Nursery in Progress: Chapter 3 & Giveaway

*updated with giveaway winner below*
I know I skipped Chapter Two (One is here), but it was boring and had more to do with painting, picking fabrics, changing my mind and refreshing the pages of Ebay, Etsy and Anthropologie like an insane person.

Plus, I feel like I've been sort of including everything in my weekly pregnancy updates. Anyway, onward! To chapter three! And a handmade play mat giveaway care of a lovely mama/reader/new friend named Diane who kindly sewed each one of the girls their own mat (see below), as well as an extra for me to send to one of you!
Diane's Etsy store is, here. (The "Woody Allen" is crazy cute.)
More on the Boga Babe giveaway, below. In the meantime, may I present... an updated nursery space! Woohoo! Still lacking wall detail, the second crib, storage items and etcetera, but all in all, looking pretty good - better, even, than I could have imagined. (I'm having so. much. fun. you guys.)
seen with the curtains my mom made (ahem) and crib 1 of 2.
bird wall decals purchased on Etsy, here (eventually the french doors will be shuttered)
vase and initials: Anthropologie

I just want to sit in this room all the live long day. A good sign, I think. In fact, the other morning I woke up to Hal and the kids cross-legged on the green rug in their pajamas reading books. The room is already a gathering space for our family, I think, because in their way, Archer, Fable and Hal are nesting, too.
I'm thrilled with the way the purple bookcase turned out. And it only cost $13 in paint and supplies! Go, recycling! The rocking chair-pad was purchased at Anthropologie. The "blankets" on the crib are actually the Boga Babe play mats. Cute, yes?

The second crib will go, here, where my old CD dresser currently stands - it's on the opposite end of the room as crib #1 but it's a cozy little space so they'll still be able to interact with one another, when the time comes to separate them (they'll share a crib for the first few months).
The dresser, which I've posted before, is still my favorite piece (found at Melrose Trading Post swap-meet.) The knobs were purchased at Anthropologie as well as World Market and Fable placed every single one of them (all by herself!) with her masterful eye. (If you'd like the link to any of the knobs in particular, let me know and I will add them to this post.)
In the meantime, here's the piece, changing pad (cover, Pottery Barn Kids) and all:
Giraffe + Zebra also from Anthropologie. Computer modem will eventually go elsewhere.

I've Hal has moved things around a bit and will likely move them around a thousand more times before it feels just right but for now, I couldn't be happier with the space/cannot wait to fill the walls with wall-art: giraffes and elephants and zebras, oh my. (Can't wait to show you the print/paintings I just ordered from Etsy when they arrive! They are divine!)
Now! Let's talk Boga Babe! Diane and I bonded over email several months ago re: our similar experiences with new Motherhood (she had her first child last year). She runs a wicked shop and her play mats are top notch and clearly made with love. I'm excited to offer you one in the same fabric + a more gender neutral brown:
the girls' Boga Babe mats (showing their reversible sides) on crib #1 (which will eventually have a mattress + bedding!)
play-mat for giveaway. Gorgeous, yes?

To win? Oh, I don't know. Tell me anything! A story! A quote! A happy thing that happened today! Don't forget to include your contact information! I'll pick one winner via next Friday, July 8th. Good luck to all of you and thanks to Diane and Boga Babe for your generosity!
ED: I'd also like to thank you for letting me (over) share. I'm starting to realize maybe I should have saved my nursery reveal for the end, when everything is in its place and ready to rock, but I'm really having fun sharing my process... It calms my crazy, if that makes sense. Serenity now...


*congrats to commenter #42, Kirsten on winning your Boga Babe playmat! And thanks to all of you for participating with your happy news! Love to all and congrats, again, Kirsten!


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loloeleven | 4:33 PM

The nursery is lovely! my happy news for the day is that I had my first trimester screening ultrasound & every thing looks good--- but the best part was seeing the little bean jumping (!) around. Yay babies!

Sarah @ | 4:34 PM

Please don't include me in the giveaway - we already have all we need on the playmat front for future babies. I just wanted to say that I love how the nursery is coming together! Cheers!

The Wh0le Story | 4:35 PM

What a beautiful space for your girls! I am in love with that dresser, and want one just like it! Oh, and the stuffed animal heads are always a crowd pleaser in my opinion :o)

Mary | 4:39 PM

What a cute nursery! I love how funky and unique it is.

I'll chip in with one of my favorite quotes: "You are not loved because you are important, you are important because you are loved." One of my mentors in high school told me this when I was going through a rough patch and I've never forgotten it.

Ashley | 4:40 PM

Looks awesome! I'm not in need of the mat, so please don't include me but just wanted to say how great I think it all looks! LOVE the dresser!!!

Where are those awesome blankets hanging on the crib from?

Angie | 4:41 PM

(not entering the give away)

i just wanted to say- i LOVE your style!! i recently stumbled on your lovely blog here and reading older posts..the way Archer & Fable are dressed is SO adorable!!!

Congrats on the pending arrival of le babies. Also, the nursery is truly it :)

Staci Magnolia | 4:42 PM

Oh family, the nursery is just so happy and colorful. I absolutely adore it as all of you already seem to.
Three cheers for goodness.
(You don't need to include me babies on the horizon....)

Christy | 4:43 PM

The nursery is coming right along! My little boy turned 11 months old today, and took his first steps this morning! Later we went swimming and a big dollop of sunscreen ended up in his hair, which won't come out, even after a shampoo. Now he has a mohawk!
Hopefully his little brother due in 3 months (Irish twins!) will be just as cute as he is!

Whitney W | 4:45 PM

Your nusery looks amazing! I love everything in it! Isn't nesting fun? We are expecting twin boys who should arrive sometime between the middle and end of this month and I have been nesting like crazy! I live sitting in the nusery and getting everything ready. I just can't wait for the babies to arrive!

Spencer Family | 4:50 PM

I love that your posting along the way. I hate the anticipation of waiting til the end. I'd rather see the space evolve. It rocks.

ty | 4:50 PM

I LOVE the playmat! I have no human babies - just a little furbaby - but I hope to at some point!

TheGirl | 4:50 PM

You have done a wonderful job. I would love anything hand made from Etsy because unlike you, I have yet to make those purchases for our second little girl who is due to arrive in October. It would definitely make my week to win something since someone today said "wow you are so big" who says that? and also, I am not big! :)

Crystal | 4:55 PM

You've got me excited about planning a nursery. Guess I should wait until I get pregnant. My day was wonderful. I spent the day on the beach with my husband and son. I hope you have a great weekend. Please include me in the giveaway. Thanks.

elizabeth | 4:56 PM

you're killing me with the initials of the babies' names... not yet revealed! i am due with one girl in September and am in the midst of the naming game... i'm jealous that you have decided so ultimately that you have bought initials. i hope to be there soon.

nesting is so much fun!

Melanie | 4:56 PM

It's gorgeous and so colorful - but where are the wall decals from on etsy? I love them so much, I want some!!

Elizabeth | 4:57 PM

A good thing that happened today: I got to sit and have coffee with a good friend whom I really look up to. I had been craving a coffee chat session with a gal pal for soooo long (but schedule-wise, things kept getting in the way), and this girl was the perfect one to do it with and it totally refreshed my day!

I love the playmats and have a little girl on the way in just eight weeks or so. I'd LOVE to win the giveaway! :)


Oh, and the nursery looks fantastic. I love the use of color, color, color!

Miss M | 4:59 PM

As a long time reader, I LOVE watching the progress of your pregnancy/life! What a pretty and creative space for the babies :)

Something... Hmm... we took my 2 year old to the Balboa Park railroad for a train ride today for his birthday and it was absolutely lovely. He was in heaven. No more trips to the zoo without a train ride I think!

K | 5:02 PM

I'm SO GLAD you aren't waiting to do a big reveal - it's so much more fun to see the process!!! Also, I would love to win the gender neutral playmat for my little man, due Aug. 1st!

Anonymous | 5:04 PM

The "b" and "r" are so fantastic... AND have got my brain whirring through name possibilities (although I'm sure they're names I probably would never guess). This room is heavenly, just heavenly.


Ashley - they're the play mats! Just showing their reversible sides!

Melanie - just linked to them in my post! Sorry about that!

And thanks, all! I'm thrilled! Much love!


So lovely! And not "baby" at all, which I really like. It seems like a room that will grow with the girls for as long as you're in your current place. I especially love the initials. Are they fabric? (And of course now I'm even more curious to know the girls' names!)

Here's my tidbit: Westley has started telling me, "You're my girl." I find it both odd and adorable. Oddorable?

~ Noelle

keight dukes | 5:19 PM

holy artsy eclectic swoonsville. here's my story for the giveaway....can i make you a boppy cover to go with this glory? i make and sell them in my etsy shop. dea sea dolphin lactation consultant-approved! i will tweet at you too for extra mercenarianism.

mom2nji | 5:23 PM

I loveee the nursery! Want to fly to Florida to help me with mine?

Elysha | 5:26 PM

The nursery is AMAZING! I am in love with that purple bookcase and of course, the dresser. That playmat is adorable and I LOVE the bird print! My good news is that I found out on Monday that I'm pregnant with a much wanted second baby. I cannot wait for my first ultrasound which is in two weeks!

Betsy King | 5:29 PM

I love your space! The idea of two babies chatting at each other from their cribs makes me swoon. My baby girl is a year old and I can't believe how baby crazy I am. (for a baby girl!) I'm 36 though, I should be wrapping up this time of my life. So I love watching you nest! Can't wait to see the babies!

Kate | 5:29 PM

my story: my little 1.5 year old boy learned how to walk on his tippy toes recently and it is ADORABLE.

katepeaslee at gmail dot com

Stephapie | 5:35 PM

The nursery is so amazing! I just wanted to tell you I've been following you for a while and am SO inspired by you :) Also, I literally JUST found out today that I'm pregnant with our first, and I'm excited/nervous/scared. I had to share! :D

Anonymous | 5:47 PM

Wow -- that nursery is SWEET. Lately, I've been lamenting the fact that I'll never have a daughter to go all nuts on decor with. I am 30 weeks pregnant with my third boy and although I love the heck out of those little dudes, I am admittedly a little wistful at times that I'll never get to buy dresses, go crazy with hot pink or get my nails done with them. Sigh.

Good news today: your post gave me just the right dose of gorgeous little girl estrogen I needed (while having a mani pedi at that). I will live vicariously through your baby girl posts while I continue to hear umpteen stories about Darth Vader in the world of penises I dwell in (even our dog is

I would LOVE that play mat for my new little guy mostly because it's beautiful, on the feminine side and isn't emblazoned with trucks, basketballs, pirates or anything
else stereotypically boy! Best wishes to you and your
lovely, lovely family!

Helen Amanda | 5:47 PM

It's all so gorgeous!

My "something" for entry:
Today, I found out I am **surprise** expecting baby #3!!!! (of course, thanks to you - I am paranoid/hopeful it's twins)

Dianne | 5:49 PM

Hi everyone! I made the baby mats and just so you know, people buy them for pet beds, to give away as gifts, as blankets for kids. They have many uses so do not hesitate to enter and use it as you like! :)

annabelvita | 5:52 PM

h'oh these babies... luckiest ever... i have that vase from anthro and I love it - it' a good un!
Blessed lil twins...

Chantel | 5:53 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chantel | 5:56 PM

The nursery is coming along beautifully! My happy news is that my baby sister is expecting her first child this winter - I'm so excited for her! She's the same age I was when I had my eldest so it's becoming a lovely bonding experience for us. She's so overwhelmed by the baby products out there, so I'm using your blog to show her that she can create a space that's so much more unique and personal than what she's been seeing on shelves. I think the playmat would make a lovely start!

Andrea | 6:00 PM

I love seeing your updates. What a happy time.

And for what I will share: I am currently reading and enjoying the Wizard of Oz series. The author introductions are fantastic.

Nothing But Bonfires | 6:01 PM

You know I'm going to be thinking of B and R names until you give birth now, right?

Also, I just wanted to share that the CAPTCHA is -- wait for it -- "nesti." NESTI! One can only assume that a nesti is a person who is nesting, am I right?

Jen | 6:02 PM

I got out of work and hour and a half early thanks to the holiday weekend, so I picked my girl up at daycare and we had a fab time with our little gift of time and spent it snuggling and reading books in her room. It was great! squeep at gmail!

J | 6:04 PM

Love the nursery and I love that you have shared your nursery progress with us. I am due with my second boy literally any day now so we are impatiently waiting for his arrival!

Angela | 6:06 PM

Love love love! I would like to live in your nursery- these will be a couple of hip babies. I have a dead-on guess for your R name as it is conspicuously missing from your most recent list. I can't wait to see what the B will be!
Something lovely...I'm expecting our first on Dec 6th and this week at 17wks my belly popped! It's kind of-maybe-sort of feeling more real. One thing's for sure, I need a full complement of baby stuff and can only hope it looks as
eclectic/lovely/amazing as some of your selections. A play mat would be a good start. Feel free to include me- cadencequick at gmail dot com. Good luck on week 50!

eva Woods | 6:08 PM

Don't enter me in the giveaway, my "baby" just turned 6. She promised never to do that when she was three months old... sigh.

I am commenting about the green flower drawer pull. Yes, please, and is it weird if I use it in a non-kid room?

beyond | 6:09 PM

love your nursery, LOVE. i'm due in about a month and getting insanely excited. just need a name (just one, thank goodness, not two like you) and we're good to go ; )

Tiffany | 6:12 PM

Love the nursery, you have great taste. I have to enlist my sisters and mother for that kind of stuff (even my husband is better at picking out paint colors).

Happy news: My birthday is this upcoming week, my baby just turned 2 and we are expecting our 2nd baby this month. I LOVE July. Hooray for summer and summer birthdays :)!

Kirsten | 6:16 PM

I love love your nursery! I wish I had put a bit more effort into my daughter's, it was very slapdash last minute.

A good thing that happened today (well, not today but Monday), I found out I'm expecting baby #2! Oh, dear. And also, hooray!

kmhlewis at gmail dot com

The Smug Alert | 6:19 PM

I've heard really good things about Bogababe mats - considering purchasing one sister.

Jenna | 6:19 PM

Love the room! I'm 21 weeks along and we've just begun putting together the nursery. Thanks for the inspiration! *off to Craig's list to find a dresser*

grammargeek | 6:21 PM

Bogarde Babe is the bee's knees. My random: I spend much of each day in the room that will soon be the nursery, far more time than when it was "the office." usually the dog and the cat join me, and we listen to NPR and daydream about the tadpole who will join us in December.

ConstantMotion | 6:22 PM

Of course I think the baby room is super cool, my favorite is the dresser with the mismatched pulls. What a great idea. And I love how nothing matches but everything goes together. I went to the Boga Babe site on Etsy and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mats. I can't believe how many designs Diane has and they are all one of a kind. I also love the way that she is working so hard to be a stay at home mom. Wish I could do that. Anyway, if I don't win this dang thing then I'm going to buy one, Jean Autry maybe, for my boy.

LiciaLee | 6:24 PM

I LOVE your nursery. :D. The playmats are awesome as well, I would love them for my little ones! aliciamorris 2008 at gmail . com

Victoria | 6:27 PM

I can't wait to see the finished product and I totally love Anthro...they even have kids books, did you know?! My story..well a friend and I had our babies an hour apart!!! Different hospitals though. We didn't know the the other was "trying" for a baby and our due dates were like 4 days apart.

Melody | 6:27 PM

I just happened on your site and I'm so happy I did because I am due in a matter of weeks and still haven't even started the baby room. Wish I could hire you because you are obviously very creative. Funny, one of my friends bought a mat from Diane on Etsy and I have always coveted it.

Sarah | 6:28 PM

Such a cute nursery! I've got a new niece or nephew on the way in January and couldn't be more excited! I get to see hir mom, my best friend from age 8, and hir big sister in August to shop for my wedding dress and it can't come soon enough!

Swift | 6:30 PM

I love the Bogababe matts -especially the names which always make me laugh. Dianne is so creative and so funny. I think my favorite is the cowboy one ( love horses). My favorite quote is from the Winnie the Pooh book when Christopher Robin tells Pooh, “Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

Abby | 6:38 PM

Oh man, I just entered my third trimester. I am planning on having a duel nursery for my two girls as they will only be 16 months apart! Between pregnancy and nursing I haven't had a period since July of '09! (How do you like that for any "anything"?)So my nesting has come out hardcore in redoing my own bedroom where the baby will hang with me in the pack and play for the first 6 months or so.

Mrs-S | 6:40 PM

I adore the nursery! I love taking this journey with you!

Amanda | 6:44 PM

Your new nursery is so cute!

Aliesha | 6:45 PM

This made me tear up...I have no idea why! I think it's just all so pretty and I am so excited for your girls to arrive. It looks so perfect, even as a work in progress!

Stefanie | 6:46 PM

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”


This is, by far, the best quote that I have heard recently. These "master gardeners" can be husbands, children, best friends.

I don't need the giveaway - I am done having babies. However, if you choose me, I would ask that you donate this to a woman in your area in need - a new mother without the financial means to offer such a gift to her young child.

Thank you so much for offering such an emotional and personal gift to your faithful readers, including me. Seeing the girls' room is like experiencing pregnancy all over again for me.
Love you!

beannie | 6:51 PM

Gorgeous! I love the boga babe mat. Dianne's work is beautiful.

Heather Tull | 6:53 PM

My something happy that happened today is that my husband came home from state active duty with the national guard in Minot, ND for the flooding. I expected him to be gone a lot longer so I'm thrilled to have him home.

Nicole | 6:53 PM

Love those playmats! My baby girl is 3 months old and just hit a stage where she LOVES playing on the floor- preferably naked! One of these would be awesome beneath her toosh! The room is gorgeous, by the way- the knobs are my favorite.

molly | 7:04 PM

Oh, I love it! No matter how hard I try I have trouble pulling of a designer-look mismatched non-themed kid's room. I just don't have the eye for it. You've done a wonderful job.

Lucky little girls :)

And to win the mat (which I would love) I'll tell you that I won an award at work this week! I haven't won anything in years. Yay, me!

Barb | 7:06 PM

It's looking so beautiful!!

My little 2-year-old came up to me while playing in the backyard and very seriously said to me, "Hottups," because he had the hiccups.

ste | 7:07 PM

My apologies, but I accidentally sent in my comment with mine and my husband's personal email. (Kevin Dill) If you could remove it with his name, that'd be great.

Carrie Hagan | 7:11 PM

I am 18 weeks preggie and BogaBabe has been on my to get list ever since I found out. I love Dianne's designs and awesome fabric combinations. We haven't found out if the babe is a boy or a girl but as soon as we do I'm getting started on our nursery. Love how yours is coming together!

Cecilia Rodriguez | 7:18 PM

I am completely in love with the style you have incorporated in the nursery!

Our first baby is due in December and I am already in love with it. Next Thursday is not only my birthday, just happens to be the same day I am to (fingers-crossed) find out the sex of the baby. I am excited for what ever the tech will tell me as long as we have a healthy growing baby.

Martini Mom | 7:22 PM

This is oh, so lovely. And can I just say that I'm so pleased that you have a book shelf in their room. The fact that it's purple makes it that much more awesome, but it's presence in any form is delightful. I've noticed so many nurseries lately without any books and it makes me sad. Long live lit!!

Tam | 7:29 PM

thank you for the close up shot of the enamel flower vase at the end- a treasure! The fabrics like the ones used in your nursery, Fable's dresses and these playmats are so creatively inspiring. I like to think I am a textile designer in an alternate universe.

msmimi | 7:36 PM

Your nursery is simply beautiful! I love the ecclectic styling; The dresser is divine. What stands out to me is that you felt no need to run out and buy a pre-designed, high end nursery room set, or "kit" if you will. Although every piece is rich in personality and the overall look is completely funky, it's chic and not over-stated. That takes true talent!!

Now to the awesome bogo mats- they are so practical, unique, multi-functional, each gorgeous and personalized, made with the love of a real Momma. I would love to win your giveaway--I have plans to become a customer soon for several babes. Dianne's story is inspiring, she's a beautiful person inside and out...and her story is just one example of how a pregnancy can completely transform (and save!) lives!! I'm delighted that she has found this new lovely way to express herself as a mother and artist.

I can't wait to follow along as you await the arrival of the newest members of your family!!

Jack's Mama | 7:41 PM

I'm getting married in two weeks! Baby number one turns two in less then a month! Then maybe on this honeymoon we will get pregnant with baby number two!? So I would be needing that baby mat sooner or later :) so pick me!
I've been comtemplating (sp) your contraception post too, haven't posted because it is so confusing about what to do. Besides that the pill is evil hence why i got pregnant by surprise at 23. Anyways pick me!

Gus | 7:50 PM

July 8th is my 5th wedding anniversary, hoping to conceive really soon (have a wonderful little girl). I will be working on my anniversary, defending the waters of our nations capital, US Coast Guard, but maybe that monday evening when i get off duty.....

Anonymous | 7:50 PM

Love the space! I'm pregnant with baby #2- 4 weeks to go. I have this feeling that she's going to be here any day now. Not sure why- just a feeling. Her sister is 2 1/2, and is waaaay excited for her to "pop out of my belly" (her words). Too cute....

Lindsey | 7:52 PM

Your nursery for your girls is so colorful! :) I should have you decorate my Epperly's nursery! My happy news for today is that Epperly said mama for the first time today! And YES I cried! :) My email is

Jocelyn Rice | 7:57 PM

Absotively beauteous.

A nice thing that happened today: I shared a pint of Americone Dream with my husband after the eight-month-old willingly went to sleep at bedtime. Ahhh.

lepisosteidae | 7:59 PM

I would love a link to that tiny owl pull/knob. Owls were my college's mascot - I have a particular fondness for them! So adorable!

Loonstruck | 8:12 PM

Our aspirations are our possibilities. - Samuel Johnson

It's one of my favorite quotes. Especially on the days when my get up and go, has gotten up and left. Your nursery is beautiful. How wonderful that your whole family is involved in making it a home for the newest members!

BC | 8:14 PM

Adorable! Funny story - I have killed two smartphones during my pregnancy. One through drowning, one through fumbling onto a hard surface. I can't believe they'll let me take a tiny baby home after such demonstrations of complete oafishness.

aerdna | 8:19 PM

That is pretty much the most awesome nursery ever. I have no babies in my own immediate future, but I have three born into my super close life in the last three weeks, and more to come, for sure. So...I win?!

Hot Stuff | 8:29 PM

Your nursery is beyond lovely! We are expecting our first child in November and are trying desperately to find a new apt., this one with a 2nd room for our little girl. It's very hard to "decorate" for a room we don't yet have, but I am trying. :)

maggles | 8:34 PM

Is the white part of the zebra head actually newspaper print? That is freaking awesome. Love it and I love you for supporting Dianne! She is freaking awesome and I am so happy she led me to your blog, because guess what? You're pretty neat, too!

t. | 8:41 PM

My happy today is seeing this nursery and seeing you so happy and serene.

That and my 18 month old saying "yuuv u mawmaw". Great day.

caressa | 8:56 PM

I learned today that while some people shouldn't drunk text, I shouldn't PMS e-mail.

Love the nursery!

Amanda | 9:06 PM

I think your giraffe "head" is rubbing off on me. The bought this skirt-
I bought it a couple weeks ago and when you posted the first nursery post I thought "whoa, there's some serious giraffe mojo goin' around!" I still maintain that if I ever have a daughter I fully plan on tracking down the pink/coral giraffe print wallpaper that appears in Margot Tenenbaum's room from The Royal Tenenbaums.

Are those initials a sneak peak at baby names?!

Caley | 9:11 PM

Lovely play mats! I have a 9 month old and am 6 weeks pregnant with my second, so we would definitely put this to good use!

c a l e y 2 2 @ h o t m a i l . c o m

calgal03 | 9:14 PM

I love the playmats! I'm currently going on 3 days "overdue" with my first, and we're relocating across the country in 2 months, so I haven't had a chance to nest or set up any kind of nursery. But I've been living vicariously through your beautiful twinsie setup! Love!

The Kellys | 9:25 PM

I wish I had seen your nursery before my daughter was born last year! So much inspiration!

And way to tease us with the first initials! ;)

K | 9:34 PM

What a gorgeous nursery! I love how much color you use and yet still keep with a theme.

I would love to win the playmat for my future baby!

Here's my story: I stayed up late making my "paper" gift for my first wedding anniversary for my husband, and accidentally slept in late and was late to work! Woops!

sam | 9:35 PM

OH I love it so much! I am so glad you are sharing it along the way. Can't wait to see two precious babes in there. :)

Kristin | 9:51 PM

You have a beautiful family and that is a beautiful nursery!
I love reading about your mommy adventures I am a new mom of a three month old and he laughed for the first time today it was music to my ears <3

SpillingOutBeautiful | 9:55 PM

The nursery is looking amazing!!! I want to decorate a nursery (but not really cause that would mean I would be having a baby). I'm so totally pumped for you.

Entering in to win a mat, my cousin would swoon over one of these for her son.

What to share? Hmmm...?

"And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."
-Desiderata: Max Ehrmann

h | 10:03 PM

The fabric, oh the fabric! Love!

Re: the decals, you make them look stylish, I am so used to seeing cheesy quotes in that format.

Maggie | 10:06 PM

What to tell you? Well how about the lovely home the play pad will go to in the rare instance I'm selected.
My gorgeous and totally amazing friend Amanda is pregnant with her first child. On top of that she is the first of "our group" to have a baby, so we are all beyond thrilled!! She is two weeks behind your pregnancy, Rebecca, so it's been fun to compare how the two are going! I've been reading GGC for maybe two years now, but just recently started sending Amanda links to different posts since you announced your pregnancy. Posts that I was sure she'd gobble up with the same enthusiasm that I have! Now she's hooked!! So, while they don't have a name picked out just yet, the play pad would go to this highly anticipated and already completely loved little lady!

Anonymous | 10:42 PM


I so wish you could just help me decorate my home a little more but on the cheap. You seem to have a knack for all things simple, quirky and beautiful. Not to mention recycled. That is me to the bone. I am enjoying your nursery and it has tugged at my "biological clock" of whether I'd want another child or not. lol. Anyhow, I hope you are taking great care of yourself and I know you are but a reminder never hurts. Enjoy your time and hopefully we can see each other over the summer. xoxo gorgeous one and by the way....I thoroughly was touched by the thank you card you gave me. It meant a lot to me. It really did. =-)

Anonymous | 10:45 PM

it's very cute! but you should paint the walls !! : )

Alyssa | 10:57 PM

Super awesome nursery - looks like a lot of fun. I'd totally read books on that carpet too. Happy stuff -I had fun with my two lovely girls today. A 5 month old and a 3 year old. Random comment - we know someone in common. Small world.

taryn | 10:57 PM

I'm having a little girl due end of October and your nursery is inspiring! I love the knobs especially and the color of the dresser is amazing! Thanks for sharing your sources!

Jen5253 | 11:00 PM

What a GORGEOUS room! I LOVE the fabrics and colors that you have chosen! I esp. LOVE the knobs on the dresser! What a whimsical touch!!! Amazing job!!

Lori | 11:35 PM

I love the way the nursery is coming along! You have a great sense of style! I just read Iggy Peck, Architect to my daughter last night and she loved it! Thank you for the recommendation.
I am now 13 weeks pregnant, not sure what we are having yet, so I haven't started the nursery, a playmate would be a great place to start though!

Loving your blog! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

Lisa | 11:45 PM

I was loving the decor, the story, the giveaway and then I got to the FOOD at the bottom of the page and HELLO? I'm kinda hungry now and must go see if I have corn or greenbeans or some other yummy veggie snacks. Love your blog btw. It makes me want to remodel something and eat. *sigh* ;)

Alyssa | 11:49 PM

Yay for giveaways!

My little story: The hubs and I are giving it a go for baby #1 and lovely items like this are a great way to start stocking up ahead of time!

The nursery is starting to look so great. You and your mom both deserve a good pat on the back because those curtains are my favorite part!

Anne-Katherine S. | 11:50 PM

That is SO CUTE! I find the pattern is very Charley Harper!
I feel silly entering this since I don't have children, but I would still love to win it for when I do. Or to give as a gift to one of my many friends/relatives with babies.
Or really, just keep it because it's too adorable. haha
fun fact: a friend of mine showed me a picture of her in her maxi dress and my first thought was that you would totally love it.

if I win, I can be found at anne_katherine88 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Katherine Sanford | 11:52 PM

I found gluten-free donuts at the store today! Yay!

(Nursery is adorable!!!)

stacymichelle | 11:57 PM

Not going to lie, I am jealous of B & R and F & A. What an a-mazing family. :) I am wondering if Fable and Archer know their sisters names yet? As a pre-parent, I don't know much, but I *do* know that I for sure want that we love you sign in my future babies rooms. :)

Unknown | 1:11 AM

Love the nursery! I'm eleventy jillion months pregnant with my third (and probably last? totally into your permanent birth control discussion right now) and would love that lovely playmat. Also, I need to do a run to Anthro and get myself one of those big cloth "R"s, because this kid will be an R too. I assume you're naming one of the twins Rebecca Jr, right? ;)

Anyhoo, my good news is that as of an ultrasound yesterday, baby is looking healthy (and BIG, 9 pounds already with a couple more weeks to go) and everything looks great. Good position, right amount of fluid, etc. Now I just need to go into labor, kthxbai!

amber a | 3:37 AM

I would love to have one of those playmats... with hardwood floors in my house my poor 3mo old desperately needs something for tummy time. And btw that is the funkiest nursery ever! In a good way! I love it- very original.

trinanrob | 4:11 AM

Loving the nursery! As a fellow mommy of twins, getting things prepared (times two) makes it so much more exciting!! I think it is because we have to be done so much earlier - 28-32 weeks.

Great news! My family and I are leaving on a long awaited vacation to the beach this morning. . . can't wait to hit the road!

Happy Decorating!!

Unknown | 4:20 AM

You are so organized. My second baby girl is due early September and I have done nada. I have paint and ideas but so far have not had the energy to execute.
But your nursery is gorgeous! I can't wait to see how everything comes together.

Anonymous | 5:07 AM

You're eclectic - I like that.
A little about me - we can't make babies - so we adopt them!
Our first son was born May 26, 2010 and our birthmom is due again in December. God willing we'll be the parents of him/her, as well.
Congrats on all of your children.

Lia | 5:51 AM

Wow the nursery is really looking lovely. I wish I had a beautiful space like that.
I would love to be included in the draw for the giveaway, I'll share a story and a quote for it.
My son (who turned 4 on your birthday) got a little bit of money from his grandfather on his big day. He went out with his dad a few days later to spend the money on a toy and he came home with not just a toy for himself but also with a gift for his little sister. He had decided he wanted to share his gift with her so he bought her a toy too.

"You are what you love, and not what loves you back" (Jenny Lewis)

I love you blog!

Anonymous | 5:57 AM

I love the fabric of the curtains! I jurt started the 2nd trimester with my 3rd. All of the kids will be moving rooms and I'm looking forward to decorating each one of them!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 6:12 AM

Ok, knobs. Seriously how can I be so excited about them? But I am! They are gorgeous. This is so fun to watch you get to do. Overshare away!!!! Also, would love a play mat!


Liz | 6:25 AM

Really gorgeous. I love the dresser with all the knobs. That's going to be a real focal point of the kids' memories.

Some like it hot | 6:27 AM

I am jealous of your decorating sense! I wish I was so creative!

Happy thing= We find out what we are having next week!

Some like it hot | 6:28 AM

I am jealous of your decorating sense! I wish I was so creative!

Happy thing= scheduled our 19 week ultrasound for next week so we get to find out what we are having!!

Unknown | 6:29 AM

I love your nursery! I wish my house had a good sized room. I feel our nursery style is definitely cramped- the room is 8x10 I think! I'll be posting pics of it when it's all finished, but it's no where near it right now.

My good news- I hit 26 weeks yesterday, so I'm only like a week away from the third (and final) trimester!

Laura | 6:38 AM

I actually just started working this week to turn our guest bedroom into a nursery for our 2nd little boy who is set to arrive in early November. We have to keep the guest bed in there so I am having a little bit of a struggle figuring out what I can do for his crib/rocking chair/curtains/other cute baby decor to go along with the guest bedding we have. Might be breaking out the ole' sewing machine soon!

Nikki | 6:44 AM

As soon as I saw the B + R I had a pretty hard time concentrating on the rest of the post. I can't wait to find out the wee bebe's names! I'm almost 10 weeks, going to see my midwife on Thursday for a checkup... Hopefully will hear the heartbeat! Eeee!!

Steph | 7:08 AM

My beautiful, bilingual, 2 (in 2 weeks)year old daughter woke up recently and said to me, "I dreamed bicicletas (bicycles)." Isn't that wonderful?

Katie | 7:11 AM

Adorable nursery! Twin girls, there isn't much better than that :-) LOVE the playmat!

Steph | 7:12 AM

Love the nursery!

Liz | 7:33 AM

So amazing! Love the vase.

Darleya | 7:45 AM

What a beautiful nursery, it is absolutely perfect. Gives me great ideas for my growing bean.

You have great style!

Maria | 7:45 AM

I'm posting while nursing my baby #3. I waffled on whether or not to have #3 but took the leap and couldn't be happier. Your post last June on pondering a third was so reassuring to me. Thank you!

maria dot freeman at mac dot com

Anonymous | 7:56 AM

Great friends are having their first baby next month. The mat would be a perfect gift!

Courtney | 7:57 AM

It's coming together so beautifully! I love your subtle theme. I did a gender neutral international traveller theme (with hints of safari) and it has been the perfect fit for my little one. Yay nesting.

Anna | 8:36 AM


My 2 and 4 year olds have just resurrected a chant they haven't done since 6 months ago:
2yo: "Underpants!"
4yo: "Say whaaaat?"

There you go.

Sarah R. | 8:37 AM

The nursery is a magical space because everything has been created with such love. The happy, vibrant colors are divine and such a strong statement for little girls. I really love that you upcycle pieces, too. It's one of my favorite activities here in LA -- to scour the many vintage stores for fab finds that can be transformed or are perfect as is. Bravo.

Cookin' Canuck | 8:44 AM

That nursery is gorgeous. And those Boga Babe mats look as though they would be the perfect gift for any new mama. Beautifully made! (No need to enter me in the giveaway - my kids are older.)

Courtney | 9:37 AM

Yesterday at the pool, two strangers told me how adorable and good I look (I am 35 weeks pregnant), it was 2 amazing acts of random kindness and I vowed to tell pregnant women how good they look whenever I see them.

Nissa | 9:57 AM

The room is looking great! So cheerful & eclectic. I especially love the blue dresser with all of the different knobs!

Something that made me happy today was the sight of my 16 month old Wyatt pushing around his stuffed dragon in a baby buggy. sweet!

emily bilbrey | 10:13 AM

i love your nursery so, SO much! the bird decals remind me of my tattoo, heehee! (; i've been decorating poppy's room since we moved in october and i haven't been able to resist sharing the progress as i go. just finished sewing the curtains yesterday! yay for handmade!

can't wait to see your print art when it arrives. enjoy your nesting, mama!


samantha | 10:24 AM

I'm so curious to know their names now!!! :-)

I'm excited we're in talks about baby #2 and that makes me giddy :-)

leaner | 10:40 AM

I am so loving your nursery. Maybe someday I will get to redo a room for my kids and they'll actually like it. :)

Gina | 10:44 AM

Love the nursery! I'm secretly hoping your unique "B" name is the same as my daughter's unique B name :) My email address is in my profile. Hope I win that gorgeous play mat!

Myssie | 11:01 AM

That dresser is pretty rad!
I will share the twin advice my mom always gives new parents of twins (my younger brother's are identical mirror twins. They are the third and fourth in our family as well) we had crazy fun as kids and still do!
She tells parents not to be so quick to separate the kids. My mom had a hell of time with the crabby/sleepless kids until she realized they needed to be next to each other to sleep. Smart boys finally let her know by shaking their cribs until they scooted them together and one would climb into the others crib to fall asleep.
Best of luck and happy decorating.

Marie | 11:18 AM

It's so beautiful! and I really love the playmats' bird print.

Eve | 12:09 PM

The girls' room is looking so sweet. Love the playmats. My baby Hank would love one, too!

Stephanie | 12:35 PM

The nursery looks great! Can't wait to see it all finished. Wish I could put one together for my baby. She is now 5 months old but her crib is in our room. Thanks for sharing.

Kitty | 12:55 PM

Today my 2-year-old son, who has been in a "Mama" phase for about a month, ONLY wanted to play with/ eat with/ be held by my husband. And it was lovely...a bit more freedom for me, a chance for my husband to bask in the affection of our baby, and one very happy toddler. It's been a good day.

I love the nursery and am keeping my fingers crossed for that awesome playmat!

A.P. | 1:05 PM

My 4 year old says funny things daily. Today: Mom, you're legs are skinny. Me: Wow, thanks!! You really think my legs are skinny. Him: Hmm, no. But you have skin ON your legs. Ah children, they entertain you and keep you humble :)

Sandy | 1:17 PM

The girls room is turning out lovely. I love everything in the room, so fresh and modern feeling. Love it!

jessica k | 1:30 PM

looks beautiful!

Lin | 1:30 PM

LOVE everything! Gorgeous.

My email is:

My happy: I'm also a new mom. My daughter just turned 8 months old a few days ago and at the same time I realized that I've finally got a tentative hold on how to balance everything (my daughter, my husband, myself) I'm also starting to see the leftover pregnancy weight going away! I know my balance will be thrown off again, but for now everything feels juuuust right.

Wishing the same for you as the girls are born! Love!

Alyssa | 1:43 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alyssa | 1:45 PM

The nursery looks beautiful, I love it. I recently found out I'm pregnant with my second, so I love looking for new ideas for the baby room. The purple bookshelf is amazing. Hope you're feeling well!

Kimberly | 1:46 PM

I am loving your nursery so far. I feel like an etsy stalker because I've been spending so much time on there trying to find the "perfect" touches for our nursery. I never thought of using anything but plain jane curtains, but after seeing what you've done, I kinda want to go with something bold.

The WEB We Make | 1:47 PM

I don't know if someone mentioned this because you have a bajillion comments, but...
I'm a twin. My ma told me for the first couple of months we shared a crib. She said we couldn't sleep apart because we were always touching in her belly and couldn't sleep without each other. One crib'll work for awhile :)
Oh, and I love it! Love the vintage feel!

Johanna | 2:10 PM

You have amazing taste and I'm actually jealous you are having cute lil twins...I babysat twins when I was little and ever since I have always dreamed one day I would have my own. So best of luck to you.

My awesome story of the day is that I changed my 5mo old babies first solid poop! hahahahaha it was say the least...and Diane actually posted on my wall the link to your blog. Our families grew up together and I want on of her mats sooooooo bad! Hope I win! Thanks to you and Diane :)

Johanna | 2:13 PM

You have amazing taste and I'm actually jealous you are having cute lil twins...I babysat twins when I was little and ever since I have always dreamed one day I would have my own. So best of luck to you.

My awesome story of the day is that I changed my 5mo old's first solid poop! hahahahaha it was say the least...and Diane actually posted on my wall the link to your blog. Our families grew up together and I want on of her mats sooooooo bad but can't afford it! Hope I win! Thanks to you and Diane :)

Stephanie | 2:28 PM

It's such a lovely room - I'm glad you're sharing the process with us and not just the final result.
So! My thing to share with you is that after several years of indecision, I've finally decided that I want AND am ready for a baby. And I'm really excited!! Hubby is more in the terrified camp, but he's coming around - the other day he randomly told me what kind of stroller he thinks we should get :)

Tracey R. | 3:01 PM

Your nursery is coming along so well!! We find out the baby's sex in just a couple of weeks, so then I will finally be able to start honing in on nursery treasures we want!! I can't wait and this room is great inspiration. (as is the boga mat! :-)

Dina | 3:02 PM

My baby smiled intentionally at me yesterday :). Best thing ever. :)!

Brenda | 3:14 PM

Love, love, love the nursery! Never even occurred to me
that you could do a nursery WITHOUT basing it on the cookie-cutter bedding sets at Babies R' Us! I am guilty of doing it for both of my kids...Jocelyn was pink Winnie the Pooh and now has graduated to Tinkerbell as she is 3 years old already! My son, Talan, is brown jungle themed but is more of a "little man's" room than a baby room...the walls are dark chocolate brown.
I would love to be entered in the play mat giveaway!


Jen | 3:30 PM

Happy thing? I'm due with my first child in December! :)

Anonymous | 4:21 PM

Lovin' the nursery! What fun, indeed!
I'd be delighted to win the playmat for my 2nd babe due this winter... and I agree, the Woody Allen is fantastic! Thanks!
carrielmcclain @ gmail . com

Expat Mom | 4:32 PM

LOVE the nursery and I like seeing it come together.
My happy story is that I was convinced my body was just seriously messed up and my sister convinced me to take a pregnancy test two days ago and . . . presto! We're expecting a baby in early 2012. I was still waffling about staying with two kids or maybe adding a couple more and now, well, the decision was made. :) And this baby will definitely need stuff, cuz I have absolutely nothing left from the other two kids!

Adrianne | 5:06 PM

Oh my goodness, it's looking fabulous! We just painted birds into the tree that we painted on the wall today! And you have birds on the wall too...awesome! My whole theme is birds and trees, so that mat would be so perfect!
And I know how you feel about wanting to post throughout the process. I can't wait to post my nursery update now that things are really starting to come together.
Pick me, random number generator!! :)


parsonage on the prairie | 5:22 PM

I've been meaning to tell you that you are such a wonderful pregnant person. I've been reading your blog and read your book and your twin pregnancy is literature made true. So, cause we could say anything--I'd like to say: Way to go! You are doing it! You inspire!

Megan | 5:23 PM

Love how the nursery is coming together!
I've commented before and said this but I want to say it again - I love reading all your updates and the progress with the pregnancy. We're due with our first -surprise- baby 4 weeks before you're due with the twins and I feel like some of your surprise and worries having twins (especially since they are your 3rd and 4th) are very similar to what we're going through - or at least some of the emotions I'M going through! My fiance seems to be really zen about this whole thing which as much as I wish he's just have a freak out once in a while, I'm grateful since I'm the worrier/planner and am certainly freaking out enough for the both (three?) of us!

Thanks again for sharing the journey! The nursery looks awesome and I love that you're sharing the "in progress" shots too!

Billie | 5:40 PM

Love the nursery, I love seeing how you're designing it! Thanks for sharing the process :)

eggonit | 5:43 PM

Today my husband saw the baby kick inside mybelly and the look on his face was the bes thing! Ours is due in October.

Ida Mae | 6:26 PM

i am loving reading along as well, esp since we'll likely give birth around the same time. though instead of a nursery I have been putting together a "big boy room" for my 2 year old. He's moving from the foot of our bed in his toddler bed to his own room. (at least that's the "plan" ;-)

joanie | 6:29 PM

SOoooooooooooooooooooooo Gorg!!!
And btw, love that we have a little reveal in the initals~~~!!!!!

Something funny my 4 yo said. we were at the sprinklers and he didn't want to get a burn so he told me not to forget the sunscream ;-)

Heidi | 6:50 PM

Love the nursery! I too am having a blast decorating for my first due Oct 12th. I'm always hanging out in that room now. Yesterday he did what I can only describe as a barrel roll in my stomach and it seemed like I saw every body part poking through my skin while it happened. So. Awesome.

fancyfish13 at yahoo dot com

Kerri Swift | 7:54 PM

what a unique nursery, I love all the different knobs on the dresser and LOVE the playmats...too cute!

holly | 8:06 PM

Those mats are so dang cute! Makes me want someone to knock me up.

ithinkpink | 8:27 PM

I <3 the mats! Please include me in the giveaway, as my best friend currently has her first bun in the oven, and I am experiencing birth vicariously through her!

Britt | 8:31 PM

I would love to be entered into this draw. My brother is expecting his 2nd, and I am so excited!

robyn L. | 8:32 PM

About a week ago, I overheard a mom in Target say, "Sit your butt down!" When I passed the aisle where they were located, I saw a baby about a year old *standing* in the section of the cart where she should have been *sitting*. The whole scene made me giggle.

Tonight, I was shopping at Target with my eleven-month-old. I looked away from her for a moment to grab something off a shelf. When I stood back up, my girl--who was BUCKLED IN--had twisted herself around and was STANDING UP trying to grab items out of the back of the cart. I heard myself tell her to sit her bottom down as I tried to wrestle her back into the seat. I wasn't giggling.

Anonymous | 9:32 PM

Something happy?

I'm due with our first baby in February of 2012, and we just bought our first little old house. I can't wait to nest there and make a wonderful play area for this little baby.

midnight_terror at

Jillian | 10:49 PM

LOVE the nursery!

My story....tomorrow will be the day that exactly 6 months ago I was working hard to bring my daughter, my first child, into this world. I can't believe how quickly time flies, how fast they grow, and how much I love her more and more each day. July 4th is her 6 month birthday and I've already told her the fireworks are celebrating her. It's fun to think I can tell her that each year!

P.S. I have no idea if you remember or not, but I"m the one that made Fable a little journal/photo/keepsake book before she was born. :)

BonJoey | 1:02 AM

I love your nursery! It looks so fun and uplifting! I want to hang out in it too! ;) I can't wait for the big reveal on the babies' names!!! So exciting!
I have a quote for you that I think of often. It's not a feel-good quote but it is instead very important words of wisdom that I try to live by (among others of course!)...I'm sharing this one today because I didn't abide by it earlier this evening, and now I'm regretting it. It's a chinese proverb that goes, "Make no promises when you are seized by joy; write no letters when you are seized by anger". Hope it helps in your future! <3

Jen (or Jenny, Jennifer, Momma, Mommy, MOM, and hun). I answer to all of them! | 3:11 AM

Love your blog! I really like the colors of the nursery- it looks so cheerful. Expecting my third in two weeks and haven't purchased anything new for this baby!

c | 3:13 AM

My happy news is that I'm making some changes in my life recently to advocate for the happiness of my family of 3, soon to be 4. My 17 month old and my baby due in September deserve a happy mom and dad and my husband and I are working on our people-pleasing tendencies and putting our family first for a change. So far, I feel empowered and I hope the momentum continues. Carmensebert (at) gmail (dot) com

Angie Elliott | 3:50 AM

Five hours ago I held my sister's hand as her first child came into the world. A beautiful, healthy boy. It was a long labour and she needs a present. The playmat would be perfect. Cheers.

MaggieWing | 3:55 AM

"Mann kann nicht bergauf kommen, ohne bergan zu gehen." -Matthias Claudius
One cannot get up the mountain without going up the mountain.

jessica ♥ The Fevered Pen | 5:42 AM

I'm due around the same time as you! October 17th, with our second boy. Every day, my firstborn son spends at least 20 minutes talking to his "brotha" and bringing him toys/snacks. It's awesome :)

I love the nursery progress! I'll be posting mine too, although very slowly because I'm SO not at any stage yet lol. We just have the crib sorta set up {as we took it down from Nolan's room and didn't want to FULLY take it down and risk loosing the bolts etc}. I already know all of what I'm going to do, so that's pretty cool lol. Just waiting for the funds! :)

Those playmats are adorable!


Christy | 6:42 AM

OMG, I want to move into your nursery. It's so pretty.

Something happy? We are taking my 2 1/2 year old and her cousin (3) to the zoo today. There is much squeeing and happy dancing happening around her right now. You'd think we haven't been in forever, but we just went to the zoo (without the cousin) last Monday. My girl LOVES the Zoo.


jinxy112 @ gmail dot com

Sue | 7:40 AM

The nursery looks great! Something happy? Last night we celebrated the Fourth with extended family and at the end of the evening my 3-year old son remarked, "I need more cousins!" From his lips to God's ears. Cousins are the best! Contact:

Anonymous | 8:07 AM

Hiya! Love the nursery so far! Today we got to take our 15 month old to his first petting zoo and he was head over heels for the baby ducks! Happy Holiday weekend -

Flora R. | 8:09 AM

Today my husband planted 3 lilacs in our front yard. Happy news indeed!

Sable | 8:19 AM

Such a great space you have going on! Happy moment of the day - my husband is ready to try for our third child. We start next week. :)

Janel | 8:41 AM

My story? For some reason, I thought an excellent idea would be to take my husband and two girls (four and two) to the zoo in 85 degree weather. At 35 weeks pregnant. Oh yeah, and forget to feed them an actual breakfast. I don't have the best ideas sometimes... (

VlogMom | 8:51 AM

Their room is looking beautiful and unique, I love it!
"A wife of noble character who can find?
She is worth far more than rubies.
11 Her husband has full confidence in her
and lacks nothing of value.
12 She brings him good, not harm,
all the days of her life." Proverbs 31:10-12
Thanks for bringing your family good and caring for them the way that you do! It is very encouraging :)
nichole.hinton AT

kghacker | 10:38 AM

The nursery is awesome. Big fan of incorporating as many colors as possible.

Our 8 mo old daughter's nickname is little bird so obvs that mat would be slammin' for her!

April | 10:48 AM

I adore your little darlings nursery space! So precious!

Nikkie | 10:49 AM

This nursery is awesomely pretty! Great place for a newborn. I especially like the blanket, the birds on the wall and the zebra head. Gorgeous.

Nicole D | 10:50 AM

I love those knobs. And way to tease us with those initials!

Something boyfriend's 3 year old son is coming to stay with us this summer for 4 weeks!

robin | 11:00 AM

The room looks great! You have a great eye for decorating/fashion. I'm jealous, since I have mostly an eye for...well, clutter. I have 3 babies (oldest is 5) and I have never designed/decorated a nursery. I could see how it could be fun, but I feel that I would just end up frustrated, because it wouldn't turn out beautiful, like yours!
I'm soooo curious about the names, now that you have revealed the initials. Oh, the suspense!

Unknown | 12:16 PM

You've inspired me in decorating my children's rooms (and my own!), so thank you!

I was curious where you found that green rug, I'm looking for something like that for my daughter.

Stay cool this weekend!

k5brown | 12:42 PM

Nursery is so beautiful! You have a knack for finding things. I need help with my on child's room and that play mat would sure help!1!

Jessica | 1:32 PM

I Just have to say for my thought lately is that I'm so happy that I have my little family, My two and a half year old wild little boy, who talks non stop and for his baby brother kicking and squirming in my belly. My 2.5year old is always kissing my belly and giving his food and toys to my's such sweet experience. I'll be 25 weeks on monday and this time around I'm so much more tired that the first time, but i'm still loving every minute of this beautiful experience. My husband is amazing and wonderful and is so hardworking and I'm so happy that we have this little family together!
I think that this is an awesome giveaway! XO

Rheyanan-lee | 3:04 PM

ooooohhh that playmat would look gorgeous in my godson's nursery! He has a safari type theme going as well.


lovingthe30's | 3:37 PM

I love your nursery! I'm having a baby in December and still don't know the sex, we find out in a few weeks. Either way, I would love to do something bright and cheery with the curtains like you did. We also currently, don't have anything yet for baby. Ahhhh! I'm assuming we're going to be just fine....right? :) Love the playmats!

christine | 4:12 PM

looove those mats and would love one for our new babe coming next feb!

Margaux | 6:44 PM

Love love love your nursery. I have a toddler boy and a newborn girl and I have to admit I've had a great time decorating the girl's room. I'm not particularly girly, but having a baby girl has brought out the pink, which I didn't expect!

Anonymous | 8:17 PM

Be sure to anchor and secure that gorgeous purple bookcase, ok? Please confirm that you will...

Jen | 9:43 PM

Love the happy, happy theme and most especially the "We Love You" art. :) Our third little bean will be joining us on the outside in just a week and s/he'll be rooming with us for now. I just went mad today on Etsy too ordering some cozy blankies to lively up his/her space...I've got a bird jones so I'm in love with the awesome blankies!!

Jill | 9:49 PM

I wish I were able to put a room together like you can, your nursery is wonderful in everyway. What lucky little babies. I have a little girl who is almost 9 months old and would love to have that playmat for her. Can't wait to see the final pictures of your nursery.

Jill | 10:03 PM

oh and here is a little story about our day. We have found it really difficult maintaining a social life after having our little today we had our friends over for some beachtime and a bbq. It took us forevery to get out the door...packing the stroller, umbrella, towels, snacks, bottles, toys, peapod...etc. Of course 5 minutes after we got to the beach a massive storm rolled in. packed everything up again, got home and our sweet little girl refused to go down for her afternoon nap. Felt run off my feet all day, but it was wonderful spending time with friends again, and also wonderful having some time alone with my hubby and little girl after everyone went home. It's crazy how much having babies changes your life.

Please enter me in your giveaway:

Corrie | 10:44 PM

I spent the weekend throwing a baby shower for my sister and her soon to be born baby boy. yay for finally becoming an aunt! Your nursery is amazing... I love all the colors.

Au Pair Germany | 2:19 AM

What a beautiful nursery!so neat and clean, and i love the color of the carpet.everything is perfect.@,@

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