Nursery in Progress: DIY Bedding

Can I confess something? I hate those Copy & Paste twin onesies. They make me very defensive in fact. The idea of introducing a child (even in jest!) as a "copy" of their sibling is kind of a dick move. Control Alt DELETE on that idea, I say. Anyway, I was thinking about this when putting together the nursery: the idea that even if the girls ARE in fact identical, that they will always have their own distinct colors. Thus? We went with two different exterior bumper fabrics, distinct in their differences and yet "cut from the same cloth" pattern-wise. (We I take these things VERY seriously, you see.)
Echino Rondo (Yellow) for inner-bumpers (A & B)

I chose the fabrics (with my mom) at our favorite fabric store, Maisonette (where the curtain fabric came from as well.) Even though there are four distinctly different fabrics happening in the room, they clash harmoniously (I think, anyway) because they all come from the same textile house of genius amazingness: Etsuko Furuya/Echino.
In the beginning, when we were trying to figure out fabrics (and MANY swatches were purchased, let me tell you) my mom thought it might be too much, mixing all four (very loud) fabrics in one such tiny nursery but everything turned out incredible. Really sunny and happy and gorgeous... I couldn't be happier. Thanks, mom!

Dig the bumpers? Here's how you can make your own:

1. First, you'll need a bumper pattern: My mom swears by the bumper pad pattern in Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones (purchased here, at Maisonette). ED: She made the girls' bumper pads without the pattern's called-for pockets. We both agreed there was no need. That rhymed.

2. Then, you'll need a PLAIN bumper pad to, well, pad your bumper. My mom purchased this one from Amazon. These particular bumpers actually come with their own pattern but WWW doesn't recommend using it. (WWW says: Go with the Amy Butler pattern and WWW knows best.)

3. Choose your fabrics! For the inside, we chose this fabric for (both) inner bumpers and for the outside, went with this and this (no longer available at Maisonette unfortunately.) Obviously, you can choose whatever fabric you want. I will recommend the Etsuko Furuya/Echino fabrics, regardless of their expense. Bedding is one of the few heirloom items in existence. And hell! You're saving shitloads of money by going DIY, you might as well just spend the extra ten bucks on something gorgeous. Come on and justify your (fabric) love!

4. Ready and... SEW! Each bumper ended up costing a grand total of $60. (Bumper pad = $22 & fabric = $18 a yard, one yard inside fabric + one yard outside fabric). The end result? Priceless:
organic bird onesie by: Green Goat (one of two.)

Nursery in Progress: Chapter Four
Nursery in Progress: Chapter Three
Nursery in Progress: Chapter One



Sarai | 1:11 AM

Bec, it's just perfect. Absolutely gorgeous! Good job, www!

sarah doow | 3:04 AM

I kinda love all those bright colours and patterns together. I wish I was that brave with such things!

Jaime | 4:37 AM

Beautiful! It's so pretty and definately girly, but not precious princess. Can you post a wide shot to show more of the room as a whole?

Anonymous | 4:52 AM

So, so beautiful. Now,I don't mean to be a total ass, but you do know that using bumpers increases the risk of SIDS, right?

The Cribkeeper | 4:56 AM

Hey, I read your blog every day, but I haven't ever commented. I just wanted to say how much I love, love, love your nursery! It's so colorful and bright. My stupid step-sister had a baby last winter, and she decorated her baby's room in light pink and brown. And it has a chandelier in it. If it's not light pink or brown, it's not in there. That means no toys. She wanted it to be "elegant" she said. I wanted to tell her that there's nothing elegant about having a kid, but whatever....anyways, now that I've rambled a bunch of nonsense, I'll go back to lurking.

Katie | 4:56 AM

Absolutely amazing! The babes room is beautiful.

Pretzel Thief | 5:56 AM

Absolutely freakin' GORGEOUS.

If I were, say, a baby or a toddler I'd totally be diggin' those digs.

Props to Mama Woolf for the awesomeness!

WHEEEE[!], it's all coming together. :-)

Kerry | 6:01 AM

I love the "We Love You" sign over the crib.

Gorgeous room!

Rachel | 6:03 AM

It looks gorgeous! I'm curious, though, and, sincerely so-- as someone who seems rather above "vanity", why would you put so much effort into bumper pads if the recommendation is to not use them while a baby sleeps in a crib?

Anna | 6:31 AM

Absolutely gorgeous bedding! I love your nursery decor approach because it is a girls room but not everything has to be pink and flowery (the animal heads for example and prints). I think alot of
nurseries and toddlers rooms today are decorated too along the gender line of boy= blue and girl= pink.

I had never seen those copy/paste onsies before - so creepy!

Aliesha | 6:41 AM

I do not think you could have designed a more perfect nursery--I absolutely LOVE it!

And, can I say, I have that Amy Butler book, even SIGNED by Amy Butler, and I was so totally planning on making my own bedding. Until I read the pattern and got all overwhelmed and then saw a super cute bumper at IKEA for $10. At least my daughters crib skirt is homemade. By my mom. Who could probably have managed the bumper if I'd just asked :(

Anyway...rambling...the nursery is so incredibly perfect and I cant wait to virtually meet your two perfectly unique little girls!

Adrianne | 6:52 AM

It looks awesome, Rebecca! I ended up not doing bedding because I spent so much on the rest of the nursery, she won't be sleeping in the crib for a while, and I wasn't sure if I was supposed to have a bumper in there....

BUT I got my inspiration for the room from another Echino fabric (I browsed the Etsy store when you first posted about fabric). Like I said I didn't do bedding, but I did create 3 panels of wall art and using those colors, painted (stenciled) a tree and birds on the wall (ok, ok, my husband did the painting!). I posted some pictures on my blog if you wanted to take a looksy:)

Wendy | 7:16 AM

I am in total agreement with the no "copy and paste" dressing. Though,not always, I have to admit, that there have been times when I have dressed my twin girls alike mainly because people gave them same/similar outfits or the clearance items in their sizes were same/similar. That said, no matter how much alike my 3 year olds are dressed, they are VERY different. One of them pretends to be a princess and favors dresses, Foofa, and the like. My other girl pretends to be a dog,favors overalls, Plex,and such. Sometimes they will eye each other's clothes, and there are times when they both want the same dress! I cater to each of their personalities. However, yesterday, all day long, the pretend princess has been asking me:" Are Sister and I the same?" I was appalled; I think that stems from people constantly staring at them or stopping me to talk about and gape at them. Great job on the nursery!

Stephanie | 7:36 AM

Didn't go with breathable bumpers?


So pretty and girly without being too, well, girly.

~ Noelle

Shannon Dulaney | 7:41 AM

Hello hello!

Your nursery looks absolutely gorgeous! I agree on the need to spend a little extra on the fabric--totally worth it.

(This sounds unrelated but it's not...) I was reading one of those advice columns the other day, and a woman wrote in asking about whether or not she should say something to her friend about the use of crib bumpers. I don't have kids, so I've never really thought about bumpers before, but apparently they aren't considered safe by some organizations. Now, I'm sure you've already researched this whole issue and come to your own conclusion on it, but just in case, I wanted to take the advice columnist's, well, advice and let you know.

Here's a link I found on it:

Happy nesting & all the best!

Anonymous | 7:52 AM

Would it be strange if I said that I covet ALL the materials you're using in the twins' nursery?I want them for my big girl bedroom!

cora d | 8:21 AM

The excitement you and your family are showing for these girls is incredible. I wish we could bottle it and make it available for every child. And it's contagious - every time I read a post, I fall more in love with them too! And makes me want to have more babies (though, with my husband's vasectomy, that would be problematic for several reasons).

Anyhoo, I am so in awe of you and your family. You are not only taking twins in stride but thriving!

P.S. even though I don't comment very much lately, I still read faithfully and want to comment. It's just hard to find the time with two under 2 and a full-time job.

P.P.S. I was listening to an episode of Freakonomics or This American Life and they were talking to a dad of twin girls. He said he wanted to ban the word "twin" because it made it seem like a cute thing, when in actuality, it's two f-ing babies at once. Two cute babies at once, but still, two f-ing babies at once.

Elle | 8:43 AM

I'm driving myself nuts trying to figure out if Rhythm's name is printed on that little green animal down there in the last picture.

But I'm commenting so that if it IS, you have the opportunity to take it down before someone with better eyesight than me ruins the surprise.

P.S. EVERYTHING in the nursery is adooorable.

Kristen | 8:48 AM

So, so cute.

As a mom of twin boys, we have gotten ourselves into a pickle with the different color thing. It started with one of my boys getting a red backpack and the other a blue backpack. It rapidly spiraled to the point that the boy who likes blue hates anything with red on it and vice versa. I was dreading the soccer uniforms this year, afraid that they would be either red or blue and I would have a very unhappy child on my hand who was forced to wear their brother's color. I wish we had handled that better..



Jaime - I'll be posting several more nursery posts and when babes arrive will post photos of entire space (doesn't seem right until they're here.)

To those who are concerned about crib bumpers, that's very kind of you. There have been a lot of recommendations/changes re: what "not to use" since Fable was born and bumpers indeed are one of those (newly? When Fable was a babe "concern" did not exist) controversial items. So are face-forward carseats before age two and the act of being alive (very risky!) in this modern day of danger.

Like any parent, I address what concerns me (we sprung for Naturepedic crib mattresses because we didn't want our babies sleeping on a pile of chemicals) and brush off the things that don't. Both of my kids had crib bumpers and past infancy slept with blankets (which is also a huge no-no) and even co-slept (also apparently increases the risk of SIDS.) Again, I appreciate your concern! I know it comes from a place of love and that rules.

And Elle, that's "Rody!" ... Not to worry! He's a friend!

(He belonged to Archer, then Fable and was in the garage for the last year until we cleaned him up and made him presentable for the room. Great toy.)

Bless with a Boy | 8:58 AM

Love love love the fact you are already defending your twins/girls. :-) Love the mixed patterns yet they do match. You = Awesome mama. :-)

This room makes me want to start sewing and decorating.

So excited to meet the girls. But they need to bake a little longer.

I can't believe how much Fabel and Archer have grown up. So excited for your family of 4 becoming 6. You will rock this like you do everything. Rytham and Blues as well as Archer and Fable are so blessed to have the two of you for parents.

Nothing But Bonfires | 8:59 AM

It's SO gorgeous, Rebecca! Makes me wish it was MY room. R and B are going to be so lucky!

SpillingOutBeautiful | 9:03 AM


Mind. Blown.

Amber, theambershow | 9:03 AM

I'm loving this!

Someone told me I over-think things recently, and cited an example very similar to your being anti copy&paste onsies.

I feel better knowing I'm in good company. Viva la deep thinkers!

amy | 9:07 AM

As an identical twin myself, I would just like to say that I too really dislike the "copy and paste" onesies! Its challenging enough as a twin to create your own independence without people constantly calling you "the twins", or asking a million dumb "twin questions"...the best one we have ever gotten was (I kid you not): "Have you ever woken up in the morning and not known which one you were?" Ugghhh. Anyhow, being a twin is the best, most special thing in the world and I am so excited for you and your family!!

AliB | 9:19 AM

I would love to hear your thoughts on the great bumper debate!! Regardless... everything looks fabulous... I hope I have a little girl (or two!) someday!

AliB | 9:20 AM

Ah scratch that comment... I just saw you already answered!

Whitney | 9:33 AM

I love what you said about the copy and paste onsies! I have almost 2 week old twin boys (who we believe are fraternal, but we haven't done the blood testing yet) and even though they are twins it is so important to me that as they get older they know how special and unique they are as individuals! Already at this age their little personalities are starting to show and they are so different! Your nursery is beautiful! I love how you used different material for each girl. Very creative and thoughtful! The girls will love it!

Rhi | 9:39 AM

I love it! Also, the green rug looks so soft.

Anonymous | 9:48 AM

I LOOOOVE the bedding & I think your girls will really cherish the fact that you & your Mom hand picked everything out & made it with love, for them. So very very sweet!!!! Ps- Can I hire your Mom to make me a bumper pad? I'm due in January! :)

Molly | 9:55 AM

I want to have a kid just so I can put it in that room.

SaraMinerva | 10:05 AM

Oh gosh, it's gorgeous. My favorite part is it isn't run of the mill baby room. I would love to have these fabrics in my own room! Not sure if the husband would go for it though.

My husband is an identical twin. Growing up, his parents fostered their individuality and forbade the "t" word being used in their presence. They were always to be referred to by their names. Their mom always dressed my husband in blue, his brother in red. She didn't realize she was doing it until the boys were a year old. As they grew up, they gravitated to their colors subconsciously and still do at almost 30.

L.L. | 10:13 AM

Love everything! I wish I had this post during my first pregnancy, especially since I wasn't working and had oodles of time on my hands to tackle a project. But now that I have #2 on the way, I just can't justify not using the same bedding as with my son. But #2 is a girl and I have bookmarked all the Fable dress posts and I have my first sewing lesson scheduled for later this month!!!

RE: the bumpers issue. I got breathable bumpers with #1 and after the 3rd time my son seriously conked his head on a crib slat, I ripped that thing off and got a traditional bumper. We also co-slept (still do) and used blankets in the crib and gave him peanut butter and got him circ'd and used formula...etc. You are right, you address what concerns you and roll with the punches. Another mom I know from my birthing class, whom I always looked at as "perfect" - recently saw that her 15 month old son is in a forward facing seat and that they give their son full size Icee's from 7-11 quite frequently...made me realize no one is perfect!

Emma | 10:42 AM

Seconded/ thirded/ fourthed on the copy/paste concept. I've spent my whole life wearily correcting people who insist on referring to my sisters as "The Twins". Yes, they're identical! No, they don't have the same interests. No, they don't finish each others sentences. No, they do not holy-rollerblading-christ want to wear the same clothes. I have two sisters, world- they are two people who just happen to have arrived butt-first into my life at the same time.

You're gonna rock at being a mom x 4.

sissy | 10:49 AM

love the vibrancy and energy of this. you should post this on oohdeedoh. congrats and feel good.

Glenda | 11:02 AM

Beautifully made with much love from WWW = Priceless

Love, love all of the fabrics and colors. They definitely mash gorgeously. Love it!

And I must agree "copy&paste" onesies... creepy!!!

Clandestine Road | 11:35 AM

It is absolutely perfect. I love it. What a bright, inviting place!

kittenpie | 11:55 AM

I LOVE the dresser. LOVE.

lunafina | 12:09 PM

Love how it turned out! gorgeous!

tlh | 12:10 PM

I love it!! Love that it isn't the norm, boring matchy matchy. You have such a wonderful eye and I admire your selflessness. When I did my kids rooms, bc I have always had a passion for all things decorating, I did what 'I' would like for their rooms. Not so bad whn they're babes, but very uncool when they're 10-14. THANK GOD, I came to my senses, with the help of a little anxiety med, and now my 17 year old daughter's room is full of fashion, GaGa, boys, posters and everything teenager. And is a huge mess, just like she loves it. Trying to inspire my 14 year old son into even giving a crap, ha. I admire how you are already thinking what's best for the girls, even with decorating. xoxo

Jack's Mama | 12:57 PM

I have a twin sister as I have commented before and we will be 26 next mom would tell you it has been her struggle since conception and still today to buy us stuff "seperate but equal" whenever she found one thing she loved she felt like she could only buy it if she found something else that she equally loved. She was never into the matchy stuff either but did always want to buy a both nice but different enough stuff, not easy but I think she did a great job and with your style you will do even better! It looks great i love how its SO unique and not a pink princess(es) room. My mom made it to 38 weeks, you can too! My sister twin A was traverse so she had a c-section, good luck i hope your babies turn! Twin A was 6lb, Twin B (me) 6lb 6oz. born in August in the DC heat/humidity, you can do it!!!!

Unknown | 1:37 PM

Absolutely perfect! Colorful, charming, and not overly girly. That's what I'm going for (with a bit of a modern touch) and I especially love the bird fabrics since we're doing birds and polka-dots and other fun stuff. I wish I was a DIY mama, but alas, I'm not. Still, so inspirational!

P.S. We did a crib bumper with our 1st and it was so not a big deal. I feel you. Not sure if we'll have one this time just 'cause I haven't found the perfect one.

Tiffany | 1:48 PM

If your baby decor could get any lovelier I might throw up. I can't sew myself out of a paper bag, but I can do delightful things with the bag! With glue! And glitter! And more glue! SHINY!

Can I be one of your kids??? I'm potty trained!

Rebekah Amy | 2:10 PM

Beautiful bedding and fabrics! Love those patterns and colors! Random question-I actually have 2 of those prints from etsy with the vintage dictionary paper and the print...yours has a deer (i think) being lifted by balloons. I got 2 frames for them but dont like the frames as much as I like yours. I think the mat opening is to small being 5 by 7. My question is what size frame did you get and what is the size of the mat opening?

jessicapea | 2:12 PM

You have amazing taste! I LOVE the fabrics (curtains and bumper) and how the whole room comes together.

Congrats n making it to 30weeks too :)

Oh and two cots!! Holly cow!

Jenny | 4:49 PM

I am all about mixing patterns! I love their nursery, its so fun and pretty!

Anonymous | 5:51 PM

If I didn't have a husband that wanted a say in everything our nursery would have been full of sunshiny color too. I am so envious of your beautiful bedding and curtains!

Sara | 6:02 PM

adorable. i saw this on etsy and thought of you

Sara | 6:05 PM

adorable. i saw this on etsy and thought of you

Anonymous | 7:44 PM

No bumpers momma! Bumpers are cute but a thing of the past...a bump is better than suffocation and I really don't think kids hurt themselves w/ o then (my 3 yr old faired fine!)

Margaret | 8:52 PM

The nursery looks beautiful! I wholeheartedly agree with your dislike of the "copy/paste" shirts. I have 2 yr old identical twin girls and a 4 yr old boy. After my twins were born, I received an email titled "How Twins are Made" showing twin babies in those shirts....about 20 times! Ugh!

Anonymous | 9:30 PM

The nursery is so hip yet still a nursery - perfect! Not to belabor the bumper issue, but your points about using a bumper don't really justify going against the AAP's AND Consumer Product Safety Commission's recommendation, esp. with twins who will be smaller and thus not as strong for awhile. I ran across some scary pics on the Internet of babies found trapped (but alive) in their bumper, and that made me send mine back asap. We co-sleep a lot, but that's TOTALLY different, as is an organic crib mattress. Just sayin' - you have already committed to the bumpers, but there's no shame in taking them down the first several months. Why chance it? The science, stats, and recommendations against bumper use have only gotten stronger in the last several years.

Kris | 6:16 AM

Aye yie yie. My almost 3-year-old had cushy crib bumpers & I put him to sleep on his tummy. Better call CPS Right This Minute then, eh?!? ;)

Actually, he only had his crib bumper for a few months, then we switched to Wonder Bumpers. Not because I suddenly grew a mommy brain & panicked; but because he had acid reflux & I was sick of disassembling it to wash it every day. They zip around your individual crib slats, but jeezus h., are they expensive.

Anyway, love the room - it's visually delicious!

cora d | 8:44 AM

I love your attitude about the bumper concerns. Such a positive way to spin it. Yet another thing I am admiring about you. You are Captain Admirable!


Pretty soon, we'll be putting kids to sleep in bubbles surrounded by antibacterial gel.

And how is co-sleeping when your baby is under sheets and blankets in your bed "safer" than sleeping with a (securely fastened bumper) they can't even reach? My point is that every year there will be a new scare or ten. A new "better way" to parent with "safer" ways to childproof (which I've never done past sticking plastic in sockets, btw.) Horror stories to keep us up all night for our entire lives as parents.

The AAP recommended I keep Fable back-facing until two but she was a huge child and HATED having her knees against the seat. I turned her just after she turned one and much like this, readers told me what I was doing was wrong. I don't feel like I'm "chancing their safety" by having a bumper in their crib(s) any more than I'm chancing their safety by leaving the house. Which I plan to do rather frequently.

Anyway, I'm not here to argue and like I said, I really am flattered so many of you are concerned for my children and their safety but "scary pics on the Internet" are everywhere regarding everything and like any parent, I make decisions based on what I feel is right just as I assume you also do. xo

Ray | 11:43 AM

Beautiful nursery! Can your mother please make me a twin size comforter, with the same fabric as the girls' bumpers?! Seriously. LOL! =D

You make Motherhood so beautiful, Rebecca. I love the time you took and the thought process that went into this nursery.

The girls are already OH-SO-LUCKY to have you as their momma. <3

I don't even know you and I can't wait for their arrival. ;o)

Anonymous | 4:44 PM

I can't even express how much I love this. Can I please be your daughter?

Amanda | 8:14 PM

What and awesome place to grow up in

Megan Stuke | 8:25 PM

I did my son's room in Echino fabric - natural background with red vintage cars - as the first and most important fabric I picked. And it is my favorite room in my house.

Catherine | 7:40 AM

I love it! Have you revealed what the twin's names are? Sorry if I missed it, I'm a new reader!

Emme | 8:22 AM

Your kids, your choice. But please, don't encourage the ridiculous logic that just because you did it with one child and THEY were PERFECT!, that means that the act itself is okay. It's moron logic. I know you know better.

I agree with you, Bec, that we live in a society where we're inundated by threats of danger, but a little risk analysis helps here. Pretty bumpers are purely cosmetic; SIDS, while uncommon, is pretty awful. Why put the safety of your tiny newborns at risk for bumpers that are pretty only to others (as newborns can't exactly admire them, not for a while anyway.)

Anonymous | 1:40 PM

Fabrics are beautiful but, I'm another non-bumper pad person and those are some SERIOUS bumper pads. I don't judge you for wanting to use them but, just want you to have the facts.

My husband works in a non-profit child safety program. The latest is that co-sleeping is NOT a high risk for SIDS because the mother is right there and would hear/feel disturbed breathing. The fact that you've raised kids with blankets and bumper pads in their cribs with no problem is fortunate, but why roll the dice again? You could totally put those suckers up after baby is out of the high risk zone (12 months)

Just my .02 cents but again, I am NO perfect mommy!

Nicole | 7:35 PM

The room is gorgeous and I totally agree with you on the copy and paste onesies. It's insulting

Anonymous | 7:38 AM

I've always used bumpers. We live in a world that over analyzes everything and so it's become exhausting to try to do "what's right, right now". It's all a matter of time before someone has a product defect on a baby item, they sue, and then that product is found to be "dangerous" worldwide. Since I've had my two kids, about 25% of our baby stuff has been recalled. Silly...and SO expensive! Mmmmmm....$$....who's benefiting from us moms having to go out and buy replacement items?? Just saying....

Katie of Cabbage Ranch | 9:08 AM

I wish I had the style-sense myself to put a nursery like this together. I freakin LOVE the framed deer print and stuffed animal heads, can you share where you found them?

Elaine | 5:17 PM

Hello everyone:
I love the bumper pads and you know
I had four kids and all had bumperpads and done very well..
If you are a parent and are afraid of sids then use the breathable bumper pad for the first three months after three months your baby is in the safe zone...
I think that bumpers are getting a bad deal due to the new ones coming on the market and that is how they make money.
But I think it ought to be up to the parent to decide what they use and not the goverment...