Gone Maternity: like totally to the maxi

The following photos were taken sporadically over the last month. I thought it would be fun to do a maternity series based on styles that are comfortable, practical and wearable through pregnancy. Naturally, maxi dresses are #1, a great investment for any pregnant woman who wants to wear her maternity clothes happily ever after. All the dresses below were purchased at non-maternity stores but work just as great (better, I think) than what you might find overpriced and unimpressive at your local pregnant person store.

Maternity jeans are a must-have obviously (more on that, later) but for those who find themselves pregnant in the summer, (Fable was born October 2nd, and these babies will likely be born around the same time) long and loose dresses win. Here are some of mine.
Dress: $20 find at Melrose Trading Post swap meet
necklace: 70's vintage, Melrose Trading Post swap meet
Sandals: Steve Madden
This will fit me all through my pregnancy and beyond. It is currently my favorite article of clothing/proof that thrifting wins. There is no better feeling than digging for treasure you never knew you were looking for. This dress is my happy place. I also can't help but notice how in ONE MONTH my body has completely changed. These pictures were taken when I was fourteen weeks pregnant. I'm eighteen weeks, now, and my body has seemingly doubled in size.
This next dress is by far the most comfortable article of clothing in my closet. I bought it when I first found out I was pregnant. It will stretch to infinity and I'll be able to wear it for the brutal postpartum still-looking-pregnant months. The sweater is falling apart but its my favorite and the shoes are deceptively comfortable. Definitely pregnappropriate.
Dress: Anthropologie
Sweater: Splendid
Shoes: 80%20
This next sassy little number was an early birthday gift from my mother. It's plenty big for me to wear through my pregnancy and is more comfortable than sweatpants. I've worn it three times in the last two weeks and slept in it once (is that weird?).
Dress: Anthropolgie
Flip-flops: Havianias
Cardi: Fluxus
Earrings: a gift from my brother & his lady
More stripes! Because they are my best friend! Everything in my closet involves stripes. Stripes, stripes, stripes. They're always on trend, classic, appropriate, easy to accessorize and for some reason, everything with stripes is always superiorly comfortable. Like this next maxi/top combo, jersey heaven.
Hat: Hal's
Dress/tee: Anthropologie
Flip-flops: Havianas
I like how Hal got all arty with this next picture. Foil(ag)ed again!
Also a gift from mom, this dress was so-so on the rack but on my body I love it so. It's comfortable, looks great with jackets, sweaters and will look just as lovely fifty pounds from now. I hope.
dress: Anthro
Jacket: Madchen
Sandals: Sam Edelman
What? You're over stripes? NOT ME! Don't worry, these ones are green. I bought this dress last fall on sale for $12 at Veronica M on Beverly. I was with my friend, Bethany who was like, "buy it!" and because I trust her pro-stylist opinion I did. And never looked back. The boobs are a little out of hand in this one c/o me accidentally buying an XS (which is NOT my size) instead of a Medium. I was able to pull it off sans jacket before I was pregnant but now, two bra sizes later, I'll spare the public my offensive cleave.
Dress: Veronica M
Jacket: a million years old
Sandals: Sam Edelman
Hal and I were arguing during these photos, can you tell?
And then we made up!
This next one isn't really a maxi dress. It is long-ish and loose-fitting and a great vintage find. I wore it Monday with my unitard and decided to include it in this post because maxi it may not be, but roomy it absolutely is. Also, I've always looked pregnant in this dress and now when I wear it I can finally be like, "Pregnant? Why, yes sir. Yes, I am."
Dress: thrifted (Melrose Trading Post)
Unitard: AA
Boots: thrifted
Body: growing massive-r by the minute


Looking to do some maxi dress shopping? EVERYONE from Piperlime to Zappos to Nordstrom to ModCloth is fully stocked in the maxi department right now. If you're pregnant, make sure to go with dresses sans waistlines (no matter how elastic) in a jersey/spandex fabric and always purchase a size (or more) up. Happy maternity-ing!



B. | 4:19 AM

Love the maxi dresses! You look gorgeous and stylish; not always easy when pregnant.

sarah doow | 4:38 AM

Oh, I'm in love with the stripy Anthropologie dress - what a beautiful garment.

Anabelle | 4:38 AM

Oh how you make me wish I had been pregnant in Summer! I LOVE your dresses! No no, don't tempt me with these looks, I feel like being pregnant again and my baby is only 3 months old (today!)...
It's funny, I started my blog with this post: "pregnant and creative", writing about how I made myself a dress to fit in my big belly, ah ah!
You look gorgeous!

A Brilliant Life | 4:41 AM

You look GREAT! Love the dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!

expatriababy | 6:05 AM

Thank you thank you thank you for proving that normal people can make pregnancy look stylish. What a breath of fresh air.

I'm seriously digging the unitard, and am considering investing in one, but there has been small detail preventing me from making the plunge: pregnancy is like a 9 month long pee-pee-fest. How do you deal with the unitard and the needs of the bladder??????

Amalia | 6:14 AM

So, I have been wondering with all this unitard wearing...how do you go pee? Isn't it a hassle?

Paula | 6:16 AM

Gorgeous dresses!! I love to read the back story behind your finds and your gifts. You are radiating gorgeous in every single one! Thanks for sharing!!

Emily | 6:23 AM

I love maxidresses- so comfy and flattering. And yes, I still wear the ones I got when I was pregnant.

P.S. You are a stunner! Glowing, great hair, awesome belly. Ab fab.

Robyn Devine | 6:24 AM

i'm at 25 weeks {today!} and am also LOVING wearing dresses for the summer! i've got two maxi dresses, and honestly thought i wouldn't want to wear many, considering i'm a mere 5'2" - but i LOVE THEM! i'm headed out over the next few weeks to grab more from non-maternity sections, even if i have to hem them up a bit!

best part? you can wear them into the fall with leggings underneath! at least, that's my theory right now!

Chelsea | 6:28 AM

Looking so stylish and chic!

Your belly is adorable!

Connie | 6:32 AM

Squeeeee! That red dress. Oh swoon. I actually fainted at my desk when I saw it. You've inspired me to go thrifting this weekend. :)

Oh anthropologie. You are the clothing I wear in my dreams. :)

Pregnappropriate. Hilarious.

Thanks for posting this stuff. My husband and I are currently talking a lot about babies (Which is totally exciting! and scary(?) and exciting!), so it's great to get some fashion ideas for down the road.
You are looking gorgeous! Hope you have a great weekend.

Meghan | 6:37 AM

We always manage to snip at eachother during the weekly belly shots. He just gives me zero feedback and doesn't let me know when he is taking them. Super-annoying.

HOWEVER, you look lovely!

oh, jenny mae | 6:41 AM

you look darling. i hope those fit you to the end, but you may need to thrift some plus-size gear in those last coupla months. that belly is gonna be massive with lovely ladies.

loodles | 7:07 AM


Pretzel Thief | 7:09 AM

OK, first of all, you look GORGEOUS!

Secondly, man oh MAAAAN do I love that red dress! Just...wow. I'm totally coveting it and it's soooo my style, as well. It's just magnificent!

Love that you have all these awesome items of clothing to see you through your pregnancy...yay!

Red Stethoscope | 7:12 AM

I love the dresses that your mom bought, as well as your confession that you slept in one of them. Win! You look great in all of the outfits and although I am not preggers, I will also be rocking the maxis all summer long. You are not kidding when you say that they are more comfy than a pair of sweatpants! :) Rock on, darling.

Amblus | 7:20 AM

Okay, you are RIDICULOUSLY cute. It's borderline unfair.

Chicago Mom (Heather) | 7:27 AM

Wow. I'm drooling over each of these dresses! I also have to tell you that you look so pretty. You are a gorgeous with your perfect baby belly! PRETTY MAMA. :-)

lonek8 | 7:32 AM

I love maxi dresses! Wore them all through my only summer pregnancy, and still wear them all summer now. So comfy! And while I have mainly solid color maxis, i just got one that is striped and it is by far my favorite - and after seeing all of your cute dresses, I'm definitely in the market for more stripes!

Rachael | 7:34 AM

nice work, mama!

even though i didn't get H-U-G-E with the twins, i found that it was harder to wear non-maternity stuff at the end. i tried my very bestest though :)

Loukia | 7:39 AM

You're so gorgeous.

mominrome | 8:16 AM

I love these outfits!!!
You look great!!


I want to live in maxi dresses now, pregnant or not. You look fabulous!

Scout798 | 9:03 AM

Totally pregnant right now and due the end of July in the DC area (ugh!)... and yes, Maxis ALL THE WAY! LOVE them ... they are really some of the only things that fit me AND are comfortable.

I managed to get most of mine off sites like ideeli (http://www.ideeli.com/) ... They have some cool hombre ones posted today ... happy shopping!

Amelia | 9:08 AM

Where I post a bizarrely personal comment on the interweb:

I gave birth in Sept and on the first day that it was warm enough to wear a skirt/dress I happily tossed aside the expand-o jeans and got my jersey on, only to discover a sad and sweaty 20 minutes into our downtown stroll that my thighs were chafed. Badly. The gams had not experienced up close and personal time with one another in their little lily white lives and thus for the remainder of my pregnancy I never left home without a travel size of GoldBond in my purse, and honestly wound up living in a pair of white linen drawstring pants to protect my sad little (large and in charge) thighs. How's that for dead sexy? Am I alone on this? I don't think that you're at the crazy thigh stage (maybe you never will be!) but if you do run into that issue, I would love to know how you handle it. I'm not sure what makes me over share more...pregnancy or the internet.

Looking good, mama!

Anonymous | 9:13 AM

You look great! That red caftan is gorgeous and so much fun!! (I was eyeing it in another pic you posted last week.)

Unknown | 10:04 AM

You totally suit the Maxi dresses. I feel i was too short to wear those while preggers. I looked more like a beach ball than i was willing to allow. The 2 from your Mama are my favs! You look really great.

Sonja | 10:18 AM

While I hear that being pregnant in the summer/warm climates has its own issues - I was hugely pregnant in the dead of a New England winter and getting dressed was AWFUL. My son was born in the beginning of March, so by mid-February, I had difficulty getting my boots on by myself! Slip on shoes weren't an option, so I'd have to get my husband to help.

I truly had so many layers on that several of my neighbors in our building *didn't know* that I was pregnant! They were shocked to see me with a baby when spring finally came!

Next time around, I think I'd like to try being pregnant in the summer - if only so I don't have to find someone to help me get my shoes on. ;)

These dresses are gorgeous! I'd love to find some nursing-friendly maxi dresses for summer, but they all look like I'd have great difficulty accessing the goods. :(

Martini Mom | 11:01 AM

Wow. Anthropologie really does the maxidress right, don't they? (What doesn't Anthropologie do right?) Sadly, my short little legs make me look silly in a maxidress, though I manage to pull off a maxiskirt okay. But you? You look AMAZING in them. LOVE!

Glenda | 11:02 AM

You look amazing and stylish. Loving all the maxi's and love Anthropologie!!

Keep Rockin' the styles!!!

Rachel @ Little Kitchen, Big Bites | 11:36 AM

totally lovely! you look gorgeous in all of them. i'm not pregnant, but i have a healthy collection of maxi dresses that i'm looking forward to wearing even more when i do have my own bump some day!

Unknown | 11:58 AM

@Amelia Me too! I have this maxi dress that I love and is so comfy, but I wore it to work one day and by the time I got home that evening I felt like my thighs were bleeding. Horrible. I think I might need to find preggo bicycle shorts or something to wear underneath

Anonymous | 12:33 PM

you are one super hot pregnant momma - lovin you look!

Unknown | 12:43 PM

Love all of your maxi dresses! I'm big on the maxis as maternity wear, too. I hate buying maternity clothes, and maxis are the perfect alternative, especially in the summer. In fact, I bought one at Target yesterday! Now on the hunt for a stretchy striped maxi skirt . . .

Lizzz | 12:49 PM

Rebecca, those are some FANTASTIC dresses! My kids are winter babies, so unfortunately no pretty dresses for me...just men's sweaters :(

Would love to see a post on your fav pregnancy snacks. I eat a ton when I'm pregnant, and get tired of the same old stuff. What do you chow down on?

Elizabeth | 1:14 PM

It's pretty crazy how cute you look. I think I just rocked hoodies and maternity jeans for the duration of both my pregnancies. If we ever decide to go for number three, you will be my maternity guru.

Andrea | 2:43 PM

Great style! You look fantastic with your hair up.

Momma | 4:01 PM

Oh, my my my! You look absolutely lovely in stripes, and I cannot tell you how much I wish I had read this when I was pregnant with my daughter 2 years ago!

CraftyFatalist | 5:01 PM

Rebecca I would love to know how tall you are? I've always wondered. I'm pretty tall myself(5'11) so many of the maxi dresses are slightly short on me... I love when you find the ones that just almost hit the ground. The black floral anthro one is by far my fav! Gorgeous!


BittersweetFriends - I'm 5'8. Average height-ish, so probably ideal for typical length. They're always (almost!) exactly where I want them... long enough but not dragging (although one is a bit lengthy. I tripped on it once so will have to hem it up a bit.)

Lizzz- I'm not really in snack mode right now - more like, extra meal mode. I'm eating five meals a day. Typically: cereal with fruit for breakfast, turkey sandwich, turkey sandwich (we're spending a stupid amount of money on whole foods deli turkey right now but its ALL I want to eat so there you go!) whatever's for dinner (been super into Indian food)... a huge amount of melon (I'm eating half a small watermelon every night as well as two-three apples a day, masses of baby carrots and lots of berries and fresh squeezed OJ... And when the kids are down, vanilla ice cream with cinnamon graham crackers on top. Delish.

Amalia, Expat - I'm super quick outta that unitard by now. But, yeah. Not ideal for peeing. I always wear something easy to pull over shoulders when wearing... like oversized cardi or tunic I can wiggle out of. Not as high maintenance as it sounds, swear!


Also, I love that you are a woman who appreciates the power of a good sleeve!

The Beckster | 9:31 PM

That's some serious pregnancy style! I love Anthropologie but they are always sooo expensive. Do you have cost saving shopping tricks & tips for that store????

Ray | 12:33 AM

You rock those Maxi dresses hard! Love the two Anthropologie dresses your mom got you especially, and the green & white striped one. ;o)

hayley | 5:07 AM

Love the blue sandals. Love the blue and white stripe dress. Love your BANGS. Wish I had the straight hair to do it. Gorgeous pregger girl, you are. I just got the J. Crew Amie maxie dress and going to rock out my inner hippie when I go to see Phish in a few weeks with my hubby. Maybe that's another dress option for you too?

Emily | 6:20 AM

You look amazing in those dresses, but somehow I doubt I would look the same. I didn't really wear a lot of dresses when I was pregnant- maybe it was the sweaty thigh issue!

Allison the Meep | 8:32 AM

You are the most perfect pregnant lady ever. You are making me want to get knocked up with twins right this second because you make it look so damn awesome. Except I am done having babies. And the Rapture is today, so it just wouldn't be practical anyway. Haha!

SaraMinerva | 10:40 AM

You are gorgeous nonpregnant, but good grief, it is ridiculous how well pregnancy (with TWINS! no less) agrees with you.

Heather | 11:25 AM

These dresses are do adorable! My biggest problem with the long dresses is they assume that all gals are atleast 5'7" or above. Lol, I guess a pregnant belly helps with that though ;) (although I dont plan on having that particular accessory any time soon!~)

Sarah Dubs | 4:06 PM

Ah! Either we have similar opinions or you've rubbed off on my over the years!

Hence this awesome etsy treasury here: http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4dd84356d73d6d91bb3daa57/pregnaglamour

I just wish I could rock the maxi with OUT looking 5 months pregnant, haha.

Maggie May | 7:44 PM

Oh my God, I just finished my third pregnancy and I can only DREAM of looking that stylish when preggo. I just don't have any budget or time for thrifting, with four kids and full time work and writing! Seriously, you look amazing and cheers to having cute clothes when pregnant!

viki | 2:37 AM

Congrats Rebecca, you look georgeous! Great style, I love every single outfit and your mom has great taste, too!
Happy maternaty..have a wonderful week ahead, kisses from Europe

SoMo | 7:09 AM

This just made me wish I was about a foot taller. You look great.

chisparoja | 7:10 AM

You are absolutely adorable in your maxi dresses. And I have always loved Anthropologie. But 150-220 per dress is just not happening for this pregnant lady. :)

Jessica | 7:40 AM

I was hoping you would do a maternity-style article! Looks like I need to hit up my local anthropologie, I LOVE those floral print maxi's you have! More of this, please...

Unknown | 8:32 AM

During the four years that I was on again off again pregnant, Anthropologie has been a godsend. They have so many maternity friendly blouses and dresses that have the added bonus of being something you won't mind wearing after the baby (or babies) arrives. There's a fair amount of stuff with loose necklines that work for nursing as well.

That said, I really need to ditch the family this Sunday afternoon and get my butt down to Melrose for some proper thrifting.

Roxanna (Miguelina) | 1:49 PM

Love the "sassy" and flowered Antrho dresses. I've been over Anthropologie lately, but you've convinced me to go back!

You look H-O-T.

Pop Culture Casualty | 1:58 PM

Love, love, love the maxi dresses. I wore tons when pregs. I also similarly hated the options in maternity shops and found much more variety at a better price point when I just bought in stretchy fabrics from anthro. I think I own said jean jacket from millions years ago. I just moved to LA and am so going to the Melrose Trading Post next weekend. I must arrive early to snatch up all the maxi dresses before you get to them.

Max | 7:09 PM

Saw the following girl's dress and thought of you because it totally screamed FABLE not to mention the two (what veggies are they this week again?) in your belly. And I HAD to share! Though I bet your mom could totally make this dress with all sorts of FAB fabrics so I'm showing mostly to inspire, and less for you to pull out a credit card, ya know?


Amanda | 9:31 PM

Love every last one! Maxi dresses to the max indeed! I've been obsessed as of late due to 1.) extreme comfort 2.) extreme laziness 3.) extreme temps 4.) not a HUGE need to shave (see #2)! These only heightened the obsession.

Alex | 3:09 PM

Those are all so cute. My husband & I just decided this weekend we were going to go ahead & start trying for a 2nd baby. At first I was like "Well I guess summer shopping is over" but then I realized Maxi dresses are so in right now & are great for pregnancy & after so I'll just buy a gazillion of those.

Anonymous | 8:09 PM

how do you rock maternity so well? these dresses are so perfect for you and you look amazing in each and every one of them xxoo

Anonymous | 8:12 PM

expat: have u never worn spanx?? just pull to the side and pronto! pee goes in the the potty and clothes nice, dry and in tact.

Cam - Bibs & Baubles | 8:26 AM

you have to be the cutest little pregnant woman! i'd wear every last one of those outfits!

Ariel | 12:35 PM

Love your choice of maternity wear. All the dresses are fabulous, especially the maxis. Just ordered a jade-coloured one from the Gap and can't wait to rock it this summer. Long live the dress and down with over-priced maternity clothes that never see the light of day after the birth. All the best to you and your family and I wish you a fabulous pregnancy.

Emily H | 7:06 AM

I just found your blog and feel like I have an automatic connection because I also am the mother of twin girls. I only have one other child though (another girl who is 2 years older than the twins). My twins will turn 2 at the beginning of July and I feel like it was just yesterday that I was carrying them.
I know exactly what you mean about dresses and pregnancy because towards the end (because it was summer time as well) dresses were my go too! I basically couldn't even fit in any other maternity shirt either (they would all show my belly)! I went all the way to 37 weeks and for the sake of your girls I hope you go to that or farther! Although, when your body gets that big you are READY! :)

Krysta | 7:34 AM

You are the cutest mamma ever! Love all these looks!

Grumble Girl | 5:23 PM

Oh, she's a gorgeous woman, holy balls... xox

Madeleine | 8:13 PM

Rebecca I adore your style, I so very much wish I could take you shopping with me.

I also wish for bangs, but every time I get bangs I spend 6 months pinning them back and crying about my bangs. So.

Keep up the good work darlin :)


Betsy | 2:31 PM

I'm 12 weeks pregnant with twins, and just bought the stripey Anthro dress (on sale, thanks for the tip!). I'm not normally a maxi dress kind of gal, but know that I'm going to love it as I get bigger.

One dumb question: what kind of bra are you wearing with these? Or do you just always keep a sweater/jacket on while you're out? This is the question keeping me up at night (lest I continue to FREAK OUT about having twins). Thanks!

Dranrab | 8:38 AM

Just an idea.....You should re-do this post now in your 33 weeks of awesome-ness. Ya know, see how they all still fit!

You're almost there! Sending you my good mojo from St. Louis!

Shirley | 2:07 PM

So cute.. great choices, they all look really good on you. Maternity maxi dresses are a godsend, honestly.