Nursery in Progress: Chapter Four, Details

Over the last few weeks I've been focusing my attention on room details, mainly wall decor, hence today's post featuring some of my favorite new Etsy stops, which I stumbled upon on one of my many treasure hunts dot com.

I posted about this a couple weeks ago, before it arrived in the mail and I framed it, but wanted to post it again. For those with friends, expecting twin girls, this would make such a lovely gift. So tasteful and warm and loving - it makes me feel happy just looking at it:

After purchasing the twin print I combed Etsy for "happy animal art" and found this incredible shop - all prints are hand-painted one-of-a-kind on recycled pages & newspapers. I put several prints in my cart before deciding on the deer, to match the deer curtains, and the elephant... to match nothing.
$10, via Coco de Paris
(also) $10, via Coco de Paris

I bought frames and mats at Aaron Brothers (one cent sale!) and put them together myself. The framed prints ended up costing a total of twenty-eight dollars each. Total score for original artwork. All of her stuff is amazing, btw. I dare you not to fall in love with these prints. Not to mention the fact that she included an EXTRA print (free of charge! for no reason other than kindness!) that I LOVE and is currently hanging above my desk in my office:
On her website, she writes:

"My world is a fantasy,
to create my prints I use a blender:
I put inside my own original artwork,
some vintage ephemera,
some illusion,
some reality,
some past,
some future,
a lot of imagination,
I switch on the blender and you know what comes out of it?
Coco de Paris!"

How sweet is that?
After hanging both pieces on either side of the french doors (sorry about the poor photo quality, took the above shot with my cell), I feared the elephant might be lonely up in its frame with no elephant friends. So? I went back to Anthropologie this week (surprise!) and bought "Elliot" an "Ellie":

I also bought the Gazelle. Because, I had to. Because a room for twins requires some symmetry, I think. And the gazelle, I thought would look really lovely between the canvas and deer on balloons:
I painted the "I love you" canvas (with acrylics + stencils)

Yes, gazelles are different than deer but they can hang out harmoniously and look over the babies as a team. Plus, I kind of love that the room is becoming a confused mish-mosh of animals + music & literary references. (The records with the babies' names arrived from Ebay and are mounted above the changing table.) The elephant looks like she's smiling:
Several of you asked about dresser knobs, so I'm going to list the ones that are still available for purchase (several were sale-bin purchases and are unavailable online!)
Cloisonne Crysanthemum, $10 - Anthropologie
Pink Poppy, $8 - Anthropologie
Caria knob, $12 - Anthropologie
Brilliant Blossom - $10, Anthropologie
Daisy knob(s) - $8, Anthropologie
checker knob, $6 - Anthropologie
Calico owl (everyone's favorite knob) $12 - Anthropologie
....especially Fable's.
The rug was a hand-me-down from one of my besties, Bethany, who was like, "that Ikea rug you want? I have one in my garage!" It's also available here for $49 at Ikea.
The nursery is getting SO close, you guys! Can't wait to share the bumpers + blankets my mom's been working on these last few weeks. (Spoiler Alert: they're beyond gorgeous.)
In the meantime, have a great weekend!


*Nursery in Progress, Chapter Three is here.


Allison | 2:01 PM

World Market has so many pretty knobs, too! I think you'll like em.

findingmagnolia | 2:13 PM

Everything is just right! The babies will love it. Can't wait to see the crib bumpers!

Martini Mom | 2:20 PM

So beyond amazing! Love it. I'm going to check out those happy animal prints right now.

Rachael | 2:26 PM

I just had a thought: your blog should be changed to "Girls, girls, girls!: A former wild-child and mother to many girls." Throwing in a Motley Crue reference, of course, to represent the tie between your old lifestyle and your new self. Silly, no?

laura @ hollywood housewife | 2:30 PM

I'm due in October and haven't even started the nursery process. But you're inspiring me! Which is more than I can say for any of the other nursery pics I've browsed online.

Claudia | 2:39 PM

It looks really lovely and am enjoying the fact it is not a cutesy-poo nursery! :D

Karianna | 2:51 PM

What a welcoming space - I love it!

Kristyn | 4:30 PM

Fantastic. It's like a Parisian Safari.

Glenda | 5:24 PM

Love the nursery. It's all coming together. Can't wait to see the bumpers. Can't wait to hear R&B's names!

Have a wonderful, relaxing ( if it's possible ) weekend!

Pretzel Thief | 6:19 AM

Freakin' stunning. I totally want a room like that, dude. The twins are getting the most beautiful surrounds!

Johi | 4:53 PM

The nursery looks AMAZING! You have impeccable taste. Those prints on newspaper are possibly the cutest things I have ever seen, with the exception of the owl knob, of course.

SoMo | 7:27 PM

Did I miss it? Are you going to cover the french doors?

I can't believe you have gotten so much done. I promised my son a new bedroom for his b-day. His b-day was in Feb. It isn't like I haven't bought somethings; it is just that I am definitely afraid of the paint. If I can just get the paint color and paint that damn room I will feel the summer was a success.


Totally going to cover the French doors - wood shutters fo sho... that's last on our list for things-to-do... but most def on there!

Allison - bought one of the knobs at World Market... they totally have cute ones but I liked Anthros better and they were similarly priced.

chalked on it yet... (Fable's crib is against that particular wall but eventually when we bunk the kids there will be more space for them to draw all over it.) Good luck!

Thanks to everyone! Super pumped!

Bekka Ross Russell | 3:27 AM

It looks beautiful, but could you post some more zoomed out photos? It's hard to picture all of this coming together in the room when it's been a while since we've SEEN most of the room! Maybe it's my lack of visualizing skillz at play :) but I'd be psyched.

Clandestine Road | 3:24 PM

Your style is incredible. I love how you pulled it together.


Ray | 11:47 PM

Love the nursery. It's so unique and so you. And I love that hand-made, "We Love You" canvas you made.

It's so sweet how the family is making a home in the nursery, until the girl's take over. ^o^

Anonymous | 9:24 AM

It looks amazing!

Claire | 10:33 AM

I just bought three prints from Coco de Paris! They are irresistible! And the nursery looks incredible :)

Anonymous | 10:36 AM

your little ladies already have that "boho chic" style going on. such a sweet room.


Rebecca - totally! I just wanted to list/share some of the details in the room per people's ask on last post, as well as some of the new details I added to the room in the last few weeks. :) I'm going to do a grand finale post on the room eventually, here. :)

Jess | 11:19 AM

ahh that nursery puts mine to shame! so gorgeous! so inspiring!

Mymsie | 11:44 AM

Especially love the fabrics!

Was browsing Pinterest today and saw this print, which would also be good for a twin girls' nursery:

Anonymous | 12:14 PM

have you divulged the twin's names yet? also, on a post a while back i saw that many peeps, including myself, wanting to know about the plan you said you had in place for weight loss. did you post on that yet? thanks so much.

k5brown | 4:06 PM

Room is adorable! Love the art so much that I went to Coco de Paris and got some of my own! That was a hard decision. I liked so many that it took forever to narrow it down to 3. Another shop I love is Berkeley Illustrations (on etsy). Very cute. I bought a couple more of those too!

PopMommy Pam | 11:36 AM

I just bought some prints from Coco de Paris for our playroom - thank you so much for sharing. You have amazing taste and I love watching how you transform your living space. I get lots of amazing ideas from you! The nursery is just gorgeous.