still doing about a million times more than those of us that aren't making zee babes. xo

Abbe | 12:05 PM

You obviously know how to pregnancy shop for yourself. what was the FAB red dress you wear wearing in that photo with you and the kids? from what I could, it was gorgeous!

Anonymous | 12:19 PM

Truly every week looks better on you. Don't forget that when your worried about your ass- thighs- toes. You look amazing.

KPB | 12:46 PM

Every woman needs to obsess over the things she can control when entering a situation in which she recognizes how out of control she truly is.

(This is very, very good.)

Jill | 12:48 PM

Your nursery will be fabulous! While I am not a sewer (but I'm learning!) my mom was able to make cusions out of the bumper my sister talked me out of using and a valance out of the back side of the crib skirt that no one would have seen anyway! Yay for making your own decor!


Awesome! Yes! So far, I have my curtain fabric. Going to do something clashy for the bumper (reversible) and different fabric, yet again, for the pillows I'll throw on the rocking chair! (My mom is going to make the bumper and the curtains! I'm hoping I'll be able to do the pillows!? I ordered some bird decals to go on the ceiling and I've decided on a color to paint the book shelf that used to be in the playroom. Lots of color! Lots of pattern! Lots of wall art! Lots of happy! I'm so excited! Woohooo!

Ellie | 1:06 PM

You and your turnips look quite lovely. Have you ever heard of papaya enzymes for heartburn? The chewable tablets saved me when I was pregnant. Plus they tast good!

Glenda | 1:24 PM

You look amazing and can't wait to hear / see all about the nursery and the names x2. I had heartburn for 9 mos with my 2nd (daughter) with my heartburn at all.

I will definitely not be bored. Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us XO

Sonja | 1:49 PM

I spilled so much on my stomach when I was pregnant. All, and I do mean ALL of my maternity tops had some manner of stain on them. WTH? I blame the increased gravitational field of the belleh, but maybe pregnancy just makes you sloppy.

BonJoey | 1:55 PM

Just wanted to stop by to say you look flippin amazazing, woman! You probably hear this all the time, but you are the cutest pregnant woman ever. EVER. I know you're thinking, "Just wait..." But seriously, just revel in how adorable you look right now, cuz seriously, (and I know I speak for more than just myself) you're making ME want to be preganant again - and I was not a happy preg! ;)

Unknown | 2:13 PM

Oh yes, I'm right there with you on the nursery obsession. Is it bad that I'm more into it with this girl baby than with my son? Anyway, it's all fun and I can't wait to see your ideas!

You still look amazing, btw.

Sydney | 2:33 PM

I've got a pregnancy challenge for you (as if carrying twins wasn't enough?!)

You should eat and/or post about eating (possibly in Eat Well) the fruit or vegetable that is the same size as the babies. So this week you should have a turnip, next week a bell pepper, week after a heirloom tomato etc.

25 weeks is a rutabaga! Good luck finding that...

Andrea | 3:08 PM

Hey, you look so glam! Love the look.

S | 3:11 PM

The excitement you have for your babes is so contagious! It keeps me happy and upbeat as I sit through my last few weeks of pregnancy. Also, maxi dresses and flip flops have become my favorite things in the world over the last couple of weeks. Embrace it!

Can't wait to see nursery shots! I'm having a "surprise baby," so right now the room is green and just waiting to be designed (on a budget). I need inspiration!

Chelsea | 5:40 PM


Anonymous | 3:21 AM

You are, as always, so completely darling!

I have some fab knobs (8) I bought from Anthropologie a few years ago and never used. Let me know somehow where to send them I'll send them to you.

Also - have always wondered - isn't a unitard a pain in the ass when you have to pee?


Helen@Knitted baby booties | 6:40 AM

You still look great!

Erin | 7:33 AM

OMG- what is it about being clumsy when you are pregnant?! I was dropping things like crazy too.

You have to look at wall decals for your nursery! They have so many cute things and they are easily changed.

SaraMinerva | 9:29 AM

You look fantastic!

Abi | 9:47 AM

You look awesome!

At 21 weeks, I don't have swelling, but have been burping like someone who burps a lot since week 15, I think.

Are you still having food aversions? Mine keep changing week to week.

I can't wait to see your pregger fashion choices!

Tasha Imajin | 11:04 AM

Your have me obsessed with finding some bright pink nail polish now! (Is it pink or red?) What is that delicious color you are wearing on your finger nails?

You look wonderful!

Sheri Bheri | 12:24 PM

"Every woman needs to obsess over the things she can control when entering a situation in which she recognizes how out of control she truly is." THIS! Oh my! I've always had a hard time putting this idea into words, but it's so very true. Thanks!

Tara | 2:03 PM

Maxi dresses are a pregnancy life saver! You look absolutely beautiful!

Marie-Ève | 6:04 PM

You look amazing. As usual. Can't wait to see what you're doing with the nursery.

Anonymous | 7:10 PM

This woman is also pregnant right now (though only with one babe):

She has been taking a photo with the vegetable/fruit that is said to be the size of her baby at that week. Its very cute!

You look amazing and I love hearing all about your growing family!!

writermom | 8:30 AM

You look beautiful! Also, I read a story on today about how women who have twins tend to live longer because they are physically exceptional. Check it out if you haven't already...I thought it was quite interesting.

Sydney | 10:24 AM

Anonymous - thanks for posting that blog.

Photos are super cute.

Denise | 9:10 AM

turnip was my favorite comparison, fact we STILL call our son (who is now 6 months old), "the turnip". :)

It's the best nickname of all times.

Ray | 5:50 PM

YAY, 17 Weeks! You're looking great.

Knowing you the nursery will be awesome. I can't wait to read more entries about it! =D

lisafoose | 3:03 PM

again, you look fabulous! if it makes you feel any better, once w/ my huge twins, I seriously did not fit into a booth where they sat me and hubby. I cried like a baby and they had to move us to a round table (for 8 where I sat feeling like jabba the hut)!! Multiple pregnancies are like no other!