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Black Dress, D Train
My favorite artists are those who story-hunt, their periscopes quietly rotating from the cracks of distant (and not so distant) sidewalks. Over the next few months I'll be featuring some of my favorite new (and old) blogs/artists/story hunters. This week? Sophie Blackall, artist, illustrator, blogger, mother, stranger I wish I knew.
Face Painter
Who: Sophie Blackall, Artist & Illustrator
Scrabble Tattoo on Roof
Color Changing Dress at BBQ
Why: I've been following Sophie's blog for over a year now, purchased her prints for loved-ones and am continually blown away by the magic of her work. Sophie's illustrations are whimsical, heartbreaking, hopeful. Alive and kicking, leaning, limping.
Support: Shop Sophie's Etsy shop, here. Her books (illustrations) are available here, including this one by Aldous Huxley.
My Dreamy Neighbor
Thank you, Sophie.



Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 9:38 PM



melbourne dreaming | 10:02 PM


I LOVE missed connections - so romantic, so hopeless, so occassionally effective - and I love these illstrations.

Thanks for sharing!



Love! Especially that last one, which makes me want (or want to be) a dreamy neighbor.

~ Noelle

NodToStyle | 11:02 PM

i (not so) secretly dreamed that i would find myself described in one of these missed connections. oh, new york.

Anonymous | 1:04 AM

Interesting article in The Economist (UK) about mothers of twins being healthier than average:
Thought you might enjoy it!

Denise | 1:18 AM

i love these so much. they're so evocative. thank you for posting them.x

Emily Elizabeth | 3:46 AM

I love these – it's always exciting to see a new one. my husband got the bear suit one for me and i love it, it's just so sweet and funny: http://missedconnectionsny.blogspot.com/2009/10/we-shared-bear-suit.html
Thank you for sharing her art with others!

Amelia | 7:07 AM

YES! Like most who love words, I have always been fixated on the inherent charm of Found poems/gems but am also acutely aware of how quickly it can become tired (trite?) as a medium. This blows that out of the water! LOVES.

Are you familiar with Mincing Mockingbird? His paintings of birds are lovely, but they become especially awesome when you read the irreverent titles of each one. You can scoop his book here. A Go-to for laughs and beauty in our house...two things that aren't often paired together enough, I'm afraid.
Love this new series, muchos smoochos.

The Wh0le Story | 7:30 AM

Wow, I love these...and want them all!

beyond | 7:51 AM

AH YES. i've had an internet crush on her for years, too.

Annika | 8:27 AM

Wow. Wow!

Anonymous | 9:10 AM

Isn't she wonderful? I actually wrote about her a little over a year ago here - http://silverfinofhope.wordpress.com/2010/11/07/missed-connections/.

She's also a brilliant children's book illustrator, and her light and restrained beauty graces the cover of Newbery winner When You Reach Me.

Elizabeth | 8:45 PM

These are BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for showing us this amazing artist!

Isabelle | 3:42 AM

Amazing art so poetic,the woman with tatoos on a tall building with children around her,it's just you! thanks for sharing Rebecca!

KT | 3:18 PM

If you like the illustration of "I Saw You" stories, comic artist Julia Wertz created an anthology of comics from different artists in this book: http://missedconnectioncomics.blogspot.com/

(I'm not featured in it, nor am I paid to promote this, I just loved the book, as I love these paintings you're showcasing!)

Rachael Rossman | 10:04 AM

I'm looking forward to this series of posts! I love artsy folks.

Ray | 11:05 PM

How awesome is that?! Are the "Missed Connection" stories real, or just fictional? It reminded me of this adorable website (well it's only one page, but yeah. Scroll down to see the whole thing): http://www.nygirlofmydreams.com/ . ;o)