Via Nowness: Time Doesn't Stand Still

The following was taken from, which has become a daily must for me. For those of you unfamiliar, Nowness posts daily videos, interviews and photo essays featuring the latest in film, fashion, literature, photography, and art in all forms. A daily sampling of thought-provoking things, if you will. Occasionally the site takes itself a little too seriously but for the most part it's a wonderful place to pick up imaginary hitchhikers.

The following short stars Benjamin Millepied (yes, Natalie Portman's) and Lea Seydoux, directed by Asa Mader and is so stunning to look at, I couldn't help but reach for my pack of invisible cigarettes and stare longingly into the eyes of one of the construction workers next door, dangling by his jackhammer outside my window. Hope you enjoy:

Time Doesn’t Stand Still from Asa Mader on

More on the film, here.