Nine Days of Photos c/o Hal's Inbox (Sponsored)

The following post is part of a two-part series sponsored by Yahoo! Mail, email carrier pigeon to the stars. Or, you know, regular folk like us.


Being that Hal works in production, his hours vary from awesome (11am call-time, woohoo!) to awesome on opposite day (be home at midnight, boohoo-sad-face-emoticon) so pretty much all throughout the day I send Hal pictures. With notes. So he doesn't feel left out. So he knows we're thinking of him. Because we are.

Here are some emails + photos I snapped in the past couple of weeks, mainly of Fable (Archer typically hates having his picture taken). Nine days in the life via Hal's inbox.

To: Hal
From: Bec
Subject: Fable dressed herself this morning

She put this entire ensemble together, including my sunglasses (which she then promptly broke, sigh). I'm especially impressed with the tank over dress. Layering for summer can be tricky. Not for this girl!


To: Hal
From: Bec
Subject: Our son looks like he's sixteen...

Can you believe he's graduating Kindergarten next week? Dude. I can't even deal.


To: Hal
From: Bec
Subject: Lulus

Fable and I just got home from lunch at Lulus. I think it was the first time we went to lunch just the two of us. I felt like I was there with my pal. Like, who is this person sitting next to me with four straws in her ice water? She ordered a quesadilla + a side of fruit all by herself. Because she's Miss Independent Woman '11, apparently...

And then she passed out on the way home. She's still sleeping.


To: Hal
From: Bec
Subject: Archer's field trip

Took these of Archer in the cop car on today's field trip. Later on, the police officer congratulated me on my pregnancy. Apparently, Archer spent his allotted two minutes in the car telling her all about his family. I love him.

To: Hal:
From: Bec
Subject: Tiny Dancer

I have a video to show you when you get home that will melt you... but these should do the trick for now. We love you.

To: Hal
From: Bec
Subject: Look what my mom brought for Fable!!!

It's that dress I loved from Maissonette! Isn't it to die? We just got home from lunch. Doctor appointment went well. Babies look gorge, twenty waving fingers... Having a lovely birthday so far. Can't wait for tonight! xo!

To: Hal
From: Bec
Subject: Uh oh.

She asked if I could "tattoo" stars on her wrist. Uh oh spaghetti o's...

To: Hal
From: Bec
Subject: Twirlin' it up o'er here!

The kids wanted to go out for ice cream. Okay, so it was my idea. Because I was craving mocha yogurt + pralines. Fable ordered "pink". Archer had sprinkles with a side of chocolate and we all lived happily ever after, the end.

To: Hal
From: Bec
Subject: Reading books with Fable

Resting in bed with my feet up (swollen ankles, ugh) and snapped some photos of Fable and her happiness. You, me and the Bachelorette later. You game? What am I saying. You're totally game...


(He was game.)



avb | 12:05 PM

The Eloise book! Yay!!!! xoxo

Sarah | 12:07 PM

WWW is such a babe! I am 28 years old and I WISH I could rock skinny jeans like she does.

Anonymous | 12:13 PM

Cute. Cute. Cute.
Looks like you find something special in the everyday :)

Anonymous | 12:21 PM

i want to be your familys nanny, so i can get an inside look at all this freakin' cuteness. holy moly.

The Brullooly Family | 12:34 PM

I love, love the black, white and grey dress! Did your Mom make it? What fabric did she use??? Fable looks fab in it!

Shannon | 12:45 PM

Omg! This might be my favorite post of yours so far. It's too sweet. I love all the photos and short descriptions into your life. I stay home with my fifteen-month old son and it's posts like these that make me remember to treasure the small things in life, like getting ice cream and silly outfits. :)


Brullooly Fam - Dress is homemade by the girls that work at our favorite fabric store, Maisonette!

It's available for sale, here:


Anonymous | 12:58 PM

i love your posts. that make me happy and remind me to love my family and not worry about the small things. xo

Kimommy | 1:07 PM

Love Eloise! Have you taken Fable to tea at The Plaza? I don't know if I my mom actually took me there for tea or if I only imagined it. Oh, books are wonderful!


When I die, I want to come back as a kid in your family. (That's not too creepy, is it?) You guys are awesome with extra awwww.

~ Noelle

Tara | 1:55 PM

Adorable! I so love Fable's little outfits! She always looks so darn put together and cute.

L.L. | 2:23 PM

This post came right on time for me. I am expecting #2 - dont know the gender yet and I have anxiety about having a little girl. Seeing pics of Fable looking so sweet and so fun let me exhale deeply and relax :)

Sarah @ | 2:34 PM

I do the same thing when Donald's at work. I love when he comes home and knows what happened during the day. It's so sweet!

Glendda | 2:43 PM

OMG! How freaking cute is Fable and Archer?! Adorably cute!

Love that she wants to be like her mama "star tats and all" lmao :)

Love her clothes! to die for! Girls clothes are so much fun :)

When I was preggo's for my first I craved "pralines and cream" LOVED!

Kathi | 2:45 PM

I love that you have (what looks like) a phonograph in your house!


You guys rock, thank you!

Noelle! Ahhhhh, YOU!!!!

And Kathi - hell yes, we have a phonograph! A working one at that! It's one of my favorite things!

Unknown | 5:38 PM

I've said it before and I have to say it again -- Fable is the best dress little girl around! She is the muse for the baby girl in my belly. I am dying over the navy button tunic and the leopard leggings!

Love the emails to Hal, too. So fun. Thanks for sharing.

Jack's Mama | 6:54 PM

Such a cute post :)!

Nicole | 7:34 PM

She is the best dressed kid ever! I hope one day people will think Haleigh is that well dressed!

Alex | 8:32 PM

This gave me an idea for when my husband is gone a lot working.

Julie | 10:56 PM

While getting lost in Etsy-land, I came across this shop and thought of the babies' room. If you're searching for prints, check it out!! They have gorgeous knobs too.



Anonymous | 12:37 AM

Rebecca, Fable's shoes look so comfy --- what brand are they? (The little silver flats). Always looking for simple shoes for my toddler twins. Their feet grow so fast!

Also, that dress is gor-ge-ous! Last year I purchased a bunch of overpriced, beautiful matchy-non-matchy fabric (from F&S, first mistake, should have dragged my butt downtown) -- and got a few of the patterns that WWW used to make Fable's dresses. I finally got around to hiring a seamstress to make them (I have a machine, but no time with twins, and not much skill). Seriously, these dresses are the MOST expensive things ever... all told. I'd be much better off buying something premade, but it was so fun picking out the fabric. You are so lucky your mama loves to sew. Yay for her crafty and cooking skills ---- we all benefit.

Kerry | 6:10 AM

Do they make that dress in my size??

Rosstwinmom | 9:24 AM

I do this to my husband all day too. Sometimes I feel bad he's missing it all, but I just want him to know we miss him too. The emails help us share it.

lizzie | 12:08 PM

And for the first time I feel like I neeeeeeed an iPhone, specifically for this purpose.

Sherri@somuchtolove | 2:56 PM

Fable has the best wardrobe ever! Love your style and love hers.
Most Friday's I have a 'weekend wardrobe inspiration' post on my blog. I'd love to use Fable as inspiration sometime, if you'd be ok with that?

Anonymous | 11:15 AM

Ha! That's awesome! I especially love Fable's new dress and tats, and Archer's teenage morphing skills.

Anna | 4:33 AM

Thanks so much for sharing your life. Your words and pictures never fail to make me smile (grin, chuckle) - oh oh spaghettios - classic.

lonek8 | 3:44 PM

love the star tattoos. I have a tattoo on my wrist and my 5yo always wants me to draw it on her wrist too. you did a better job than I do!

norah | 3:30 PM

Must have navy tunic with gold buttons! Where, pray tell, did you get it? Yes, I live vicariously through my 16 month old wardrobe, what of it?


Norah - tunic is from a resale shop here in LA! Three bucks! Go resale!

Ray | 1:21 PM

How freakin' cute is this?! I love how you send emails to include Hal in your day. Love it. Love your family. ;o)