Gone Style: Archer's Handmade Button Up

For his birthday my mom made Archer this gorgeous helicopter shirt - fabric of his choosing. Months ago he asked why Fable was always getting handmade dresses from "Gooey" so my mom taught herself to sew for boys. This was the first time she sewed a boy's shirt (in a million years) and did an incredible job. Not only is the shirt pro quality but it's made with love and just as show-stopping(ly) gorgeous handsome as Fable's floral frocks...
fabric = purchased at Maisonette in Oceanside, CA
(Select " shop by style", "Japanese" and scroll.
Fabric is called "Etsuko Furuya Helicopter-Black")
oliver + s pattern: also purchased at Maisonette, found here.
...Crocs, shades, shorts (and daddy) sold separately.



Sherry | 4:11 PM

I seriously LOVE that shirt! Your mom needs her own little Etsy store for those! They'd fly off the shelves. Pun intended!

jessica | 4:12 PM

For Hal I've got five on it

Max | 4:23 PM

Ok, does your mom have an etsy store? She should. Though just keeping up with the demand of your followers alone would be more than a full-time job.

Unknown | 5:14 PM

That shirt is all kinds of awesome. Your mom really is talented! I definitely agree about her having an Etsy shop.

Meghann | 7:55 PM

I think it is absolutely adorable that he was even jealous of receiving hand-made clothes. That is just too sweet.
And the shirt is totally amazing. Tell your mother she rocks.

Sheelah | 8:00 PM

Adorably similar: my little brother cried to our granny that my sister and I always got "outfits". Why didn't he ever get any outfits, he wondered. That day, she went out and bought him all the matching sweater vests and cords she could find :)

oh, jenny mae | 8:09 PM

etsuko furuya 's designs are highly sought after in the sewing community. i love them, but have to wait for sales before i can buy it.

that shirt is darling & your mom picked a good pattern, too. oliver & s makes really great patterns that are super easy to follow, but make it look like they were purchased rather than handsewn.

kudos to gooey!!

-mommymae (switching it up soon)

emily bilbrey | 10:01 PM

that shirt is SO BADASS! seriously, i kinda want your mom to adopt me. just FYI.

Karen | 4:05 AM

Adorable! I've made several pairs of Oliver+S Sandbox Pants for my little guy and he and I both adore them. You can get all kinds of creative with the fabric combinations, which I expect your mom would (and Archer) would enjoy. So-- I recommend that pattern if she's looking!

Samantha | 6:04 AM

Love it! Looks so retro.

Unknown | 6:05 AM

ummm, yeah. Your mom TOTALLY needs to start selling her clothes. I would buy that in a minute and have no problem spending some dough on it. Seriously...let me know cause I would love one of those for my four year old. It's so FREAKING hard to find funky boy clothes.

Anonymous | 7:13 AM

I am inspired by you and your work. I bought your book and can not wait to read it! You have inspired me to let my voice be heard as a stay at home dad who also is gay. =-) I hope to learn from you about some yummy cooking, planting, decorating and to become a closer friend of yours. It definitely is a privilege to have met you and know you. Love, Joël

Red Stethoscope | 11:08 AM

WWW is going to be super busy with 4 grandchildren to sew for now! The shirt is amazing and I love that Archer asked for something handmade too!

Roksalanna | 5:42 PM

The helicopter material is fantastic and Archer looks so cool with his sunglasses on!

Claire Gibson King | 5:40 PM

He is one cool kid!

Jen | 6:15 AM

Having just the one boy, I have watched with (slight) jealousy the fabulous frocks you and your mom have made for Fable. I love that she is getting into sewing for Archer. Finding sewing patterns/cool ideas for boys is much harder. Just for you/your mom's info, two blogs I follow (made and made by rae) have run 'celebrate the boy' months for the last 2 years (feb) and there are some great ideas, tutorials and free patterns there. They are both currently running a 'boy week' for summer clothing and such. She might find it interesting. Also wanted to say, love your blog, have read your book many times (you speak some huge universal truths about motherhood in there) and love your style. Can't wait for more nursery posts. I wish I was as brave as you and your mom with color and pattern. Very inspiring.

Ray | 12:39 PM

"Gooey?" That's the cutest. ;o) LOVE how your mom made a shirt for Archer. Your kid rocks! =D