Gone Style: Twin Stroller Blankets

Remember this fabric? It was my original first choice for bumpers (also Echino) but once it arrived I changed my mind. I still adored the fabric but it didn't work in the room. So? My mom bought some ultra soft chenille (minky) fabric in teal and purple, rickrack from Maisonette and (voila!) turned the fabric into stroller blankets: stroller blankets that as they get older they'll be able to sleep with, bring with them to slumber parties, camp.... college.

Yes, college. Not that they'll necessarily go but I mention this because (and I have yet to tell anyone this story but here goes) when I first found out I was pregnant with twins, almost six months ago and I was sitting in the doctor's chair, staring at the two tiny bodies on the ultrasound screen, my VERY first thought, before it even occurred to me to have a panic attack was that someday, I would attend their graduation ceremony.

It was the closest I've ever come to an out of body experience, like the next eighteen-years were gone and suddenly I was sitting in the stands with Hal and Archer and Fable, watching these babies graduate from high school in matching gowns and two different shades of hair flowing out from under their square caps and we were cheering. All four of us were cheering for the graduates and I was trying to make out their faces but they were too far away to see...

...And then BAM, it was over and I was back in the chair with the ultrasound wand pressed against my belly, hysterical because WHAT THE FUCK? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? HOW WILL WE AFFORD THIS OH DEAR GOD THIS MUST BE A JOKE PANIC PANIC PANIC INFINITY PANIC. But in the back of my head, even as I breathed into paper bags, a little voice was humming Pomp and Circumstance and still kind of is.

Silly? Perhaps. But I keep finding my way back to that moment. Every time I feel scared or alone or overwhelmed I think of the womb-mates' imagined graduation ceremony. I think of Hal and Archer and Fable and me cheering in the stands for these faces we can't see.

Anyway... for the graduates:
She even personalized them by sewing their names on the front/sides (font found in this pattern book for those who can embroider). Initials will have to suffice for now:
I love them so. I'm most positive R&B will, too. Thanks, Mom.



findingmagnolia | 2:02 PM

The fabric! The ricrac! Love! Also, just realized I never commented on your nursery. I absolutely adore it! All the colors and the little details--it is perfection. What lucky babies!

jessicapea | 2:07 PM

oh my god - please tell me they're actually named rhythm and blues!!

And the blankets are to die for. Beautiful!


Ha! Their names are NOT Rhythm and Blues but their pseudonyms have kind of grown on me in a way. (And thank you! I love them, too.)

Anabelle | 2:12 PM

This is so pretty, I LOVE the blankets!! I've been sawing blankets and bumpers and bibs and lots of stuff for my baby, I find these very inspiring.
Bravo to your mom and bravo to you to carry the lovely birds who will cruddle in these blankets... until college of course.

Creativechaos | 2:17 PM

I may have brought my special blanket to college : )
I'm so eager to find out what their names are.

My Bottle's Up! | 2:22 PM

awwww!!!!!! i wanna snuggle and love in one of those RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! beautiful work. so special.

Bearca | 2:24 PM

I love these blankets, but mostly I love your story of how your first thought was their graduation! Awesome, yet terrifying.

Allison | 2:35 PM

Rhubarb and Barley?

Do you think that when I start having babies, I can ask your mom to sew them beautiful blankets and bumpers? I will pay her millions. Or whatever she wants really. See what she thinks?

Anonymous | 2:51 PM

Those are so cute!! And somehow I missed that their names actually 'do' start with R & B. Can we make guesses then? :-)

Meredith | 3:04 PM

Raspberry and Blueberry!! I just know it!! hee hee;) Love you! XOXOXO

Glenda | 3:17 PM

Love the blankets. Made with love. R&B are blessed. I'm sure they will love the blankets too. Beautiful!!!

Anonymous | 3:18 PM

Batman and Robin?!

Sullivan Family Blog | 3:21 PM

Can I hijack your Mother and have her do MY nursery.

Katie Lee | 3:30 PM

I am so jealous! I want to be a baby just so I can feel cozy in that stroller with those adorable blankest. Your mom is inspiring me to pick up sewing again.

emily bilbrey | 3:38 PM

these are soooo gorgeous, lady. absolutely love them. so awesome that your mama is crafty & loves sharing the handsewn luv! one of the main reasons i taught myself to sew while pregnant with poppy (besides getting to make her cute things!) was so that i'd be able to teach her how someday. i think handmade things are so special - it's so nice that your kids will all grow up with the wonderful pieces your mom makes them! (:

Mandy | 3:41 PM

Your mom should open an etsy shop, she's so talented!!!

jessica ♥ The Fevered Pen | 4:41 PM

I agree, your mom should definitely open an etsy shop! She's so talented!

Anonymous | 5:06 PM

Rowan and Blythe? Your Mom is the best.

Abi | 5:09 PM

Can I kidnap your mom for a day to make something for baby #3? :) This poor kid will be living on hand-me-downs for the rest of her life... not that there's anything wrong with hand-me-downs.

Love the teal and purple minky. The trim is ADORABLE.

R&B = rutabaga & broccoli? LOL

Lisa | 5:27 PM

Your mom's sewing has inspired me to take a class, as I can't even fix a button. Thanks for sharing, these are awesome.

Anonymous | 5:43 PM

Damn, I was going to guess the babies' names are Cadence and Iris. So, I was very wrong. =)

Cleopatra | 5:45 PM

long time lurker but i just HAD to comment to say that i almost DIED when i saw those stroller blankets. seriously. GORGEOUS!

those would totally match my mei tai carrier made with echino fabric as well! if you're interested in them, check out ObiMama's Etsy store because her work is to die for and she's a fan of echino fabric as well.

with twins on the way, you would really benefit from a good quality baby carrier that's beautiful at the same time!

Jessica | 5:54 PM

I just LOVE your mom. My mom is very similar to yours- always making very creative things and supporting me and my sisters in every possible way. great blankets.

Stef | 6:46 PM

Love!! WWW is a gem.

Have you talked about the strollers themselves, how you decided on that model, etc.?


Stef - the stroller is the only double snap n go that exists. We'll use until the girls outgrow their car seats and then use the MacLaren double... POSSIBLY, if we need something more substantial we'll spring for the City Mini Double later down the line. But first things first! I'm a huge fan of Snap n Go's... easy, cheap, perfect.

pennylark | 7:34 PM

Love! I'm getting so anxious to hear their names.

Anonymous | 7:44 PM

one of their names is reverie isnt it? ISNT IT??! im dying to know (as you can tell).

Nicole | 7:48 PM

they are absolutely beautiful! I know they will love them. Yay for awesome moms!

Leslie | 8:00 PM

your mom is the bomb. amazing. I would LOVE to have a mom so crafty. The stuff she makes for Fable is amazing. And those bumpers. And those blankets. What lucky babies (and preschoolers...and daughter!)

Jessica | 8:13 PM

Thanks for sharing! I LOVE them - already have some cute girls-on-swings fabric and fat ric-rac, just need some minky to make my own blankets.

Sonja von Franck | 9:00 PM

I just had an out of body experience! It's Beatrice and Ramona!! Can't wait to find out... Your Mom is awesome! These are works of art. Sending cheap watermelon price vibes your way...

Anonymous | 9:12 PM


Complete protein, vegan & gluten free.

Perfectly complimentary and loved world-wide.

jessica | 12:33 AM

How will u know who to name r and who to name b? Is it already set that baby a is r and b is b? Or the first born will he r? Will u look into their faces and decide? Will u look at them and ditch the names altogether??

Anonymous | 1:40 AM

Absolutely stunning! I'm so excited for you (and honestly a little jealous of your mom's talent). Just bea-u-ti-ful blankets. Those are going to be amazing loveies for your babies.

Megan | 6:18 AM

Sonja- that's my guess as well!! Beatrix or Beatrice and Ramona.

We'll find out soon enough (or in a few months, whatever!)

Unknown | 6:27 AM

Oh. My. God. Everything about this post just made me weepy. The gorgeousness of those blankets, the talent and generosity and creativity of your mom, the idea of all our babies going to college one day, the lovely honesty of your writing. You--and your mom--are an inspiration.


Anonymous | 7:50 AM

Briar and Rose?

Jessica | 8:48 AM

I don't know what it was about this post but I burst into tears. My daughter just turned 2, and I think I just COMPLETELY GET how your mind fast-forwarded the girls' lives to a major milestone. It's beautiful, though.

Lizzy | 9:22 AM

These are SO cute! I'm a twin and I have to say I LOVE how you don't have everything identical for them! I HATED when my mom would buy my sister and I the exact same thing, for everything! I think your girls will really appreciate you embracing them being individuals and not just "the twins" it took until high school for me, to get my mom to stop always buying us matching things. Haha I don't even know you and I'm so excited for you! :)

Lily | 11:04 AM

I just noticed that adorable blue elephant print in the background of the last picture! Can we have details on that? It's so darling and I don't remember it from earlier nursery posts.

Anonymous | 11:08 AM

Your kids' initials will spell BARF. Or FABR, as in, our kids are FABR than yours.

Anonymous | 1:20 PM

You are totally naming them BEEZUS and RAMONA!

Jade | 2:18 PM

this sisters necklace made me think of you


Kacey Haffner-Bruce | 4:16 PM

my first thought when i saw the positive blue lines (and we were trying for months!!) was F#$% i never went to thailand..hahaha

BonJoey | 4:19 PM

I was going to guess Briar and Rose too! :) I LOVE the name Briar. The only reason I don't think you'd use these is because Rose is too common now. Still beautiful though!

Nikkiana | 5:26 PM

Those blankets are so cute! Love them!

Entwined Essentials | 9:23 PM

Gorgeous, I love them and your mother's work is fabulous!

Megan | 5:55 AM

Rhiannon and Bella Donna?

Those are beautiful blankets, I wish I could sew.

sam | 5:58 AM

Lovely!! I can't wait to learn what their names are!

Anonymous | 7:23 AM

I would totally purchase stuff from your mom's hypothetical Etsy shop!

Belarus and Romania?

Barbara and Rhoda?

Bitzy and Ritzy?

(this is fun!)

Karen | 1:12 PM

Rocky & Bullwinkle?
Billy & Ray?

We are having a LOT of fun guessing possible names here!

R H-H | 5:14 PM

I would love to make something like this for my unborn baby... I can sew to a very basic level. Can your Mom provide any really simple instructions for doing up something similar?

I am another who is keen to find out the names!!

Loving the nursery, just divine. The fabrics are perfect. Can't fault a thing! Hope the last few weeks go well for you. Thanks for sharing your "journey".

Katherine | 8:09 PM

I just love those blankets! So gorgeous. Exactly the kind of blanket for them to love forever and carry with them always.

Anonymous | 10:33 PM

Reverie? Rio? River? Rain? Raina? I don't have any guesses for B. Belle is too easy.

Names4real | 7:16 AM

I love those blankets. So pretty and I love the purple/teal combinations.

Let's see guesses for names. . .

Blue (You said it wasn't Blues.) :)
Ballad (Probably not with Fable, though)

Rogue (Too X-men)

I'm probaly not close, but I love baby names. I actually blog about them. I can't wait to find out Rhythm & Blues' real names.

Steph(anie) | 9:17 AM

How much does your mom rock?!

nicole | 7:59 AM

My guess: Ruby + Beatrix.

Love the stroller blankies. I was like Linus as a kid; I took my Care Bear blanket EVERYWHERE. Even to Europe on a school trip during my junior year of high school. I accidentally left it in a hotel room in Munich, and it was gone forever. I still regret taking it out of the country, ha. xoxo.

writermom | 12:45 PM

Everything you've done for these baby girls is just beautiful. As far as names, the only real guess I have for "B" is Belle. I'm a bit stumped on "R," but I'm going to go with Rain. Can't wait to find out, you are getting so close!!

Molly | 12:54 PM

It can't be Beatrix/Beatrice or Blythe; they were on the "we love them, but decided not to use them" list!

My guess(es)...

Ballad and Rhapsody, or Ballad and Rena. Word names with musical connections, but aren't too matchy.

Ruby and Bijou- jewel names.

And some long shot guesses...

B...Briony, Beverly, Basil, Brynn, Berry

R...Rozlyn, Rhea, Raven, Ramona, River


I love all your name guesses because THEY'RE ALL GORGEOUS! And I love Ballad. That's really lovely. Had I thought of that it would have absolutely been on our list.

writermom | 1:54 PM

Oh, duh. It can't be Belle because now I remember that's your great-grandmother's name, but you didn't want to use a family name for one girl and not the other. Resubmitting one of my favorite "B" names instead: Bess. Although methinks you are going to keep with the noun theme...I shall stop obsessing about this now and get back to work!!

Sydney | 2:50 PM

I was thinking Beulah for Blues, but I just looked it up and it means bride/married in Hebrew and I don't think you'd pick a name with that meaning, especially as Archer and Fable's names have so much meaning and thought behind them. Ditto Bathsheba - great name, not so great origin.

Beckett could be a winner though! Meaning bee hive, and Samuel Beckett is a favourite author. Blossom is another fave....

For Rhythm I'm defs leaning towards Reverie, it's gorgeous to read and say and fits with Archer and Fable.

Can't wait til they pop out and we can be put out of our misery!

Ray | 5:21 PM

Goodness gracious, these girls are going to be styling! Beautiful stroller blankets. =D Your mom is AWESOME! She seriously should do several blog entries on beginners sewing (even start her own blog). I've always wanted to learn how to sew (hint, HINT!).

This made me want to cry: "I think of Hal and Archer and Fable and me cheering in the stands for these faces we can't see." <3

Here's to your, "Graduates of Life!" ^o^ Can't wait to find out R&B's names!

Anonymous | 4:11 AM

robyn and bluebird?

Christina @busybmommy | 3:38 PM

Showing a friend around your blog and realized I hadn't read this post.

Halfway through I found this...

"different color hair flowing underneath their caps"

You knew before you knew. xo