Twenty-Nine Weeks

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So here we are again. Monday update central, and I can't help but think that holy shit, there aren't that many weeks left. I'll be thirty-weeks pregnant this weekend and then, six weeks more? Eight weeks? I don't know. "I don't know" feels like the theme of my life right now. Which is kind of the theme of my life always but now, more than usual.

As of last week's appointment, babies are measuring over 3 lbs each, which means they're still growing rapidly ahead of schedule. I'm well into my third-trimester now and amazingly, feeling much better than I did weeks ago. Maybe I'm just so used to feeling huge and uncomfortable that I stopped noticing last week. The pressure seems to have disappeared and I'm only half the bitch I was three days ago. Or maybe I'm just in no hurry to give birth (at all) so I've psyched myself into enjoying these last few weeks.

Whatever it is and no matter how ready I am in terms of gear and nursery, I'm scared out of my mind for the babies to actually ARRIVE. And even though I know they're here, spiritually and yes, even physically, they're a lot easier to take care of when they're in my body. Which is very much a wonderland at the moment, Mr. Mayer.
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This dress (I tried to find it to link but Anthropologie no longer carries it. Bummer!) is one of the few maxi dresses that still wears well this huge. I wore it here at fourteen-weeks pregnant and although the fit was... different, I'm pretty impressed with its ability to still fit me well as a non-maternity garment. Jersey, you are the fab...ric.
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fifteen weeks ago...

The great thing about being pregnant in the summer (and there is ONLY one great thing) is wardrobe. I don't know how anyone wears pants this late in a pregnancy. The panels are so irritating to me and tightness of denim-on-thighs when sitting down is torturous. I invested in designer maternity jeans my last two pregnancies and am realizing now how dumb that was because discomfort central. If I have one materni-wardrobe tip to offer it's this: splurge on a couple cozy dresses, leave the jeans. (Motherhood Maternity makes a great cheap maternity legging that are actually really comfortable, even still. I have them in black and gray.)

On Friday, before meeting my girlfriend for what seems to have become our weekly lunch, I hit up the MAC (cosmetics) store with a satchel full of empty eyeshadow canisters to recycle in exchange for a new lipstick.

I'm not a huge lipstick person so when the time comes to recycle makeup canisters I'm always at a loss as to which lipstick to pick. Last time I went with RED. Because, if you're going to buy a free lipstick, you might as well do something dramatic. Especially when embarking on a once-every-blue-moon-Vegas-girl-trip. Which is exactly what I thought on Friday whilst scanning the vast mountain of lipstick shades, prowling for something DRAMATIC! Something that says, FUCK SUBTLETY! COLOR ME BAD! Not that I'm going anywhere anytime soon, but that was precisely the reason I needed the hottest pink lipstick MAC carried.

Just as I was getting ready to smear "I'm-Passioned" across my lower lip, one of the MAC girls came scurrying over to me.

"It's okay! I sterilized the lipstick!"

Except that wasn't why she was running at me horrified.

"Your shirt!" she scream-whispered. "Look at your shirt!"

I looked at my shirt. Apparently on my quest to find the most obnoxiously slutty lipstick in the store, I leaned into a dozen or so shades of red. I hadn't noticed, of course, but there they were - a rainbow of red across my massive abdomen.

"Oh, honey! I'll fix it! You poor, poor thing!"

Except I didn't really care because this is what happens when you're pregnant - you bump into shit and spill things and look a mess 99% of the time.

But MAC girl was concerned. She would not let me leave the store until she "fixed me right up".

"Uh, okay?"

She scurried off and returned with a huge container of wipes and (I kid you not) started WIPING ME DOWN. Scrubbing the shit out of my shirt, stomach, etc.

"Does this tickle? Is this ticklish?"

Meanwhile, Mario Lopez' EXTRA segment must have just finished shooting because suddenly every Grove-attending tourist flooded into the MAC store, right in the middle of my hot-pink-lipstick-a-thon, MAC-girl-rubbing-me-down-with-wipes-in-the-doorway moment.

It was then that I noticed my sweat circles. I had put on a long sleeved (gray = bad call) shirt earlier that morning because it was one of the only shirts that fit me and also because it wasn't terribly hot. Yet.

Now, I'm a sweater, I will not lie. I sweat like a man. I get it from my dad. Thanks, Larry. But THIS? Was otherworldly. The sweat-marks started at my inner-elbows and stretched three inches below my bra strap.

So there I was with arms up, sweat-circles-a-full-on tourist attraction with sexy MAC chick on her knees scrubbing me down with baby wipes and me in hot pink lipstick on a Thursday afternoon. Hi, how's it going.

"You can stop now," I finally said. "It's just a little lipstick."

But she couldn't stop. She was on a mission!

Finally, after much insistence, she pulled away, revealing a soaking wet-from-wipes-shirt-still-stained-with-lipstick.

"Much better!" she said.

You guys, it was so much worse...

I thanked her for all her help and fled the MAC store immediately, but not before cashing in on my free lipstick.

My next item of business: tending to my pits in the Nordstrom bathroom, which of course, had a line fourteen people long, making my sweat circles that much worse. And by the time I got into the bathroom I had to pee so bad I forgot why I was there in the first place - to shove toilet paper in my pits to absorb some of the madness.

By the time I finally saw my friend, I was wearing hot pink lipstick, a gray shirt still wet from wipes, covered with seven shades of smeared-red and armpit stains down to my waist.

And of course, because she's my friend, her first words were, "Honey. You look amazing."

Bethany Winters, marry me.


As far as must-have gadgetry, I've just added a new item to the list. It's called the "multiples carrier" and apparently it doubles as a floatation device. As well as being all kinds of sassy it's also the portrait of comfort. I'm only jealous I'm not carrying triplets because the tri-model is MAJOR. Very torture device chic.
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This week was pretty solid. Besides waking up one night choking on my own bile and coming very close to dying, I felt amazing. Besides the hot flashes, sweating through every item of clothes I put on, even with the AC cranked and the ceiling fans on full blast, I've been ROCKING this twenty-ninth week like it's my job.

We got a new baby pool (which is the size of my entire house) and spent most of the weekend inside of it. I took a two hour nap in that sucker and it was the best (and only nap) I've taken this entire pregnancy, which is apparently very bad. One is supposed to be napping full time whilst pregnant with twins. Uh... on what planet is that even possible?

Not this one.

Speaking of planetary objects:
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The car seats arrived on Friday and I promptly burst into tears out of complete and total fear. You would have too, had you just opened the gate for the mail man, at the end of one of those days. I promptly hyperventilated. Opened the car seat boxes, hyperventilated again and then locked the things outside for the rest of the afternoon.
Photo_7A1C70D9-5140-5AAA-7B76-28165C5<span class=
Later that night, while at the movies with my sister, Hal put together the Double-Snap-n-Go, which had been in its box for several days in the hallway, taunting us with its huge overwhelmingness. Together we snapped in the car seats, looked at each other and just laughed. And laughed. And laughed like this was the funniest thing that ever happened. And in a way it kind of is.
Photo_343E7<span class=
The three of us spent the remainder of the evening in the nursery, staring at the stroller and the car seat(s) and the crib(s) and the room and my belly, cracking highly inappropriate jokes to keep from taking any of it too seriously... Hal on the carpet in his sweat pants and Rachel on the ottoman and me rocking back and forth, all of us blinking at each other under recessed lighting, trying to imagine the noise that would soon replace the quiet.
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Every week, it becomes increasingly more real and yet, in a way, not at all. No matter how many times I double up on sleep-sacks or bump against a row of lipstick or feel the girls kick in unison, it still feels like this is all a dream. I keep waiting for someone to say, "psyche! April fools!" but this is happening. There are two babies in there, growing daily, invisible strangers who are just as oblivious as I am as to what's about to go down.

I know nothing of what to expect as I'm expecting, a strange feeling when this is my third pregnancy. It certainly doesn't feel like I know what I'm doing. On the contrary. I feel like I'm trying to study for an exam in a foreign language. Come on Bec! You've taken this test before.

Yes, but not in Mandarin!

Not that anyone ever has the answers. Not that I ever will, even when I do (eventually) learn the language. Still, waiting is hard. Especially when you're in no real hurry to leave the waiting room.

In the meantime, even my body looks like a question mark.
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Amelia | 11:03 AM

Your lipstick experience reminded me that I almost set my stomach on fire in a bizarre twist of nesting a week before giving birth. I just *had* to can salsa (I had never canned anything in my life) and as I was standing at the stove sterilizing the jars, my hubs Drew was like, "uh, babe...your dress is smoking" and sure enough I was touching the burner and didn't even realize it. I honestly can't say that I've ever regained feeling in my belly button.

Also, hear this: you look ah-maaaaa-zing. Seriously. This is probably the wrong thing to say, but you're kind of making me wish that I get knocked up with twins next time. ;-)

And the question mark thing? Chills. xo

Anonymous | 11:08 AM

I agree, you look amazing! Have a wonderful week.

loodles | 11:11 AM

You are amazing, rock on.
I always laugh and tear up reading these. Your children are so lucky to have such an amazing mother, who is honest about the pit-waterfalls and joys of motherhood and pregnancy and who is brave enough to admit when she's both scared and excited. So that when they go through it 30ish years up the road they know how to navigate the mindfuck that is becoming a parent with realistic expectations and a positive outlook.

Glenda | 11:11 AM

OMG...I was dying laughing about your experience at MAC with the lipstick. You are so funny! Your way with words to tell a story...thanks... for sharing.

You look amazingly beautiful! Love the question mark!? :) Love the dress!

Love the colors and the look of the nursery.

Can't wait to hear all about R&B and their actual names.

Anonymous | 11:20 AM

Awww, the MAC girl was probably just trying to help...and for what it's worth, you look great and your car seats are adorable!!
You will be totally fine, promise, and us the internet readers are all here for ya :-) .

Lindsey | 11:31 AM

Laughing out loud and then, paragraphs later, feeling wonderment bubble up inside of me ... these are two lucky little girls, of that I'm sure. xox

Angie | 11:34 AM

I just wanted to tell you that I'm a singleton who weighed 2 1/2 pounds when I was born. Your babies are already bigger than me! :)

Rosstwinmom | 11:39 AM

When I was pregnant with my twins and saw that baby carrier thing, we dubbed it the sack o' babies.

You rock this pregnancy girl. You look so great! The girls are growing so well!

It is very intense to get this close. You know full well what babies do, and you know two will be insane. But so fun. And so worth it!

Anonymous | 11:47 AM

Your belly is gorgeous! You look wonderful. I love that you do these weekly check-in's. Thanks! Jen W.

Adrianne | 11:50 AM

People are always saying that about the skirts and dresses in late pregnancy. How I'd live in them because I'd be massively pregnant throughout an ENTIRE, hotter-than-hell Texas summer. But here I sit in my maternity pants at 36 weeks in 105 degree temps.

I have a few skirts and dresses, but for the most part, I usually find myself in pants (at work) and denim capris on the weekends. The thing is that my thighs have grown a bit and now very much rub against each other when I walk. Sweaty, fat, bare thighs rubbing up against each other when I walk is so not my thing!

Also I'm with you on keeping this little ladybug inside for a bit longer. On the one hand, I'm so ready to not be pregnant anymore, but on the other hand, I'm scared shitless to have a PERSON to take care of 24/7! The anxiety has really been eating me up lately:( Thanks for another lovely update! I so look forward to these every week!

Molly | 11:51 AM

You look so incredibly beautiful!

CP | 11:55 AM

i cracked up at the twins and triplets baby carrier/flotation device! you look awesome! Also - I am a sweater...have been since my awkward youth. the only time I don't sweat and can actually wear grey is when I am pregnant, which is dumbfounding. I have had people post photos on the public domain where I am trying to rock chic, but I'm only rockin sweaty pits. you look fantastic!

emmittjames | 11:56 AM

awesome awesome awesome. in a way, i am totally jealous that my surprise third was a singleton. twins are fucking magic.


WHOA. I'm freaking out about the two car seats. Those are going to have BABIES in them before long! And...just...WHAT!? When did this happen?

Your body is a wonderland. Totally.

~ Noelle

Goth, Hippie, Baby | 12:16 PM

I sweat a lot too. Always have been and it made jr. high very embarrassing. It's toned way down as I got older and used Rx antiperspirant. So low five since high five would cause us to have to lift our arms and expose our sweat stained pits.

And at 13 weeks, I'm already ready to say no to pants.

Lisa | 12:36 PM

Woman, you look incredible! Keep it up!

Kelli | 12:38 PM

Holy whoa you are adorable and make me want to have more babies!

heather... | 12:50 PM


Mara | 12:51 PM

You're a beautiful person inside and out......even when you were peaking out your bedroom window as a teenager! Love you tons and I want to see this babes when you come down to visit. Xoxoxoxox

Unknown | 12:52 PM

Your ? belly is all kinds of awesome. The lipstick story is hilarious. And that multiples baby carrier -- I almost choked on my endive (fancy, huh?).

And I completely and utterly feel you on dresses, skirts, and leggings. In fact, I really want to buy another jersey maxi dress, but at 34 weeks, is it too late?

Mara | 12:53 PM

Loving the growing the time my mom delivered my sister and I she couldn't touch her fingers together across her belly....but she looked sooooo gorgeous! Just like you. Miss and love you!

Jessica | 12:56 PM

You look amazing, can't believe there's not even a hint of a stretch mark - lucky!
And that Nordstrom bathroom always has the worst line.

Anonymous | 12:58 PM

Of course your blog is about YOU and not ME, but I've been using your weekly updates as a confidence booster as I approach the end of my second pregnancy. As in, Rebecca Woolf is mom to two, pregnant with twins, and STILL taking care of business (and buying sassy lipstick!). Not to be syrupy, but you're inspiring. So thanks for your honesty, excitement, horror, anticipation, reluctance, etc, because it's helping me wade through my last few weeks. I have no idea what to expect from parenting more than one, but I hope to continue to follow the adventures of your beautiful and strong family for a long time to come (or until you move away from family blogging as you have discussed). So thanks!

BananaramafoFin | 1:14 PM

Can you share what kind of underwear you're wearing in those pics. (no, that didn't sound creepy at ALL) I'm having a hard time finding comfy undies (maternity or not) for pregnancy.

Miss M | 1:22 PM

You are rocking a double bump way hotter than I ever rocked a single. The ability to make light of something scary serious has gotten me through some tough times. It is a great way to handle things. I love reading your weekly updates!

jessicapea | 1:35 PM

This post made me laugh and tear up - you are all kinds of talented.

And gorgeous, man I wish I looked as awesome as you during my summer pregnancy.

The carrier - OMG!!

elderbug | 2:29 PM

I lost my eighteen-month-old daughter two months ago and I just wanted you to know that your posts never fail to make me laugh and remember the countless good times we had in her short life. Thank you.

Suzanne | 2:35 PM

You DO look amazing. I wish I looked that good when I was pregnant with 1 medium sized baby.

I have a friend with twins who used to wear two BabyBjorns at the same time. Just strapped 'em both on the front and marched down the street like it was no big deal. When the girls got a little older she moved to Ergos - one on the front, one on the back - but that was almost 40 lbs of baby and there is NO WAY I would have been able to stand, let alone get anything done.

What I'm saying is, the double snap-and-go was a wise choice.

Barb | 2:47 PM

This post is so full of goodness that I don't even know what to comment on! Except to say that I'm due in about 5 weeks with my second kiddo and I am glad someone else feels like I feel. It's different, obvs, because you are having twins and that's a LOT of babies but my mind is so blown to go from one to two. It's just nice to hear someone else in the surreal/freakout/laughing/crying stage that I'm in.

Laura R. | 2:54 PM

i read your blog religiously, and i've always loved it, but MAN this was a great post. you have am incredible talent of making me as a reader feel like I've known you for years. you've been a great mom so far, Becs, and that's not going to change w/ twins! I nannied for a one and a half year old boy and his newborn twin sisters last year and it was the most fun nannying job I've ever had. I'm so excited for you!

robin | 3:02 PM

You really DO look great!

oh, jenny mae | 3:25 PM

tears this week from me. thinking about how awesome your life is going to be in a few short weeks. takes me back to when we were waiting for the girls and had no idea what to expect since they were our first. you will rock it.

and we had those twin carriers. mint green, even. there weren't too many option for singletons 10 years ago. it's how we went grocery shopping and how i bought gigantic after-pregnancy clothes. ben carried them while i shopped.

hope to see you this weekend, even if it's brief.

Andrea | 3:40 PM

You look glam! Loved this post.

girloliver | 4:06 PM

I can't believe I am JUST now finding your blog. oh wow what I have been missing! Hang in there. Your stories are wonderful and when I find some incriminating leftover food substance on my shirt, I will think of this post and feel better. Did I ALWAYS spill this much chocolate down my front before I was pregnant?!

Shana | 4:15 PM

Holy shit, dude. You look INCREDIBLE. I did not look half as gorgeous with ONE.

And you are about to have twice as many kids. Three times as many in diapers. And the only thing I can think is "I cannot WAIT to see how she DOES this! It is going to be so wild." Because I'm absolutely certain that you'll do fabulously, I just can't imagine it. My mother had four children, which was, for her, 2-3 too many, and I think I'm the same way. But you're so different, such a natural mother, that this is going to be incredibly impressive and, like, humbling and stuff. Can't wait to see 'em!

And words cannot describe the ways in which I covet that dress. I am not a Prints Girl, but I love it! Gone Style, indeed.

Word verif is "mingo." One letter off! (Minge, not mango, of course!)

Lindsey | 4:16 PM

Woah. You look like a WOMAN.

Caitlin | 4:33 PM

woah woah woah... everytime i think that you can't get any bigger, monday comes around, and BAM. bigger. i must say that you're pulling it off mighty fine though, and your tummy looks pretty stretch-mark free. rock on!

Ashley | 4:44 PM

This is the best piece of writing I have read in months. You are one gorgeous mama! Inside and out.

Rhi | 4:48 PM

You look amazing! And, you've inspired me to try on every non-maternity dress I own.

Anonymous | 4:49 PM

Hej Rebecca,

You truly look great and not a hinck of strechmarks!
I usually do not comment a lot but I have to now:
I do not know if this is discussed/known about in the US (I guess Baby Björn is too big of a company..) but you absolutely should not carry a small baby in a carrier that doesn't support his back and lets all the weight rest on the hips/pubic bones. This is basically all carriers where newborns are carried with the face forward (most popular of course the BB). It is extremely bad for the development of the back and hip area!!!! A baby should be kind of squatted like a frog to your body. For further info check e.g. anatomie

I root for you, you can pull this all off!!!!!

E | 5:52 PM

I just found your blog.

I like you a lot. I needed a laugh after spending the evening with my colicky babe...and the lipstick story fixed me right up, you just don't even know.

Janine | 6:17 PM

You are beautiful! And I am jealous of the's one of the many things I miss from my own pregnancy.

Mrs Catch | 7:04 PM

Oh boy, that belly photo brings it all back! My twin girls are now five and I still remember looking down, amazed at the size of that shape. Every day, I expected to pop and whiz around the room like a deflating balloon.

Congrats on the twin win. It's an awesome experience. Not an easy one, but one you'll always be glad you had.

RMH | 7:11 PM

This post calls out to me to take the bull by the horns, for whatever that's worth. The sense of fun and joy in this post is infectious and needed!

Anne | 8:37 PM

I can soooo relate! When I was pregnant with my twin boys, they were constantly kicking and moving ( I know now, they were already fighting and wrestling!) big kick and my big ole glass of water was all over me and my friend! Enjoy your pregnancy! You will love the twin experience!

Elizabeth | 9:01 PM

Lady, I am so jealous of your stretch-mark free belly. Really. I could cry. I'm about 36 weeks along with Baby #1 and they just sprouted out of nowhere and have been itching like a mofo. I thought I was going to be one of the lucky ones to miss that pregnancy joy, but no. Enjoy it! You look beyond amazing.

And I love the lipstick story. Isn't it amazing how many things a belly can run into? I can't even count how many times I've nearly drenched it because it hangs over the sink or nearly caught fire because it was nearly on top of one of the burners on the stove!

Elizabeth | 11:36 PM

maternity jeans? My favoruite item ever. Clearly, being a slim woman, you don't suffer from the dreaded 'chub-rub' and associated chafing between the thighs. Im a few weeks ahead of you (with just a singleton) and living in Australia, having a winter pregnancy this time (so much better, btw, hot, humid summer pregnancies SUCK) I'm loving the maternity jeans. Last pregnancy I was loving the maternity denim shorts. First time round, I found the under-the-belly style most comfortable, probably because a) it was summer and b) hipster style pants had been in fashion for about a million years and i had not worn anything over my belly since highschool. THis time, the over the belly band is GREAT for keeping winter chils at bay.

Sherry Bruck | 6:01 AM

Rebecca you look amazing! I had stains all over my maternity tops when I was pregnant. I had no hand me downs for anyone.

ann marie | 6:14 AM

I live thousands of mile away and have never met you or your family, but here I sit completely in love with you all. You are gorgeous and funny and I am so excited for you about the babies. makes me feel so weird feeling that way about someone I only know from the internets, but I can't help it! I have to tell you, I clink on here every Monday comletely excited about seeing updates on the belly. Thanks for sharing a little part your life with us.

Rose05 | 6:49 AM

yeah but you look so freakin cute waiting! Really great- it almost makes me want to suddenly be pregnant with twins. : )

Barbara | 7:35 AM

You had me laughing to tears through this entire post! Your sense of humor throughout is admirable, and how kind of you to tolerate the MAC girl...
You look incredible, all belly. Have you read Pistols and Popcorn? She had twins recently and you may enjoy her insight.
Love the nursery :)

Althea | 9:05 AM

Holy shit girl. You ARE planetary. And I mean that in the most awesome beautiful way possible.
Um, and not to bug...but the MAC counters in Chitown suburbia will trade you five empty containers for an eyeshadow, lipglass or lipstick. You just have to go to a freestanding store. WORD.

PS-I tell people I sweat like a fat man in August. Because I do.
PPS-you look amazing.

Bless with a Boy | 10:05 AM

The only thing I kept thinking while reading this is I love this girl. I don't know you irl but I love your writing. You are such an amzing person and you look beautiful. To have read you when Archer was a baby to now is just increadable. You have grown so much as a mom and a person. You still wow me now as much as the first time I read your words.

Have a supper blessed week! So glad week 29+ is treating you well. :-)


Sheelah | 11:08 AM

OK get ready for a seriously stalkerish comment...

I keep coming back to this post just to look at your huge belly. It's so hilariously cute. I've been following along and every week thinking, "Yeah, I mean, her belly's big but I still think with twins it should be bigger." Then I saw this week's and laughed out loud, shook my head and said "Oh my God". You look fantastic. And that is one big belly now! :)

Elliesee | 12:29 PM

Well at least you look ready to bring them home from the hospital with those car seats! I did try to wear my twins but it was just too heavy. Of course I had bought two new baby carriers for that. They were not used much, I used my same old fleece pouch with an extra to leave a sleeping baby in it. It is much easier to wear one baby and hold/change/push in a stroller the other one. I don't remember getting out of the house much. I had a (free) service bathing the babies and then taking them for a stroller ride. Another service made baby food for me. Groceries were ordered online. And then they were already in daycare:-)

flybigd | 12:39 PM

OK you have to stop writing this funny stuff. Right now. I am trying to drink my coffee and this post is not helping, so knock it off. Or just ignore me. Love your writing, you are better and better with every post!

Jody | 12:46 PM

every little thing is gonna be the great man once said

...hang in there. you're doin' great. it's a wild ride - enjoy the craziness!!!!!

mama to triplets + one = 4 :)

caitlin | 12:55 PM

You look great! And girl, I have those twin carriers. I felt like a baby parade float. I used them together like twice when my twins were teeny then it was just too much for my poor back (it's not quite as balanced as wearing one baby on your front, no matter how big he is). My friend who just had her own twins managed to get both girls into a moby wrap, which worked well for her for a month or two.
My twins are 2 now and I just gave birth to my 3rd, and I wear one boy on my back in a Beco (love), the babe in a sling on the front and hold hands with the other twin. It's quite the production. Good luck figuring out what works for your little gang!

Jessica | 4:36 PM

oh you make me laugh, I love it! I'm also 29 weeks, and love those car seats, what are they? I'm guessing Peg Perego...Can you tell me where you purchased them?
I haven't even started on the nursery, which will be shared by my almost 3 year old son, our other room will be a playroom!
Now as for the sweating thing, i'm not a sweater...when
I'm not pregnant, but when I am even my crotch sweats, ugh! and my armpits, maybe I should buy something other than natural deodorant!!!

Emsxiety | 5:47 PM

I think what you're doing here. Sharing your pregnancy week after week is just how do I put it, beautiful? Amazing? No, I can't find the right word.
I followed along with Fable, actually my daughter and I did because my daughter was pregnant at the same time and I've followed you since.

I find you and your family amazing and can't wait to see your beautiful daughters when they enter the world.Congrats to you all.

MamaMeg | 8:23 AM

You cannot say you've lost your sense of humor. I laughed my ass off reading this and was so loud my husband came from the other room and did the same. BTW- You're looking great!

Lauren Knight | 12:46 PM

I am soooo excited for you! The sight of your beautiful belly and those two car seats strapped onto the stroller- pure joy! I can't imagine how scary this must be for you, but I think everyone who reads your blog has confidence that you are going to do great. Good luck!

kittenpie | 9:52 PM

You look AMAZING. That dress is totally fantastic. You look better than I look not pregnant on a good day. I'd hate you if you weren't so totally awesome.

Anonymous | 10:53 PM

God bless you, Rebecca Woolf. You make me
feel like everything's gonna be alright.

You're gorgeous and hilarious and brilliant and real.
Thanks for sharing it.

Mad love to you (and the whole crew!) from Brooklyn.

Olivia Singleton | 7:25 AM

Do you ever sit back and wonder how you got where you are? I'm in awe thinking of your story. The shock of being pregnant with Archer while just starting to get to know Hal. Now you have two unbelievably beautiful children and pregnant with twins. That's quite the happy ending.

Laura Chavous | 11:27 PM makes me laugh like yours does. I love the way you approach things with a sense of humor. And also the serious-that too is lovely. I love reading your posts youre so well written! ALSO: You look great and youre already an amazing mom. You got this! :)))

Whitney | 9:00 PM

I have been looking to your weekly pregnancy post all week! I love reading and agreeing with your entire pregnancy experience! I too was pregnant with twins and they decided to make their appearance Sunday July 31st! They are perfectly healthy, never went to the NICU or step down unit and came home with us! You can do it! I applaud you for trying to enjoy these last few weeks, they were hard! I loved most of my pregnancy but it is so neat having the boys on the outside, getting to snuggle them and watch them interact!

Ray | 11:34 PM

Loved this post. As I love everything you write. Go figure. =P I'm sure when the girls get here: "You'll know what to do." Good luck. <3