Four Now, A Photo Book (sponsored)

This post on photography tips brought to you by your fellow photo lovers at Shutterfly. They encourage you to capture your memories and share your amazing pictures the way you want with their new Custom Path photo books.
Not since I was traveling abroad have I put together a photo book and until now, never have I put one together of/for our family. My mother-in-law has generously created several albums over the years, all of them treasured, but until now I've never taken the time to pick and choose my favorite photos, moments, organize them in book-form and just... kind of... remember.

So, being that I've been working with Shutterfly these past few weeks, I decided to take the opportunity to go ahead and do so. My plan? Create a book for the twins, as a sort of "welcome to our family" album. I thought it would be cool to display it in the nursery and when the girls are old enough, sit down and share with them some of the early stories of how our family began, adventured and finally, prepared to welcome them.
Not surprisingly, I burst into tears on several occasions pulling photos from flickr to desktop to path. One, because I'm the personification of hormones right now. But also because I never get the chance to explore the past in photographs. Instead, I take them, upload them to my flickr stream, blog, then move on. Ideally, I try to live in the moment, but there's something to be said for nostalgia, especially when one is expecting such imminent life change.

...Sometimes its necessary for us to look back before we look forward. It is to me, anyway, reflecting on the way we were, moving on to an even greater adventure as a family of six. We can't wait to meet our daughters, little sisters, lifelong loves. In the meantime, we are four. For now.


Once again, Shutterfly is providing the first six commenters with codes to build your own free 8x8 custom path photo book. Good luck and don't forget to include your contact information!



Meredith | 1:15 PM

Comment! meredith.raybould at gmail dot com

Melissa | 1:17 PM

I never win blog contests - here's hoping! Email is mlharris(at)gmail(dot)com just in case.

Jes Morales | 1:17 PM

very cute!! I wish I could embed my shutterfly books into my wordpress blog.

Jes Morales | 1:18 PM

very cute! I wish I could share my shutterfly albums on my wordpress blog. That is an awesome feature!

c | 1:18 PM

would love to win!

Diana G. | 1:18 PM

I'm not even pregnant and I cry at pics of when my little girl was a baby! Your pics are heartwarming.

Lis | 1:18 PM

Captain Underpants | 1:18 PM

I truly love the idea of making a "welcome to the family" photobook. Beautiful.

marianne.gregoire at

(thank you!)

Ashley | 1:19 PM

Cool! I love photo books.

Lis | 1:19 PM


missamandabear | 1:19 PM

Pick me. missamandabear at gmail dot com

haleysiler | 1:19 PM

Darling! They'll love it

Ashley | 1:19 PM

Cool! I love photo books.

Anonymous | 1:19 PM

i love it! renee.mechanic at gmail dot com


Molly | 1:20 PM

You've totally inspired me to make a photobook! AAaaand I missed out on the free ones. :(


Whoa! You guys are FAST! Thank you, speedy speedsters! Will contact first six commenters with our free codes shortly!

Viju | 1:22 PM

Wow! Thank you and the photo book is awesome!

Dani | 1:25 PM

Taking time to look back baby pics always makes me bawl! But in a good way! danis_angels(at)hotmail(dot)com

Truthful Mommy | 1:29 PM

I love this book,w hat a treasured piece to welcome the twins to your family.Damn, I missed the 8 cut off. I would love to make one of these of my girls:)

Anonymous | 1:37 PM

I don't scrap book or really do anything terrible creative, so these photo books are perfect for me. Simple, easy and gorgeous when they are done!

Unknown | 2:23 PM

Oh my gosh I'd love to win this! My brother just got married, and our gift is a photo album of their wedding!!!! My info should be attached to my name.

Unknown | 2:46 PM

I was just heading over there to do a book for the excited they have all the customization now...saves me so much work. AWESOME!

Your Mother | 4:54 PM

Ooooh oooooh I wanna win!! I get Shutterfly Christmas cards EVERY YEAR!!! :)

Carly | 7:13 PM

I just finished a year au pair'ing in France. I would love to have a photo book with my memories with the kids!

hanchincs at gmail dot come

Sarah Bregel | 7:44 PM

i have a cute baby and a SHITLOAD of pics. pick me! pick me!

Christine | 8:30 PM

What a neat idea. It looks beautiful.

emily bilbrey | 9:54 PM

love this! i actually received that exact photo book as a wedding gift and LOVE the sweet compilation. shutterfly is awesome & flickr is my greatest photo luv. (;

i adore the idea of a "welcome to the family" book for the twinstars! enjoy it, mama!


Leslie | 10:25 PM

Bummer. Wish I had been on earlier. I looooooove making photo books. :)

Sara Dougherty | 6:04 AM

What beautiful memories.

rhiannam | 6:16 AM

I love photobooks!

Amelia | 6:27 AM

I am about to make a book for our family beach trip...we go every year and intend to keep doing so, and it just hit me that we need to be making books to look back over every year. Love that picture of your sweet girl in the field, I love the perspective that photographing children gives us. Happy Friday!

Melissa | 6:41 AM

Beautiful as always. I have always wanted to do a book like this using someone like Shutterfly, but have never followed through. Thanks for the chance.

Katie | 7:22 AM

I would love this!
khobbins at gmail dot com

agirlnamedmel | 7:39 AM

I have never made a photo books. After seeing yours, it's all I want to do. I had no idea how personlized they could be. Love it!

Hespyhesp | 7:42 AM

I looove Shutterfly. I used them to make photo books last year. I did one called 500 Days of Haeden. They ended up asking to use some of our pictures for advertising. It's so much fun to pull up the site and see my little guy's face!

Helenation | 8:07 AM

I love the idea of creating a photo book for the twins. I'm no expecting but when/if I have another baby I would love to make a book like that! Thanks :D

Elly | 8:08 AM

Aw, that's an especially sweet idea for a photo book!

wonderchris | 12:02 PM

Love those pics - that pic of archer and fable cuddling/asleep is too much. So very connected.

Sarah | 12:33 PM

Soooooo beautiful your post, it gave me chills Rebecca. I have no words .. just send love, for your beautiful life and your family!

hmm.. I guess I'm #38 .. sorry read this late .. but, your photobook has given me the idea to do my own as well - my son is 10 yrs old, technically half as many years he might typically be at home .. too fast :( .. I'm going to have a peek at all the wonderful photo's I too have taken over the years .. thanks for the idea!

Anonymous | 12:33 PM

it looks awesome :)
Sarars128(at)gmail dot com

Sarah | 2:15 PM

Just saw the ultrasound of our 10 week old baby to be and would love to create a book for him/her!

Love reading your blog!

Sarah G | 6:34 AM

Beautiful layouts! I was wondering if you had any tricks to getting photos from flickr to shutterfly. When I last created a custom book I had to do it manually - major pain!

Me | 7:58 AM

Beautiful!! You make me wonder if Im not done after all.

ct | 12:16 PM

Very fun!

In Due Time | 10:02 PM

Such a cute book. I've been wanting to create one for my niece whom I had custody of but haven't seen in several months since she's been back with her mother..her birthday is this week. Its been rough.