Twenty-Seven Weeks

wearing a shirt that used to be a dress

Happy Monday! Or is it Thursday? April? 2004? My brain is officially fried. At last week's OB appointment I was given the "pee cup", before
scamperingwaddling off to the bathroom to pee in it, only to realize, as I was washing my hands that the pee cup was still empty. Because apparently I forgot. To pee. In the cup. So, what do I do? I take the empty cup and DIP it in the urine-tinted toilet water, hoping the nurse won't notice. Except... yeah. No.

See also: gross/disgusting/what have I become?

Twenty minutes later I got a parking ticket because I FILLED SOMEONE ELSE'S METER BY MISTAKE INSTEAD OF MINE! Which is usually my thing - I'm all about filling strangers' expired meters but not at my own expense! Fuck!

As of last week's slew of appointments, I'm clocking in at 187 pounds. The nurse actually insisted on weighing me twice because gaining eleven pounds in three weeks apparently alarmed her. I laughed so hard at that because clearly she doesn't know that I am the master of pregnancy weight gain. I asked her if she'd like me to take off all my clothes and get back on for a third time but she said no.

I ran into a friend the other day who is also expecting, a few weeks behind me and isn't even showing yet.

"Yes I am too showing!" she said and I was like... uh...

Then Hal reminded me of the time I took this picture and excitedly ran to show him because, "DUDE! Hal! Look at me! I am HUGE!"
I was nine weeks pregnant in that picture and my twenty-seven week self wants to slap my nine-week self across her idiotic non-existent ass/face. Because LOOK AT YOUR BODY! Not the ass, the ass is MIA, but the bod! The belly! WHY! WHYYYYY!!!????

And yes I know. I'm supposed to be marveling in my massively voluptuous curves because I AM LIFE! And for a few weeks back there, I was. Truly... I was really was enjoying this pregnancy.... earlier... but I'm so fucking uncomfortable and exhausted from trying to sleep at a 90 degree angle seven nights a week to keep from choking on my reflux that I just kind of want to cry. Or better yet, find someone who is in the same
blow-up-poolboat as I am and paint upside down smiley faces on each other's bellies with finger paint and just, you know, UNDERSTAND each other. Because I feel like a crazy person, all alone on this island of uncomfortable hugeness.
As well as probing me for my fertility history, which an average of five strangers do daily ("Are your twins natural?" "Do twins run in your family?" "Were you trying to get pregnant with twins?" Uh... really?), the second most frequently asked question I get (mainly from strangers) is whether I plan to breastfeed, "because I have a friend who tandem nursed for three years and it was so beautiful..."

Every other person tells me this story and every other person gets the same response from me.

"Good for your friend!"

Because, yes, successfully breastfeeding twins is AMAZING. My hat (and my bra) are off to those who do. But I can't put that kind of pressure on myself. No ma'am. Because, even though I nursed Fable for a total of thirteen months, it was a HUGE UNDERTAKING, (you can read about my experience BFARing here, here, here, here and here) and even then, I had to supplement with formula from day one. So. I have no idea if I'll even be able to partially nurse two babies. At once. Physically.

...Not to mention, the whole other kids thing... I'd like to hang out with them, too. With my boobs under a shirt.

At twenty-six weeks, 3 days, babies were measuring TWENTY-EIGHT weeks, 3 days, which is CRAZY. They're forces of nature, these girls and I can't wait to high-five them in person. According to my Perinatologist, babies weigh two and a quarter pounds with a "nice thick membrane between them". Jam on, Rhythm & Blues!

When they scan every two weeks, beyond measuring the babies, docs also check to make sure the membrane between them is nice and thick. They also check fluid levels and my cervix to make sure it isn't thinning. So far, so fabulous. (Apparently it's common for multiples to grow exponentially early on because nature is amazing and understands that toward the end of gestation, there will be little room left for them to grow.)

The following is is not a rock formation. It is instead, Miss Baby B. Behold her Sci-fi cuteness:
And yes, I am aware that many (if not most) of you think these ultrasounds are incredibly creepy and they usually are to me, too, when I'm not pregnant, but right now? It's kind of the most amazing thing ever. I only wish I had a photo of each babe, but alas, Baby A is camera shy.

Girls are still face to face, transverse with heads on my left side, bodies and legs the right, which is why my right side is so much more... gigantimungous. It actually looks sort of hilarious. Which makes the fact that it's quite possibly the most uncomfortable thing of all time, almost worth it. Because HA HA HA, I'm a house.

Side A:
Side B:
Meanwhile, my kids continue to be awesome. Fable has been helping me weed the vegetable garden, do the dishes and has learned to put on her own shoes, thanks to my inability to help her. Archer has taken over as chief-put-Fable-down-for-nap person, singing her to sleep until she nods off, before tip-toeing out the bedroom door.

When I asked him if he'll do the same for the babies, he said "of course, mom! But I don't think they'll need me at first. Babies are pretty good at putting themselves down for a nap."

From your lips, kid...

And while my patience for pretty much everyone in the entire world else has gone the way of my waistline, Archer and Fable are the exception. They remind me every hour of every day that the sleepless-night-reflux-disgustingness and swollen-everything-moody-crazies are going to be all so totally worth it in the end. That this pain is the good kind. The very-best-nothing-better-kind. The no-matter-how-hard-it-sucks-now-it-will-all-be-over-soon-and-then-I'll-get-to-hold-two-tiny-babies-in-my-arms-and-oh-my-gosh-I-can't-wait kind.


Kristen | 2:42 PM

You are bringing back so many memories of my twin pregnancy... I am so enjoying these posts...

My twins were my first, and I didn't have any clue about breastfeeding, but my biggest regret is that I didn't work more with the lactation consultant to learn to breastfeed both at the same time (well actually, what I didn't learn was how do you burp one kid while you still have a kid attached on the other side...). Good luck with whatever nutrition you give your baby.

Courtney | 2:45 PM

I am a little over 37 weeks with a singleton pregnancy, but I just wanted to say I would gladly finger paint upside-down smileys with you and totally UNDERSTAND uncomfortable hugeness, because yeah.

sonja | 2:48 PM

You look amazing! Where, perchance, did you get the dress/shirt?

Bless with a Boy | 2:51 PM

WOW, I was just wondering about you and bam ther is a post. Sorry you are not feeling your best. Hang in there.

Again, thank you for bringing us along on this journey.

Wishing you all many blessings in the weeks and years to come.

Cassie | 2:56 PM

As I watch your belly grow with you, 25 weeks along with my second kiddo myself, I can only say that however you are living your daily life, if you are a total mess and feeling miserable, you just look like the loveliest, most full-of-grace pregnant lady I've ever seen. And if there is a stretchmark that exists on that perfectly pale belly, I'd love to see it to believe it. Mine broke out in stripes within 15 weeks with my first, and my second so far has added a few of it's own, just to let me know that he/she is just as legit. Kudos to you for pulling off the giant pregnancy lady look (and don't worry, we all get to that look, whether earlier or later) with panache and grace. :)

Anonymous | 2:58 PM

I'm 29 weeks with one and I love reading your updates. I'm stealing the line about patience going the way of your waistline. I tried to see a movie this weekend in a theater...with the public, and I should have know better than to go somewhere where other people would be. I would feel bad about my negative attitude if it weren't for the not giving a fuck. I'm also really busy helping my husband apply for sainthood.
Your updates make me feel better and less lonely about the whole experience. Thanks

sara | 2:58 PM

Chocolate silk? Have you tried that for the acid reflux. Swear to god for some reason it works when nothing else does. AND it is delicious!

Unknown | 3:03 PM

I think you look great. If I were in your shoes right now, I would be a disgusting mess. Wait- I live in Florida so let's make that a disgusting drenched in sweat mess.

I love the side A picture with the boob grab. Sexy.

Kailee | 3:09 PM

I *love* reading your pregnancy posts! What is it about people and their nosiness about how you plan to feed your baby? I'm breastfeeding and also having to supplement, and I get SO much advice about how to increase my supply. YES, I take fenugreek. YES, I drink the tea. Now, back off!

Also, Bec, you look GORGE. I know you're deep in the throes of pregnancy uncomfortableness, but you should know that you look beautiful!

Kelly Whalen | 3:10 PM

You look amazing, even if you feel like a house. Just know you're not the only one who lost her mind during pregnancy (and maybe never got it back).

What is it with people and talk about your fertility? Why do people think pregnancy or several kids means they can talk about my reproduction? Loathe that.

Unknown | 3:11 PM

You are not alone! I am here with you! Okay, I really didn't mean for that to come all Michael Jackson-like, but I'm with you. I will join you in the belly painting and commiseration -- I wish I was closer than Oakland because the understanding abounds right here. Let's just say that my impatience has now extended to my son and I hate myself for it.

Also, you crack me up, as does Fable's expression in that last shot. So thanks for the laugh because I needed it.

P.S. You are amazing.


Sonja - the dress/shirt was thrifted. Thank you :) And thank ALL of you for your kind words, solidarity.

To all my fellow pregnant ladies, hang in! Summer's a brutal time to be pregnant to be sure. Get thee to a baby pool!

Sara, Tried EVERYTHING for acid at this point...even soy milk (not chocolate, though) ...nothing thus far has worked for me. Bleck.

xo to all, you wonderful wonderfuls.

Sara Joy | 3:16 PM

You are not alone. I was there a year ago, and yes. So happy, but so ouch and can't do anything and huuuuuge. And hot.
You really do look gorgeous and you will be so glad you documented this so well.
As for nursing, do what works. I still am at 11 months but it took Herculean effort and insane support the first 3 months. You'll do what is best for the girls, that's all that matters.

Kate | 3:24 PM

My life is complete! Someone pregnant has worn one of those dresses that are clearly made for pregnant women with all the fecundity around the belly!

Anonymous | 3:36 PM

You and those gals are so totally bad ass...I love that they are face to face - already sharing secrets in utero ;). I love your blog - thanks for sharing.

Nikkiana | 3:45 PM

You look absolutely beautiful!

Sydney | 3:48 PM

You still look fabulous Bec.

There were twins born vaginally on the maternity unit where I work last week. Both of them 7lbs something, perfectly healthy babies didn't need to spend any time in NICU, went home with their mother after 24hrs.

Just thought I'd let you know it can be done, other women are doing it all over the world, and you can do it too! Even if you feel like crap at the moment, your body is just doing it's thing. Have faith in it.

Erin | 3:49 PM

Seriously you have the sweetest kids!!!! I hope my two are just as loving and giving when they get their next sibling.

Hang in there Mama, you are doing amazing.

Liz | 3:51 PM

Aw, I love that the girls are already overacheivers, and that they're facing each other.

And I'm pretty sure you're more pregnant than I was at 40 weeks with my singleton... hats off to you mama!

And! since when is it anyone's business whether you have "natural" twins or not, or if you are going to bf? People ask the weirdest questions.

Unknown | 3:51 PM

I'm 26 weeks with only one but I look forward to reading your posts. I may not be pregnant with twins but it's nice to know that you're not along in the world of acid reflux, feeling crazy at times, feeling huge and having trouble sleeping at night. Thank you for sharing your stories. You look amazing!

Goth, Hippie, Baby | 3:53 PM

Oh man, I'm 10 weeks and already feeling miserable - exhausted, gassy, queasy, fat, and emotional. My poor husband. And he's quitting smoking next month. Oh dear, oh dear...

Paula | 3:58 PM

My biggest regret with my twins was the amount of time I stressed over trying to breastfeed them.. The amount of time I spent with my lactation consultant and all the ridiculous apparatuses and tools that she gave me to "make it work." At one point I had a flask of pumped breast milk hanging around my neck with little tubes taped to my nipples. I also had little rubber nipple shields I would stick on... Totally not worth the effort and agony. I could have enjoyed them and our time together so much more if I would have just succumb to formula from the get-go. I'm all about breast is best and whatever but if it doesn't work out it's okay...
Totally enjoying the twin pregnancy updates and sending sympathy as I know it is not easy.. Mine came Sept. 9th which made for a pretty long summer.

Andrea | 3:59 PM

You look amazing and those girls are rockstars. I'm just a week ahead of you and am trying to keep in mind that this is the final pregnancy for this body and try to enjoy it, but heartburn and sciatica are bringing down that positive attitude.

Anabelle | 4:28 PM

Courage girl! And if that makes you feel better, I understand how you feel. At the end of my pregnancy, I felt so big and uncomfortable I could barely sleep at night. I was on a diet because of a gestational diabete and I had lost weight but had a HUGE giantic belly (big baby boy), and with all the rest of my body still being slim, I felt like a total freak! You couldn't tell that I was pregnant until I turned around and then: oh la, oh-my-god-what-a-belly...fuck
Then my baby came and after a few weeks of waking up every two hours at night, I got soooooooo tired it was crazy. So, yeah, I know and I am virtually painting smileys on your belly right now!
You will want to kill everybody at one point but you'll be just fine.

CP | 4:35 PM

Hang in there! You look beautiful...stunning really. My hubby even did a double take looking over my shoulder and said, "wow, she is a beautiful pregnant woman".
And your kids are simply adorable! How sweet is Archer for singing Fable to sleep...that just reminded me of the stories my mom has told me of my brother looking out for me.
Take care of yourself and like any parts of motherhood (re: breastfeeding), we do what we can and it is always best to live happily and stress-free than do something that makes us miserable!

rachel | 4:39 PM

wow, you look amazing. I felt like such a carnival attraction at the end my twin pregnancy; but I'm really hoping I looked a little like you. for sure, the hardest part of having twins (I say this is true, even now as my babies are 16 months)is being pregnant with twins and trying to keep up with the rest of your life. It is so physically and mentally demanding - hardest thing I've ever done. So, my heart goes out to you, and my advice is to take all the help you can get. Your children are amazing and I love that pic of Fable looking up at your belly... As for breastfeeding - it's hard; it's worth it; feed your babies in what ever way works for all of you and you totally know all that. Best wishes.

Sara | 4:45 PM

I know you have said you tried everything, but have you tried a hazelwood necklace? Since i've never been pregnant I can't give you first hand account that it works, but I've heard awesome things about them. I wear one for eczema and it helps a lot. (I got mine from Apparently the hazelwood absorbs the acid. Might be worth trying

Whitney W | 5:16 PM

You look amazing! I will be 35 weeks with twin boys on Wednesday and I am so ready for these boys to be here! They weighed in today at 5lbs 12oz and 5lbs 13oz!! That's almost 12lbs of baby and I still have 3 weeks to go!! I absolutely love your blog posts about your pregnancy! It makes me feel like I am not alone in my twin pregnancy hugeness and everything that comes along with it! I think I may have to invest in a baby pool this week, I'm just afraid I will get in it and not be able to get out!!

Tracy | 5:50 PM

You are only the cutest pregnant lady of twins that I have ever seen. Seriously- who looks that good when their belly is that amazingly ginormous and filled with such awesomeness?!

Also- that green shirt that used to be a dress!! SWOON.

nygustafson | 6:14 PM

Holy cow - I so remember how hard that was. It will be over soon! You can do this!

Tara | 6:53 PM

I so thoroughly enjoyed that post! No twins here, but I remember how after the weigh-in at the doctor's with my first child, I'd be in total shock and forget to pee, too!

I love the pictures - you're adorable and HUGE and adorable! =)

My favorite Picture is your belly in the face of your wide-eyed child! Hilarious!

Elliesee | 6:59 PM

Aw, hang in there! It will eventually be a memory. I am glad I do not remember that much from my twin pregnancy even with your help. I am still thrilled everything went well for us. Having had two single pregnancy before that seemingly required all my energy (a pregnancy is like running 40 marathons!), I still do not quite get how it also works out for 2 babies at the same time. And I now find that human beings are born kind just because my twin girls are so sweet with each other. I know your breastfeeding history so I trust that you will do what works for you, your babies and your family. I could breastfeed my twins but I had to learn new things such as picking them up with one hand, rocking one with my foot while feeding the other and very interesting positions once they got older and wanted to nurse at the same time again. Maybe watching ''Pregnant with sextuplets'' would help?:-)

Tirzah | 7:18 PM

papaya enzyme has helped me a ton with heart burn during this pregnancy, perhaps it would help just a tad with the reflux?

you are definitely a warrior to be hosting 2 in the summer... or really, just in general.

Tirzah | 7:23 PM

PS I love how Fable looks so amazed at your belly/like she is going to eat it.

oh, jenny mae | 7:58 PM

"ha.ha. i'm a house." nay, a duplex, mama. you're amazing, you know? keep on rockin' the triple bag.

Entwined Essentials | 7:59 PM

You are such an absolutely gorgeous woman. I love reading your updates as well. I love your little family and how sweet your children are. Those girls are very lucky indeed.

The Kellys | 8:32 PM

The last picture of Fable...absolutely fabulous!!! And I think you look great! Although I do remember the uncomfortable end of pregnancy, which I'm sure is where you're at now. I may not be pregnant, but I can feel your pain!

Anonymous | 8:46 PM

I had a very emotional moment and it pertains to my discussion with my daughter today and how she is turning 4 years old tomorrow. I cried like a blubbering parent as the conversation my son and daughter were having about his first day or preschool, his day and what he did and didn't do that day. Then my daughter talks about going to preschool soon. Oh my has the time flown. My Baby Cakes is not a baby anymore

Unknown | 8:49 PM

The best gift I ever gave myself was letting go of the pressure to breastfeed my twins. Those first few months were all about survival anyway & I wasn't about to add guilt to my daily load!
I love these weekly updates and belly pictures. It's amazing to watch! I know how uncomfortable you are, but you honestly look gorgeous!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 8:57 PM

You look AMAZING.


Claire | 8:57 PM

I feel for you. I gained 53 pounds with my second pregnancy, also twins. I had the worse morning, noon and night sickness and horrible acid reflux. I would cry every night before going to bed because I just wanted to sleep and sleep comfortably. I felt like a beached whale on a secluded island. All alone.
I would cry when my husband put my shoes on for me and tied them because FUCK, I WANT TO TIE MY OWN DAMN SHOES!!!
Try eating plain bread or Saltine Crackers before going to bed. It helps absorb some of the stomach acid. Also, if you get nausea (which seemed to peak at the end of the pregnancy for me) ask for Zofran from your doctor. This shit is gold. It dissolves in your mouth and kills the nausea instantly! Also, for back pain, when no one is around to rub your back... take a few tennis balls and put them between your back and a wall and rock side to side and up and down. Mini massage!
Praying for a safe delivery and happy and healthy babies and momma!

RookieMom Whitney | 9:07 PM

Love this post. You look amazing.

"Good for your friend" is an excellent answer.

Tanna | 9:18 PM

You are so beautiful inside and out. I love reading your posts.

Pretzel Thief | 9:35 PM

Rockin' the casbah, Bec, as always!

Love your writing, love your blog, love you (er, in a totally non-stalkery way, natch...hee!).

jenifer | 10:44 PM

Beautiful! SO happy for you all!!!! Hope we get to see you all soon!

annabelvita | 11:52 PM

I hope you walked (ha, drove) down to wherever gave you the parket ticket and showed them that belly. Best excuse for paying the wrong meter ever.
You seriously rock. YOU are a force of nature, and R&B are getting all they have from you. Keep up the good work!
Archer and Fable... there are no words. If I had children that amazing I'd probably sneak a fourth baby into my third pregnancy too ("Were you trying to get pregnant with twins?" hahaha).

Anonymous | 11:59 PM

I feel your pain, though my twins just turned two, I have vivid memories of the discomfort and hugeness and overall inability to sleep. I tried every pillow and method out there to get comfy. No go. Seemed so unfair that just when you need the rest the most, you can't get it. The hip pain too -- ugh. I was put on bed rest at 29 weeks b/c of a shortened cervix, yet couldn't get comfy, no matter what I did. I didn't have two other children to look after, and was completely spent -- can't imagine how you are doing it. I remember wanting them out of me the last few weeks --- I was just so miserable trying to do anything, I was so big. I know how you feel. But this will all be a distant memory soon. This last part of pregnancy goes so very slowly at times, and then it's just gone. I'm sorry you are so uncomfortable, but thrilled for you that R&B are growing so well!

Saltines by the bed, to munch at all hours, worked wonders for me. But then again, when your stomach is actually physically lodged in your esophagus, not much can help that discomfort =(

I may have mentioned this in a past comment months ago, and I imagine you'll find this totally weird, but if you are at ALL open to the idea of breastmilk donation (I know, I KNOW, unsolicited, perhaps unwanted advice, but it did wonders for our babies who couldn't tolerate formula, and before my doc suggested it to me, I would have never imagined doing it) ---- please please just take a moment to check out the MilkShare info. page online. It's free. It's the only mama-to-mama milk sharing network I found that was highly ethical and full of caring, awesome people. Tandem feeding two (having never breastfed before) was incredibly difficult, even with tons of LC help. I pumped for a full year but there were probably many many more tears and meltdowns than I would have had if I had put less pressure on myself. Also... a nudge to have you join WLAPOM, even just for the message board posts to help you feel less alone with twins once they are here and you want specific twin-related advice. It's an amazing group. I know you have everyone here from your blog, and lots of twin mamas, but a little more support from those who have been there can't hurt.

LOVE watching your belly grow! So wonderful you are documenting everything as you go, even if you feel like crap. And the patience... well, you deserve to feel and act however you feel right now --- you are GROWING two humans inside of you! (And managing to get your beautiful nursery done at the same time, well ahead of schedule!)

Nina | 1:23 AM

I really hear you on the pregnancy uncomfortableness. I've only had singletons but each was accompanied by crippling SPD to the degree that literally left me unable to walk at the end or to move in bed or get up unless assisted by a string of curses or tears.

On the other hand, as soon as the babies were out of there I felt leap around in underwear amazing.

I know it's really hard, but you're doing great.

Anonymous | 1:47 AM

love your updates. i hope you don't stress over breast feeding. you are such a wonderful, loving mom. still hoping you'll give us a post on your diet plan you spoke of. xoxo

Erin | 4:16 AM

Omigod! I love the left and right profile shots!! Hilarious! (Hilarious in an empathetic way, of course. ;)

I remember trying so hard to take video of my belly moving when they kicked or moved. My husband would watch TV at night and I watched my belly. It was fascinating.

Hang in there kid!!

We Call This Life | 5:34 AM

GAAWWWWDD! I love your writing! I just get pulled right in.. it is a good thing I don't have a 9-5--I'd be stealing company time and I just wouldn't be able to help myself!
You look fabulous! That belly of yours is smooth as can be--just beautiful....
Sorry you are so uncomfortable--but it is nice that you can see the other side of it.... and too bad people on the street are idiots.... but-remember-they probably see how much coolness you radiate and want to bask in it --and they just can't help but to forget etiquette, feelings and just general privacy.
Cheers to you and your fam!!


laurel | 5:46 AM

I giggled my way through this whole post b/c I so totally relate!!! I'm 29 weeks preggo with twin girls and have gained 50 pounds so far...and yes, I too have completely lost my brain. I would blame it on my four other kids but we all know it has nothing to do with them. Love keeping up with your pregnancy and it definitely makes me feel less crazy to hear another woman who is feeling similarly to me.

Lauren | 6:48 AM

Can I ask a totally unrelated to pregnancy question? And can I apologize if you've already answered this at some point? Where did the flats in your header come from?!

Sometimes sucking Life Savers helps me with reflux. I am 90% sure it's a placebo effect, but I can live with that.

ChristinaD | 7:12 AM

Great post! I love reading your blog!!

Mrs. Kate B. | 7:13 AM

I stumbled down the Internet rabbit hole today and read this, a post from Joanna Goddard's mom about finding out she was having twins after just having moved to Paris. Lovely photos too (the 70s). Thought you might enjoy it, if you haven't already:

Dory | 7:31 AM

Totally feel your pain, well felt your pain (as my twin girls are 2 and outside of my body!) I totally threw in the towel towards the end and got the script for the acid reflux. i couldn't take it anymore and it helped a lot. On that note, your girls will probably have a full head of hair that only adds to their cuteness. You look amazing and hang in there

Lauren | 7:36 AM

Oh my days, I'm due in about thirty-six hours and that last photo of Fable's sweet face made me TEAR THE F UP. Lovely.

Wendi | 7:39 AM

I love your writing!!! It always hits home. and....kinda makes me tear up.

Wendi | 7:40 AM

I love your writing. You say what I am thinking. always makes me tear up.

Anonymous | 7:46 AM

Hi Rebecca, I love your blog and find your writing enlightening. I'm just out of the first trimester with my second. I can only imagine (from your excellent recounting) how difficult this is. All I can offer is a cheer from the sidelines and an echo of what you so are so obviously aware's all worth it and in the scheme of life, these weeks will someday be just a little blip of time. Little consolation now, but soon, you will be released from being held captive by your own body!

Anonymous | 7:47 AM

I got to you through the "Ain't No Mom Jeans" blog. I, too, had twins (my first and only pregnancy). The whole idea of bf'ing intimidated me at first, but I ended up nursing one and bottle feeding (w/ breast milk) the other. It worked for us. Anyway, the real reason I am posting is that there is a great new site for venting about what people say to women during pregnancy called (started by a friend from college). I'm sure you have some stories to share ... I know I did. Hope your last weeks go smoothly.

Jen | 7:50 AM

It's amazing how different each pregnancy is for everyone-- my first was born at 38.5 weeks- 8lb2oz, no difficulty... these twins are another story- I'm now on hospital bedrest, contracting, dilating...blah, blah- (but thrilled to be at 33 weeks)... I really think it has a lot to do w/ this pregnancy beginning less than a year after I gave birth to my son (and maybe my 5'0" build)

anyway- I admire your beautiful body and how well it's handling those girls!

And the pee cup- I don't forgot- but I can't see the darn thing behind my giant belly!!

Home Sweet Sarah | 8:10 AM

Oh breastfeeding. What IS it about everyone caring whether or not you're breastfeeding? At first I thought it was just a woman-solidarity thing...Like one mom asking me if I was BFing and how it was going because SHE knew how hard it was for her. But then some random old dude asked me what kind of milk my daughter was on. Umm, WTF? I pointed to my boobs and said, "This milk." But again, WTF, dude!

Andreea | 8:22 AM

I was in your exact shoes last summer. Oh the memories. I felt exactly like you described..and I barely got any pee in the cup anyway lol..don't feel bad for forgetting. I ended up having my boys mid September at 38 weeks and 1day to be exact (I was induced). They were 7lbs15oz and 7lbs13oz so you can imagine how huge I got. I did breastfeed (still am now) and it was so hard in the beginning but it gets much easier. Much easier than having to wash and sterilize bottles all the time cause you won't have the time (get tons of help). Anyway feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Oh and the public interrogation will just get worse once thy are born:) twins? Double trouble! Are they identical? How big were they...etc etc etc:)

Missy | 8:36 AM

I think you look sooooo damn beautiful!! Big belly and all.. I cannot wait to find out the real names of Rhythm and Blues.. Archer and Fable are such wonderfully different names so I can't wait to see what you have chosen for the newbies! You look amazingly fantastic mama to 4!!

Amelia | 8:42 AM

After reading this, all I've got for you is a resounding HECK YES! You're doing so well, youcandoit youcandoit youcandoit!!

I second the piece of bread before bed comment that I saw somewhere up helped me to only upchuck in my mouth about 3 times/night instead of 10.

keep calm and carry on, mama--you're rocking it!

Sarah | 9:28 AM

Ha! I love how fable's eyes in that last picture say "omg there are toddlers in there"

I love reading these posts. Thanks for being open about this. Sorry you are in so much pain and discomfort!

Abilew-who | 9:43 AM

When I was pregnant with my second, I went with my husband to a proper rock show in week 27. It was the no-chairs in a mass of people, beer, er, water in hand, doing the standing-still dance in a darkish theater/bar, kind of rock show. I remember it was week 27 so clearly because I told him outloud, "no more rock" when the set was finished. My crotch wanted to fall out on every. single. beat. And that was with one baby. Two? I feel you friend. Hang in girl. They are going to be beautiful. Eyes on the prize.

Glenda | 10:24 AM

You look amazing!

Fable and Archer cuteness. I'm sure they will both be great help when the girls are here x2 :) R&B

Hang in there! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family and journey with all of us! xo

sarah | 10:33 AM

Oh, Rebecca- I can almost feel the heartburn & pelvic pressure again just reading your post! :/ I know nothing anyone can say will really make you feel 'better' physically, but know that you can do it, go easy on yourself & take as much help as you can get from friends & family. Going to 38 weeks with my girls, I would NOT have been able to do it without asking for/accepting help. I was built like you also, all belly- which I think is almost harder b/c the bod is so disproportionate. I remember people literally staring at me in shock and awe when I went grocery shopping at 36ish weeks. People suck sometimes- but I get it.

And good for you not putting the pressure on yourself to breastfeed. You are right to consider everyone in your family, not just the babies.

Rgarnett | 11:01 AM

Wow, I am not at all as far along as you are and I don't believe I am having twins, but my goodness, all your pains are my pains and I feel for you. You are so lucky to have such lovely kids to help out! I am reminded that these discomforts that I am feeling right now, will likely not being going away anytime soon!

Abi | 12:13 PM

Too bad you live on the other side of the country. You'd be welcome to use my pool anytime if you lived closer.

I love your shirt and the mani and pedi. I keep meaning to do my nails, but bending to tend to the toesies literally takes my breath away.

I'm at almost 31 weeks. The only thing that works for heartburn/reflux is Rolaids. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find them in stores anymore... so I've been a Rolaids miser with my last bottle.

Wildflower | 12:34 PM

I just gave birth to twins at 40 weeks to the day. I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I thought they were never going to come out. I didn't feel pregnant, I felt like I had a horrible medical condition that affected everything I did. I literally had one shirt (like you, actually a dress) that fit for the last 3 weeks. I stopped leaving the house except for midwife appts because I was so tired of the comments, questions, and nervous/confused/horrified looks from strangers. Unlike you I did not have the benefit of having given birth before so I was having trouble believing the "it will all be worth it" crap... but it turns out it's true. I had an awesome delivery and my babes are healthy and strong and beautiful. I wish I had found this blog when I was pregnant! Good luck with everything!

Sarah VM | 1:07 PM

You look great! I know you'll be right back to your skinny self as soon as those little bundles are born!

Chelsea | 1:13 PM

i can't believe you dont have a single stretch mark!

I'm at my 38th week with my 2nd and you look amazing with twins! I would kill for your tummy!!!

Aimee | 1:47 PM

Soooo excited for you! I'm only 14 weeks and told my husband I felt fat. Oh, what little I know about what's to come! You look beautiful! Hope you start to feel better - can't wait for these babies to arrive! <3

Nannette | 2:01 PM

You are so real and so WUNNERFUL. It's just no surprise all of your amazing babes have picked you (and Hal, of course). Keep on keepin' on! If anyone can do it, YOU can! :)

Kristen | 2:02 PM

It looks like you need a Prenatal Cradle, my friend. And if it's not your "thing" at least go to the web site and giggle:

Anonymous | 2:31 PM

OMG, that outfit is so damn cute!
And you look BEAUTIFUL!

Unknown | 4:13 PM

Just so you know- you aren't alone (as I'm sure others have pointed out). I'm a week ahead of you (singleton) and I cry. A lot. Sometimes, I can't even tell you why. I just feel like crying. And I do.

janna | 4:55 PM

I am a blog lurker but I must say I love the weekly pictures. I have 5 kids and in that mix boy girl twins that are now 14.
I nursed for awhile, but like you I had to older girls before having my twins. I nursed them at least twice a day but NEVER the same time.
Good luck and lay on your left side, mine where transverse too and for some reason I could breath on my left side.

Anemily | 5:09 PM

Home stretch! (No pun intended, I think)

Molly | 5:34 PM

Thanks for keeping it real. Good luck making it through to the awesome other side!

Anonymous | 7:10 PM

have you seen these onesies?! cute cute cute. i came across them on today and thought of you :)

Jess | 8:21 PM

bringing back so many memories of my pregnancies!! i'm so glad that other women are HAPPY with their pregnant bodies and HAPPY to gain weight. i miss having that huge belly, enjoy it!

Anonymous | 10:36 PM

Just catching up after a few months - congratulations on your wonderful twin news! The first ultrasound photo on this post is extraordinary - life in its earliest stages. We would do well to take note.

Laura | 11:20 AM

I love reading these posts. My id boy twins just turned 2 and it seems like yesterday I was in your shoes. I gained 8 pounds in one WEEK right around that time in my pregnancy. I think I topped out around 212 pounds at 38 weeks. EEEk. And, I'm five foot 3. Ouch. When I had my oldest son (singleton pregnancy) I actually gained 10 pounds more than my twins. I am REALLY into the pregnancy weight gain too :)

Unknown | 8:52 PM

Just a new fan of your page here :) I found out about your blog from my HerChannel page (loove all of your videos) now I love your blog too :) Congrats on your pregnancy! You are one beautiful momma!

Betsy Hite Reddoch | 9:51 PM

I'm loving your pregnancy updates. I myself did a pretty poor job of documenting my own surprise twin pregnancy, so these posts are extra fun to read thinking back on everything I went through.

My beautiful twin boys are 6 months old now, and I cannot go out in public without giving a whole life history to each passing stranger. Are they natural? Yes, they are made of organic matter and are not robots. Do twins run in my family? They do now! You will seriously get to have the same convo 10 times a day. But it's usually fun to brag on my kids to strangers, family, friends, neighborhood animals - pretty much whoever. It's just part of being a mom of multiples.

The worst was when some lady told me that I was REALLY going to have my hands full once my new baby is born. Yeah, I'm not pregnant. It's just all that fab leftover belly flab from HAVING TWINS. I think I was like 2 months postpartum at that point. Some people. AmIright?

Melanie | 11:18 PM

Hahaha last summer I was stuck in the hospital/on bed rest/ in the hospital/ on bed rest, and now baby number four is a freakin' beefcake. Your post brought back so many memories of my pregnancies.....
Only one question. WHERE are your stretch marks? No fair! :) You look, I'm sure, much better than you feel.

Ray | 12:04 AM

Rebecca you look beautiful! Yes, even twenty-seven weeks pregnant. Even if you don't feel it.

This entry is all kinds of amazing, beautiful, and emotionally charging. Because OHMYGOODNESS: you're carrying twin girls! And it's awesome. What a journey. Get ready for your heart to explode times four: Archer, Fable, Rhythm and Blues. =D

This pregnancy is going SO FAST, so far! I can't wait to see the girls either.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. <3

P.S. Love the ultrasound photos. ;o)

Ali | 4:13 AM

You look amazing. Totally and utterly beautiful. It always blows my mind when I'm growing a baby and I've always harboured a secret fantasy about having twins so I love that you post your updates, I get a vicarious twin experience. As for breastfeeding twins, I find it so weird that people think they can offer you advice in the street, even from people you know it's just bizarre. When I was pregnant with my first I got a three page letter from my then SIL telling me why I should breastfeed. I found it insulting and rude, no matter how well intentioned. You'll do whatever you can to make everyone's lives run smoothly, whatever gets you through and everyone will be FINE. Oh, and the ultrasound images are wonderful. I don't think there's anything creepy about them at all.

Emily | 7:35 AM

I know this has probably been covered, but where did your bedspread come from?

Also, you're still looking fantastic!

Hannah Ryan | 9:14 AM

Rebecca, I am due October 21 (with one baby!) and have loved following your progress since the very beginning of your pregnancy, when my bff sent along your blog, saying, "check it out, she's due around the same time!" I have really appreciated the opportunity to ride alone on the journey with you, though you never knew it. :) So, if I could sit in a blow up pool with you and commiserate, I so would. I have been trying so hard not to be complainy, but have also hit a wall recently - the trifecta of deadly heat wave, a nasty summer cold, and just being so darn uncomfortable. This will be my first baby and I'm so grateful for the whole thing, but damn it, this week has been ROUGH!! I can only imagine carrying twins at this point. You have got my full support, from afar.

A few months ago, I devoured Rockabye - thanks for penning such a thoughtful book on that particular transition, to which I really, really related. You are a star, and so appreciated.

All best to you!

Hannah Ryan | 9:27 AM

Rebecca, I am due October 21 (with one baby) and have so appreciated the opportunity to ride along with you on this journey since months ago when my bff sent along your blog, saying, "check it out, she's due right around the same time!" It has been so refreshing and affirming to hear from you each week, and so now, if I could get in a blow up pool with you and commiserate, I would do so in a heartbeat. This will be my first baby, and I have tried so hard not to be complainy, but I have also hit a wall recently, a trifecta of deadly heat wave, nasty cold, and just feeling uncomfortable. So, I am sending my support to you from afar!

At the beginning of my experience I devoured Rockabye - thanks so much for penning such an honest glimpse into a transition I have completely related to. You are SO appreciated.

Sarah | 1:36 PM

Thank you for being honest about pregnancy. I am 13 weeks with my first, and had been thinking this would all be a bed of roses, and then panicking because, ha, yeah right! And it is so nice to hear from someone else that yes, this does suck, it might have a great ending, but it sucks. It makes me feel better.

Even if there is only one person punching my insides.

christina | 4:23 PM

i saw this on another blog and thought of you and your beautiful twins...

Amy | 9:15 AM

Beautiful Hugeness!

The Slick Mom | 1:50 PM

I so feel you even though I'm not pregnant right now! I have two boys and the second one (10 months old) was very hard on my body and mind during my pregnancy. I gained 50lbs (with a single!) and had GD right at the end. Dr appts every other day and waddling around like a whale. I was MISERABLE. The only thing that held me together was seeing my older boys' face light up when talking about his soon to be baby brother.

fooxoo | 2:29 PM

I love your writing, and god, that is a giant belly ... My gran had twins, my mums was pregnant with twins (sadly didnt happen), so i got it in my genes - the twindom ... both my pregnancies, at the first scan, me: 'please, one baby, just one!'(of course two would be a blessing, but god two ...). I miss my pregnant bellies, but with two kiddos, I think I am done! it must be even WORSE for you with two of them sitting on your bladder! But at the same time, you look gorgeous! high five, i say!

Allison | 4:52 PM

ah, i want to give you a back rub and a foot massage and draw smiley faces on your beautiful twin belly. my twin girls are three months now, and i very clearly remember how horrible and uncomfortable i felt once i passed 20 weeks. in fact, i was reading your blog and you were just finding out about your own surprise twins. it's little comfort now, but it is all worth it. it's magic. it's amazing. the first few months are hard, no doubt, but the rewards are huge. i'm so excited for you. i made it to 38 weeks and had to have a c-section because my girls were transverse as well. maybe yours will a certain point i stopped caring how they decided to come out. i just wanted them OUT! hang in there!!!

Taylor Alt-Mama | 7:28 PM

I just discovered your blog, read this post and wow-- love it. Brought back pregnancy memories (the fog, the reflux...) in such vivid detail-- except that you're rockin' the twin style 27 weeks, which... well, props, mama. That's hardcore. You look fantastic, and you're funny as hell, so here I am a new fan. Thanks for the good read, and keep on keepin' on through this hot pregnant summer you're having!

Emily | 7:40 PM

I totally know what you feel like with the uncomfortableness! I made it all the way to 37 weeks with my twins and they did something major to my tailbone the last couple months and I couldn't even sit up straight. I either had to lie down on my side or lean so I wasn't directly on my tailbone or it literally hurt so much I would ball my eyes out!
And about breastfeeding the twins. My girls didn't want to latch so I was either feeding them with bottles, pumping, or trying to get them to latch for 2 weeks and then I just gave up and went to formula cause I was going out of my mind.
I hope you have a successful last couple months!

lisafoose | 10:43 AM

you are me. my twins were transverse breach, I was huge and refluxing etc., and my belly looked like a mountain. But trust me, you still look cute!!! I did not :0 And sorry you are doing a twin pg in the SUMMER. Mine were born in Jan, I got to 37.5 weeks, both twins healthy (8.10 and 7.3 - no NICU). I did breastfeed and had more milk than a jersey cow but the twins were my "firsts" so, it would be harder to take all of that time w/ 2 other kiddos. HANG IN THERE!

Lara | 12:58 PM

I had twin boys 5 weeks ago (hence my reason for just now catching up on your blog) and I just wanted to say I can totally relate. To everything. It only gets more uncomfortable. Just when you think you can't possibly get any bigger, guess what? You do! And 5 weeks post birth my uterus is still ginormous. (Yay!) BUT it is SO worth it when you cradle both babes in your arms and realize what an amazing thing(s) you and your body accomplished. Love tracking your progress!

Briana | 3:34 PM

I too went into the restroom with the pee cup, peed, washed my hands and walked out with an empty cup. The nurses were like WTF. bahahah

FeaGizoku | 8:12 PM

I just wanted to share this with you and all your readers, It is so sweet