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You might already know this because I tweeted about it last week and threw it up on Facebook (and in my sidebar) but in case you weren't aware, I'm back on Babble, where I spent four years (remember Straight From the Bottle?), took ten-months off and am now back with a group of talented bloggers via a new "Babble Voices" personal blog section which will eventually lead to an interesting dialogue among us... blog prompts for us all to weigh in on, perhaps? (ED: I know you guys roll your eyes at sponsored posts but I love them. Not just because I actually get paid which is cool but because they're like little blog-prompty assignments Write about your sleep patterns! or Write a post relating parenthood to partying! It breaks up the monotony that naturally happens when you've spent the last infinity years prompting yourself.)

Anyway! Beyond looking forward to possible prompts, I'm also looking forward to having a second space again. Think of it as Girl's Gone Child adjacent... hence the title Gone Child(ssss): a nod to the fact that I am no longer the mother of one. (ED: The last two s's are silent. For now.)

In the meantime, here are my first three posts:

Come on over and join me if you'd like! Much like I was with Straight From the Bottle, I'll be blogging at Gone Child(ssss) weekly. You can add Gone Child(ssss) to your feed by using the following link:

Questions? Concerns? Things you'd like me to post about specifically? Let me know!


ED: for those looking for my Straight From the Bottle archives, they're impossible to find but because I linked to most (if not all) of the posts from here, you can go through the search on THIS site and likely find a link to an old post or two. If you desire.


Glenda | 3:11 PM

I love the idea of a push present for Fable.

OMG! I'm with Archer...she's going to be SO excited when she sees her double stroller. How cool is that?

My mom raised me that if I went to visit a friend that had just given birth, if she had other children, to bring them a little something (gift) so that they won't feel left out. So that all the attention won't be for the new baby and they will go forgotten. (where the jealousy factor will kick in)

Thankfully I have 2 kids three years apart and my son (oldest) never had a jealousy factor. He doted on his baby sister and always wanted to help. To this day we say he's like a mini-dad. The always protective brother.

Sounds like Archer is going to be that way too :)

So excited and happy for your family.

CP | 3:19 PM

Love the Babble stuff (hope you are getting paid for it) and love the sponsored posts all! You SHOULD get paid for the work and entertainment you provide for all of us readers!

Your tales of Archer sound familiar to how my older brother was with me...he was always looking after me and loved that he was the BIG brother.

As for my daughter's shock at a new baby...I have a feeling unless I can get Cinderella to come home from the hospital we may be in trouble :)

Krystal | 4:55 PM

LOVED the diaper bag post last week and "Push Gifts" are a must for older sibs! Love that you're back there!

sara. no h. | 5:17 PM

So glad you are back on babble! It was not the same without you!

Lori | 2:12 AM

I just love reading your writing! I'm glad that there are now more places to find your 'voice'

The push present for Fable is a great idea!


Thanks, all! You're awesome!

Jill | 9:28 AM

Glad you're back at babble since that is how I found ggc in the first place! It's a really neat idea.