Nursery in Progress: Chapter One

... And so it begins. And by it, I mean, posts about nursery progress, even when it isn't very... progressive. But this was the weekend I cleaned out the playroom to make room for my office so that my office could make room for the nursery. I spent many (many!) hours tediously going through every toy and book until furniture was empty and bags marked for "giveaway" were full. I also popped my purchasing cherry today with a pretty fantastic piece of furniture which pairs beautifully with the accessories I've collected over the last few weeks (vinyl records with the babies' names on them, bird decals for the ceiling, etc.)

More on that, later. In the meantime, here's the first in a series of nursery progress reports. Ready? Break!


Haven't purchased it yet, but I've all but completely decided on this crib. (Fable still sleeps in hers, which is why we're buying a new one.) Price is right and I dig the two-tone, especially because this nursery is going to be four hundred colors, textures, et al. Check it:
And eventually, this will be the bumper.
ECHINO by Etsuko Furuya - Border print Grassy Plain (EF505 B Green) - 1 yard
Fabric found, here.

The crib will be shared by the babies for the first few months (six? seven?) and because the nursery is attached to our bedroom, we'll be right around the corner if we need to pull anyone into our bed for a spell. Which, I have a feeling will be often. We're the snuggly types.

I fell in love with the giraffe and the zebra (which were gifted by my grandmother. Thanks, Gigi!) especially after deciding I wanted to do a sort of safari theme. They're from Anthropologie, made out of recycled newspaper.
I snagged this picture off google images...
...and today went to the local flea market and bought one just as fabulous, except HUGE, which is exactly what I wanted. (Dresser will also act as a changing table. Just need one of those curved-edge pads):
Flea Market find = $180 including delivery

I even brought my knobs with me to make sure they looked fab (hence the above).
checkered knob, $6, Anthro
Tortoise knob, $10, Anthro

The original plan was to buy all turtle knobs with a couple checkered knobs sporadically thrown in there (to compliment the zebra). But now I'm thinking I'll just buy a bunch of different knobs over the next few months so that EVERY knob is unique. I think it's going to look rad.
Two knobs down. Fourteen to go!
I also bought the (above) painting for $20. It's two beautiful ducks swimming different directions in the same floral pond, which I love. It's currently hanging on the wall above where the rocking chair ($50, bought at consignment shop) will soon be. (It's still in my parent's van, eventually to be transported.) But! It does look a little something like this:
White Wooden Rocking Chair
(The plan is to get some fabulous orangey pillows to make it cozy and bright.)

One of my most exciting finds was this fabric for the curtains (the nursery has two huge windows as well as two sets of french doors, which means the room is going to be BRIGHT. We'll blind the doors but I wanted something whimsical for the windows. I want my babes to wake up to pretty colors and shapes and animals that appear to be dancing in the sky, and THERE IT WAS! (Annnnnnnd it will clash match with the bumper fabric, which is fun.)
Quiet Ground in Seafoam - ECHINO Japanese Imported Fabric - Half Yard

This shag rug is from Ikea. I thought it looked grassy. The nursery "savannah" if you will.
m² Max

You guys. How rad is this? I WISH it was mine. I pulled it off google images as a swatch for the bookcase I'll be painting next weekend.
I love this deep/bright/dull/all of the above "pansy" purple and pretty soon, the book shelf (which currently looks like this, see below) will be painted the same shade of purple, full of books.
Book shelf, before. After = stay tuned.

So, this is what I have so far. One corner of the room partially done (those are fabric swatches for possible pillows, and bird decals which I'm planning on putting on the ceiling), a rocking chair two hours south, one painting, two paper mache faces on the wall and a rug on the way.
I have tons to do I realize, but it feels really great to get started. Today was an exciting day for me and I can't stop staring at these things that will belong to them. Every day, every movement, every swollen ankled afternoon it becomes more apparent that THIS IS HAPPENING OH MY GOSH. Thanks for letting me share.



Desiree | 9:54 PM

Looking good, mama! I think that dresser is totally rad -- and I've always wanted to do that mismatched knob thing. Rock it!

carrie murphy | 10:09 PM

i am dying dying DYING to see what you'll name these girls. everything you've chosen looks awesome...the makings of a cool eclectic place for two girls to grow.

Alexia | 10:24 PM

Oh my gosh, you are hilarious walking around with your knobs!


I <3 knobs.

Sam | 10:43 PM

These babes are gonna come home to some seriously brilliant style! I'm probably going to wish it was my room when your done... =D

nicolette {momnivores dilemma} | 10:44 PM

Seeing this just ignited my baby #3 bug in me.

Love. Do share any bit of progress...

Blue skies and birds on the ceiling?

Becka Robinson | 11:03 PM

It's looking good! I love the mismatchedness. I have a similar idea for our future nursery (not at that point yet) but with a woodsy theme, and lots of animals. :)

I love the turquoise dresser you found, and I think the mismatched knobs will look fab.

CrystalC2B | 11:14 PM

I can't WAIT to see it when it's done Bec!

Post pics of the updated ploffice too!

Martini Mom | 11:20 PM

I LOVE that dresser and knob combo! I envy anyone who can pull of eclectic so well. I love the look, but always struggle to make it happen.

Can't wait to see more as the room comes together. You've inspired me to finish my son's nursery. He's 9 months old, so I'm... um... a little behind.

S.A. | 12:51 AM

I love what you have planned, and can't wait to see the final result. I decorated our son's room in a similar manner- with things I just found pretty and interesting. Which ended up being bright colors and animal prints and lots of maps.
I guess I'll be the first to mention that plush crib bumpers are not considered safe. We currently use one of those mesh ones, to keep our kidlet from getting his legs jammed in the bars.

I nannied for twins for years, and they had separate cribs- and were 'fussy' babies until one day I put them down for a nap together-one pointing up, one pointing down- just like in utero. No more fussing. They missed their pal, who can blame them!

L | 1:18 AM

Ok, I have to say this - Americans are weird :) I don't get this whole decorating the nursery to the n-th degree before the baby's born! Maybe I am weird! :) I mean I love your style and I think it's going to be a great room, but I tend to just swing it and have the bare minimal needed and worry about the decorations later on... like a year or two later on :|

emily | 4:04 AM

I'm currently obsessed with your knobs! (hehe...that's what she said). I love that idea, and also the purple bookshelf. Purple is my fav color ever. In fact, mind if I move into that room instead? :)

M. | 4:14 AM

Looks great so far! I can only imagine how completely unique and fun the little ladies' nursery will look. And like many others, I CANNOT FRIGGIN' WAIT to hear what you're naming them!

Margaret | 5:24 AM

I love that it's so YOU. I can't wait to move into our new house and start decorating the nursery for #2... gotta wait to find out the gender first, but this really is the fun part! (Especially when it's your 2nd,3rd,4th and you're not as stressed about what you "need"!)

Sarai | 5:33 AM

love it! Also....dying to see what names are on those're such a tease :)

Anonymous | 5:34 AM

So far? I love it to death! Can't wait to see the finished project

Ruthie | 5:50 AM

I love this post, and i love your style. I am alwasy trying to update our Nursery (currently also in home reno mode) and want to be inspired by similar mis-matchy items. I do have one qeustion for you, For someone (me) who is not So in tune for knowing where to find fleamarkets etc to find these cool vintage furtniture items, How do you even go about starting to find out WHERE they are to visit/shop? What would be your step 1 advice, just google? (I'm in NYC, so i can't take your hot-spot advice for places in Cali)

Isabelle | 5:53 AM

awwww seriously good stuff, I love the colours,the fabrics... the chest and the chair ...I want to move in there,lucky babas!I have just opened my etsy shop:isabellestudio
if you like anything just chose :it is my baby shower gift to you from london!

Sharon | 7:10 AM

Okay. Why do I love everything you do? I already know this nursery is going to be amazing.

Also, I love to hear that Fable is still in her crib. I have a 23 month old who still sleeps in her crib, and a son due in 3 months. Everyone has been pressuring me to go ahead and move Natalie out of her crib.. but now I am not so sure. How long do you plan on keeping Fable cribbed up?

Anonymous | 7:29 AM

that coffee table bookcase thing is AMAZING! Why didn't we think of that? ;) Love what you've got going and can't wait to see the babes inside it. BTW - I too, always pictured myself the mother of boys. Cut to now...I have 3 daughters. Wouldn't change a thing. We have the opportunity to raise 6 combined women to not be catty, fickle bitches. GO US!

caitlin | 7:36 AM

Yay! It looks great!
My twins slept in the same crib until they started rolling over, because the doc said they could maybe suffocate each other? I don't know if that's really true, but anyway they are such wild things that they sleep much better in their own beds anyway. I do know some twin moms that keep their babies together for much longer, it'll be fun to see what your girls do! Good luck!!

Anonymous | 7:41 AM

love the bookcase! can't wait to see it painted. xoxo

Barb | 7:56 AM

How fun! I'm so glad you're enjoying this process. I think you've accomplished so much so early! Way to go! And everything looks so great!

Molly | 8:02 AM

I LOVE IT! Your ideas are inspiring me...

lml | 8:05 AM

OK, I love it, but...those heads on the wall give me the creeps. I know, I'm horrid. Who hates on a nursery?! I'm despicable and will commence self-flaggelation.

Seriously, though, I do love watching this. Three kids and never a nursery had I. Well, baby #2 had some semblance of a nursery (we painted Starry, Starry Night on a wall in the room his dresser was in), but not like full-on nursery-room decorating.

And the naaaaames. I can't wait for the naaaaames.

Erin | 8:05 AM

My Gracie will be 3 in two months and she is STILL in a crib. She loves playing in there- as well as sleeping and I'm in no hurry to get her out until she wants out. And since my one-year-old is in a crib too- we have dueling cribs. And they both have big fat plush bumpers and they love them.

PS- I can't wait to see how your babies sleep together in the same crib- twins are fascinating!!

Maggie | 8:08 AM

...And so it begins? How about AND SO IT BEGINS!!! I'm compelled to admit that this is some of the stuff I have been WAITING for since you announced your pregnancy.
Well, first it was "I can't wait to see what name they'll decide on!" and then I was all "TWO NAMES??? YES!!!", and then adorable maternity photos, emotionally fueled musings on the growth of love and love for the unexpected or unanticipated. And now lovely, meaningful, whimsical, mismatched coordination!
Thank you! Thank you for inviting us along. Thank you for sharing just as much apprehension as you do joy. And, dear God, thank you for not choosing a matching bed, bumper, accent pillow, valance, wall hanging, rug, mobile pattern from Target!!
Hooray for purple, green, turquoise, and zebra!!

Chicago Mom (Heather) | 8:18 AM

I have that same crib and LOVE it.

Chelsea | 8:21 AM

wow, those ideas sound amazing. love that blue changing table / dresser!!!

You make me feel so lazy. I have yet to change my office into the baby's room and I only have about 11 weeks to go!!! Eeeek! I need to get my butt in gear!

Kristen Mullane | 8:30 AM

I saw this print and immediately thought of the nursery!

Anonymous | 8:41 AM

Just thought I should advise you to watch the babies' fingernails and growth rate while sharing a crib. My brothers shared their crib (twinnies!), but my parents had to get a second sleeping arrangement faster than they had originally planned, because the twins would scratch each other accidentally and bop each other on the head. Cute, but yea....
I like all of the furniture and fabric you've got going on :D We're still making our apartment ours and it's great to see something and just KNOW it belongs in your home. Especially when it's cheap :D

emily | 8:48 AM

this looks great - fun, charming. I'm so impressed. But I wonder... what would you think about switching the heads' placement? The zebra is larger and darker and weights down, while the giraffe feels lighter (and, bonus, giraffes are taller than zebras anyway). The painting and bumper fabric are beautiful, and i like the dresser and knobs and ideas for orangey cushions. And such a sweet bookshelf!


Good idea on changing their positioning! I totally see your point, especially because the giraffe is the taller animal. (It's actually not in stone yet. Above the changing table is going to be a collage of frames and stuff so I don't know where the zebra and giraffe will end up. They might end up above the crib instead. Or near the book shelf on the other side of the room.

And thanks, all! All I want to do is work on this room! Pulling myself away is the hardest part... (deep breaths, self.)


A Serious Girl | 9:26 AM

Aaaaaahhaha! I can't wait to see it when it's all done! The animal heads - they kill me. I adore them. LOVE. Congratulations! This is such an exciting time....

Anonymous | 9:37 AM

The room is going to look wonderful. You should get those mesh portable cribs, they come in great colors, plus nothing hard to roll into or get legs stuck in. I would be worried about pictures on the walls over the babies like the changing tables, think possible earthquake and things falling. You never know after Japan.

Amelia | 9:41 AM

We also have old-fashioned, wooden rocking chairs (that have been in mine and husband's family for generations now) and I would like to offer some take it/leave it advice based on my experience: find yourself a back cushion, one that ties on. If you don't find one you like, get a cushy blanket to throw over the back. After a 20-minute nursing session in the rocking chair without a back cushion, my spine would hurt so badly where it rubbed against the wooden struts (or whatever they're called). Perhaps it was just me and where my knobby back hit, but if you can find or make cushions for butt and back, it will make the chair that much more comfortable.

Also, great start!

KateFitz | 9:58 AM

love it all! If you need an idea for a nightlight I'm totally in love with this idea I got from AB Chao website of filling a mason jar with twinkly lights.

you could do use amber glass to make it cozy at night or blue lights to make it hip and cooling. Ikea also has on off switches so I don't have to pull the light strand out of the socket to turn it off and on. I love the summer time firefly vibe it gives me during those late night feedings.

Anonymous | 10:29 AM

I want to see pix of your new office, too! What happened to the stuff that was in the old playroom? I'm sort of obsessed with home office re-do's, as both of my children's rooms are finished but I'm dying to carve out some office space for myself and do something fun with it.

Jenn | 11:29 AM

Love love love. I'm thoroughly enjoying walking through this journey with you and your family!

Valentina@baby quilts | 11:40 AM

Love the colors, love the idea and most of all love the fact that it doesn't cost a fortune. Keep us updated on the project

Unknown | 11:57 AM

Looking awesome so far! Love all the colors and the safari theme. Especially that purple bookcase! It's great to see this because we plan on clearing out the guest room this weekend and getting started on baby girl's nursery. So excited and feeling inspired!

Glenda | 12:10 PM

Love it... can't wait to see the "after". Can't wait to hear their names too! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

rachel | 12:11 PM

lovely! very cool fabrics. I went a little mad with the liberty of london stuff from Target last year so my girls are in a floral haven, I think mixing it up a bit works really well. By the way, we had one crib until about six months - then they started to bother one another. Now they keep each up with bouncy/giggle fests; but they sleep through one anothers fits.

Unknown | 12:25 PM

I am an avid reader but rarely comment. I just have to say that this sounds like the most utterly perfect nursery EVER.

Jack's Mama | 1:08 PM

Wow! First off congrats on the cleaning out and organizing!
Everything looks amazing. Just one warning, after owning a shag carpet in my bedroom, it is not easy to clean/vacuum. Stuff/dirt/pieces of stuff love to nest in shag carpet. I had mine for a year then was moving and decided to throw it out, mainly because I didnt have room for it in my car but i've always hesitated to own one again, maybe there is a reason why shag carpeting went out of style. But anyways it looks so cool! I just saw that carpet in IKEA the other week, then i proceeded to get lost.

I love the knob idea, sometimes i get "too organized/anal" when decorating it feels so good to relax and not worry about matching.

And I LOVE the term "match clash" when it comes to the fabric. Both fabrics are awesome and totally match in my opinion, but I probably think wayy to much stuff matches when it probably "match clashes"!
I can't wait to see the final product AND I love watching the progress!

Tara | 1:14 PM

Ah! That bookshelf drives me crazy with its awesomeness! I love the design you have going so far. I think this will be a great space for two little girls to grow in. Can't wait to see the progress!


Funny you said that, Jack's mama - I'm actually thinking I might change my mind about the bumper fabric now that I'm looking at this post. I'm thinking its TOO matchy, even if it is clashy. I think I'll go with the orange bird/floral swatch I have, which was originally what I was thinking for the chair pillows.

Good call.

Linda | 1:48 PM

Super cool! And I LOVE the idea of different knobs on that dresser. You get to go knob hobbing!
(We have an english pub table in our kitchen, and all the chairs are different)

Can't wait to see more!

Ray | 1:48 PM

Wow, that's a lot of progress so far! I love your eclectic style. It's so refreshing to see something different. I especially love the distressed dresser, and that adorable bookcase. That purple is a wonderful color.

You should do an entry on some of your favorite childhood books. Like the ones you'll be adding to the twins collection. ;o)

And I can't wait to find out their names!! =D

oh, jenny mae | 1:51 PM

i just bought a bunch of mismatched clear glass knobs at anthro this week for our hutch. BUT they don't work with the dark wood. i'm thinking i'll do some mismatched colored knobs.

LOVE THE DRESSER. and the echino fabric. and the other one.

you rule

Anonymous | 2:16 PM

Rebecca. Holy shitballs. I love EVERYTHING you've got so far! You're amazing at decor!!!

Anonymous | 2:38 PM

LOVE it all!!!

Be sure to anchor that tall looks-too-tempting-not-to-climb bookcase.

Dana | 3:07 PM

Man alive. That dresser is amazing (and those knobs!)! I wish I lived where you did and had access to a killer flea market.
My twins didn't take to sharing a crib. My son was just too much of a screaming freak for his sister to nuzzle him. We split them to two cribs (same room) at about five weeks. I hope you're blessed with the kind of twins who love sharing space. I have a friend whose 6-year-old twins still like to sleep together. It makes my heart go pitter patter.

Anonymous | 3:46 PM

I would NEVER have put those things together, but they look absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see how things progress!

Cam - Bibs and Baubles | 4:36 PM

i am loving the room. it's going to be beautiful! would you like to re-do my little man's nursery... you know, in your free time!

sarah | 4:49 PM

I LOVE what you've chosen for your new nursery! I've been reading your blog for a long time, but I have to say I visit more now that you are expecting x2. We had surprise twin (girls) 2 years ago, and I relate to so much of what you have shared. It's been a crazy life change to say the least. Best of luck to you & your brood... and make sure you have room in there for 2 cribs... ;)

Anonymous | 7:39 PM

Cost plus has some Anthropologie style knobs right now for less than Anthro prices:

Alex | 9:17 PM

love love where you're going with this. clash math is one of my favorite things.

anitha | 9:28 PM

Wow! beautiful decoration ..but bookcases and $6-$10 a piece knobs ..all for a baby yet to be born? really?

MAV | 5:46 AM

My wife and I have been collecting safari themed items for our unborn (and unconceived for that matter) children's nursery for the past 2 years on our travels. I love, love, love that zebra head.

Katie | 7:37 AM

Looks great so far! And Anthro just put a bunch of knobs on sale for $3 each! Go go go!

Shannon Dulaney | 8:34 AM

i'm usually just a lurker, but i wanted to tell you about the awesome sale going on over at anthropologie! i just got their email in my inbox, and i think the rainbow giraffe stack pots would look awesome in the girls' nursery.

also, a belated but heartfelt congratulations! :-) i'm with everyone else in saying i can't wait to find out the names you & hal picked out.

Adriana | 9:13 AM

are you on pinterest? you should be. its so great for compiling images to help you design and what not.

The Mommy Therapy | 10:21 AM

Amazing! I love all the colors and the gorgeous fabrics! Those babies are going to be happy and loved and so very joyful! I can't wait to continue to see the progress.

So fun. So, so fun!

Jena Nicole | 10:35 AM

Another great knob - on sale at Anthro...

Jenna | 11:22 AM

Great stuff, very exciting! For what it's worth, my twins were only able to sleep in the same crib for 3 months, so I wouldn't necessarily count on 6+ months before you have to bring in the second crib. We had a total--holycrap they're rolling over and we have to go to Ikea like NOW and get a second crib---meltdown. It would be great to avoid that, if possible! Also, as much as I loved loved seeing my two snuggles together, it was also easier when we had them in separate cribs to remember which one I had just changed, fed, etc. Sounds dumb, twin sleep deprivation is powerful force. :) To this day (15 mo) my son always sit on the left and my daughter always sits on the right...

We used a double dresser and added the diaper pad on top, just as you've planned. This continues to work BRILLIANTLY. We added two baskets on the countertop: one with diapers only (when you go through 20 a day at the beginning this is v useful) and one that housed wipes, creams, etc. When they were newborns, we just used an open trashcan because we took the trash out so often. Because I'm super anal and also because I wanted anyone (everyone!) to be able to help, I also labeled the drawers on the inside (PJs, onesies, etc.) This really came in handy--I could always find what I needed.

Anonymous | 11:53 AM

I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF THIS ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erin | 1:39 PM

I want this room. Looking good!

Amanda C. | 6:17 PM

Can you please come decorate my house?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the choices you have made for the nursery (not to mention your entire house!)

And yeah, you are one good lookin' mama! You are in my thoughts and prayers for the rest of your pregnancy! :)

Anonymous | 4:19 PM

Great finds!! The nursery is going to look great.

Anonymous | 6:14 PM

I can't wait to hear all about this room! And the names! You pick the best names of anyone. I'm also glad no one is jumping on you about using bumpers (or maybe you're not letting those comments through, hee hee).

In case you haven't chosen a mattress yet, I wrote ALL ABOUT natural, non-off-gassing, non-toxic (and some organic) mattresses last month because we're expecting a little one, too. Just a reminder to everyone out there-- if you can't afford a mattress without fire retardant chemicals (look into the "sids toxic gas theory"), then just order a $30 polythene wrap for the mattress you do have.

Here is the link to my massive mattress post:

janine | 6:37 AM

absolutely love the fabrics you picked, so whimsical and fun. you've probably (maybe?) seen this before and you're clearly not lacking in inspiration but thought of your blog when i saw it and had to share:

happy nursery-ing!

Stef | 8:37 PM

I was at a little shop downtown today, a sort of brick-and-mortar Etsy for local artisans to sell their work, and I saw these prints by a 13-year old artist. Of course I thought of your nursery!

They have a tinge of darkness to them, thematically, but I think I will always associate such colorful safari animals with this fabulous nursery theme.

Tracey | 1:52 PM

I know this post was forever ago, but I went back to it trying to find a link to where you got the vinyl records with the babies names. Is there a particular place you got those? Thanks!!

I'm JUST starting on our nursery and your posts are giving me much inspiration!! Although ours is for a little boy, many of your ideas are so easy to be either boy or girl. =)