tiny tags

Yesterday, while combing through the baby bins in the garage, I happened upon Archer and Fable's first clothes. The ones they wore home from the hospital when they were two days old. Stain-free from lack of wear, itsy bitsy, both of them... the word "newborn" on each of their very tiny tags.
I know I've done my share of bitching these past few weeks, about this pregnancy being uncomfortable, draining, a complete and total mindfuck... but beneath the angst and insanity, the incessant ultrasound tweets and sudden need to spell out curse words in garden-grown vegetables, there have only been two other times in my whole life when I was as excited as I am right now.



Anonymous | 2:02 PM

Good lord, they could not be cuter. And seeing pictures like that, kids holding something that it seems like they never could have actually worn, always makes me cry. How precious it all is and how quickly it goes.

Small Business Rebels | 2:18 PM

So, Love…. How the hell did you get them both to stand still for that many pics? They are SO friggin' cute.

Glenda | 2:29 PM

Cutie pies!!!

And only then do you realize how little they acutally were, and how grown they actually are.

Soon... you'll have R&B

SoMo | 2:32 PM

I concur very cute. I love the pictures. Too bad I had my third wear the same thing as the first when they came home from the hospital.

Carrie | 3:15 PM

I just found my son's first outfit the other day while folding stuff for the new baby...how was he ever such a little chicken? Too sweet! I'm 32 weeks and coming unglued I'm so excited. Feeling far less angsty and wading pool-bound now that the heat/humidity in LA has mellowed the f out.

Annabelvita | 3:31 PM

Oh! Oh! Those photos are so adorable. Your house with these two plus rhythm and blues is just going to be.... So amazing. I'm excited! You must be bursting (in more ways than one, possibly more ways than two!)

Entwined Essentials | 3:39 PM

I love those pictures! I agree, it's hard to imagine they were ever so small though neither of my boys were ever able to wear newborn size anything, they were still small. Same as my 3 month old little girl now wearing 9 months!!!

Anyways, love the reminiscing. =)

--rock over london | 3:51 PM

They are soooooooo adorable. You're so lucky.

Pam | 5:56 PM

Bless Archer and his positive attitude! That boy deserves a huge hug! What lucky girls to have such a wonderful big brother.

Kate | 9:53 PM

I went through a bag of stuff for give-away and pulled back out the jammies. They're like a body cast. I just can't do it. I can't let my six month old go.

KateFitz | 9:43 AM

Ack...this made me cry. Crying in my morning coffee. MOTHERHOOD!

Bridget | 12:24 PM

I'm due in a few weeks and part of the fun of getting ready for this baby was sharing with my son all the things we did to get ready for him. Showing him his old clothes, watching videos of him as a baby, dragging out old stories and toys. It's so hard to comprehend that soon there will be another person I love as much as him!

K | 1:43 PM

Do you cut their hair yourself or do you take it to get it done? I love how Archer's hair is styled! Any tips on how you cut it that I can steal for my 2-year-old?

K | 1:46 PM

Oh, and my second little boy is due in a couple of weeks, and we bought his coming-home-from-the-hospital newborn outfit and I keep thinking "How is this going to fit? It's got to be too small!" - then yesterday I got to hold an actual newborn and remembered how truly tiny they are! Fun to see your little people with their first outfits!


K- I cut Archer's hair myself because every time we go to get it cut I'm very unhappy with the results! His hair is easy. Fable's is very fine so it's difficult. I trim her bangs but have a professional do the bob... they both are in desperate need of haircuts right now! Going to take Fable to get a trim next weekend and I'll shape up Archer's hair... I guess my only advice is... cut UP... like... lift the hair in the sky and slowly cut until you're happy with a shape and NEVER cut wet. Ever ever.

oh, jenny mae | 2:45 PM

awww. i recently cleaned up some storage boxes and found the 1st clothes for my 2 youngest. along with a newborn diaper. so freakin' tiny! and then i had to get the outfits the twins wore home and see them. at 5#4 and 7#3, they wore home preemie clothes at 38 weeks. if you get that far, you'll have no problem with newborn stuff. and another set of tiny tags to put in a box for your babes.

Nicole | 7:27 AM

They are too cute! All the memories of the uncomfortableness will cease as soon as you hold those little ones in your arms!

Ray | 11:34 PM

So beautiful. <3

I'm excited for you. May your journey with your new daughters be beautiful.