Fable's First Day

Wednesday morning, I found myself asking Archer about his first day of school. I was curious as to whether or not he remembered. He shook his head, no, so I showed him a picture.

Moments later, as I sat beside Fable on the floor next to her dresser, I wondered if this moment, this time in her life, would also be forgotten. It's hard to believe that someday, when her sisters set off on the same embarkment, I will turn to her and she will shrug and say, much like her brother, "I don't remember, Mommy. No." Because in this moment, she is so totally here. Aware and present, pulling clothes from her middle drawer.

"I wear this to my peaschool today."

She picks out her own clothes now and Wednesday was no exception. I tied the top she chose, the one that used to be a dress, held her backpack as she placed her arms through the holes, the one with the penguin we bought for her at the Noah's Ark gift shop at Skirball. We told the kids they could pick one book each but Fable wanted a backpack. That was several months ago and at the time I remember thinking, "perhaps, a million years from now, she will wear this to school."

A million years ago equals two minutes.
We decided to start her in preschool this summer, instead of the Fall so she didn't feel replaced by her sisters. We wanted to give her time to dry her little wings. No hurry, we told her. "You'll start two half-days a week and eventually, when you're ready, stay every day. If you want to."

When we signed her up in May, we hadn't realized July would come so soon. Two months equals one second. It feels like that. Like sleeping in too late only to realize, FUCK. I have to get up today and take my baby to school. Because, she's still your baby. Even if she wears a 4T and knows all the words to two Katy Perry songs. Even though you have two more little girls on the way. You still see her as this wobbly one-year old just learning to walk. This blinking infant with vaseline in her eyes. THE daughter. Not for long, but for now. The baby. The littlest sister.
"It's Fable, my little seester!"
Pushing Fable
The teachers told me I could stay with her all day so that's what I planned to do. To chaperone her first day. To be there if she needed me.

Except, in the car on the way to school, she told me she wanted to go to "peaschool" by herself. She held my hand up the steps and then, let me go, down into the backyard, where the other children were playing.

"Hey, guys. This is Fable," I told them.

"Hi," Fable said.

She wandered toward the sandbox, and then broke off on her own, toward a playhouse where she closed the door and then opened a window.

"Hi, Mommy," she said.

"Can I come in?"


"Should I go home then?"

She smiled and closed the window.
Fable on the porch
Drooling Closet Day 7
"Should I go?" I kept asking the teachers. "Are you sure I shouldn't stay a few minutes more? An hour? Until lunch?"

"If you want to," they said.

I did want to. But I left.

I left because she didn't need me to be there. I left because she was fine without me and in the end, that's what I wanted. That's what we all want, right? For our kids to sit confidently at the picnic table, suck the juice from their orange slices without looking back. To grow up the kind of people who seldom, if ever, look back. Who move forward through their lives, open and eager to learn and change and be.
"Goodbye, Fable. I'll see you soon."

I watched her from inside the school, from behind the glass door, just in case she changed her mind or felt panicked or alone. I waited for story-time, when one of the teachers pulled out a book that happened to be Fable's favorite.

I watched the teacher's mouth move like slow motion. "The Napping House," she said, before opening up to the first page.

"It was a sign!" I texted Hal.

It was totally a sign.


Archer cried when I first left him at preschool. He cried for three weeks, every morning when I dropped him off. And then, on his first day of kindergarten he didn't look back.
I didn't know what to expect with Fable. She's always been independent, and yet, terribly, wonderfully, attached. One never knows how children will handle a first day... a first anything. It was presumptuous for me to assume, as I did, that at the very least she would hold onto my hand.

It's always an adventure, these things. They surprise us, our babes. We go around thinking we know them best, only to find, if we're lucky, that (perhaps) they know themselves better. That they are extensions, not of us, but of themselves. That no matter how many times we've felt them kick within us, they can indeed be fine without us.

I'll see you soon.
When I picked her up, she was painting. She kept pushing me away when I tried to take her hand. She wasn't finished, she said. She was busy. She pointed her paintbrush at me.

"Go that way," she said. "Peas mommy! PEAS!"
When we got home her brother was waiting in the doorway. Fable ran to him, arms open and they spent the remainder of the afternoon talking about her day. "What did you do today, Fable? Did you make any friends? Did you have lunch? What was your favorite thing that you did? What kind of songs did you sing?"

"I paint picture of a cow!" Fable said. "And I paint a wall!"

"When I was in preschool," Archer said, handing her the bin of purple Playdoh, "I liked to paint, too."

And suddenly, all of the things Archer said he didn't remember, he did. And over Playdoh and orange juice, they exchanged stories. Of preschool and Kindergarten, of first days and last... Fable showed Archer the lion pose she learned in Yoga, Archer counted to twenty-nine in Spanish, and afterward: silence as the two of them rolled purple balls and stacked them like snowmen in the middle of the table. Silence as I watched them from the kitchen, trying to remember everything that came before this. Before I was the mother of a preschooler and a First Grader... the things that used to move me and break me and teach me. The things that do now.



Trysha | 10:39 PM

Oh my goodness! That photo of them sleeping all intertwined kills me.
I am now dead.

That photo totally made me tear up. She's growing up too fast.

nch | 11:10 PM

oh my, reminds me so much of my Porter and Liesl and how differently they adjusted to preschool. Such a lovely post, makes me a little sentimental. I will have a 2nd grader and a kinder in the fall, two kids in elementary school! How did this happen??

avb | 11:15 PM

How is it possible she's already in PRESCHOOL?!? Literally feels like that happened in the blink of an eye.

I am continually amazed by their minds, their talents, and the fact that they're growing up at lightning speed. Crazytown, that is.

I think we all feel like Archer & Fable's (and the wombmates'!) virtual aunts. Sending kisses for everyone's cheeks!

xo Ashley

Amy | 11:21 PM

I'm a long time reader, and I totally remember when Fable was born, and I can't believe that she's old enough for school! This is a gorgeous post, seriously.

Sara | 11:21 PM

I love watching your family grow, your kids are beautiful! I don't remember my first day of preschool, but I remember skipping down the halls on my first day of kindergarten wearing an outfit I picked out with my mom.

oh, jenny mae | 11:39 PM

i waited to send miss james to school this lat year until she was ready. i don't work, so it wasn't necessary for us. i wasn't sure she would even go until she told me to leave one day when she had to stay in 'her' classroom when i was helping with the auction. from then on, she was golden. surprises abound, for sure.

Unknown | 11:40 PM

That was beautiful. Thank you.

Sarah Bella | 11:43 PM

I'm sitting here, tears in my eyes, and these aren't my kids and I'm not pregnant! What's my excuse?! Your writing always inspires, and this post was especially beautiful. Loved the choice of pictures, the way you kept switching between present day and the past- so poignant. I will refer back to this in a few months when my oldest starts preschool. I can't even comprehend it. Honestly. Thank you for sharing!

jessicapea | 11:51 PM

That was beautifully written and perfectly punctuated with your pictures. It made me cry. My baby is four months old, it feels like yesterday that I was pregnant.

MEGandJEFF | 11:51 PM

Ahhhh! You have me in tears just imagining my little boy starting preschool...and hoping that he'll be as good an older brother to on-the-way-Baby-#2 as Archer is to Fable...you have such great kids!

cara | 12:34 AM

Well now I'm crying. It's going to be like, 6 seconds until my 8 month old girlies are going to school isn't it? It hasn't nit me until right this minute, reading this, that they're going to grow up.

Anabelle | 1:23 AM

What a beautiful post Rebecca, it totally speaks to my heart...

Heidi | 3:16 AM

Ahh - what a tearjerker! Thanks for the beautiful post.

Similar thing happened with my kids, they were like, "bye mom!" when I dropped them off. Surprising, but you said it well, sometimes they know themselves better.

guarros | 4:40 AM

Beautifully told - my baby starts preschool next month, though she's been going to a daycare program for two years. She went in a baby and is now a little girl. With baby 2 weeks away, I think about how or if she'll guide her baby sister/brother - this (true) story is one what moms hope for their babies. Thank you for sharing.

Also - dude, the crying. Why do I do all the crying when I read stories like this. When others cry I cry - and somehow virtually it happens too. What the hell. There is only so much this hormoned preggo can take/ ;)

Melanie | 4:41 AM

You have such a beautiful and authentic way of writing. This post in particular captures how I feel about my boys (soon to be a kindergartner and preschooler). Honestly, where does the time go? Of course, I am one of those rare people who remembers preschool and can't believe I am in my 30s already.

Eve | 5:05 AM

What a touching post. My babe is only six months old and I already look at him with wonder thinking "how did this happen so quickly?"

It's all true. They grow up so fast.

emily | 5:51 AM

made me cry as i thought of my little girl in Fable's place in a few years. That's one of the hardest things about parenting, i think... not letting your ego, your own desire to be most wanted, get in the way of what you really want for them. I'm glad you gave me the chance to think about that today.

Katie | 5:51 AM

Seriously, with the tears. This particular combination of your words and pictures never gave any of us a chance. It's been a privilege to watch Fable grow up, and no surprise that you and Hal have raised such a capable little lady. I'm just glad that Rhythm and Blues are on their way, so that beautiful posts like these will keep coming. Lots of love to your family.

Tammie | 5:51 AM

I have read your blog for many years but have not commented until now. What a heartfelt post! It brought tears to my eyes, especially thinking about my now 2 1/2 year old heading to preschool and how my 5 year old will respond to his little sister. Thank you for putting something to special into words!

Erin | 5:57 AM

Oh. So sweet. And Fable and Archer together? That's so, so priceless.

vertigob | 6:02 AM

Killing me. Just killing me.

Yesterday, my son asked to go to preschool more days because he "likes to be away" from me. I guess, I could be hurt by that, but that was what I wanted. I want him to feel confident enough to go out into the world.

So on Monday, he will be going five days each week instead of three. He will be taking swimming lessons. He will venture out into the world more and more and so will his little sister.

And I will weep each and every time, but know that the whole problem with this job is that if you do it right, they stop needing you. Shit.

Bri | 6:03 AM

Every time with the children and the school and the growing up, you make me cry! So beautiful.

Cassie Boorn | 6:05 AM

I started reading your blog right after Fable was born.

Reading this post gave me little twinges of nostalgia like I too was watching my child take off for preschool.

Cheers to new adventures!

Molly | 6:14 AM

I typically roll my eyes a little bit when I hear parents speak mawkishly of these sorts of milestones. Yours, though. Holy hell, I can't hold back the tears. I hope to someday be the kind of mother you are, to have children who really are "extensions of themselves" and who are unafraid to explore the world. And my whole- one baby is enough plan? Yeah, the Archer and Fable anecdotes have shattered THAT plan. And the picture of them sleeping intertwined. Oh, that picture. How you manage not to melt into nothingness at these sweet moments is beyond me! I can't wait to hear your reflections once R&B are here.

Anonymous | 6:16 AM

You need to get the book "willy bear" (kantrowitz) to read on the first day of school. I remember my mom reading it with tears in her eyes on my first day- something I plan to do this fall. what a beautiful family you have!

Kristen | 6:44 AM

My daughter started preschool about two weeks ago and I was also surprised at her independence. She, like Fable, has always been independent while depending on me...so it was a bit of shock to see that she was fine. Now she asks each day if it's time to go to the preschool room. So it's a good thing, this whole growing up. :)

Mrs. Brightful | 6:48 AM

This entire post had me crying. So beautiful. I have a 17 month old, and I hope so much that we can give her a sibling that she can be so close with. And school? I look at her now and can't fathom her going to school. But then I realize that when she was tiny and in my arms I couldn't fathom her doing the many things she can do now. Motherhood is just so amazingly intense. Thank you so much for sharing. xoxo

Jen | 6:58 AM

As a momma to a second-year preschooler, I'm reading this with tears in my eyes. Each summer I'm off work (I teach) and we spend it in blissful doing nothingness. Morning snuggles, late porch lunches, drowsy wanderings through the zoo, parks, cookouts, watching the sunset on "our" porch swing (Jack thinks it is just his and mine). Each summer he gets older and I think this will be our last like it. Your post reminds me how fleeting it really is.

ske | 7:05 AM

I'm on the verge of tears now imagining what it will be like to send my little Thomas to school, and he's only 6 months old. This post also has me contemplating another baby even though its a terrible idea right now!

chesapeake | 7:10 AM

This post left me sobbing, and I don't even have children.

Fable suddenly looks...big.

For what it's worth, I cried (okay, I screamed) every day my mom left me at day care twice a month, to preschool several times a week, and then kindergarten every day. And first grade hit, and then I was all like, "Whatever!" So both Archer and Fable are doing better than I did.

You have two lucky girls waiting there in the wings with you as a mom.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 7:11 AM

Ivy is begging to go to school and dance class. Does this mean I really need to sign her up? How am I going to let her gooooooooooooooo? :)



Chelsea | 7:12 AM

The picture of archer and fable sleeping in bed together with their arms around each other kills me!

It gets me SO excited to give Conrad a baby sister or brother in a few weeks!

There's nothing like the bond between a brother and sister!

Anonymous | 7:14 AM

I came here to say that the photo of them asleep, arms all slung around one another, is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. I see that I'm not the only one who thinks so. You're kids are awesome. You're family is awesome.

The Dalai Mama | 7:39 AM

It goes so fast--it is glorious but too fast. My son will be in K this fall and my baby will start pre-school. Neither of mine looked back from day one and it is so bittersweet. You bring the feeling to life here--I wanted to make sure my kids were independent but then when they don't need to hold your hand anymore, the pain shoots right to your heart.

The bond between brother and sister is amazing--the twins will have that bond with each other and Archer and Fable will have it too. The love that fills your house is beautiful. Good Job!

ChristinaD | 7:48 AM

Bautiful post, made me tear up! My son is 2 and I still can't believe how fast it goes by

Diurla Dube | 7:56 AM

Crying like a baby over here, thanks Bec!
Seriously though, she's beautiful and it's amazing how our children constantly teach us new things about themselves.
Ashley has a point, I think we seriously feel like virtual aunts!
Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your life with us :)

aine | 8:02 AM

Love how ready your kids are; my sister was like that. My brother quit school on his first day of preK, determined never to go back. I loved preK, then got taken out of kindergarten for not really being ready. Told my teacher I couldn't write because I was a unicorn and therefore had no hands. Then that she couldn't call my mom because we lived in a castle (and as everyone knows, castles don't have phones).

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com | 8:03 AM

You shouldn't be allowed to post baby pictures with things like this. Like many of your readers, I remember her beginnings. I can't handle the growing up!!

verdemama | 8:09 AM

Officially crying into my breakfast cereal now.

Jill | 8:16 AM

I think my ovaries just dropped an egg when I saw the picture of Fable and Archer all nestled together and sleeping. We have just one amazing daughter but egads now I want more! It must be amazing to go through the pregnancy process, have a child just entering school and another that has become an old pro. Experiencing all these stages at once! I'd be too overwhelmed. My little Elsa just started a preschool program this summer and wore her bumble bee bag (almost got the penguin but she loves yellow.) She loves her school and teachers thankfully. It's so amazing how they grow fast...now I have to go to my flickr page and look at baby Elsa.

Anonymous | 8:19 AM

Rock on, Fable!

Forgotten | 8:21 AM

*bawling* My twins start Preschool this year, in less than 6 weeks actually.

I am wrecked...a mess. I'll cry more than they will. I can already see it.

Anonymous | 8:33 AM

Good post!

The Napping House was one of my favorite books as a kid, and I give it to all my friends when they have babies. It's nice to know that kids still love it.

Bless with a Boy | 8:34 AM

That was beautiful! I have tears in my eyes. I'm at work.. this isn't good. haha

You capture things with your words. You amaze me.

Thank you for sharing your family and life with us. Even if it's a glimps it is always wonderful. The good and the bad. It's always beautifully written.

EMQ | 8:51 AM

How on earth does is happen so quickly? "How can Fable be going to preschool? She's just a baby." I thought to myself, even though I know she's older that my oldest daughter. It just seems so...soon.
I feel so happy for you that you get the chance to experience it two more times. We're stopping at two, and it's a little panic inspiring to know that our three month will be the last baby we raise.
It was a lovely, teary eyed inducing post that captured the way so many of us feel about their kids. Thank you.

Mellie | 8:54 AM

This was a beautiful, heartwarming post. Thank you.

Liz Miller | 9:11 AM

Sobbing. But in a good way.

Nikki | 9:12 AM

Geez louise, Rebecca! I'm laying in bed with overwhelming nausea, pregnant with my first. This post made my
mind whirl and twirl thinking about how soon this babe that I will have in a handful of months will one day be off to preschool. How proud you must be of your independent girl, she will be such a cool and fun big sister Fable!

Hello, It's Louise. | 9:19 AM

This post made me cry! I bought Elise her backpack a few months ago (she's 2 now) and I keep thinking it won't be long before she's in school and it blows my mind. Beautiful post, my dear!

Anonymous | 9:27 AM

this was a wonderful post...i am a lurker and read your blog everyday at work. i am 32 and can not wait to have a baby and you always get me so excited to see how wonderful it can be. thanks so much!

Anonymous | 9:29 AM

tears. rolling down my face.

MommyLisa | 9:32 AM

WOW - I cannot believe she is in preschool!

Pam | 9:55 AM

You are breaking my heart and I don't even know your kids! What a beautiful, beautiful post.

So true about the differences! My first daughter never looked back. My second cried every day for a year. They are both painful, in their own ways. And yet amazing and wonderful at the same time.

Heather Bauer | 9:58 AM

Oh, seriously sobbing my eyes out. Why is going to school such an emotional experience for mamas?! Even with someone else's kids!?

My BABY (just turned 2) starts two-day-a-week, half-days of preschool in September and with a new baby due in December, I am eager for her to spend some time outside of the house, without mommy. But I can't help but morn the loss of that chubby, smiling, drooling, fist eating baby that I held in my arms for so long.

They grow up SO FAST!

Seriously, you have beautiful children, and I have loved watching them grow.

Lindy | 10:00 AM

I'm sitting here tearing up reading this and looking at the photos.

My husband and I just made a huge, HUGE leap of faith--as in, I walked away from my tenure-track job at a major uni--so that we could move close to family, across the country, and---hope hope hope against hope---get pregnant with kid #2. He needs a sibling. So very much.

And that photo of A + F sleeping twined together made my heart stop. Lovely. Lovely, lovely--all of it--your writing, your photos, your love.

Your escalator operator | 10:09 AM


Other than: Wow.

And: I'm not even a parent, but I felt that post.

And: Go Fable.

So, not totally speechless, but almost.

Unknown | 10:12 AM

I just adore Archer and Fable's relationship. I can only hope for that same bond with my son and his baby sister to be. And what an independent little lady Fable is! Smart to put her in preschool a bit early -- I wish we had thought of that. Of course baby girl is due the same week Q starts preschool. But I think he's ready for it.

Amanda | 10:15 AM

Fable reminds me sooo much of my daughter. This post had my crying at work! I so loved it.

Shannon Locker | 10:15 AM

You always make me cry. What beautiful and happy children.

molly | 10:20 AM

What a sweet post. My oldest will be 3 in August and will officially start preschool the same month.

I don't think it's as big of a jump for us because he already goes to daycare twice a week and the preschool is in the same building. But transitions are always so hard for him. I'm sure we'll have some tears and hand-holding.

Now kindergarten? THAT will be hard for me.

Aliesha | 10:26 AM

Oh my God, if that wasn't a tear jerker. It makes me want to take 10904390483048 more pictures of my daughter!

Cas | 10:36 AM

Tears because I have a two year old and a 1 year old and I know I face those days ahead when they let go of me and dont look back. Thank you for reminding me right now while they are wrapped around my legs and clinging to me to enjoy it and hold on to these memories...

Anonymous | 10:51 AM

Every time you talk about Archer and how he acts with Fable, I am so impressed at how advanced he is! His forebrain is more developed than most 20 year olds! Really!

Ashley | 10:56 AM

OK you got me. The picture of Fable sitting in her Stokke highchair was the first post I ever read on your blog. *tears* It made me realize how fast time flys (and how precious your kiddos are). I am expecting my first in Jan. I look forward to all the firsts that will come with their arrival, but I also worry that I will be impatient and miss being in the moment. Congrats to Fable on her 1st day and congrats to you for letting your little girl grow up!

Lauren Knight | 11:04 AM

"A million years equals two seconds." I KNOW!!!! And I agree, the picture of Archer and Fable asleep must be framed. It is perfect.
Loved this post. You rock.

LindaB | 11:05 AM

This was wonderful and I'm totally sobbing at my desk. I remember all those pics of Fable when you first posted them. How do our children get so big, so fast? Beautiful post, as always. Thanks for sharing your family with us.

Brynne | 11:05 AM

When I was in first grade my teacher read us The Napping House. She also played us a recording of the author and illustrator singing it. It was a magical moment. I hope Fable has many magical moments like that also.

Glenda | 11:06 AM

Love all the pictures you shared. Reading this post reminds me of my kiddo's. They do grow up fast!

Very beautiful post. Very sentimental.

Both my son and daughter asked to go to school at 3 yrs old. Neither cried when I took them (I did - not in front of them)

My son has always been the big brother gonna take care of my sister. I see that in Archer.

Soon Fable will be the big sister to R&B. *tears* Love how she picks out her clothes. Lil Miss Independent.

It's beautiful to sit back and watch the siblings interact. LOVE!

Aimee | 11:26 AM

The Winnie the Pooh video didn't bring tears. But this did. Sheesh, give us a warning next time! <3

Lori | 11:41 AM

This made me cry and also be so excited to become a parent (Very Soon). Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous | 11:42 AM

My four month old daughter is asleep on my lap as I write this, and I could sob for hours looking between your photos and her sweet face. I am savouring every moment with my little girl, knowing already how fleeting her baby days are, and that what she and I have is a special time - days filled with just me and her together, us alone, snuggled up and joined at the hip - something that any other babies that join our family won't necessary have, as their will be older sibling(s) to share their time with. I love every second that is just me and her, and could go on like this forever*...and yet, that photo of your kids intertwined on the bed makes me want siblings for her RIGHT NOW! Ah, my heart.

*except that I want four kids, dilemma?

You are awesome, your babies are awesome, I love your life.

Liz | 11:43 AM

Such a beautiful post...thank you.

Dana | 11:54 AM

Man, oh man, oh man, oh man! I am in love with this.

Stephanie | 12:35 PM

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos. I can feel the weight of your feelings through your words.

That is exactly the kind of first day to hope for as a parent, but kind of hard when it actually happens!

Michael | 1:15 PM

Really time so fast...she's so adorable.

Jenny O | 1:48 PM

This made me tear up! The nap photo is absolutely the sweetest thing ever.

Ray | 1:49 PM

Oh boy, does this make me want to cry. But I can't because I am not alone.

I love the way you document Morherhood with your amazing way with words (of which I'll probably say a "million" times after). You make a non-believer, a believer. The way you write about your awesome children. And the way that you love them. It's insane.

I can't believe Fable's going to school. Looking back on her baby photos is astonishing to the fact that now she's a little girl. Time doesn't tread by slowly, rather, it zooms by.

Stay little for a while longer, dear sweet Fable. Congrats on your first day to you and mommy. <3

Erin | 1:51 PM

Oh man that was one powerful post. I cried. Your children are beautiful and you are doing such a wonderful job of helping them grow into who they are meant to be. So sweet.

Allison the Meep | 2:19 PM

Did you cry? When my son (now going into the 2nd grade) first started preschool, I thought he would be the one to cry, and cling to my leg. But instead, he ran off and confidently met new friends while I cried in the hallway of his little Studio City preschool.

FM | 2:27 PM

I love your blog! I used to read all the time then I had my second son in July of last year, started house hunting, all while working full time as an attorney and well, suffice it to say... I got a bit overwhelmed. So, wow... so much has happened in a year! I have been terrified by the possibility of more children but also thrilled by it. I am afraid it will overwhelm my already crowded life but then I click here and read about your beautiful children and twins on the way! I know it will all be okay. How wonderfully blessed you are. Congrats on everything! Your posts have inspired me beyond words! All that - and you look awesome doing it!

elizabeth | 4:15 PM

totally crying!! my three year old daughter is about to start school in the fall and i am due to have another daughter at the end of september. your family's story is precious and it totally helps me to hear how Fable's first day went. She reminds me of my own girl, Ada. xoxo

jessica ♥ The Fevered Pen | 5:17 PM

Beautiful post!!!

Anonymous | 6:53 PM

Beautiful. Your family, your writing, all of it. The further along I get in my pregnancy the more common it is to have tears rolling down my cheeks as I read the things you write about your children.

Anonymous | 7:20 PM

um, through tears i have to tell you, i think this post and the picture of Archer and Fable asleep together has convinced me to go for it, to try for a second child, for my daughter to have a sibling. what a beautiful, beautiful post!!!

Amber @ Happiness is Eva | 8:16 PM

Seeing those pictures of Fable with that backpack on got me! I totally teared up!

It sounds like such a cliche, but kids really do grow up too fast. My little girl is already 13.5 months old and I'm continually amazed at how quickly she changes : )

Vanessa | 8:29 PM

Love your writing. This post made me teary. Life really does go by too quickly.

Sarah | 11:22 PM

I'm pregnant with our first, a little girl, due next month. I haven't even met her, and yet your post has me in tears over how fast I know she'll grow. My husband smiled at me, as I looked at him with wet eyes and told him all about your touching post.

dvl | 11:37 PM

you had me at "a million years ago equals two seconds". thanks for this. xo

Anonymous | 1:24 AM

gah! I'm sorry to comment on this post about this but your momversation ad about siblings seeing eachother naked is auto-playing the audio of the advertisement! It totally startled me and my sleeping one next to me. Could you make it not auto-play the audio again?

Max | 1:24 AM

The love those two have for one another is like no other. I can't wait for you to add two more to that. Just watch, you'll end up having all 4 insisting on sharing a room at some point.

Wendy | 5:25 AM

When my daughter started nursery school at age 2.5, she was similarly independent. No separation anxiety. When I left, she said, "Bye, Mama! Buy me raisins!" Watching the tearful partings of the other children and parents/caregivers, I was surprised and even a little jealous and embarrassed. I mean, she was still nursing at night! How's about a little appreciation over here! But the teacher said that her behavior was a sign that she was very confident in the fact that I was coming back, that she trusted me, and that she was very securely attached. Sounds like Fable is the same way. Good going, Mama!

mom in rome | 7:52 AM

I love your pictures!!!

Anonymous | 7:59 AM

Ugghh I'm dying!! So sweet and so moving. My girl is barely even 9 months old and I dread the day she'll walk off into a classroom without me. I know it will be here before I know it.

Nikkie | 8:45 AM

Oh, this made me cry. And smile. And laugh out loud. And cry. She is such a cute, adorable kid. And that backpack of hers. And the kid with the backpack on it. I can feel my hormons going crazy right now.

Bridget | 8:56 AM

and guess what, 3 minutes later she'll be eleven and going back to help out at her preschool. Love your post as always and the pictures are beautiful!

Anonymous | 9:58 AM

This was such a beautiful post. You're such a great mama! Watching my two kids love each other and relate is such a gift. I appreciate the way you can put that into words. Thank you!

Anonymous | 10:08 AM

Beautiful! I am wondering if you do anything to try and cultivate Archer and Fables realtionship? It seems so loving. I don't have kids yet, but when I do I hope that they can be dear friends like your children seem to be.

Corky | 11:18 AM

I've been a lurker for years, and never commented. But that was beautiful, thanks!!

Becky Lynn | 12:43 PM

Long time reader, never commented. But this post brought tears to my eyes. Absolutely beautiful.

Kate | 4:13 PM

The pic of them sleeping, entangled, is just gorgeous, precious.

Just read this great article in the Atlantic which was right on the money with what you talked about. The important of raising kids who are ready to let go. A fine line to walk, but seems like you're doing a great job

How to Land Your Kid In Therapy

Emily | 8:02 PM

Oh, I love everything about this post.

And The Napping House is one of my favorites, hands-down.

And I now want to clear a wall in the back and let Baz go to town.

clueless but hopeful mama | 4:10 AM

Love this post. Add me to the list of the weeping moms.

BOSSY | 9:39 AM

Gorgeous gorgeousness.

SaraMinerva | 10:47 AM

Oh gosh, I'm all misty-eyed. It's the hardest thing, this watching as they become less a part of us and more of themselves.

Anonymous | 11:35 AM

Thee very best blog post. ever.
thank you.

moosh in indy. | 2:02 PM

She is a magical little creature.

Pretzel Thief | 6:35 PM

Absolutely gorgeous...your writing evokes so much. Wishing you all the very best in all aspects of life!

Elliesee | 6:42 PM

I remember Fable growing in front of my eyes, her newborn picture took my breath away and I can't wait to see more daughters of yours! She seems ready to take in the world at pre-school.

Unknown | 6:50 PM

GAH! I just started crying! Stinking pregnancy hormones!! I just have one gigantic 2 year old daughter, and a little boy on the way... I can't wait to have two cuddly little kiddos like you do today. <3

Amelia | 8:41 AM

I was looking at the gate pictures thinking of the tired but lovely adage, when God(etc) closes a door, (s)he opens a window. And certainly Fable may be closing the door on baby-hood, but as you conclude, our children always open a window to something grand as they march steadily forward. And nestled outside your open window? Two more little sages. YES. xo

Jessica (from Petite Lemon) | 9:00 AM

i can't wait for the day i am a mother and have a day full of moments like this ... what a beautiful day. i cried reading this entire post. thanks for sharing.

writermom | 9:02 AM

I think my heart just exploded.

agirlandaboy | 9:33 AM

It's such a treat to watch them, to watch you, to watch all of you grow up right before our eyes.

kittenpie | 9:37 AM

You are making me weepy with the gorgeousness of your babes, because oh my hell, I remember them like the earlier pictures, too, and it seems like no time has passed in the I'm-too-busy-to-visit-often-ness of my having the Bun and going back to work and now, oh now, they are growing up and ack! Gorgeous, still, of course, but not the babes whose beauty I last remember cooing over. *snorf*

GreerAnn | 10:02 AM

so beautiful. YOU are beautiful (the post of your prego pictures? amazing... you look PHENOMENAL), your kiddos are beautiful, your writing is beautiful. i, however, sitting sniffling on the couch 32 weeks pregnant with a hunk of fudge and a diet coke? not so much.

The Chapins | 1:11 PM

Chad and I just had the "should Salem start preschool this fall" talk, today! This post made me cry! I want to keep her a baby, and hang on forever..and I keep justifying not signing her up by saying things like, "she's just not ready! the teachers won't know how to calm her down or won't know which songs are her favorite..." yada, yada, yada. But you are SO right, I don't know how she will react. And should probably give her the chance to prove me wrong, which I'm sure she will : )

Erin | 2:19 PM

Crying my fucking pregnant eyes out. So beautiful, Rebecca! The photo of Archer kissing brand new Fable... and the one of them sleeping all criss-crossed in bed? I die. I love. LOVE!

Thistles & Brambles | 6:24 PM

You have no idea how many times your blog entries have brought me to tears. I have been reading your blog for a little over 2 years now. I bought your book just after my son's birth and have been so inspired by your writing ever since. I can relate to your entries so much and have shared your posts countless times. Just wanted to thank you!

Angee | 8:39 PM

Although Fable and Archer have adored each other from the very beginning, I always find myself being amazed by their relationship. I can only hope my future children will adore each other in the same way.

Katie | 8:09 AM

So beautiful....

pamela | 11:09 AM

wow...what a tear jerker!! My baby turns 1 on THURSDAY and our oldest turns 3 next month...that photo of your two sleeping together is just too sweet!

Amanda | 1:13 PM

I love the photo of Fable and Archer sleeping. So sweet. Thank you for sharing your world with us. This post made me cry and wish for my baby back. He starts 2nd grade next year!!

Brenna | 2:09 PM

I loved this whole post and I was getting choked up the whole way through. Thanks a lot for making a stranger cry.

Anonymous | 9:02 PM

I was trying to find a less ridiculous way to phrase this, but it just doesn't exist: I love your family. This blog makes me so happy and excited about life and all good things and lovelovelove.

Abbey | 8:46 AM

My son was just like Archer with preschool or childcare of any kid - weeks of tears. My younger daughter has been much like Fable - independent and fine even though she is the snuggler of the two. I wonder if it has anything to do with gender or birth order or is just them.

stacy | 2:31 PM

At first that was one of the funniest posts of yours I've ever read, and *THEN* whoa! Waterworks city! Anyone who's ever had a child knows that feeling.....sigh. Thanks for the laughs, and the tears!

Suzanne | 10:17 PM

Loved this post. I have a 31 yr old daughter and a 27 yr old son. The picture of Archer & Fable sleeping...reminded me of my kiddos. They were like puppies sleeping, all arms and legs intertwined, touching, reassuring. Your children are cutie-patooties and I can't wait to see R&B!!

Anonymous | 7:20 AM

Your posts make me laugh and cry all at the same time. Thank you for sharing your life...good and bad with us.

Unknown | 10:15 PM

bleh! you made me cry! or was it my hormones? who cares!

Sophia | 9:52 PM

Your kids are absolutely beautiful! Fable's baby photos are just....divine.

Jamie | 3:07 PM

I just read a snippet of this post on Rage Against The Minivan, and I was choking on my tears so I just had to come and read the whole post. Oh my goodness! You are an awesome writer! This post tangled and yanked at my heart strings!!! Your children are beautiful, and I love love love the picture of them napping together.

greer | 10:20 PM

so beautifully written,i miss my pre schooler now shes a big 7 yr oldd

Kim | 2:55 PM

Remember that you have a wonderful, wonderful life. You will be tired, but know that people are jealous of you. They want what you have. I suppose I should remind myself of this too. My Skye is closer to Archer's Age and Max Griffin is closer to Fable's. But for some reason, your writing is so perfect for the big and little. Yesterday Skye cooed over her little brother's homework. She was so proud of him. Thank you. I hope you keep blogging forever. It's crazy, but I see you as a friend. Someone who also has their kids belting Glee tunes, blocks and markers all over the place, and still has a self. Thank you for letting me know being a parent is not passe, uncool. It is fun. It is classic. It is important. Thanks again.